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Author: Heather MacFadyen

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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to "withness".
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As moms, we know we need rest. We usually equate rest with sleep or rest with a vacation, but this week’s guest shares a much bigger picture of our need for rest in multiple areas of our lives.  Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is a medical doctor, wife and mother to two boys. She had everything she’d dreamed of and worked hard to achieve, but wasn’t enjoying it.  “So I kept pushing and pushing myself till I got to the point where I literally just burned out. I wasn't happy with my job. I couldn't see how my marriage would survive. I didn't want my kids anymore. I was just at the end of myself. I didn't want the life I created.” After reaching this breaking point, she went on a journey of restoration and healing where she learned to connect with God and with his plan for rest. Now she shares her research and methods with her patients and with all of us. If you’ve ever felt tired and at the end of yourself, this episode is for you.  “We already have permission to rest, but the mommy guilt that sometimes comes tells us we don’t. That is really a lie. I look at it as the John 10:10. The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. And he's doing it to a lot of us through our inability to rest, our inability to trust God that when we lay things down that he is able to uphold them.” What we chat about: When Saundra reached her breaking point from stress and lack of true rest We have physical limits to what we can do as moms  How Saundra researched rest and looked at scripture for clarity on how God rested The seven types of rest are physical, to mental, spiritual, emotional, social, sensory and creative. The difference between a vacation and resting Paying attention to a place that feels painful in your body in the moment vs ignoring it Finding emotional rest through connection with friends, even through video chat if getting together is impossible The importance of authentic, open friendships with women who can relate to your life situation Ideas on how to stay engaged with your husband and reignite your marriage Putting limits on social media time so that your mind has down time Tips for getting mental rest and release ideas that make your mind race Sensory rest-- what it is and ways to get it It is not selfish to prioritize resting. It keeps you from having a toxic reaction to those around you. Links Mentioned:  Website: Book:  Quiz:  Featured Sponsor: BetterHelp Visit and join the over 1,000,000 people taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. DMA listeners get 10% off your first month at
Sippy cup refill requests. Another load of laundry to fold. A sibling dispute. Ever feel like you are reacting to life? Life is coming at you and you respond. There have been many times in my mothering where instead of joy & hope I feel beat down and unfulfilled. One woman who has whispered beauty and calm into those dark places, is today’s podcast guest, Sally Clarkson. She told me motherhood can be more than just doing the dishes. It is an important job, guiding souls through discipleship and love. She taught me that my hard-to-handle boy may need me to sympathize more than instruct. She agreed boys may be a little wild. . .but showed me they can be civil & sip tea. When I was coming out of a time of “not feeling like myself” Sally showed me how to own my life. To drop the negative thoughts which held me back. To consider what I wanted my days to look like and then make them happen. He is the living, vibrant not-to-be-contained God. The more I would ponder God and engage with him in my own heart, the more my kids were drawing from me all the excellencies and realities of God. When we are passionate and filled with the Holy Spirit, our children will be exposed to the living God. Sally has written her encouragement into a book called, “Own Your Life” (2015). In this podcast episode, which originally aired January 6, 2015, I asked Sally all-the-things I’ve been pondering, from how to help your children really “know” God to simple advice on transforming a hard mom day. What we talk about: Why I struggle to read Sally’s books at the end of hard days. Every mom has her own mom personality. In spite of our mom errors, children can learn our hearts How do we help our children “Yadah” God…to know Him personally Living a life of color & taste & joy so our children see & know the goodness of the Lord. How we are motivated…not by guilt or checklists but by love & encouragement. Balancing grace & truth in parenting–practicing patience & love takes time. Definition of the phrase “own your life”- Sally’s example of a friend who “owns her life” in a special way why she serves her son with a disability. In an immediate gratification society, not forgetting the long term process of your life. growing day by day, little by little. Making sure you make time for yourself, to fill up before you pour out to the little people in your life. Common barriers to owning your life. Sally’s advice to a mom who was depressed<–LOVED THIS Importance of believing the right philosophy–God is for you. Connect with Sally: Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram Links: My mom friend who started a MomHeart group–Leslie Johnson Confessions of a Prodigal Son –Sally’s son’s film “See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse:” (Deut 11:26) BOOK :: Awaking Wonder :: releases Aug 18th. Pre-order here. Featured Sponsor: Thrive Market Get $20 shopping credit when you sign up for a Thrive Market Membership.
