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Marcy K. sits down to discuss some of the latest in society and culture. Doing the Most talks about everything from Hip-Hop, Inspiration, Spirituality, World News, and much more.
38 Episodes
Tune in as we DTM with Damionisha 823, Sherria Perry and Senorita of KTLT. Pillars of our community yet graceful women. Also why is it that we still deal with racism in 2020? It's Women's Month hear us ROAR YET SOAR!!!Be sure to visit for the lastest uploads and content as we dtm out in these cyber streets.
Tune in now as we DTM with mortgage expert Byron Suggs. Pertinent information on how to purchase your new home and and keep it. Also is it okay for so many people to profit off of Kobe Bryant death? Oh and Why is Jussie Smollett back in the news chile. Listen now as we dtm out in these cyber streets.
Tune in as we DTM with Dr. B as we break down our first Broken Panties Session. Also we discuss is Dwayne Wade wrong for letting his son turn into a girl at the tender age of 12? Plus so much more. Tune in now as we do the most out in these cyber streets.
Listen in as we DTM with "Mr. Go Viral" Dontaye Grimes as he explains his role in the cyber world. Also "King of Comedy"John Witherspoon R.I.HOh and I almost forgot this is our 35th episode and we did the absolute MOST and so much more. Thank you for listening and following us and we do the most in these cyber streets.
Listen in as we sit down with Bosslady Shalamar Guerrant of Doors of Success and Mr. CEO Malcolm Morris of Run On Faith. Tune in as they break down the struggles of being a non profit in the city of Detroit and the ambition that keeps them pouring into their communities. Also why is Princess Megha Markle so unhappy? Is Cardi B in Fast and Furious 9? And we discuss so much more. Tune in now and be sure to subscribe for new content alert!
Tune in as we #DTM with Dr. Waymond Hayes & Marcus Holmes of Focus Hope Detroit & Men In Motion. Hear there journey on how they beat the odds as young black men in the city Detroit. Also is Cuba Gooding Jr. the new R. Kelly. Chipotle offers free degrees to their employees, New song of the week and so much more. Be sure to subscribe for weekly content.
Marcy K., Eric J., and Mr. JayCooln sit down with Suge the Barber to discuss all things hair, and this new "man weave" craze taking place all over.
Tune into the incredible survival story of Latawn Oden as she survived breast cancer, family, life and so much more. Also Bernie Sanders hospitalized! Will he stay in the race for President elect? Safaree n Erica M. have a big surprise and just so much more we discuss. Tune in as we dtm in these cyber. Be sure to follow us for continued content.
Tune in as we do the most with Elder C.T. Honey of Congress of Servants. Also why is Wendy Williams so shady and bitter? Listen to host JayCool duke it out with our guest and so much more. Follow us on IG and FB for more great content.
Listen in as we do the most with the owners of KnK Dreamgirls. Kevin Harts $60 million dollar lawsuit, oh and the crew breaks down the CHICKEN sandwhich debacle and so much more. Be sure to follow and check out our website
Listen in as we DTM with Demario Webb of AJay Squared Custom Printing. Demario breaks down the strides of walking away from his job to run his own business. Also we discuss Chrissy Teigen and John Legend fued with Donald Trump and lets not forget those we loss on 9/11/2001. We discuss so much more but you gotta tune in.
Listen in as we do the most with Dr. Sabrina Jackson as she discusses her many talents, business and more. Hot Topics regarding Arianna Granda law suit with Forever 21, Greg Mathis unsual case dismissal and so much more. Head over to our website and follow us on IG, FB and Twitter
Marcy K., and JayCooln interview Sharon McDougle, hidden figure with a major influence on the flight that launched Mae Jemison into outer space during the 1992 mission on Endeavor! Also Cassie is about to be a new wife and mother and Diddy is sick about it. Oh and Popeys is out of Chicken, well the chicken sandwich that is. Listen in as we do the most in these cyber streets. ? Power new intro song, are you in love with it or not?
Listen in as we discuss what is needed to build a successful website with the Founder of Wix Pro Olya Black and the crew battles the discussion "Is Jay Z a sell out for signing a deal with the NFL?" You tell us!
Marcy K., Eric J., and JayCooln sit down and have candid conversation discussing everything from hip hop beef, societal gender roles, medical issues and more. For more information, please visit:
Marcy K., Eric J. and Mr. JayCooln sit down to discuss legal advice with Entertainment Attorney Kashmire Terry, ESQ. (@theindustryatty) and figure out if bills should be split down the middle, and who should really provide for the family?Follow us on all social media: @doingthemostofficialpodcastwebsite
Listen in as we discuss the New Era of Detroit, Politics with commentator Brandon Brice, City Girl Nicole Murphy is a whole thot, Meek Mill deals and so much more
Listen in as we sit down with Culture New Norm Detroit to discuss The New Church, Marriage, Divorce and how hit show Braxton Family Values has No Values!
Marcy K,. and Eric J. sit down to have candid conversation, and discuss why older men date younger women. It is a common practice, but women date younger men also.
Marcy K., Eric J. and Mr. JayCooln sit down with the owners of the Mahogany Manor to discuss what this new women's only club will bring to the city of Detroit.
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