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Dopey: On the Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction
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Dopey: On the Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction

Author: Dave and Chris

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Dave and Chris had collectively been through dozens of rehabs, spent years in jail, and overdosed 500 million times. And they loved to laugh about it. That is until Chris tragically overdosed and died during the summer of 2018. This show was 80% debauchery and 20% recovery, now it's a little bit different. Rest in Peace Chris, you will be missed, and never forgotten| Stupid Funny Addiction Stories | Recorded in the Lower East Side of Manhattan | "It's Party Time. It's Excellent."

Do you have a sordid tale of drug and alcohol fueled mayhem? Email it to us at and we will read it on the show!
249 Episodes
This week on Dopey! Legendary meme creator and Strong Island native, Tank Sinatra, joins Dave in his cricket ridden, luxurious 2 car garage/ new recording studio for it's inaugural interview. We hear Tank's journey from hard core alcoholic and drug addict to successful recovery social media mogul. Alan also returns to the show to help make sense of the new Dopey Patreon phenomenon that started this week! All that plus much, much more. On a social media addicted, cookie copping, meme making, head faking,  Good So Bad Jaking new episode of Dopey! 
This week on Dopey! Dave and Company celebrate the end of the wicked fiah summah and reminisce on some dumb shit from the past. Dave retells the classic sober car stealing story, and we learn about the trials and tribulations Dave and Linda face with their new cat. PLUS crazy voicemails from the West Coast and the Land Down Under! AND we finally put all the Cat Marnell bullshit to bed. All that and more on a dumb shit heavy, super beef laden, summer lovin',  speedball shootin', blanket pissing, episode of Dopey!
This week on Dopey! Long time Long Beach Punker and Sublime confidant, Todd Zalkins joins us to drop some seriously gnarly Dopey. Todd shares some intimate stories from coming up and touring with Sublime and other Long Beach Punk bands. We hear all about his cataclysmic drop off into opiate and cocaine oblivion. Including his propensity for fentanyl lollypops. We also get to hear of his heroic long way back to recovery and sanity. PLUS Dave finds his once lost spirituality!  The glorious return of Alan! Dave covers Sublime's Garden Grove, a wicked Fiah email and Dave defends himself from an annoying voicemail from New Zealand. All that and more on a beak packing, norco eating, mashed potatoe fucking, skanking, moshing, whiskey drinking, fentanyl licking and eventually biting epic episode of Dopey! 
This week on Dopey! Dave shares about his 5 year itch, and comes clean about his struggles in recovery. Meanwhile, Strong Island legend, Smiling Joe swings in with the serious fire Dopey that spans decades of debauchery. We hear all about the robberies, the speedballs, methadone and much much more. Plus an email where a dope fiend gets paid for a dead dog that wasn't his own. We hear fire reviews, learn more about Dave's fascination with Nyquil and a great 80's TV parody song. On a glue sniffing, panties droppin, petty thieving, brand spanking new yet old episode of the Dopey Show.   
This week on Dopey, legendary musicologist and friend of the show, Matt Pinfield returns!  We hear all about his near death experience, and Covid related relapse plus his return to recovery with a little help from his friends. PLUS we are joined by a special G-Folk legend, hear some serious Dopey emails and Linda and Norah even pop by! All that and much much more on a relapsing and yet still somewhat relaxing episode of Dopey! 
This week on Dopey! The family goes upstate for their summer vacation on the same week that Dave gets 5 years clean and Chris would've turned 36! Linda joins Dave for the vacation special as they share details of their misadventures on the road.  They also look back at the transformative moment in their relationship and Dave's sobriety, when 5 years earlier they went on a much different kind of trip. Also we get a super cool voicemail, a crazy deep and timely email and Alan pitches in at the last second with a not so stellar review. All that and much much more on a countrified, opulent, excessive cheap cookie eating episode of Dopey!  
This week on Dopey! Robert Iler, the man who played A.J. Soprano calls in and lays down some serious Dopey!   Hear all about how he got the job on arguably the best television show of all time, when his addiction kicked in and that time he took 30 hits of Molly at Madison Square Garden! PLUS the return of Jim! A crazy meth email, some bad reviews and much much more. On an ecstasy rolling, Xanax eating, AJ Soprano acting, poker playing, green drink drinking episode of Dopey!
This week on the 250th episode of Dopey! The Wicked Fiah Summah continues with Colicchie, the YouTube king of addiction hip hop. He lays down his unbelievable story of debauchery, recovery, relapse and repeat in a full on Dopey tutorial! We hear about his highs and lows and how he discovered his gift for rhyming at his very bottom. PLUS old friends, psychedelic dentistry, a cracked out email from a listener celebrating 22 years and much much more on a rarified, dopified, crackified, bonafide hell of a ride episode of Dopey! 
This week on Dopey! It's Dopey Day aka ChisMiss in July! In a very special Dopey in the Family episode, Dave travels to South Hampton to visit Chris's family. We learn of their heartache around the tragic loss of their son and brother, Chris who died two years ago today (on July 24th).  PLUS Dave and Linda reminisce on the greatness that was Chris and the first 142 episodes of Dopey. On a tear jerking, free fallin', Baby Back Rib eating tribute to our dearly departed friend, Chris on Dopey.
This week on Dopey! Famed New York City Restauranteur Michael Chernow joins us as he tells his epic Dopey Story. From leaving his family home at 15 to dealing ecstacy in High School to cocaine and heroin addiction on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Only to come out clean on the other side slinging legendary Meatballs and launching a prestigious NYC seafood empire in Seamores. PLUS the return of Aurora, more on the Othello, fitness, spirituality and other dumb shit. On a mouth watering, toe tapping, ab crunching new episode of Dopey.