(This episode originally aired in 2016) Francie Winslow shares the exponential impact marital intimacy has on the world around us. Sex is a multiplying factor in our lives, not just with producing kids, but producing a massive amount of connection. In the past two years Francie has been doing extensive research on theology of the body. Exploring how God stamped His image on us. How we express our roles as image bearers through sex in marriage. God is an invisible God who wants to make himself visible to us. When man and woman come together as one it’s his invitation for humanity to become one with God. Intimately connected with Him. Francie shares their own family stress and her personal struggle with anxiety. Things that can disrupt marital connection. She vulnerably shares how she and her husband have purposefully chosen sex over isolation. God’s training us to fight for connection and for each other instead of against each other. Love Francie’s practical tips for keeping technology in check. So often screens and devices creep in between couples, increasing the distance and decreasing the intimacy. Don’t miss the list of great resources below to help train your children in forming a healthy perspective of the body and sex. What we chat about: Francie’s journey to learn sex isn’t dirty or a duty but a delight. Her recent study of theology of the body. How anxiety and adoption stress led Francie and her husband to choose to have more sex (you read that right). How technology impacts our marital connection and practical solutions Help and healing for women who struggle with their view of sex. A reminder to daily do the things that keep you alive as a person. The Ripple Effect of sex in marriage. A word of encouragement for the single mom. Training our kiddos in a healthy sexual worldview (check out Francie’s resource list below). Connect with Francie:   Links Mentioned: Sign up for Francie's free newsletter ( As a bonus you will receive a free digital download of a Prayer to Ignite the Ripple Effect in Your Home along with 7 Days of Marriage Declarations to Experience More of Heaven’s Possibilities for Your Marriage. " Heaven in Your Home Podcast Soul Freedom (encore)Episode The Power of Sex in Marriage Episode Andy Crouch Beth Moore’s Daniel Study** Francie’s Resource List: Theology of the Body Books for Kids by Monica Ashour Every Body is Smart: God Helps Me Listen & Choose** Every Body Has a Body: God Made Girls & Boys** Every Body is a Gift : God Made Us to Love** God Has a Plan for Boys & Girls ** Every Body Has Something to Say** Every Body Has Something to Give** Get these books (as many as you can!) and read them over and over and over.  They are great for a range of ages – not just toddlers.  Not only will it help form a great spiritual foundation for your kids as they enter a sexually intense world as kids (sadly it happens young these days), it will help you as a grown up re-learn how to think about bodies, sexuality and identity.  It will also help give you simple, common language to use on an everyday basis in your home.  They have all been such a big part of us growing in this new way of seeing the gift of sex as a family. For older kids: The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality** by Luke Gilkerson (there are several others to go with this series too).  Loving this one right now with my 8 year old.) Before I Was Born (God’s Design for Sex)** by Carolyn Nostrum Good Pictures, Bad Pictures : Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids ** by Kristen Jensen Theology of His Body/Theology of Her Body** by Jason Evert (This was written with college kids in mind, but I found it super helpful and use it woven into conversations with my kids.) For those who want more depth…Theology of the Body for Beginners** by Christopher West **Amazon Affiliate Link Featured Sponsor: Prepdish: Get two weeks for free if you go to  
Many of us avoid and struggle with conversations about race or disabilities because it’s uncomfortable. When our children ask innocent questions about someone who is different than they are, it can make us feel tongue tied or embarrassed. Author Dorena Williamson has created some lovely children’s books to help parents respond and invite their children to join them on the journey of learning to love and speak worth over every person that God created. And I kept feeling frustrated thinking that’s not the solution to teach your children to be colorblind because that’s minimizing the beauty of God’s handiwork. And as Christians we should be the biggest proponents of celebrating the beauty of our racial diversity and not minimizing it or sort of washing it away and this colorblind land. She shares powerfully about how to engage with your children about racial and cultural differences and how we can model what it looks like to grow in the area of loving and accepting people who are different than us. As our children get older, I think that these