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Don't Keep Your Day Job

Author: Cathy Heller

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Are you thirsty for more joy in your everyday? Do you want to get paid to do what you love? Do you want to figure out your greatest passion, your purpose, and how to turn that into a profitable, thriving full-time career? Each week, host Cathy Heller has honest conversations with successful creative entrepreneurs about the hands-on, practical steps to make a living doing what lights you up, and build a life that you can't wait to wake up to every single day. You've got so much to contribute and Cathy is here to help you do it. Follow Cathy @cathy.heller on Instagram for daily sparks of inspiration. Subscribe to Don't Keep Your Day Job and share the show with someone who needs to hear it. We're on a mission to make this a brighter, happier, and more fulfilled place - and you can help us make this possible.
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How can you monetize your content and stop falling into your limiting beliefs? Cathy shares 2 coaching calls with Julie and Andrea, who feel limited with their current business ideas. She shines a light on what possibilities are ahead, how to be in coherence with your heart, and how to quiet the negative thoughts so you can rise into the bigger role you're meant to play. - Get one month access to our Arrive Community for just $1! This Black Friday deal lasts until Nov. 30th. Join at - Support our awesome Made to Do This students! Julie Berman - Women With Cool Jobs Membership - Website - Women with Cool Jobs Podcast - Instagram Andrea Hubbert - Instagram - Thanks PayPal! Start using PayPal QR codes to accept payments for a chance to win up to $10,000 at or download the app.
How can you use Instagram to build your income and impact in an authentic way? Elise Darma, Instagram expert and educator walks you through the tactics and tools that have helped her students earn almost $1 million in revenue from Instagram, without having over 1000 followers. She teaches you what you need to write in your Instagram profile, what type of content you should be posting to attract the right audience, how to gain more visibility, and how to create genuine relationships with your followers so they can become loving customers. - Get one month access to the Arrive Community for just $1! This Black Friday sale is good until Monday Nov. 30th. - Follow Elise on Instagram @elisedarma - Watch Elise's YouTube channel - More of Elise at - Thanks LegacyBox! Get 60% off at - Thanks Bombas! Ge 20% off your first order at - Thanks Nutrafol! Get 20% off at, code dreamjob - Thanks Headspace! Get a free one month trial at
How can you change the way you think so you can step into the person you want to become? Reese Evans, mindset and abundance coach and founder of YES Supply is on a mission to teach the world the power of the subconscious mind so we can create the life we're truly meant to live. She shares how to use tools like neurolinguistic programming and tapping to shift your energy and reach your potential, how to reframe your beliefs around money, and why sales is about speaking from your heart. - Apply for Cathy's mastermind at - Follow Reese on Instagram @yessupply - Get all of Reese's resources at
How can you uncover what's holding you back from seeing the next highest branch? Cathy shares a coaching call with Matt, who has been steadily growing his business but doesn't know what he should do with it next. She helps him discover his resistance, turn his method into a paid offer, and step onto his own stage to share his story and grow his impact. - Apply for Cathy's mastermind! - Follow Matt on Instagram @rambling_runner  - Listen to Matt's podcast, The Rambling Runner wherever you get your podcasts - Thanks New Yorker! Get 12 weeks for just $6 at - Thanks Glossier! Get 10% off your first order at
When you're at a crossroads, how do you know where to go next? Cathy shares a coaching session with a paper artist Carolyn, whose personal life is about to pivot but she's not sure which direction to move her business. Find out how Cathy helps this maker walk out of her limiting mindset into new possibilities - plus you'll hear about the biggest lessons Cathy learned at Dr. Joe Dispenza's eye opening meditation retreat, including how to open your heart, take charge of the energy you put into the world, and let go of the story of your past so you can step into your vision of the future.  - Join our Arrive Community! - Give some love to Carolyn! Website: Instagram: Facebook: Crafts With an Edge Podcast: Crafts With an Edge Facebook Group: - Thanks Lightstream! Apply now to get a special interest rate discount
How can your biggest challenges turn into the greenlights that give you permission and confidence to keep going? Matthew McConaughey, Academy Award winning actor (Dallas Buyers Club, Magic Mike, True Detective, A Time to Kill), NYT bestselling author, philanthropist, family man, and storyteller has always strived to stay in touch with his humanity, even with all the fame and celebrity status. He shares the core lessons from his new book Greenlights, including how to embrace delayed gratification, focus on the values that direct your life, get relative with the inevitable, recalibrate who you are at your core soul, and make this a time of new beginnings. - Read Matthew McConaughey's book, Greenlights - Follow Matthew on Instagram @officiallymcconaughey - Thanks Jenny Life! for a free life insurance quote - Thanks Indeed! Get a free $75 credit at - Thanks ShipStation!, code dreamjob to try ShipStation free for 60 days.