This week on Dopey! It's old home week on Dopey as we are joined by a special friend of the show. Then Top Chef's Gregory Gourdet calls in and tells us of his life in and out of the kitchen, on and off of drugs. We hear about his love affair with cocaine, booze, psychedelics and the rave scene and learn how he found a sober second act to his life. We hear about the harrowing end to this last season of Top Chef All Star's in Italy.  Plus amazing emails, voicemails, special guests and the triumphant return of Alan! All that and a bag of chips on a special farm to table episode of the dopey show!
This week on Dopey! YouTube sensation Mike Majlak calls into the show to unleash the Dopey like no one has done in a while. Hear insane stories of Mike dealing Oxy-80's in suburban Connecticut before shit got truly off the wall, and he became a major heroin and cocaine dealer out of a bunker in Bridgeport. Mike shares trials and tribulations of getting on and eventually off of methadone, and his end of the road addiction to smoking crack cocaine. Just when you thought he would be counted out,  Mike rose like a phoenix from the ashes to internet superstardom alongside YouTube phenom Logan Paul on Impaulsive and eventually in his own right on The Night Shift, and in his crazy fire memoir, The Fifth Vital. It is a truly wild ride, and a serious 'hit 'em with the dopey' episode of Dopey. Enjoy!
This week on Dopey! Legendary narcotics smuggler and the inspiration for the movie Blow, George Jung finally calls in to Dopey! We hear all about his storied life as a cocaine pirate of the seventies and eighties running product for Pablo Escobar. Hear George's who's who of cultural icons and drug takers he got to know during his infamous career. Also a super special guest, and Alan returns bringing the Dopey! All that plus voicemails, emails and reviews from the Dopey Nation as the WICKED FIAH SUMMAH marches on with this super dee duper ridiculously special special special episode of Dopey! 
This week on Dopey: Johann Hari calls in and lays it down on the truth about addiction, depression and the unlimited resilience of the human spirit. He takes us through the findings of the famous Rat Park experiment, and guides us through the drug decriminalization in Portugal. We also hear all about the crucial role of purpose in an addicts recovery, and of course how connection is the opposite of addiction. PLUS Dopey legendary story teller Mick drops a fire voicemail, and Alan finishes it all up with a classic review read from his opulent lake house with Kayak launch ramp. All that plus pets, disgusting habits and more on this weeks stunningly smarter edition of Dopey. 
This week on Dopey! We reflect on a historic day in Dopey history which is 100 episodes without Chris and 2 years to the day of Todd's tragic overdose and death. We are joined by actress, model and amazing example of recovery and debauchery, Jennifer Gimenez. She brings another level of Dopey to our little show. We hear all about her humble Argentinian beginnings, her rise to fame in Hollywood and how addiction almost destroyed her, before she found recovery. Now with 14 plus years she is doing great things for addicts. Also we are joined by Dave's old friend Jeremy and we hear a reenactment of a horrible script they wrote high in 1999. All that, plus a killer Dopey voicemail, a beautiful email and a letter that accuses Dave of animal cruelty. It's the beginning of a wicked fiah summah that should prove to be a skaw-cha! 
This week on Dopey! Dave talks with Dr. Nzinga Harrison and Dopey great Bob Forrest to help make sense of this unprecedented, nonsensical time. PLUS we hear a crazy road tripping, stimulant taking story featuring Anthony from the Chili Peppers AND we celebrate the 45th anniversary of Dock Ellis's legendary psychedelic no hitter on LSD. Also Alan makes an appearance, complains as usual and reads a review. Dave shmaltzes it up for his birthday and much much much more on a brand new hitchhiking, cocaine injecting, protesting in the streets episode of Dopey!
This week on Dopey! In a totally different kind of Dopey we are joined by super cool and very smart psychiatrist, Dr. Nzinga Harrison to learn more about drugs and addiction and a little less about dumb shit. Although she does eventually reveal her favorite ice cream flavor. We learn all about the science behind cravings, withdrawal, addiction and even treatment. Then super old friend of the show Jim calls in and he and Dave talk compulsions, crickets and read some crazy fire emails. We learn of the Covid related heroin drought and much much more on a radically progressive and straight up different kind of Dopey. 
This week on Dopey! Youtube and podcast sensation, ex-convict Jessica Kent calls in and hits us with the super hardcore dopey. We learn all about Jessica's sordid past; dealing heroin, going on the lamb and eventually getting busted selling meth in Arkansas. Just when it couldn't get crazier, Jessica discovers that she is a few weeks pregnant when she got to prison. She regales us with tales of prison life including some gnarly fights over 50 cent pizza sauce packets. Plus we hear from Alan on the run in upstate New York to criticize Dave, and read some reviews. Also! a special bonus song from Bob Forrest and Mike Mart.  All that and a little bit more a super duper, dopey ass, wicked fire episode of dopey.
This week on Dopey is the gift that keeps on giving! With the man who signed Metallica, Michael Alago! Michael talks of his wild club days around New York City and some of the biggest names in music. Plus his crippling crack and alcohol addiction.  Dave's college roommate 'Simon' calls in to talk about the good old days of smoking the kind, dealing doses and college suspension. Plus a tribute to Little Richard, and even Sam makes an appearance at the end to play a stupid game. All that and more on a depraved yet surprisingly diverse, and simultaneously dildo stashing new episode of Dopey!
This week on Dopey! Dave is joined by Erotic Superstar film maker Holly Randall. They kick it around old school on the adult film industry, alcoholism, relapse and of course recovery. We also hear from an old friend whoo eats pubic hair and is known to sometimes lick urine off of the toilet. Plus a super fucking dopey email, a surprise family visit and Alan predicts the 4 millionth download. All that plus much, much more on an orgasmic, OH-MY-GOD, it's so good episode of Dopey.
Comments (87)


