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Don Diablo Presents Hexagon Radio

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Join Don Diablo and his little electronic buddy Hex for a weekly journey in to the unknown.. Playing an eclectic selection of music from the best new house to the whole spectrum of electronica, Hexagon Radio is a 60min sonic adventure full of exclusive ReHex tracks, Flashback classics and a showcase for new talent in #DemoDay.
327 Episodes
On this week’s Hexagon Radio Don plays new music and world exclusives from Faith, ASCO, & Nicola Fasano, Jubarte Pipo, Sentido, Avigate and many more. There’s also a mini mix for the new Kingdom For The Club Vol. 5 EP which is out this Friday. 1. Don Diablo - Through The Storm Ft. Jordan Mackampa2. Faith - Giving Everything3. Graham Swift X Mike Reevey - A Thousand Things4. Dario Rodriguez & Loris Cimino - All I Need (feat. Mika Setzer) (Damien N-Drix Remix)5. ASCO, Nicola Fasano - You’re Not Alone6. Lost Minds, VLLN - You Got Me7. AIA - New For Me8. Avigate - Ping Pong9. EDDIE - Waiting10. Sentido - Higher11. Chuckie, Relanium & Deen West - Time Out12. Marten Hørger & Donkong - Ah Lord13. Cityzen - That Pill14. Highup - Keep It15. Raven & Kreyn X Jeonghyeon - You & I Ft. David Taylor (VIP Mix)16. Jubarte Pipo - My Gang17. Kingdom For The Club Vol. 5 EP Mini-Mix- Jack O' Kings - Closer- HÄWK x 21RoR - Losing Control- CastNowski - Where Did You Go- Amyntas - The Calling- SUBSHIFT - I Want 18. Terry McLove - Love Won’t Change Me
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don plays new music from Malarky, Adrien Toma X Holseek, Reeva, Guglielmo Nasini X Moorad & Corx and many more. There’s also an exclusive little preview of Don’s new single - Through The Storm ft. Jordan Mackampa. 1. Malarkey - Rejoice2. RetroVision - Whatever You Want3. Holocène, Meta4our - Funk-e4. Calippo - Somebody Else5. Eric Spike & BCMP - Dark Nights6. Janee - Can’t Let You Go7. Jack Wins X Joe Stone - Light Up My Life8. Adrien Toma X Holseek - Replace9. Baryhand & VADDS - Never Say Ft. Lydia Lyon10. Autodepth - Feel It11. Blossom - Super Bad12. SUBSHIFT - I Want13. Reeva - RetroFuture14. Swanky Tunes - Your Love15. Ibranovski - Only You16. Guglielmo Nasini X Moorad & Corx - Break It Down17. Massane - 5am18. Etherwood - Heterize19. Gardenstate & GVN - Take Me There
Don and Hex are back with stacks of world premieres and exclusive new music from the likes of Retrovision, Cytrax, Mr. Sid & Ado Woodz, Nilent, Sagan, Funkin Matt and many more. 1. RetroVision - Whatever You Want2. Framed Stories - Tear Me Down3. Cloudnone - Dizzy Lifted4. Longstoryshort - I Can Feel5. Funkin Matt - Hope Ft. Tom Breeze6. Reezer - Remember Me (feat. Michael Nicholas)7. Taim & Alyss - If You Need8. Sagan - Protocol9. ROOTIME & Prism - Cool Kids10. FLYNNINHO X Maximo Quinones - Everywhere You Are11. Stadiumx, Maone & Lukas Max - Piece Of My Mind12. Nilent - About You13. SWACQ - Pursuit14. ALIII - Particles15. Cytrax - We Gotta Move16. Mr. Sid & Ado Woodz - Electric Skies17. Culture Shock - Discotheque18. Dubio & Andrea Hamilton - Till The Light Breaks19. Camp Kubrick - Whatcha Do
