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Mommy Wars. They may have started out as “working mom” v. “stay at home mom” but it has morphed (or devolved) into something much bigger. While, in the eyes of our culture, “you do you” might have freed us to make different choices than another mom, has it drawn us together and given us the support we need? Parenting is so difficult and Ecclesiastes reminds us that toiling away alone is tantamount to trying to catch smoke. What we need instead are co-laborers. We need other moms to come alongside us, not because we agree on everything, but because we have a common goal - the flourishing of the next generation.  We need to come alongside other moms because when we pit ourselves against one another due to differences in parenting styles, we cut off our nose to spite our collective face. Join Heather this week as she challenges us to look introspectively and grow in conflict resolution in light of Ecclesiastes 4.  Links Mentioned:   Resolving Sibling Conflict :: Jim and Lynne Jackson [Ep 126] Bruce Learns to Label His Feelings :: Bruce and Heather [Ep 316] How to Help a Friend Process Life :: Heather and Stephanie [Ep 359] Fighting Shame through Community :: Dr Curt Thompson [Ep 308]  Featured Sponsors:  Ladder Financial. Go to to see if you’re instantly approved.  Athena Club. Get the best shave of your life with the Athena Club Razor Kit. Get 20% off your first order at Use promo code DMA.   Rothy’s. Discover the versatile styles you can wear absolutely anywhere and get $20 off your first purchase at 
God ordains the time and space we inhabit - sometimes that’s one home for decades, sometimes it’s 12 homes in 6 years and instant homelessness at age 18. It was the latter for Tori Petersen and for so many other children in the foster care system. Tori has accomplished a lot since then - 5 time State Champion in track and field, a book releasing August 30th, and even a Mrs. Universe 2022 title. But if you asked her how she got here, she would say it was because someone loved and served the “least of these.” (Matthew 25:40) She was the least of these. She experienced extreme difficulty while in foster care, but looking back she sees God’s fatherly hand guiding her all along the way, loving her through the words and actions of her track coach, and now working through her and her husband to others as they model loving and serving the “least of these” for their own kids. Tori tells her compelling story in her new book, Fostered: One Woman’s Powerful Story of Finding Faith and Family Through Foster Care, which releases August 30, 2022.  Connect with Tori Petersen:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @torihopepetersen Links Mentioned:    Fostered: One Woman’s Powerful Story of Finding Faith and Family Through Foster Care by Tori Hope Petersen Pre-sale link  Related Episodes: Foster Care Story of Hope :: Victoria Petersen [Ep 263] How to Discern God’s Will and Stick With It :: Tricia Goyer [Ep 179] Adopting Special Needs :: Alice & Candace [Ep 213] Family Transformation Starts With Personal Revival :: KJ Perdomo [Ep 227] Overwhelmed Beyond Your Strength :: Jackie Askvig [Ep 313] Featured Sponsors:  StitchFix Kids. Grab 25% off your Kid’s Fix when you keep everything at  Hello Fresh. Get up to 16 free meals and 3 free gifts at Caraway Home. Take 10% off your next purchase at
The kitchen. It can be a place of glorious delight or it can be a place of burnt despair. Whether it’s mostly delight or mostly disaster for you, it’s often a place of frustration. Everyone is hungry and needs something all the time or everyone is refusing to eat; there isn’t enough space or you feel like a pinball trying to get people what they need.  Enter Kendra Adachi, aka The Lazy Genius. She’s here to help you be a genius at what matters and lazy about what doesn’t and she’s at it again, this time in the kitchen. She gives you permission, she helps you analyze and streamline, but most importantly she’s offering you a middle ground - the space between perfection and hot-mess, where you can love your people well with those important moments at the table but not be overwhelmed with how to get there. (Spoiler alert: we can apply these principles to the rest of our lives too!)  Kendra is a wife, mom, and author. Her latest book, The Lazy Genius Kitchen: Have What You Need, Use What You Have, and Enjoy it Like Never Before releases May 3, 2022.  Connect with Kendra Adachi:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @thelazygenius  Podcast: The Lazy Genius Podcast   Links Mentioned:    The Lazy Genius Kitchen: Have What You Need, Use What You Have, and Enjoy it Like Never Before  The Hub of all Lazy Genius Information -  Related Episodes: Choose What Matters to You :: Kendra Adachi [Ep 293] Which Type of Rest Do You Need :: Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith [Ep 209] Owning Your Motherhood :: Erin Moon & Courtney Cleveland [Ep 325] Featured Sponsors:  Ana Luisa. Make Mom's Day and treat her to new jewelry pieces with Ana Luisa's Buy One, Get One 40% OFF sale! One piece for her, and one piece for you at Pair Eyewear. Go to for 15% off your first purchase. Caraway Home. Take 10% off your next purchase at