How can you create work that matters and makes a difference? Seth Godin, bestselling author, entrepreneur, blogger, teacher, and Marketing Hall of Famer is back to guide you through the pinnacle lessons of his newest book, The Practice. He teaches you how to trust your inner voice, embrace the practice, ship creative work without the need to be perfect, start telling your story, and serve with generosity. - Get Seth Godin's new book, The Practice - Listen to Seth's podcast, Akimbo at - More info on Seth, Akimbo and his workshops at - Read Seth's blog by searching "Seth" on your preferred search engine - Listen to Seth's previous episodes on Don't Keep Your Day Job! and
How do you stop living in your comfort zone and say hello to your fears? Michelle Poler, founder of Hello Fears, author, social entrepreneur, speaker, and brand strategist took on a 100 day challenge to face a fear every single day - and suddenly she found herself with an incredible brand and community. She shares how to build a clear and authentic brand that will unite an audience, identify what makes you remarkable, and make your ambition grow greater than your fears. - Join our Arrive Community! - Get your copy of Michelle's book! - Follow Michelle on Instagram @hellofears - More of Hello Fears at - Thanks Fiverr! Get 10% off your first order at, code dreamjob
How do you know what idea to follow and then turn it into a profitable business? Stefanie Gass, clarity coach and host of the Mompreneur Mastermind Show is back to walk you through her 4 step process to get clear on your passions and skill sets, and use them to be of service. She also shares her 3 P's to help you get unstuck and her 3 trust tiers so you can grow your audience, build trust, and make money by solving their problems and serving from your heart. - Join our Arrive Community! - Follow Stefanie Gass on Instagram @stefaniegass - Listen to Stefanie's Mompreneur Mastermind Show wherever you listen to podcasts! - More of Stefanie at
How do you get clear on which direction to take? Cathy coaches 3 students from her Made to Do This program who have started to get momentum, but are struggling to figure out their next steps. You'll learn what value you can provide in a program vs. a course, how to get specific on who you serve and make your messaging speak to them, how to make your promise and offer clear, and how to decide where you're meant to go next. Support our awesome students! Marcie Knuckles: - Join Marcie's challenge! - Instagram - Facebook Jennifer Legra: - Instagram - More info on Uncork Your Business program and Jen's virtual happy hours Melissa Loiseau: - Instagram - Podcast Instagram - Listen to Melissa's podcast Patent Pending - Thanks Azlo! Get a AZLO PRO free 14-day trial at - Thanks Nutrafol! Get 20% off at, promo code dreamjob
How can you turn your limiting thought of "Who am I to do this" to "Who am I NOT to do this"? In this incredible mastermind session with Cathy, Gina DeVee, Amy Purdy, Alison Prince, Brit Morin, Allie Casazza, and Jill Stanton, you'll learn how to catch and cancel those negative beliefs, let abundance become your new truth, approach challenges with curiosity, and take control of the life you're worth having. - Follow these awesome ladies on Instagram @ginadevee @amypurdygurl @alisonjprince @brit @allie_thatsme @screwtheninetofive @cathy.heller - Thanks Bright Cellars! Get 50% off your first 6 bottle orders at
How can living with integrity end your suffering? Martha Beck, bestselling author, life coach, Oprah magazine columnist, and sociologist with 3 Harvard degrees is back with even more wisdom on what we can do to live in harmony with ourselves. She shares how to walk away from culture and get back to your true nature, how to get over your impostor syndrome, how to be more compassionate towards the noise in your head, and how to find the path to inner paradise. - Preorder your copy of Martha's new book The Way of Integrity - Get more of Martha Beck at - Thanks Glossier! Get 10% off your first order at
How do you deliver your message and give your audience what they want? Candace Bushnell, critically acclaimed, bestselling author of Sex and the City always dreamed of becoming a writer so she could shine a light on society's limitations that are placed on women. She shares how she's survived the world of editors, publishers and critics, what she learned about the creative business when her book became a hit TV series, how you can stay true to yourself and your mission, and how to embrace the process of working on your craft. - Buy Candace's books! - Follow Candace on Instagram @candacebushnell - Thanks Lightstream! Apply now to get a special interest rate discount
How do you get unstuck when you're overwhelmed about finding your calling? Christy Wright, bestselling author, host of The Christy Wright Show, and Dave Ramsey personality has not only helped millions of women with their business, but she's also become a lighthouse to guide them through their journeys in personal development and faith. She shares how to pick one thing when you're lacking clarity with your ideas, create content that brings value to your customers, stop apologizing for selling, and turn unimpressive beginnings into impressive success. - DM Cathy on Instagram @cathy.heller to join Wednesday's hangout with Gina DeVee, Amy Purdy, Brit Morin, Allie Casazza, Alison Prince, and more! - Grab your spot at Christy Wright's Business Boutique Conference! - Thanks New Yorker! Get 12 weeks of The New Yorker for just $6 at - Thanks ShipStation! Get a Free 60 day trial at, code dreamjob - Thanks Indeed! Get a Free $75 credit at - Thanks Bombas! Get 20% off your first purchase at