are valuable conversations to have with them because the beauty of it is that it tells your children you are teachable and that you don’t get it right all the time and that you’re continuing to learn and grow. What we chat about: All about Dorena’s family and their multiracial church, Strong Tower Bible Church Her book ColorFull and the background behind why she wrote it The creativity of God and how he uses color in all that he created Looking for opportunities to share the beauty of racial differences with our children Language for parents to use to help teach children and avoid shaming Reinforcing the idea that “Different is not bad” and calling out the worth of people Why equipping kids early is important Modeling how we are all growing when it comes to loving and accepting people who are different than us Encouraging our children to ask questions even when they are uncomfortable Engaging with our kids about other cultures whether we can travel internationally or experience cultures in our own cities Connect with Dorena: Links Mentioned: ColorFull: Celebrating the Colors God Gave Us** ThoughtFull : Discovering the Unique Gifts in Each of Us** GraceFull : Growing a Heart that Cares for Our Neighbors** Other books/sites that Dorena recommends: site with helpful resources (created by a Godly woman Dr. Lucretia Berry) The Beatitudes by Carole Boston Weatherford The Other Side  by Jacqueline Woodson A list of 28 picture books (aren’t about boycotts, buses or basketball)  –listed created by ScottWood
Rachel Anne Ridge is an author, professional artist, and speaker in Texas. Together with her husband Tom, she bootstrapped her way through the Great Recession, raised a family, and rediscovered her purpose in the midst of the everyday juggle of life. Her books, Flash, The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me About Life, Faith, and Second Chances, and Walking with Henry are inspired by the stray donkeys (yes, donkeys) who interrupted her juggling act and revealed how ordinary (and sometimes hilarious) events help us find our higher purposes and deeper faith. Rachel is mom to three adult children and Nana to five littles.   Little did I know when I asked Rachel to be on the podcast, that the day before our interview she wrote a viral blog post encouraging the lonely mom of older kids (click here to read it).   Her honest, yet hopeful words, are what I’m sure caused 37,000 + people on Facebook to like her words. She admits the hard parts but encourages moms to keep their eyes on the bigger purpose. Show Highlights:  Rachel shares personal parenting challenges and what she (and her husband) did to overcome them. Discover a variety of ways to get God-centered (none of which include getting up early). Hear Rachel’s parenting regret and advice on how to avoid it. Be encouraged by Rachel’s greatest parenting strength. For the mom of older children, listen to Rachel’s thoughts on how discipline changes during this stage to a coaching role Most importantly hear the Truth of God’s great love for you and your family. Links:  Growing Kids God’s Way: Biblical Ethics for Parenting* Rachel shares they attended training in this parenting approach. She also alludes to the fact they did not agree with all the information in this program. She shared with me later how attending the course together allowed them to get on the same page and then toss what they couldn’t use. After some research I found parents strongly divided on this training approach. If you are looking for other grace-based parent training, then here are some other resources: Parenting With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition) by Foster Cline & Jim Fay Heartfelt Discipline by Clay Clarkson Grace-Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman Connect with Rachel: Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Pinterest :: Instagram Featured Sponsor:  Thrive Market  go to use DMA to get $20 of store credit. 
With more family togetherness than ever before comes the potential for a lot more arguing and nagging our kids to obey. If you’re stuck in a parenting rut or negative cycle, then our friends from Connected Families are here to help.  Stacey Bellward and Chad Hayenga join me to talk about breaking the patterns of defensiveness in our kids and how the power of curious questions can create productive conversations and build wisdom. “I think as we look at scripture and we consider how Jesus approached people, you know, it was surprising to me when I first learned that Jesus asked 307 questions that are recorded in the gospels. And that's a lot of questioning. And we think about Jesus as being a great teacher. Jesus is a great teacher, but he often times uses questions to build wisdom and to hold people accountable.” If you want to go deeper after listening to this show, Connected Families is offering a special promo code for Don’t Mom Alone listeners for their Power of Questions online course. With the code DMA20 it’s just $30.  Connect with Connected Families:  Website: Facebook: Instagram:  @connectedfams   Links Mentioned:   The Power Of Questions Online Course **DMA20 gets you 20% off Heather, Chad and Stacy do a role play of asking questions instead of nagging Past Connected Families Interviews   Featured Sponsor: GoMacro -- check out Macro Bars . Get 30% off your order with the promo code DMA (free shipping on orders over $60).  