Pausing to not miss out on what God is teaching/leading. Pausing before we intervene on our kids’ behalf.  Do you remember commercial breaks? They were built-in pauses, breaks from the drama or sitcom. With DVR’s or streaming services we can easily skip or minimize the pauses. But what if “pause” is what your everyday really needs? Not a week-long, pick your favorite vacation spot pause, but a quick moment to stop and say, “God, where are you leading? What are you saying?” or “Help me today because I don’t have what it takes to make it through the day.”   Kirsten Watson is a busy woman - a wife, a mom to seven, an author and podcast host - but all those responsibilities only lead her to pause more. Whether it’s in the moments just after her alarm goes off, or in the middle of after-school stories, she challenges us to slow down and first ask God for the help we need, and then to see where he is at work. She encourages us to practice discernment for what is most helpful in our kids’ sanctification - either stepping in or stepping back. She invites us to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit available to us if we will only ask.  Kirsten’s book, Sis, Take a Breath: Encouragement for the Woman Who’s Trying to Live and Love Well (but Secretly Just Wants to Take a Nap), releases May 3, 2022.   Connect with Kirsten Watson:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @_kirstenwatson_ Podcast: Why or Why Not with the Watsons   Links Mentioned:    Sis, Take a Breath: Encouragement For the Woman Who’s Trying to Live and Love Well (but Secretly Just Wants to take a Nap)  by Kirsten Watson   Related Episodes: Talk to Your Kids About Race :: Kirsten Watson [Ep 314] Wild and Free :: Hayley Morgan [Ep 118] Breathe…{replacing “me” with “He”series} Blogpost  Featured Sponsors:  Ana Luisa. Make Mom's Day and treat her to new jewelry pieces with Ana Luisa's Buy One, Get One 40% OFF sale! One piece for her, and one piece for you at StitchFix. Sign up today at and get $20 off your first purchase. StoryWorth. Save $10 on your first purchase for a limited time at
“Peaceful” and “parenting” aren’t words we usually put together. Think about the parenting moments that stick out to you from the last week – was there anything peaceful about them? What if there could be? What would it change for you if parenting didn’t feel like moving from one fight to another? My guests this week, Dr David and Amanda Erickson of Flourishing Homes and Families, encourage us that it IS possible. Peace and grace can be meaningful parts of your parenting – not only for your kids, but for you. The gospel always brings freedom. Gentle Christ-Centered Parenting will not only change the dynamic of your house, but it will set your kids up for success in the hardest parts of life – responding with grace when someone hurts them, learning to hold boundaries and communicate their needs in a way that still respects the dignity and honor of the person who hurts them or crosses those boundaries and how to collaboratively problem solve. Ultimately, there is no better place for them to see reliance on the Holy Spirit’s work in life than through us fighting against sin by his power in our own lives. David and Amanda have fostered children and are raising two biological kids. They too have had to work against the patterns of their own childhoods to transform their parenting.  Connect with David and Amanda Erickson:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @flourishinghomesandfamilies TikTok:  Links Mentioned:   Instagram Stories on “the rod” verses  Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character in You and Your Kids! By Scott Turanksy and Joanne Miller   Related Episodes: Connected Relationships (LIVE Event) :: Jim & Lynne Jackson [Ep222] How to Avoid Power Struggles :: Stacy Bellward & Chad Hyenga [Ep 292] Grace According to Our Needs :: Beth Moore [Ep 270] The Mom Game Changer :: Kat Lee [Ep 41] Featured Sponsors:  Caraway–Visit to get 10% off your next purchase. Nontoxic cookware made modern. Hello Fresh-Go to  for up to 16 free meals and 3 free gifts. Peloton-Visit to learn more.
We all walk through seasons of transition, whether we leave something behind by choice or it was chosen for us. Life after a disruptive event or during life transitions can feel like “starting over” just as much as a move clear across the country. You may be asking the question, “who am I here?” even in familiar places and routines. Author Shauna Niequist encourages us in what to hold on to and what to let go of, through seasons of loss.  She equips us with three tools for the journey - curiosity, self-compassion, and courage. We discuss how prayer can tenderize an angry heart, and Shauna shares how hanging on to writing and hospitality, even when they felt like impossible disciplines, helped her journey forward through grief and change. Shauna Niequist is a wife, mom, and author to numerous books including, Present Over Perfect, Cold Tangerines, and Bread and Wine. Her new book, I Guess I Haven’t Learned that Yet, releases on April 12, 2022   Connect with Shauna Niequist:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @sniequist  Twitter: @sniequist  Links Mentioned:   I Guess I Haven’t Learnd that Yet by Shauna Niequist   Related Episodes: Soulful over Frantic :: Shauna Niequist [Ep 127] How to Get Real and Savor More :: Shauna Niequist [Ep 65] When Moms Walk Through Grief :: Stacey Thacker [Ep 76] Quiet Your Inner Critic and Practice Self-Compassion :: Kim Frederickson [Ep 188] Recovering from Mom Burnout :: Nicole Zasowski [Ep 357] Featured Sponsors:  Rothy’s. Step up your shoes and accessories this Spring and get $20 off your first purchase at The Biggest Story Bible Storybook by Crossway and Kevin DeYoung. Pick up a copy wherever books are sold or visit to find out how to save 30%. Athena Club. Show your skin you care with the Athena Club Razor Kit! Get 20% off your first order at with promo code DMA.