This woman is sooo unpleasant. Her voice, her attitude, just extremely off putting

Sep 22nd


one of my favorite episodes..this is the best podcast out there

Sep 17th
Reply (1)


Awww I got all teary-eyed and felt like proud when Z Man was telling Dave how excellent his interview skills are, it's SO true!!!! This was such a great epsiode. Love you Dave, this show has brought so much happiness to my life over the years <3

Sep 8th

Drew Anderson

I love Alan

Aug 18th
Reply (1)

Drew Anderson

man this guest comes off as a really dismissive jerk. Not a fan.

Aug 7th

Drew Anderson

such a sad episode

Jun 20th

Jay M

Love this show. I'm 12 years clean, and this is part of my program. It's inspiring, personal, humorous and contains so many great interviews with people who remind me of me. This helps me to stay in today.

Jun 18th

Drew Anderson

eerie topics being brought up by chris here. "If one of us ever gets injured and has to take pain medication..."

Jun 4th

Sarah Garcia

I wonder how Daniel's doing. Haven't heard anything from his podcast in awhile. He seems like a rad guy

Mar 29th

Dan Waters

Did Dave not notice that he mentioned his surname in this episode?

Mar 18th

Nate Harner

The whole conversation they had about "lol" was beautiful.

Mar 10th


I'm having a hard time with this episode...the first guest was great, but this Alexis chick has the most obnoxious voice 😵

Mar 4th

Timmy Beasley

chiming in here keep up the good work. your podcast is great.

Feb 15th

Timmy Beasley

looked for some stickers in the store did not see any. was going to stick them everywhere in Lexington ky. lots of dopey people here who need to find out about this podcast. keep up the great work love the podcast

Jan 8th
Reply (3)

Timmy Beasley

love the podcast great to here about recovery in a different way.

Jan 8th
Reply (2)

Mojo Jojo

Hey I love your show, but you seriously need to get some educated opinions on kratom. For real. Kratom helps a lot of people who are dealing with chronic pain and other issues. It's not something you take to get "high", it just doesn't work like that. Maybe dude was taking extract, not too sure, but seriously, some major education is needed on this subject

Dec 31st
Reply (2)

Damien Brouwer

sorry sold my subscription an internet credit for crack

Dec 13th

Reija Jean

the host talks too much and doesnt engage his guest enough.

Nov 12th


Love the show but can't listen to this episode. Sounds like he's "eating dog food from a bowl" fucking disgusting. A BIG fucking NO NO for a podcast!

Nov 9th

Nathaniel Hopf


Sep 7th
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