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Author: Keelia Alder & Ajira Darch

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Ajira & Keelia use storytelling to encourage, inform, and love on doulas. Each episode features a birth story told from the doula's perspective, with tips and thoughts shared along the way. Learn more at
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Hana Grace Lehmann (she/they) shares her story about supporting Lily (she/her) through the birth of her firstborn. The deck seemed stacked against Lily from the start. Even though Lily wanted an unmedicated birth, everyone in her family had given birth by cesarean, and Hana knew that Lily’s doctor had a very high cesarean rate. When Hana got the call that Lily’s water had broken and that she was heading into the hospital for an induction, Hana tried not to jump to conclusions about how this birth would go. Hana is a doula based in occupied Lenape land, in what is now known as Philadelphia. If you’d like to connect with Hana, you can find her on Instagram @philadoula and her website is Hana would like to thank Lily for allowing her to share her story, and she’d also like to thank Lily’s mother for carrying hard narratives for so long, and for hearing this new story.
Ajira and Keelia introduce themselves, and explain why this podcast is needed. They also introduce storytelling as a tool in our continued education as doulas, and its value in sustaining and supporting birthworkers.The book mentioned in the episode is The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People by Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell. You can follow the Doula Stories podcast on Facebook, Instagram @doulastories or learn more on their website,



Braxton and Hicks walk into a bar. Nothing happens. Ajira and Keelia are here with funny-ish jokes and stories from doulas to share with you. Subscribe to hear about what happens in the birth room from the doula’s perspective, and to hear helpful tips along the way. Follow Doula Stories on Instagram @doulastories, or check out their website:
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