How do you create a week long experience that can end up shifting someone's life completely? Miles Adcox, CEO and owner of Onsite has helped build and facilitate a unique space of ultimate kinship and empathy where people can dive into their inner work and walk away with an awakened sense of self. He shares why we need to say the unsaid, how to gather 20 seconds of courage, how your 2 degree change can land you in a completely new destination, and why it's important to practice taking the wrong steps if we want to make the right ones. - Apply to win a hot seat with Cathy! Join the Arrive Community! - Sign up for Onsite's Rediscovering You Course with code DONTQUIT and you'll get $200 off!   - More of Onsite at - Follow Onsite on Instagram @onsiteworkshops and Miles Adcox @milesadcox - Listen to Miles' podcast Unspoken wherever you listen to podcasts - Thanks American Giant! Get 15% your first order when you use promo code dreamjob at - Thanks KiwiCo! Get your first month Free on select crates at
How can you stop suffering and get into a state of unbound creativity and joy? David Lynch, iconic filmmaker, director, writer, painter, and founder of the David Lynch Foundation is the heart, mind and soul behind unforgettable works like Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet and many more. But he's also put his focus on helping others discover inner happiness and peace through the method that enabled him to build this legendary career - transcendental meditation. He shares how to stop your fears and doubts of "I'm not good enough", find the reward in doing, use TM to tap into your unlimited creativity, and turn your ideas into gifts. - Check out the amazing work at the David Lynch Foundation - Follow David on Twitter @davidlynch & @davidlynchfoundation and Instagram @davidlynchfoundation - Thanks Fiverr! Get 10% off your first order at, code dreamjob. - Thanks Skillshare! First 1,000 to sign up at get a Free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership. - Thanks Azlo! Get a 14 day Free trial at - Thanks Grammarly! Get 20% off Grammarly Premium at
How do you gather the courage to make yourself available, pivot, and own what you do? Today we're celebrating 5 more success stories from graduates who took Cathy's Made to Do This program! You'll hear the inspiring journeys of Holly Danger, Jeni Armstrong, Neema Black, Natalie Hines, and Oswald Perez about how they gave themselves permission to claim their title, change directions when the pandemic hit, and create a worldwide impact by sharing their gifts. Support our awesome MTDT grads! Holly Danger - Website: - Holly's at home video art installation ATMOSPHERE available for purchase at - YouTube: - Facebook: - Instagram: - Podcast: Danger Radio Jeni Armstrong: - Website: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Instagram: Oswald Perez - Oswald's blog: - Underneath The Security Blanket newsletter: - Instagram: - Facebook Group: Neema Black: - Website: - Instagram: - Facebook Group: - Apple Music: - Reverb Nation: - Amazon Music: - Spotify: - Register for Neema's Free "So You Wanna Be A Vegan?" Workshop, 10/17 @ 1-2 pm PT! Natalie Hines - Website: - Instagram: - Facebook: - Thanks Bright Cellars! for 50% off your first 6-bottle box - Thanks Fundrise! to have your first 90 days of advisory fees waived.
How do you break through your upper limit and give yourself permission to own your worthiness? Gina DeVee, business and life coach, entrepreneur, and founder of Divine Living found herself at 30 years old struggling as a psychotherapist with $75,000 in debt and living with her parents. She teaches you how she rose up from this low point to selling $1000 and $25,000 packages, why it's okay to focus on the money making activities, how to get the best personal development seminar of your life, take a stand for the "and", and decide that success is in your future and that you are worth it. - Get Gina's free Audacity to Be Queen Course - Listen to The Divine Living Podcast with Gina DeVee - Thanks Fundrise! for your first 90 days of advisory fees waived - Thanks Trivia Star! Download Trivia Star for Free today on Google or Apple store. - Thanks Nutrafol!, promo code dreamjob for 20% off
How can you get more customers into the doors of your business? Stacy Tuschl, small business growth coach and expert, bestselling author, podcaster, and creator of the Foot Traffic Formula followed her entrepreneurial spirit and began her first business at 18 years old. Now a multi 7 figure entrepreneur, she's helping other business owners use her tools and strategies to scale their income and impact. She teaches you how to use the 3 T's of her Foot Traffic Formula to reach your audience and bring in money every single day, how to help your leads take small steps to invest in your offers, and how to let go of your ego so you can stop focusing on what you're not - and instead, focus on how you can show up for someone else. - Listen to Stacy's Foot Traffic Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! - Follow Stacy on Instagram @stacytuschl - Join the free Foot Traffic Community Facebook Group! - Thanks Trivia Star! Download Trivia Star from the Apple or Google store and enjoy 2,500 coins and 500 gems for FREE today!
How can you become 10% happier and kinder to every part of yourself? Dan Harris, cofounder of Ten Percent Happier, ABC News anchor, bestselling author, and podcast host was a mindfulness and meditation skeptic for most of his life. But after a panic attack on live national TV, he realized that something had to change. He shares how meditation and mindfulness can quiet the judgmental voice in your head, what it really means to meditate successfully, how anyone can step into the world of meditation with a basic practice, and how to give a warm welcome to the desirable and undesirable aspects of your true self. - Listen to Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! - Get Dan's book 10% Happier and try the app at - Thanks Jenny Life! to get your Free quote! - Thanks Tushy! for 10% off your order - Thanks Indeed! for a Free $75 credit
Comments (87)

