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Join Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Linda Marigliano and their scientific guests, with a bunch of curious triple j listeners for a weekly injection of science, myth-bashing and answers!
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Why does coffee change taste as it cools down? Why do we get goosebumps? Do women's periods really sync up?
Can you change your own genetics? Does cold weather cause you to catch a cold? Why does my head throb when jumping on a trampoline?
Does spraying deodorant in your pits effect your health? Why don't I dream? How can I tell if I'm a loud chewer?
Could you make off milk drinkable by boiling it? Are you heavier after taking a shower? Can computer viruses become real life viruses?
Do bees know they'll die if they sting someone? Why do I feel hungry after eating fruit? What material makes the best reusable coffee cup?
Where does the wind come from? Can we affect other peoples dreams? Why do some people smell like butter when they sweat?
Can we outgrow our allergies? Is it possible to tell if we're sweating underwater? Why does our stomach look much smaller when we wake up in the morning?
Why shouldn't we eat our own poo? Why do bruises change colour? And the lady who literally picked her brain
It's a big black hole celebration! Could one create a new universe? How can we take a photo of one? What would happen to your body if you entered one?
Can different bird species communicate with each other? Why am I so sweaty? Why do animals have an even number of limbs?
Comments (11)

Maria Panteli

What's Linda Marigliano's other podcast?

May 27th

Corynne Tait

Maria Panteli It's called Inspired

May 31st

Sonny Darvishzadeh

pastry chefs have cold hands? oh wow that'd be incredible if experienced chefs develop that through the time!

Mar 4th

Sonny Darvishzadeh

this expert talks out of her butt. just because there is not enough quality study done, she calls it against healthy lifestyle. she says sugar is the only source of energy, completely ignoring that protein and fat have calories in them. such a shame! saturated fats plastering up arteries? where is your quality study that proves what you claim?

Feb 16th

Simon Rayward

Sonny Darvishzadeh your a tosser Sonny

Mar 1st

Calm Eron

The original Australian Radio Scientist Answers kids, well everyones calls using his med. & physics degrees! on his weekly radio show. Thurs. 11-12am AEST & yours too. Just call in 10 min before show starts. & nerd up in pride!

Nov 12th

Alexander Beard

we n been there since

May 27th

Grant Wilson

Does anyone have a true theory of " What came first, The chicken or the egg" ?

Jan 13th

Michael Burns

Grant Wilson Actually, the answer is neither: the zygote came first and evolved into a chicken.

Dec 19th

Duane Johnston

can't get this ep to play, can you let me know if it's a problem on my end? every other ep plays

Jan 12th

Melissa Suddick

Duane Johnston it seems fixed now

Jan 18th
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