This week’s episode of Hexagon Radio is crammed full of new music and world exclusives from Noah Ayrton & G-POL, Camp Kubrick, Malarky, Dannic, GSPR & PØP CULTUR and many more. 1. Camp Kubrick - Whatcha Do2. Malarkey - MONEY (JLV Remix)3. Bolier & Joe Stone - Keep This Fire Burning (Voost Extended Remix)4. Kisch Feat. Syon - Rock With Me (Low Steppa Extended Remix)5. Dannic - Real Love Ft. Dyson6. Aiobahn & Mick Mazoo - Never Go Back7. GSPR & PØP CULTUR - In The Stars 8. Dropgun – Forever Ft. Kiki9. Jubarte Pipo - Propeller10. Andrea Guido - Videogame11. Dot N Life - Your Mind12. MOSKA & REK - Alcántara13. Illusionize & Rrotik - Booty Moove14. Adrian Fyrla & Tom Westy - Collide Feat. R3JECTED15. Kohmi & KinAhau - Blink16. Noah Ayrton & G-POL - Never Quit17. Bad Computer - Your Spell18. Gaspard Augé - Force Majeure
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don plays new music from Dumitresku, Khrebto, JLV, Maurice Lessing, Michael Elliot and many more. 1. DJ KUBA & NEITAN - Everybody2. JLV - Sunset Ft. Little League3. Redondo & Malarkey - Risk It All4. Alex Preston - Love You Better5. Maurice Lessing - Closer6. Mohawk & The Kid - Dreaming7. Landis X Kiral - Wasting Time8. Bad Boy Bill - Let Me See You Work (Treasure Fingers Extended Remix)9. FERGO - Leave Behind10. Khrebto - Coming Home11. Dumitresku - Castle12. Don Diablo - Eyes Closed13. Julian Jordan & WILL K - The Box14. Good Times Ahead - So Good15. Slamtype - OK16. MADDOW - Free Your Mind17. 1788-L - Automaton18. Michael Elliot - Love
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don plays new music from Adrian Mønteiro, Eastblock Bitches X Ostblockschlampen, JLV, Zach and many more. 1. Don Diablo - Eyes Closed2. JLV - Sunset Ft. Little League3. Third Party Feat. Errol Reid - We Found Love (GVN Remix)4. MTWD000 - It's Your Fault Extended House Mix5. LOVRA - Lick It6. Donkong - Sta7. Eastblock Bitches X Ostblockschlampen - Silver Surfe8. Raptures & Faith - Fall Throug9. Fallon - Lose Contro10. Punky Monky - In The Nam11. Adrian Mønteiro - Little Piece.12. Tom Tyger - High On Yo13. Joel Macintosh - Run Away14. KAY & JUST JACK - Can´t Sleep15. Ronny Berna - Magnus16. Curbi - Breathe17. OCULA - Denali18. OVSKY - Out Of Touch19. Zach - Stars
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don plays new music from Dante, Stonebank, Inpetto, Deekey, Avigate and many more. (Tease Clip) Don Diablo - Eyes Closed1. Inpetto - Over You2. Joe Stone - Right Here 3. Cazztek - Feet So Hot4. Deekey - Bugatti 5. Tujamo - Take Control6. Arnold & Lane - Funky Hero7. Tollef - Better Now (feat. Tore P)8. Millbrook - You & Me (ft. Selin)9. FROZT & Andrew A - Shine (feat. The Element)10. Dezza - In Your Arms11. Avigate - Move my Body12. Reunited - Sing It Back (Sansixto & Javi Reina Remix)13. DJ Q - Zip Zap ft Robbie Rue14. Dante - I Just Wanna15. EXEAT - I Don't Want You To Go16. Paper Dragon & Grafix - Forget The Rain17. Camp Kubrick - Falling For You18. Stonebank - Placebo