Author and speaker Lisa Bevere is back to give us a powerful message as we head into summer with our kids: “push aside the guilt and celebrate growth.” She shares some personal stories from very hard places in her life as a young mom and how God led her to work through her anger and underlying fears.  “God said to me: ‘Children inherit one of two things, either my promises or your fears.’ And that I needed to face off with these things. I leaned into that process because of my son. Not because of me. I just came to the place where I realized that in my weakness, he is strong. I've watched God take every weak place in my life and inhabit it with his strength.” I’m so thankful for how Lisa takes us into her story and points to God’s faithfulness to heal and restore our brokenness. She also encourages all of us to set aside the unnecessary guilt and heavy expectations we may be carrying in motherhood and to accept God’s mercy which is new every morning.  Connect with Lisa:  Website: Facebook: Instagram: @lisabevere Links Mentioned:   Ep 204 Centering Truth :: Lisa Bevere [PODCAST] Strong: Devotions to Live a Powerful and Passionate Life [BOOK] Sponsors: Go Macro -- Save 30% off your order with code: DMA Sun Basket -- Get $35 off your first order  use promo code: dma
From learning to walk to tying their shoes and eventually learning to drive (coming up for me soon!), so much of parenting is teaching, training and encouragement.  When it comes to faith in God, we do all we can to teach our kids about God’s Word and engage kids in church, but research from the Fuller Youth Institute is helping to shine a light on the potential gaps that cause a high number of youth to abandon their faith in college. My guest Dr. Kara Powell shares a number of research findings that can be game changers for our families as we seek to help our kids develop a faith that sticks with them their whole lives, or “sticky faith.” As a mom of three, she talks about how she’s parented differently in light of her research and why now is the perfect time to start making small changes that could make all the difference.   “One of the things that surprised me in our research is that when young people feel close to their parents, they're also more open to what's important to their parents, including their faith. And so it's not just good for our family relationships. It's also good for the long-term trajectory of our kids.” Connect with the Fuller Youth Institute:  Website:  Facebook: Instagram: @fulleryouthinstitute  Links Mentioned:   Growing With: Every Parent's Guide to Helping Teenagers and Young Adults Thrive in Their Faith, Family, and Future [BOOK] Resources for building Sticky Faith Sponsor: Text DMA to 303030 to get a free trial of Beachbody On-Demand
Deep friendships are essential to our lives. Whether we’re extroverted or introverted, have a lot of friends or a few, we all need someone else to walk through life with. I’m excited for you to hear from Susan Seay, a mom of 7 and a mentor to many. She shares some great advice on keeping our friendships strong during life’s challenges. “We're all in the same storm. We're just not all dealing with it in the same way. We don't even have the same viewpoint on just how big this issue is or how small it is. If I need to remember, that's not why I chose them as friends. I didn't choose them because we agree on everything. We're always going to be different and unique and varied. It's our foundation that keeps our relationship strong.” We talk about fighting back against insecurity and comparison which can break down friendships. And we get into how to have a healthy disagreement with a friend and stay close. Susan also shares tips for staying connected with friends and extending grace for misunderstandings and miscommunications that happen in our hyper-connected world.  Connect with Susan:  Website: Facebook: Instagram: @susanlseay  Links Mentioned:   Ep 52: Focused Instead of Frustrated :: Susan Seay  Mentor 4 Moms Podcast Sponsors:  Thrive Market --become a member risk-free. Go to get $20 in shopping credit! StoryWorth -- go to get $10 off your first purchase
My guest today Jehava Brown takes us into how she started a blog as a side project while staying home with her kids and transitioned that site into a full-time job.  We talk about work/life balance, setting health boundaries and trusting God to be in charge of the things we can’t control.   “I know that God is the one who provides every job and every dime. And so when I can rest in that, I don't feel the pressure to hustle 24 hours a day. I was working sometimes even 60 hours a week, which was just crazy. And most of it was at night, so it wasn't getting good sleep. I realized I'm not willing to live that way. So I really had to trust God to a different level” Jehava is a mom of three boys and she blogs at She also shares how she’s connecting with her teenage son differently and some changes she’s made since the quarantine to keep up with housework. Connect with Jehava:  Website: Facebook: Instagram:  @onlygirl4boyz 