As moms we do carry a big burden – we have a God-give responsibility to love and care for our children, but how often do you feel crushed under that burden? It’s hard to do all the tasks to take care of everyone – especially if you’re measuring yourself by how many meltdowns (your kids or yours) did or didn’t happen this week. What if that responsibility came with the freedom to not hold it all together? What if there were someone more loving and more powerful than you to shape all the details of life for the good of everyone involved? This week, Brittany Turner encourages us that the same God we trust to take all the hard in our lives and turn it into good is God for our kids too! We can rest in his capabilities and invite others into our lives to help carry the load. You do not have to mom alone!  Brittany Turner is a wife, mom of four, speaker, and writer who loves to help people take what they say they believe and put it into practice in their everyday lives.   Connect with Brittany Turner:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  @iambrittanyjturner YouTube:    Links Mentioned:   Mary Van Geffen–Parent Coach for Spicy Ones  Body Awareness in Parenting :: Mary Van Geffen [Ep 333]  NYTimes Article “Harsh Realm of Gentle Parenting”   Related Episodes: Postpartum Depression :: Brittany Turner [Ep 277] Sunday Planning :: Retha Nichole [Ep 349] Encouraging the Exhausted Mom :: Summer of Mentorship Week 5 When You Carry the Burden of Perfection :: Aubrie Norman [Ep 284] Featured Sponsors:  Stitch Fix Get started today by filling out your FREE style quiz and advantage of free shipping and returns. The Biggest Story Bible Storybook by Crossway and Kevin DeYoung. Pick up a copy wherever books are sold or visit to find out how to save 30%. Simply Be Box Use Code DMASpring10 to receive $10 off Your Subscription or Spring Box Purchase at  
Does keeping your kids safe on the internet ever feel like a game of Whack-a-mole - frenzied and unending, always trying to fend off the threats that pop up? Or maybe you’ve been afraid your kids would be or feel left out if you had more limits on their screens? You’ve seen the documentaries and the research of how addictive social media can be and the average age in which kids are exposed to pornography keeps going down and yet, we know on some level what we forbid our kids to do has the potential to become the only thing they want. Families around you probably have a wide range of tech norms in their households. Kids relentlessly request screen time. Honestly, sometimes we long for the quiet of a kid mesmerized by a screen.  What’s a mom to do?  Enter this week’s guest, Chris McKenna, dad of four and founder of Protect Young Eyes, an organization devoted to helping parents create safe digital spaces for their kids. Chris encourages us that while there are real things our kids need protecting from on the internet, there are real ways we can foster digital trust and create safe digital spaces for our kids. Chris helps us understand that rather than a controller, our kids want a coach - someone to teach them how to use technology in ways that honor God, themselves, and others.    Connect with Chris McKenna & Protect Young Eyes:  Website:  Twitter @protecteyes  Facebook:  Instagram:  @Protect Young Eyes  Protect Young Eyes App - iPhone  Protect Young Eyes App - Android   Links Mentioned:    Birds and Bees - Mary Flo Ridley - tools for talking to your kids about sex Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. by Kristen A. Jenson  Protect Young Eyes TheUltimate Guide to Understanding Routers blog post  Gryphon Router Digital Trust Download Related Episodes: Let’s Talk about Sex :: Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson [Ep 328] Porn-Proofing Our Kids :: Kristen Jenson [Ep 256] Parenting in the Digital Age :: Ashley Januszewski [Ep 207] Time & Space for Flourishing :: Andy Crouch [Ep 208] The Screen Struggle is Real :: Arlene Pellicane [Ep 331] Featured Sponsors:  Thrive Market. Join today to get 40% off your first order AND a FREE gift worth over $50! Join at StitchFix. Get started today by filling out your free style quiz at  and take advantage of free shipping and returns. The Biggest Story Bible Storybook by Crossway and Kevin DeYoung. Pick up a copy wherever books are sold or visit to find out how to save 30%.