On this week’s show Don has stacks of brand new music and world first plays from the likes of Retrovision, Asonn, BLAIR, Gress, Symbiøse and many more. 1. RetroVision - To Be Alright2. RDGO - Higher3. Don Diablo & JLV - Problems [(ft. John K4. Showtek - Misbehaving 5. Asonn - Wild Ones (feat. STRNGRS)6. NØ SIGNE - Closer (7. VINNE, Browk - What I Say8. BLAIR - Make This Last9. Switchblade - Reverse10. LOOPERS & SHAIROX - Duality11. Eleganto - On The Floo12. MorganJ Ft. Kate Wild - Ain't Nobody13. Filex - Mando14. Dropgun & Crushed Candy - Taste Like15. Chris Lake & Riva Starr - Beat Freak (feat. Lau.ra) 16. Gress - Spider (feat. Dimma Urih)17. Symbiøse - Can You See Me18. Camp Kubrick - Falling For You
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don gives us a preview of his brand new Camp Kubrick singe and plays new music and world exclusives from Brian Cross & Taito Tikaro, KURA & Vedenzo, Lucas Fernandez, G-POL & HONSO, Galardo and many more. PREVIEW: Camp Kubrick - Fallin' For You1. Brian Cross & Taito Tikaro - Work2. Oliver Heldens - Zapdos3. Don Diablo & JLV - Problems Ft. John K4. Sisters Cap - Foolin' Me5. KURA & Vedenzo - Meant To Be6. L’Tric - All My Life (feat. Andrea Martin & Sean Declase)7. DJ Licous - Hope Ft. Armen Paul8. Bayan & Julian And Roars - I'm Yours9. Lucas Fernandez - CyberRage10. Palome - Tell Me What11. Christian Lukes - Put Your Hands In The Air Ft. Jack Fluga12. Pontifexx, Audax, Chris Willis - You Are The On13. G-POL & HONSO - ME Gusta14. Dom Dolla - Pump The Brake15. Breaking Beattz, Gorillowz - Breathing16. Bart B More - Libre17. Aktive - Higher18. Galardo - No Stoppin' Us
On this week’s show Don plays new music from KPLR, DJ Kuba & Neitan x Nogun, JSPM, Alex Skrindo and loads more. 1. Don Diablo & JLV - Problems ft. John K2. Alex Skrindo - Like I Do ft. SMBDY3. Michael Calfan - Body4. Elliot Fitch - The One 5. Moksi & Curbi - Famous Last Words6. Diplo & Wax Motif - Love To The World7. Madison Mars - Feelz8. Plastik Funk, Relanium, Deen West - San Francisco (VIP Mix)9. JSPM - On My Word10. Bad Computer - Destroy Me11. ANZII PROD - On My Body12. Glass Petals - Heartbeat13. DJ Kuba & Neitan x Nogun - Sweat14. Aazar & Badjokes - Run For Cover15. NUZB & MALARKEY - Miss Me16. KPLR - Missing Piece ft. Roundrobin17. Vanghu - Should Be18. Savage Kids - Breathe
Don and Hex are back with brand new music and world exclusives from SWACQ, Chester Young, Le Youth, Faith, OVSKY and many more. 1. SWACQ - Purification2. Felguk & NUZB - Dance With Me3. Friend Within - Rola 4. Mord Fustang - Better With Friends5. OVSKY - On My Mind 6. Leonardo Das Cabrio - Infamous7. Landis - I'M OK 8. CloudNone - Dopamine 9. Faith - Up In The Air10. AGLF - Pushin11. Fedde Le Grand And MELO.KIDS - In Love With You12. Curtiba - Mirage Ft. Sarah Kellar 13. HYPRESSION - Unlimited14. Lost Capital - Funky For Yo15. Chester Young - Get Dow16. Skepsis - Sun Go Down17. MIDNIGHT CVLT - Humans Vs. Robots18. Le Youth - Colour
On this week’s Hexagon Radio Don has world premieres and brand new music from the likes of David Puentez, Sagan X Heyem & Groozin, Lulleaux & Melsen, Bram Fidder, Stefano Iezzi, Maurice Lessing, Chicane and many more. 1. David Puentez - Drive All Night Ft. FAST BOY2. MUNNDAY - We Were Only Kids Ft. Modica3. Redondo & Voost - Love Like You4. Dimitri Vegas - Pull Me Closer V5. Sagan X Heyem & Groozin - Dreamer6. Adrien Toma - Alright7. Dezza & Dan Soleil - My Breath8. Gavin Moss - I've Been Loving You9. Lulleaux & Melsen - Break Me Down Ft. Able Faces10. Furycaine - Open Up11. BRANDON - Miutu12. Bleu Clair - The Tempo13. Bram Fidder, Stefano Iezzi - You & Me (Together)14. Gregor Potter X Milan Tavares - Losing Control15. Avigate - Separate16. LOOPERS Feat. IYONA - Morning Light17. Maurice Lessing - If I Don't Know Where To Go18. Chicane - 8 (Circle) (Beatless Mix)