In the past two years, a lot has changed in the lives of my friends Hailey and Meredith. They came on episode 199 to talk about discipline and toddlers. Since that conversation their families have grown and changed.  Today we’re chatting about tough transitions with parenting young kids. Whether it’s a newborn who won’t stop screaming or the anticipation of being outnumbered by a third child, change is hard for both parents and kids.  Hailey and Meredith share how they’ve found hope in God during some difficult situations and how their community of friends have helped them not mom alone.  “They reminded me that God is working in this. He has not left you. He is working in this situation. And that gave me a lot of hope. One specific friend said: You are serving the Lord when you are holding your screaming baby, when you are in there trying to teach her how to go to sleep. That is service to the Lord.”   Links Mentioned:   Discipline & Toddlers :: Hailey Bain & Meredith Woodruff [Ep 199] Meredith shared scripture from Lamentations 3:16-24 Foundations Book by Ruth and Troy Simons ** Meredith's business : Concrete Conversations Hailey's business : Hey Honey Clothing Company and her Facebook Store Sponsors: Sunbasket -- Get $35 off your first order of meals over at Use code DMA. Exploring the Bible Together --Now through May 25, 2020, Don’t Mom Alone listeners can pick up a copy of Exploring the Bible Together along with a selection of ESV children’s Bibles for 40% off with a free Crossway+ membership. For more information, visit 
During the ongoing health crisis of COVID-19, there are a lot of changes in household finances. Maybe grocery and electric bills have gone up because everyone is home. You or your spouse may have a reduction in income or you’ve faced losing your job.  In the same way we work to protect ourselves with social distancing and wearing masks in public, there are some important things we can do to protect our finances and take time to reflect on where our money goes each month. Financial coach Ericka Young joins me to talk about budgets, cutting costs and how we can use this time to reprioritize. “This is the perfect time to reflect on what it is that you really want, why you want it. And I think if people reflect on what their goals were in the beginning of the year and make certain that this season doesn't derail their progress. We can start looking on the bright side and ask God what he has next for us.”  Ericka is the owner of Tailor-Made Budgets and has a passion for helping people pay off debt. Listen to how she and her husband paid off almost $100,000 in episode 244. Connect with Ericka:  Website: Facebook:  Instagram: @tailormadebudgets  Links Mentioned:   Ep 244 Budget Isn’t a Dirty Word :: Ericka Young [PODCAST] The CARES Act Works for All Americans [WEBSITE] Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments [WEBSITE] Access more resources and links on Ericka’s Blog [WEBSITE] Sponsors:  Beachbody --Free Trial Membership. Text HEATHER to 303030 Exploring the Bible Together --Now through May 25, 2020, Don’t Mom Alone listeners can pick up a copy of Exploring the Bible Together along with a selection of ESV children’s Bibles for 40% off with a free Crossway+ membership. For more information, visit  Little Passports -- Use DMA to get 15% off any subscription at
With the current global pandemic, we are all together more than ever and it’s causing friction in our relationship with our spouse and kids. Back by popular demand, Paul David Tripp is here to answer your parenting and marriage questions and give us hope for how God can grow good things in our families during this challenging time “One of the things that I've tried to keep in mind as we're going through this unprecedented thing is what the cross of Jesus Christ teaches us. God can produce very good things out of very bad things. So I want to ask the question, what is the good that God wants for my marriage and my parenting out of this?” We talk about building trust and unity in a marriage, making a plan with your spouse for parenting and discipline and the three stages of parenting from a Gospel perspective. It’s my hope that this episode will fill you with fresh faith for what is possible in your family.  Connect with Paul David Tripp:  Website: Facebook:  Instagram: @paultrippquotes   Listen to previous Paul David Tripp episodes: Gospel Parenting :: Paul David Tripp [Ep 176] Opportunity vs. Disruption :: Paul David Tripp [Ep 212] Habits of a Healthy Marriage :: Paul David Tripp [Ep 234] Sponsors:  Exploring the Bible Together --now through May 18, 2020, Don’t Mom Alone listeners can pick up a copy of Exploring the Bible Together along with a selection of ESV children’s Bibles for 40% off with a free Crossway+ membership. For more information, visit  Thrive Market -- Go to Join today and you’ll get up to twenty dollars in shopping credit toward your first order. 
I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend Aubrie Norman. We have walked together in community for a few years and it’s been a gift to see her family’s journey toward healing.  Aubrie and her husband Thomas came to their marriage from broken families and felt the weight of unresolved issues from their past. As their family grew, so did the stress and lack of communication about each of their emotional needs. Aubrie carried every perceived failure in marriage and parenting thinking it was her responsibility to make life better. “There's obviously something I'm doing wrong. I'm a new wife and mom, so I felt the weight of responsibility. That really goes back to a huge lie, I have believed for a long time in my walk with the Lord. That it's up to me to do something and that God's waiting on me.” She takes us into her family’s story of recovery and how she’s learned to trust God to take care of her relationships.   Links Mentioned:   Celebrate Recovery [WEBSITE] Sponsors:   Sun Basket --  Crossway --  Exploring the Bible Together along with a selection of ESV children’s Bibles for 40% off with a free Crossway+ membership. For more information, visit