Graceful Renew

Cathy delivers power. Over and over she shares her knowledge and sincerity to ignite imaginable possibilities for my dreams. Week after week she helps dissolve any limits with my dreams. Thank you, Cathy. You are a treasure.

Nov 26th


You hit it out of the park with Matt today. Amazing job coaching him (and me) over the hump. Thank you for being you.

Nov 25th


You hit it out of the park with Matt today. Amazing job coaching him (and me) over the hump. Thank you for being you.

Nov 25th

Karleen Andresen

SERIOUS LOVE and respect for the interviews and rawness!!

Nov 19th

Amy Miles

loved this! ❤

Oct 21st

Weight Loss 4 Lazy People

very inspiring and motivational content

Oct 8th

Johnny L

Great stuff!

Sep 27th


It was very well authored and easy to understand. I hope that you resume to do your work like this in the future also. [Psychology Assignment Writing Service](

Sep 11th

Melanie Parker

love Cathy and the energy and motivation she brings!!!!!

Sep 8th

Kris Gobeli

I'm new to Cathy but wish I would've found her earlier. She truly cares about her audience

Sep 7th

Linda Tyler

Great recommendation for new blog readers. Now I am working on an important scientific task and actively use the help of responsible professionals

Aug 20th


incredible episode thank you, I have just discovered you and can't wait to help others throught your knowledge. Barbara Low, an artist in need of this!

Jul 23rd

Sarah Cary

Loved this episode! Jason Mraz is one of my favorite artists AND songwriters. Listening to his story, beliefs and life-view really helped my day. And we're both from Virginia! A true inspiration.

Jun 24th

Lisa Phol

i LOVE this episode.

Jun 16th

Pauline Victoria Aughe

Cathy's programs are sure to inspire and infuse you with possibility.

May 19th

Darla Lyn

Love how real and engaging Cathy is with everyone she speaks with~ Always from the heart, to the heart ❤ & Always so Inspiring!! =)

May 19th

Nicole Moreno Diaz

I lost all hope in my future and then I found this podcast. Cathy makes you feel like you can do anything in life and the people she interviews proves that you can. I am constantly raving about this podcast and her media groups. Her interviews are detailed and always give me content to walk away with and use. I wish more podcast could be so uplifting and inspiring. I look forward to hearing her voice and encouragement. Thank you Cathy and staff for making hope feel hopeful once again.

May 19th

Jessica Shelton Mroz

I've been listening to Cathy on Don't Keep You Day Job for some time and she's the real deal! No pretense, nothing superficial, just compassion and and a desire to help others find their purpose. This is one of only a few podcasts I subscribe to because it fuels my inspiration, leaves me with new ideas, and reminds me of what is possible within myself. Cathy's book is also a great read; I recommend the audiobook, narrated by her. She has a wonderful online community and has worked so hard to fulfill her mission to help people feel seen and find their purpose. Summary: Subscribe and enjoy! It's awesome!

May 19th
Reply (2)

Karen Harlacher

if you are feeling some guilty pleasure in the slower pace of life during the current situation, questioning why you trade your life for a paycheck, you need to listen to this! It's time to start living and sharing your gifts. Listen to true stories of dreams come true get the inspiration you need to listen to that voice inside.

May 18th

stefanie aluia

I love Cathy Hellers Podcast! I have been listening to her for over a year. I bought her book and love it! So much information and motivation to think outside of the box. The community of encouragement that she has created is outstanding!

May 18th
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