Don and Hex return for a brand new episode of Hexagon Radio featuring new music and world exclusives from Eric Spike, Stadiumx, KPLR & Clara Sofie, Jack Tynel, Leandro Da Silva, WICKD & D-Steal and many more. 1. Stadiumx & KPLR & Clara Sofie - I Wanna Let Go2. Chasner & Rob Adans - Return Of The Mack (feat. Afrojack)3. Rony Rex - Fabric4. Eric Spike - We've Got Us5. Citadelle - Out Of My Mind6. Mohawk & The Kid - Keep Moving7. Swatkat X Tanishq & Stich - Don't Say Goodbye8. NEVERGLOW & Tim Hox - Linum 9. Vindata - Good 4 Me10. Jack Tynel - Funky11. Kevin Aleksander - Time12. Marten Hørger - Øut Øf The Wørld13. Leandro Da Silva - Get Lit Ft. Sam Stray Wood14. Gleb Filipchenkow X G-POL - Oversalt15. WICKD & D-Steal – Dubplate Ft. Kris Kiss16. Eddie Thoneick Feat. James Walsh - Into The Sunrise17. Grant & RUNN - Fix It18. Ekko & Sidetrack Ft Ruth Royall - Paper Birds (Acoustic)
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don plays loads of world exclusives and new music from Funkin Matt, Mick Mazoo & NRDH, Dirty Sound Boys, RetroVision, Gress, Cytrax and many more. 1. Funkin Matt - Feelin Ft. Tristan Henry2. Matisse & Sadko - Meant To Be3. Martin Ikin Feat. Chenai - You4. BTK Collective - Ill Be Waiting5. Mick Mazoo & NRDH - Ain't Even Trying Ft. RoundRobin6. Zucchi - Alone Again7. Don Diablo - Into The Unknown8. Martin Garrix - Pressure Ft. Tove Lo9. CloudNone & Direct - Dream Running 10. Dirty Sound Boys - Deep End11. TYRAZ & Eyezic - Surrender12. RetroVision - All About U13. Kato - Oldschool14. Gress - Prayer15. Oliver Heldens & Party Pupils - Set Me Free (MorganJ Remix) (16. Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock (Mat Zo Extended Remix)17. Cytrax - I'm A Hero18. Keys N Krates - Glitter (feat. Ambré Perkins) (Netsky Remix)19. Lucas Fernandez - Without You
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don plays his brand new single in full, alongside world exclusives and new tracks from Retrovision, JLV, Landis, Jack Shore, Azooland, G-POL & Costel Van Dein and many more. 1. Don Diablo - Into The Unknown (Club Mix)2. RetroVision - All About U3. JLV - There For Me Ft. Aaron Pfeiffer4. D.O.D - Sleepless 5. Niiko X SWAE - Blah Blah Blah Ft. Mougleta (Boges Remix) 6. Damien N-Drix & Tony Romera - Savoir Faire7. Bancali - Follow You8. Henry Fong - Sahara9. Landis - Step And Repeat Ft. Saint Wade10. OVSKY - Missing11. Jack Shore - Out Of Love Ft. Jaime Deraz12. Azooland - Feel Alive13. Apashe - Dead (ft. Yizzy) (Marten Horger Remix)14. LOOPERS - Greed15. MWRS X Dirty Ducks - Sublime16. The Two Fake Blondes - Insecurities17. Kaskade - Closer18. G-POL & Costel Van Dein - Collars19. Kuka - Watch Yo Girl20. Fox Angelous - Under My Skin