How do you respond when a difficult situation comes your way? One that feels out of the blue, or that doesn’t have a clear solution, or all the solutions you’ve tried haven’t worked?  In this birthday episode (Happy Birthday Heather!) join Heather and DMA team member, Stephanie Snow, as they talk through what it looks like to process through all those thoughts that circle around our brains as we deal with the difficult stuff of life. We talk about not only how to sort out your own thoughts, but how to come alongside friends, family, and even your children to listen well and ask good questions.  Links Mentioned:    Relational Needs Card–Townsend Institute  Related Episodes: Bruce Learns to Label His Feelings [Ep 316] Recovery for Life :: Lynn Hoffman [Ep 129]  Featured Sponsors:  Caraway Home. Get 10% off this great line of non-toxic cookware made modern at Use DMA at checkout for 10% off. HelloFresh: Go to use the code: dma16 to get 16 free meals AND a free gift. Stitch Fix– Receive 25% off when you keep everything in your Kids Fix at
Have you ever wished for a fairy godmother? Someone to wave a wand and make your troubles disappear? The next best thing just might be a real godmother - a woman to see you in your distress and to offer help and encouragement. What’s hard for you in this season of motherhood? Your reactions to your kids? Seeing how your kids react to one another? Maybe you need to break free from life centering around your kids.  In this mentoring episode we take a proverbial walk with author and speaker Lisa Bevere through anger, growth, idolatry, guilt and hope in the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and sibling rivalry. Her most recent book, Godmothers: Why You Need One. How to Be One encourages women to live with and for one another and to ask for help from those who have gone before you - which she graciously does with us in this episode! Lisa and her husband John raised four boys and she has written numerous books on womanhood, identity, anger, and much more.  Connect with Lisa Bevere:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Links Mentioned:    Godmothers: Why You Need One. How to Be One by Lisa Bevere   Related Episodes: Focus on Growth vs Guilt :: Lisa Bevere [Ep 291] Centering Truth :: Lisa Bevere [Ep 204] Anger Management, Hollywood, & Sacrificial Faith :: Amber Lia [Ep 75] Featured Sponsors:  Rothy’s. Step up your shoes and accessories this spring and get $20 off your first purchase at Prose is the healthy hair regimen with your name all over it. Go to for your FREE in-depth hair consultation and 15% off. Athena Club Razor Kit! Show your skin you care, sign up today and you’ll get 20% off your first order at and use promo code dma for 20% off.
Every mom will experience burnout. It’s as simple as our energy output exceeds our energy input, but it can be debilitating and discouraging. You may wish for a vacation, or spa day or even just 15 minutes of silence, but what if those typical self-care strategies are out of your reach? Where can you find rest when it seems like your circumstances just don’t allow for any?  “You may find that if someone pours water all over you, you are damp and distracted, but not cured of your sadness, the way a fire department can douse a fire but never recover what has been burnt down.” —Lemony Snicket, The Bad Beginning This week we talk with Nicole Zasowski, a mom of three, therapist, and author of the new book, What if it’s Wonderful? Through her own life journey that has included deep sorrow and deep joy, Nicole encourages us to fight burnout with regular rhythms of celebration. No, not another party for you to plan, she’s not looking to douse water on burned-out you, but to help you recover joy that has been lost.  She gives you an invitation to look at the good God is doing all around you, in every season.  Connect with Nicole Zasowski:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Links Mentioned:   Pre-Order What if it’s Wonderful?  Related Episodes: The Gift of Celebrating Biblical Feasts :: Amber Lee [Ep 217]  Not Alone in Overwhelm :: Kay Wyma Sunday Planning :: Retha Nichole [Ep 349]  Featured Sponsors:  Stitch Fix– Receive 25% off when you keep everything in your Kids Fix at Thrive Causemetics–Get 15% off your first order when you visit Indeed– Receive a $75 credit to upgrade your job post at
What happens when you’ve had a Proverbs life - following the rules and making the right choices -  but then you wake up to find yourself living in Ecclesiastes where life is painful and doesn’t quite make sense? It’s easy for us to think we can do and achieve - that if we just get the right formula we’ll unlock an easy life replete with God’s blessings and perfect family photos.  Through her own story of God’s provision through heartache and uncertain circumstances, Kim Sorgius encourages us to lean in and really know the Lord in difficult times. Not just to know about him, not to search his word for what the plan is, but to search it for Him. She wants our paradigm to shift and for us to embrace that “the beauty of life isn’t found in perfect circumstances…[but] in faith.”  Kim has a deep desire for us to both experience and pass that sturdy faith onto our children. Born from the difficulty (and faithfulness) of single motherhood is her blog and online store, Not Consumed, where she has created Bible studies and products to help you engage the scripture with your kids. Join us to hear Kim’s incredible story and to be encouraged as you work to share your faith in meaningful ways.  Connect with Kim Sorgius:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Links Mentioned:   Free Bible Study Creating a Life Giving Family Culture   Trusting God by Jerry Bridges    Related Episodes: Giving Kids a Firm Foundation :: Troy Simons [Ep 278] Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids :: Dr. Kara Powell [Ep290] Gospel-Focused Conversations :: Joel Fitzpatrick [Ep 251] Faith for the Unexpected :: Christine Caine [Ep 202] Featured Sponsors:  Thrive Market– Join today to get 40% off your first order AND a FREE gift worth over $50. Go to Framebridge–Get started today –frame your photos or send someone the perfect gift. Go to and use the promo code: DMA to save an additional 15% off your first order.–Stop overpaying for shipping with Sign up with promo code: DMA for a special offer that includes a 4-week trial, free postage AND a digital scale. No long-term commitments or contracts.   