Have you ever questioned the roles you find yourself in, wondering if you were made for more?  Jo Saxton found herself in that position a few years (and two babies) into her marriage. She shares her struggle to own her calling and gifting, choose to work outside the home, and how her family thrived when she let go of fear. Fear is not our friend. It has these aggressive ways that intimidate you and it has these quiet ways where you just don't do things and you don't know that that kind of checking out. It is a fear-based thing because it's so automatic. You don't even call it fear anymore. They're just the things you don't do and the ideas you don't entertain anymore. Now as a leadership coach and speaker, Jo affirms that God designed women for influence and impact. In her new book, Ready to Rise, she shares meaningful wisdom from her journey to leadership and shares information to empower other women to leaders in their own communities.  Connect with Jo:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @josaxton  Links Mentioned:   Coaching with Jo [WEBSITE] Ready to Rise [BOOK] Sponsors:  Little Passports-- use code DMA for 15% off Story Worth -- for $10 off  SkyLight Frame -- use code DMA for $10 off
Dr. Lucretia Berry is the founder of Brownicity, an online space that provides education and support for racial healing. She joins me to share how we all can take steps to advocate and bring restoration to our communities that have been fractured by the lies and injustice of racism.  As a mom of a multi-ethinic family, Lucretia shares how she and her husband addressed how they would teach their children about race. They didn’t want to teach their daughters to be “colorblind,” but instead wanted to talk about the many hues of humanity in a healthy way that cultivated life and beauty. When that conversation extended beyond their family, Brownicity was born. Since then, Lucretia has authored a study, created an online course and spoken at many events to spread this antiracism information in a way that is accessible for everyone.  It isn't about if you're racist or not, it's not even about that. You know, this is about how we've been molded and shaped. There are all these decisions that I've made in my life that are based on how I've been racialized and not necessarily my God-given identity. We all have this work to do, to detox from the ideology that we’ve been swimming in for the past 400 years or so. We've inherited it. But God is greater, so we have hope that we can create something new. To access her courses for free in the month of April and May, learn more here.  Connect with Lucretia:  Website: Facebook: Instagram: @lucretiaberry and @brownicity  Links Mentioned:   Educational Resources for Beginners [PDF] Courses on Brownicity [WEBSITE] What LIES Between Us Journal & Guide [BOOK] Lucretia’s TED Talk [VIDEO] Sponsors:  Skylight Frames : To get $10 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame just go to and enter code DMA. Beachbody OnDemand : Text "Heather" to 303030 to get free 2 week trial
In this bonus episode, we are sharing information from a session Ian Morgan Cron did on Enneagram and Stress. We go through each Enneagram number and talk about their strengths and weaknesses under pressure and some simple ways for each type to flourish in these hard times   As we’ve said in previous episodes, the Enneagram is just a tool to help us understand ourselves and others better. At a time when being quarantined at home can cause all kinds of friction, understanding each other’s unique perspective on the world is such a gift.  And the goal isn’t to stay stuck in our Enneagram number. The ultimate goal is to move toward health/wholeness and follow Jesus.  “Jesus doesn’t have an Enneagram number. The wholeness of God is in him and he is at the center of all the nine types.” Connect with Ian Morgan Cron:  Website: Facebook: Instagram:  @ianmorgancron YouTube: Podcast:  Links Mentioned:   Ep 232 The Enneagram and Motherhood :: Suzanne Stabile [PODCAST] Ep 259 The Enneagram, Marriage and the Gospel :: Beth McCord [PODCAST] Get an In-Depth Enneagram Report for 20% with code “COVID19” The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery [BOOK] Enneagram and Stress (Quarantine Edition) by Ian Cron [VIDEO]  Sponsor a Child with Compassion Text HEATHER to 83393, and you’ll get a link back to a child you can sponsor. Go to to start sponsoring a child.    