On this week’s show Don gives a little preview of his brand new single and plays new music from JLV, Danny Avila, Raven & Kreyn X Jeonghyeon, King Arthur, Holseek, Jeam Biscuit and many more. 1. Don Diablo - Into The Unknown (Club Mix)2. JLV - There For Me Ft. Aaron Pfeiffer3. Jack Wins - Set Me Free4. NUZB - Nighttime5. Plastik Funk, Relanium, Deen West - San Francisco6. Danny Avila - Hometown Heroes7. Faith - Nobody Else8. CID Ft. Gramercy - Bruises9. Curbi & Tchami - Make Amends (feat. Kyan)10. Raven & Kreyn X Jeonghyeon - You & I Ft. David Taylor11. DemoDay: Yuga - So Long12. SWACQ - Mindf*ck13. Aspyer - Symphony 14. Kess Ross & ALEX - Lemme See Yo15. Jeam Biscuit - Discoteka16. King Arthur - Bounce17. Sidney Samson & Outgang - Tekno Nights18. CASHEW - Need You19. Holseek - Nobody20. ASTRØWILK - Ughh
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don plays stacks of world exclusives and new music from the likes of JSPM, Ten Tonne Skeleton, A-C, Martin Roth, Wbtoys and many more. 1. Ten Tonne Skeleton - Tom's Diner Ft. Jasmine Ash2. Drinks On Me & Why So Low - Lights Go Down3. A-Trak & Ferreck Dawn - My Own Way4. Shaun Frank & Tony Romera - Crazy5. Plastik Funk, Relanium, Deen West - San Francisco6. BCMP - Desires7. Alex Metric & Ten Ven - Qubit8. Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner - Channel 439. WbToys - Let Me Love You10. A_C - Connection11. JSPM - Find Her Place12. FWLR & Qwinn - Wanna Get Weird13. KLARDUST - Keep On Klub8in'14. SQWAD & Badjokes - VIP Ft. Sweetie Irie15. Moksi - Pump It Up (feat. RayRay)16. Vanghu - Signals17. Chester Young & Mayone - Cosa Nostra18. Don Diablo & Imanbek - Kill Me Better (feat. Trevor Daniel) (Travis Barker Alt Version)19. Martin Roth - Love Theme
Don and Hex are back for the first proper new music show of 2021 with world exclusives and new stuff from Malarky, Lulleaux, Myles X, DJ Licious, M Falk, BADWOR7H, Dropgun and many more. 1. Don Diablo & Imanbek - Kill Me Better (feat. Trevor Daniel) (Travis Barker Alt Version) (Preview)2. Malarkey - Shackles3. Lulleaux - Even If You Don't4. King Arthur - I Found You Ft. Kwesi (MUNNDAY Remix)5. MADDOW - Alone Ft. Manela6. Myles X - Hero7. Melsen & Lee Morris - Hold On To Me8. Avigate - Break Up9. MOSKA, Bluckther, Ardo - On My Mind Ft. Able Faces10. DJ Licious - Ripples Ft. Ellie James11. The Wooyko - Diamonds12. KPLR - Silent13. Mo Falk - I'm Back14. NOT.ME - No Doubt15. Maurice Lessing - Never Let You Go16. BADWOR7H - Louda 17. Dropgun – Fisher Ft. Dimma Urih18. Pyrelight - Escape
The first Hexagon Radio of 2021 is all about new talent with the epic DemoDay Yearmix.. every unsigned and unheard demo track from the last 12 months of the show. 1. Azzip & W1nk0 - Save Me2. SCRAFTY - Restless Ft. Tobi Spruce3. Houski - Brooklyn Heights4. R 11A - Colin Hook - You Can Go5. Blinded Hearts & Mada - Are You Down6. Juho Ärmänen - Set Me Free7. RAWD - Bye Bye8. Danny Denov & Terry Moon - Reflections9. Blanee & Jarah Damiël - My Fingertips Ft. Tara Louise10. TRMBL - Wakeup Ft. Bovy11. Aemiix - Flarewave12. Collen & MarkMate - I Know13. NOMRA - YOUR BODY (Radio Edit)14. Elnova - Save My Life15. Michael Elliot & Teya Flow - I Know You16. 