Think of 9 women you know. Statistics says that 1 of those women was sexually abused as a child. This week, Angel Ricchuiti bravely tells us her story of sexual abuse within the church. She gives us hope that God heals, restores and is near to us through the body of Christ and skilled professionals. You will hear practical ways to listen well and come alongside a friend who suffered trauma as you are graciously invited into her story. And, you will be encouraged to think about the process of uprooting fears and walking in freedom caused by hurts. Be informed and empowered toward empathy and compassion whether trauma or abuse is a part of your story or not.   Angel is a wife, mother of four, as well as a trained counselor.  WARNING: This episode contains references to child sexual abuse within the church. We know Angel’s story may be especially hard for some, as it may stir up very real feelings. Please be encouraged, Angel’s story is full of hope and healing, too. While this episode might not be good for little ears, it is a story that will equip you and help you walk in more freedom. Connect with Angel Ricchuiti:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Links Mentioned:   ADDITIONAL RESOURCES BELOW  Tim Ricchuiti’s TikTok:@polymathematic Related Episodes: Ep 260 The Window of Tolerance:: Charissa Fry Summer of Mentorship 2018 (Wk 5) :: Dr. Peggy Banks “Pain Not Wasted” Featured Sponsors:  StichFix: Get started today by filling out your free style quiz at and take advantage of free shipping and returns. Outschool: Help your kids get excited about learning and save $15  fifteen dollars off your child’s first class.,  use code DMA. PrepDish: PrepDish founder, Allison, is offering listeners a free 2-week trial. Check out for this amazing deal! Resources for Sexual Abuse Recovery and Prevention: Books for Kids: Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect - Jayneen Sanders  God Made All of Me – Justin S. Holcomb Good Picture Bad Pictures - Kristen Jenson Books for Survivors: Suffering and the Heart of God – Dr. Diane Langberg The Wounded Heart – Dr. Dan Allender The Trauma Heart – Judy Crane The Body Keep the Score - Bessel van der Kolk Redeeming Love – Francine Rivers The Hiding Place – Corrie Ten Boom Believing God – Beth Moore People to Follow: Diane Langberg Boz Tchividjian GRACE – Godly Response to Abuse in Christian Environments - Nonprofit Jimmy HInton Rachael and Jacob Denhollander Beth Moore Kay Warren Books Recs & Questions to Ask Your Local Church Leadership: On Guard – Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse at Church, by Deepak Reju We Too – Mary E. Demuth Who knows about/ keeps track of convicted sex offenders in our congregation?  Who monitors their coming and going on our campus?  Who on staff is responsible to check in with their probation officers and confirm the reason for their status on the sex offenders list and recommendations they have for securing safety? What is the safety plan for these individuals? What is included & who supervises this plan? How often does the supervisor meet with this perpetrator or other known perpetrators AND fact check the information they provide?  Is he or other known perpetrators chaperoned while on campus? Do we have an official document which discloses how we as a church body agree to handle this particular issue?
Friendship isn’t something we are taught in school. We sort of fumble our way through the trial and error of how to make and keep friends.  Add in our culture of independence, where it can be hard to admit we need others, and lots of times it feels easier to just stay home and binge watch seasons of Friends rather than try to find some real life ones. In this episode, author and speaker Jennie Allen acknowledges that friendship is full of risk, riddled with awkwardness and yet completely worth it. Through her own journey of finding a core group of friends in a new city, she challenges us to enter into the awkward places to build the friendships we long to have.  Jennie Allen is a wife, mom, author, and speaker. She deeply believes God created us for relationship - first with him and then with others. Her newest book, Find Your People, is a tool-kit, a guide, an encouragement, and an honest look at why we really do need a village, and how we cultivate it in our lives.   Connect with Jennie Allen:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:    Links Mentioned:    Find Your People Pre-Order Related Episodes Ep 232 Fighting Toxic Thoughts :: Jennie Allen Ep 350 Friendship is Hard :: Amy Weatherly & Jess Johnston Ep 321 Healing from Broken Friendships :: Shundria Riddick Ep 289 Strengthening our Friendships :: Susan Seay Ep 273 Navigating Friendships :: Melanie Shankle Ep 148 Overcoming Insecurity in Friendships :: Renee Swope Featured Sponsors:  Rothys: New customers get $20 off your first purchase at  HelloFresh: Go to use the code: dma16 to get 16 free meals AND a free gift Prose: Take your free in-depth hair consultation and get 15% off your first order today! Go to  