We’re all processing the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has made to our daily routines. As we adjust to the new normal of sheltering-in-place, I wanted to share some information I’ve found helpful from Dr. Henry Cloud. On a recent webinar I attended, Dr. Cloud talked through the psychology and the science of all that’s happening in our brains as our worlds have been turned upside down. He shares great ways to help us and our families stay mentally healthy during this unique time in history. (or during any time of crisis) “We need to view ourselves like a house in how we're experiencing COVID-19 matters. The foundation of a house or a human is this sense of bondedness and connectedness to God and people. Relationships are vital to our structural integrity. ” Connect with Dr. Henry Cloud:  Website: Facebook: Instagram:  @drhenrycloudofficial Links Mentioned:   Episodes with Kirk Martin [PODCAST]  Emotional Milestones :: Sissy Goff & David Thomas [PODCAST] Feelings Vocabulary Chart [IMAGE]  Dr. Henry Cloud - Being Psychologically Healthy During Times of Crisis [PODCAST] 4 Things You Can Do For Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis [BLOG] Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl  [BOOK] Inside Out [MOVIE] Available streaming on Disney+ Home [MOVIE] Sponsor a Child with Compassion Text HEATHER to 83393, and you’ll get a link back to a child you can sponsor. Go to to start sponsoring a child.  
Rachel’s 'Hands Free Mama' mentality is all about finding balance in a media-saturated, perfection-obsessed world. And it’s about seizing the little moments that life offers us to engage in real and meaningful interaction. In this episode, Rachel shares realizing she 'd lost connection with her people. How she believed a lie that in order to be loved and accepted she needed to hide certain parts of herself, the messy parts, the imperfect parts. A pivotal moment happened when she vulnerably shared these thoughts with her daughter and found acceptance. “Opening that door to being human actually brings us closer together. Then we can connect from that place of 'I'm struggling' and that doesn't mean there's something wrong with me. That doesn't mean I need to hide it. It means I need to reach out and talk to someone about this so we can work together to see how we might go forward.” We dive into what Rachel’s learned in her parenting journey as a mom of teens and preteens. She talks about how choosing true connection with our kids can bring them closer to us and keep the lines of communication open as they grow up.  “This is all about redefining what our role is as a parent. It is not the authoritarian model anymore. It is the guide, the truth teller and the encourager. Not the enforcer, not the half listener, not the critic. That those roles are only going to get us further and further from each other when the idea is right now we need to come closer.” Connect with Rachel:  Website: Facebook: Instagram:  @handsfreerevolution Twitter: @handsfreemama FREE LIVE LOVE NOW LISTENING PLAN:  Click here for special 7-day listening plan for Don’t Mom Alone Listeners Links Mentioned:   Live Love Now [BOOK] Only Love Today [BOOK] Amy McCready--Positive Parenting Solutions Pre-order Bonuses--21-Day Self-Care Listening Plan AND 4 Downloadable Tools for Connection (Ask “Heart Questions vs. Performance Questions”; Practice phrases that take you “From Conflict to Calm”; Consider if you are an “Easy-to-Be-Around Adult”; Exclusive Phone Lock Screen - “Connecting by Protecting”) Featured Sponsor: Use Code DMA to save 15% off a subscription. 
A few years ago, my friend Kelsey Philips hit a crisis in her life. She felt physically unwell, depressed and desperate for healing. She connected with a missionary couple from her church who prayed with her and over her for two hours. It was in that prayer time that Kelsey recognized God’s voice for the first time. He had been speaking to me for a long time. I just didn't know it was him. When you have an encounter like that, he speaks to these places that are so deep. He is healing wounds that are so far back and he is breaking you free of chains that are so heavy and hard and real. You don't ever want to go back to a place where you don't have that. As we are in a worldwide crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m asking you to listen to Kelsey’s story with an open heart and mind. I believe we can hear God’s voice and that he is still speaking today. As Kelsey reminds us, there’s no better time than now to practice listening to the Lord.  “It does require solitude and quiet and that is not our nature. But here we are in a season where we are in worldwide rest. We are forced into this place of quiet. We've all had to come off of the hamster wheel and this has been an incredible time to allow space to listen to him about what he's doing on so many levels.” Links Mentioned:   Novo Missions [WEBSITE] Listening Prayer [ARTICLE]  Where to start in listening prayer (friendship questions) [PDF] Hello Mornings [WEBSITE] Additional Resources: Hearing God:  Developing a Conversational Relationship with God by Dallas Willard** The Joy of Listening to God:  Hearing the Many Ways God Speaks to Us by Joyce Huggett** Whispers:  How to Hear the Voice of God  by Mark Batterson**
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there *aren't* innate differences. Girls and boys are just people. what many conservatives (especially complementarians) confuse for biology is socialization. Society teaches boys it's bad to show softness and teaches girls they're not allowed to not be soft (yet it is still shameful to be, just less so than boys). Rigid gender roles were not part of God's plan- we see in the curses of Adam and Eve that they were just the opposite.