5$SHAKE - Scared Sometimes17. Me-Mo - Hey Boy!18. David Egebjerg - Take Me Back (Extended)19. Axel North - Never Letting Go20. Fondz - Somewhere21. Sam Ourt, KAWAR, High 'n' Rich, Britt Lari - Here For You22. Meltek - Devotion23. VRZ - Movies24. Lucas Fernandez - 198425. Vaance - Memories26. Just Liev - So Good27. Konmak - Put Em High28. DEBRII - Nine To Five29. FROZT & DERRIC - People30. Ardo X Jake Alva - Never Give Up31. N1XON - Best In Me32. BrageAndre - Elevate33. Blondali - Party Goer34. Maflok - Follow35. Dkuul & Rayasa - Can't Stand It36. Cytrax - The Memories Ft. Axyl37. Kitone - Nobody38. FineRefined - Sounds From Space39. Mystic Natives - Lie40. Bluckther & Justy - Rock This Down41. Boges - Break The Rules42. Eugene Moor - Feel Your Body43. Mike Epsse - Tech Education44. Billy Sizemore - Marton45. eedion & Eleys - Sober46. Alexander Cruel & Loris Buono - Know The Way47. Moerv - Fade Away48. Rag - I Love The Way49. Hotblood - All Night50. Lock Chords - Getting Out51. Osiris - Nobody Know52. Dward - All In
For the last show of the year Don Diablo does his Hexagon HQ 2020 Yearmix - featuring over 50 tracks from the Hexagon family released in the last 12 months. 1. Going Deeper - Head Up Ft. Sam Tinnesz 2. Jennifer Cooke X Cr3on X 3NRGY - Everywhere 3. 22Bullets - She Dont Love Me Ft. Lovespeake 4. Clouds - Close Your Eyes 5. David Puentez & Albert Neve - Superstar 6. Niiko X SWAE - Blah Blah Blah (ft. Mougleta) 7. Alannys Weber – Ridin (ft. Harrison First & Kyle The Hooligan) 8. The Wild - Thrones 9. TripL - Never Gonna Give You Up 10. Kastelo, Nev - Coconut 11. Honey & Badger X Lodgerz - Boom 12. EC Twins - ENERGY 13. Promise Land - Good Guys 14. Földes & Kim Carell - Further Down The Road Ft. J Fitz 15. Malarkey X Mick Mazoo - Daylight Ft. Willemijn May 16. Glass Petals - No Words 17. JLV - Breath By Breath Ft. Clara Sofie 18. Marc Benjamin - Genie In A Bottle 19. Tom & Jame - Fantasy Ft. Jack Dawson 20. Keanu Silva - Have You Never Been Mellow 21. Lulleaux - Sweet Little Lies 22. Rompasso - Take 23. Marava - Need 24. Sebastian Wibe - Lies Ft. Jack Dawson 25. Tobtok X JLV - In The Zone 26. Eric Spike - Freefall 27. Bazzflow - Tell Me 28. Metrush & GSPR - Somebody (Stadiumx Edit) 29. Faruk Orakci & Gunes Ergun - Move It 30. Asketa & Natan Chaim - Fantasy Ft. ELI31. Valiant - What That Body Do Ft. Ryan Green 32. DJ Licious - Atmosphere33. Danny Avila - My Love 34. Maone & VJS - Remedy 35. Botnek - Take Me Higher 36. Siks & PØP CULTUR - Fusion 37. Alex Pizzuti - Memories 38. RetroVision & Janee - Out Of Town (My Own Road) Ft. Lunis 39. Jordan Jay & Mo Falk - Back In Time 40. Hoodzz X Sherwee - Words 41. Matt Nash - Hold On42. Mark Bale - No Rules Ft. Madugo 43. Will Sparks & Luciana - 5 Minutes (Extended) 44. Landis - Close 2 Me 45. Eastblock Bitches & Ostblockschlampen - Sunglasses At Night 46. Avigate - In My Head 47. Dropgun & Christopher Damas - U&I 48. Raven & Kreyn X Mo Falk - Ain't Right 49. Will Sparks X MorganJ - More Than We Compare 50. Plastik Funk - Push It (Inpetto Extended Edit) 51. SWACQ - Boss Dem 52. Riggi & Piros X Dave Crusher & JackMar - Good Time 53. Gosha & The New Culture - Fkk Urself 54. Gregor Potter & Linka - Fallen 55. NØ SIGNE - Lyra
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Super cool

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