Let’s have some “real talk” and think about our faith in action when it comes to our neighbors, even when they are different. This conversation will help you think about being more open and welcoming and train your children to do the same. Our guest this week, author Trillia Newbell, encourages us in the message of James chapter two - love for others that doesn’t show favoritism to those who look or think or act like us. Her book, The Big Wide Welcome, illustrates how the love of Christ sees and welcomes others for who they are and how we should do the same. Trillia is a wife, mom, author, and speaker whose writings address and encourage our faith, our families, and the culture around us  Connect with Trillia Newbell:  Website:  Facebook:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Links Mentioned:   The Big Wide Welcome by Trillia J. Newbell DMA Convo Starters--NEW MERCH Related Episodes Ep 282 Many Hues, One Humanity :: Dr. Lucretia Berry Ep 261 Racial Healing Starts with You :: Latasha Morrison  Ep 198 A Declaration of Interdependence :: Sharifa Stevens Ep 216 Help Your Children Embrace Differences :: Dorena Williamson Ep 327 Exploring Global Cultures at Home ;; Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young  Featured Sponsors: Thrive Market–Join today to get 40% off your first order AND a FREE gift at Indeed–Start hiring right now with a $75 sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post at Offer valid through March 31st. Need to hire? You need Indeed.  PrepDish–The founder Allison is offering listeners a free 2-week trial to try it out. You can’t beat that. Check out for this amazing deal. 
In a world of increasing chaos, we crave certainty. We “know” the answer lies in some good disciplines like daily time with God. How can you step into a habit of studying God’s Word with consistency and success, even when your daily rhythms are upside down? Let’s turn Bible study from a “should do” into a vibrant, life-giving way to get the Word into your heart. Our guest this week, Bible teacher Katie Orr, will encourage you in practical and approachable ways so that you can open God’s Word and be fed. We talk through the stops on Katie’s “Bible Study Boulevard” - an assessment you can take on her website to help you figure out just where you are on your Bible study journey. Identifying your “stop” can help you adopt methods you can use right where you are, right now to connect with God and know Him more. Her online community at is a place where women can connect and receive training, encouragement, and accountability to enjoy God’s word. She is even offering Don’t Mom Alone listeners a special on her 5 Days to Better Bible Study Course to jump start your study!  Connect with Katie:  Website: Facebook: Instagram: Books by Katie Orr - Secrets of the Happy Soul FOCUSed15 Bible Studies Links Mentioned:   Katie’s Episode from 2015 (Ep 101) 5 Days to Better Bible Study  Bible Study Boulevard  Bible Recap  YouVersion App  Bible Project  E. Randolph Richards Misreading the Bible with Western Eyes: Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible  Featured Sponsors:  Athena Club: Show your skin you care with the Athena Club Razor Kit! Sign up today and you’ll get 20% off your first order! Go to and use the promo code dma. Stitch Fix: Get started today by filling out your free style quiz at and take advantage of free shipping and returns.  Uncommon Goods: To get 15% off your next gift go to Don’t miss this limited time offer.   
The preteen/teen years are a time of immense change and growth that often come with difficulty between mother and child. As the mom of a teen you may find yourself confused or frustrated with your child’s new behavior and attitudes. (The thought of those years is enough to fill elementary-kid moms with dread!)  Come and listen as we shed light on the confusion of these transitional years that will help us both prepare for and thrive during this crucial developmental stage. In this episode Child Development Specialist, Dr. Nell Bush, explains to us the four pillars of preteen/teen development.  Dr. Bush co-authored The Parenting Survival Guide, a practical handbook for parents addressing common child rearing concerns. Having four children of her own, she understands teen development on a theoretical and practical level. Nell encourages us that if we can understand what’s going on socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically with our preteens/teens we can respond with compassion and adapt our parenting strategies to fit their needs. She also covers aspects of development from why teens sleep so much to why they seem to love and hate us almost simultaneously. Draw hope for the present or wisdom for the future as you sit in (or do the dishes, or drive the kids all over) on Heather and Nell’s conversation.  Connect with Dr. Nell Bush:  Email: Links Mentioned:   Handout from Dr. Bush Birds and Bees Episodes with Mary Flo and Megan Michaelson of Birds and Bees Featured Sponsors:   Framebridge:Get started today–frame your photos or send someone the perfect gift. Go to and use the promo code: DMA to save an additional 15% off your first order.  HelloFresh: Go to and use code dma16 for up to 16 free meals AND 3 free gifts. Save time and money this year with Sign up with promo code DMA for a special offer that includes a 4-week trial, free postage and a digital scale. No long term commitments or contracts.     