Nov 22nd

Emily Mihocko-Bowling

is "how to develop empathy in kids" a book? anyone send me a link? not able to find on Amazon

Dec 11th

Timmy Beasley

I'm learning and growing so much listening to this podcast!

Oct 17th

Brittany Schultz

Love the new logo thingy!! super cute!

Oct 3rd

Brittany Schultz

I am already crying and it is only the intro...oh my goodness. this might mean I have a 5 day old newborn a 1 1/2 year old and a fresh 4 year old. and it might mean sleep has been rare the last 5 nights...

Jun 26th

Emma Mann

awesome podcast. great ideas. loved it!

Jun 15th

Heather Terrell

So good!! I needed the reminder that resting is also a gift for my family. (8 days into summer break with 4 kiddos here! Pray for me! :) )

Jun 4th

Willie Fountainjr

let hear more

Mar 4th

Ivelisse Pierce

what books do you recommend that can break the bible down little better

Feb 13th
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Elisabeth C

Hey Heather I'm not sure how to comment on your latest episode, but the book (affiliate!) links aren't actually linked! Can you change them into links so if we buy the book you get the credit? :)

Jan 29th


love to hear more plzzzz

Jan 15th

Danielle A

Love that I found this app that has this podcast!

Nov 29th

Erneshia Scott

So helpful

Oct 28th

Kellie Curry

would love to hear more

Oct 10th
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