We’ll just say it - friendship as an adult is hard. It’s hard to find friends, to keep friends, and to be a good friend amidst all the hustle and bustle of motherhood. And motherhood can be an extremely lonely place. On this episode, Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, founders of Sister I am With You, share the good, the bad, and the awkward of making friends as a mom. They guide us through their own story of friendship (and encourage us to get out there and start the work of friendship) with candor and humor.  They talk about some pitfalls of making friends and share tips on how to be a good friend.  Their book, I’ll be There, (But I’ll be Wearing Sweatpants), releases January 25, 2022.  Connect with Amy and Jess:  Website: Facebook: Instagram: Instagram for Amy: Instagram for Jess: Links Mentioned:   I’ll be There, (But I’ll be Wearing Sweatpants)   Related Episodes: Ep 321 Healing from Broken Friendships :: Shundria Riddick Shifting Perspective on Hard Things :: Summer of Mentorship Week 6 Ep 338 Helping our Kids Foster Friendships :: David Thomas and Sissy Goff Ep 289 Strengthening Our Friendships :: Susan Seay Ep 273 Navigating Friendships :: Melanie Shankle Ep 159 Healing Friendship Wounds :: Lisa-Jo Baker Ep 148 Overcoming Insecurities in Friendship :: Renee Swope Featured Sponsors: Prep Dish–Free 2 week trial to try PrepDish. Check out for this amazing deal.  Outschool–Outschool has helped my kids get excited about learning and they can help yours too. To learn more about what Outschool has to offer and save $15 off your child’s first class go to Indeed–Start hiring right now with a $75 job credit to upgrade your job post at Offer valid through March 31st
Do you ever feel like you wake up Monday and the week is already running away from you? Overwhelm is a common feeling among moms and in this episode Retha Nichole shares the system she created that helped create margin in her own life.  As a working mom to three boys, and at times a single mom, her Sunday Planning routine and portioning out her “plate” has helped her take care of herself and her people well. “Sunday Planning looks different in the different seasons of life. As a mom of two  littles I thought of the five things that would help me the MOST. That is still what I do as my children have grown up and can do most of these things on their own.” Retha walks us through measuring our own capacity and how to craft your own Sunday Planning routine. Her website offers several products ready to make the most of your Sunday Planning efforts.  Connect with Retha:  Website: Retha Nichole Facebook: Retha Nichole - Home | Facebook Instagram: @RethaNichole Links Mentioned:   Retha’s story on the So…What Else? Podcast with Kaitlin Eliott Featured Sponsors:  Stitch Fix Freestyle -- Get started today by filling out your style quiz at HelloFresh--Get up to 16 free meals and 3 free gifts at use code: dma16 Prose--Take your FREE in-depth hair consultation and get 15% off your first order today. Go to 
As we enter the holiday season, it’s easy to get swept up in the tasks and external pressures that crowd our days… coordinating family events, planning the food, buying and wrapping gifts. With so much to do, it can be easy to adopt a Grinch-like personality or to just be a bit snappy with people who enter our lives.  My guest Rachael R Wade is here to help our hearts grow three times larger by practicing giving honor to those around us. It’s a simple act of kindness that can be very powerful. “No one gets tired of hearing encouragement or being honored. And it's just calling out what God has put in others. Just taking the time to notice them and saying something kind. That little piece of encouragement could be the difference for if they decide to continue on in a dream or how they parent their kids. There's a lot of weight to our words.” Whether it’s showing honor to our kids and extended family or the clerk at the next store you enter, I invite you to pour out God’s love to a hurting world and use your words to heal. Rachael shares a lot of ideas for honoring others and how coming alongside and holding space for those around us is a catalyst for God’s kingdom here on earth.  Connect with Rachael R Wade:  Website:   Facebook:  Instagram: @rachwade  Links Mentioned:   Olive Us Community BOOK: Love Where You Live by Shauna Pilgreen  Don’t Mom Alone Patreon Group-- December Bonus Pep Talks Featured Sponsors:    Rothy’s --Get $20 off your first purchase at with extended returns and exchanges through the holidays.  Skylight Frames --Get $10 off your purchase of a Skylight Frame when you go to Skylight and enter the code DMA.   
Comments (18)

Allison Ward

loved this particular episode. I have been really feeling like I've been missing hearing from the Lord. so this was timely. I was wondering if you had any resources or recommendations on studying about the Holy Spirit?

Jan 8th

Sally Kunis

I cannot recommend this show enough. I've been listening to podcasts on parenting, faith and homemaking for more than 3 years now. This is simply the best and most authentic show out there. So many great guests with great advice and resources on ALL the topics that come up on your motherhood journey. It has been and still is a game changer for me and has so much inspiration and encouragement and tons of applicable,practical advice. Heather is just a fantastic host - very genuine and honest but never self centered. It's a real gem and I love how she always makes me go to Jesus.

Oct 13th

Sparrow Wings

there *aren't* innate differences. Girls and boys are just people. what many conservatives (especially complementarians) confuse for biology is socialization. Society teaches boys it's bad to show softness and teaches girls they're not allowed to not be soft (yet it is still shameful to be, just less so than boys). Rigid gender roles were not part of God's plan- we see in the curses of Adam and Eve that they were just the opposite.

Nov 22nd

Emily Mihocko-Bowling

is "how to develop empathy in kids" a book? anyone send me a link? not able to find on Amazon

Dec 11th

Timmy Beasley

I'm learning and growing so much listening to this podcast!

Oct 17th

Brittany Schultz

Love the new logo thingy!! super cute!

Oct 3rd

Brittany Schultz

I am already crying and it is only the intro...oh my goodness. this might mean I have a 5 day old newborn a 1 1/2 year old and a fresh 4 year old. and it might mean sleep has been rare the last 5 nights...

Jun 26th

Emma Mann

awesome podcast. great ideas. loved it!

Jun 15th

Heather Terrell

So good!! I needed the reminder that resting is also a gift for my family. (8 days into summer break with 4 kiddos here! Pray for me! :) )

Jun 4th

Willie Fountainjr

let hear more

Mar 4th

Ivelisse Pierce

what books do you recommend that can break the bible down little better

Feb 13th
Reply (2)

Elisabeth C

Hey Heather I'm not sure how to comment on your latest episode, but the book (affiliate!) links aren't actually linked! Can you change them into links so if we buy the book you get the credit? :)

Jan 29th


love to hear more plzzzz

Jan 15th

Danielle A

Love that I found this app that has this podcast!

Nov 29th

Erneshia Scott

So helpful

Oct 28th

Kellie Curry

would love to hear more

Oct 10th
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