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Dr Sumer Sethi’s Pep talks

Author: Sumer Sethi

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Dr Sumer Sethi is a Unique blend of academic excellence and entrepreneurship, heading leading firms in India- TeleRad Providers, company that provides teleradiology services in India and DAMS (Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences) Premier test preparation institute in India for MD/MS/MCI/USMLE preparation.
67 Episodes
What is your perception about yourself? How do you handle opinions and judgements.
Short term gain / pleasure or long term meaningful victory, what is it that you seek .
Dr Sumer Sethi & Dr Deepti Bahl discuss the last two month strategy for NEETPG2021 LIVE
Handling these discriminatory question will help you gain top ranks
New Year , New hopes

New Year , New hopes


2021 around the corner, let’s look back at what we all learnt in 2020
Being truly “cool”

Being truly “cool”


You don’t need to be like others to be considered cool. Let’s explore what being cool means.
Are you an Eagle ?

Are you an Eagle ?


What kind of person are you ? Do you rise when the things go wrong or do you become a fault finder.
Interview with Dr Sumer Sethi
Recently NEETPG has been delayed, how to handle it in your mind.
Sharing a message to all students appearing for INICET tomorrow, play the best match of your life.
John Wooden Quote: “Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn't expect good things to happen overnight.
Be accountable, Accept that there is a mistake , analyse and improve.
There are parameters in human life which cannot and should not be measured.
Ever imagined what would you advise your own younger self if you somehow could.
Small intervention of monitoring your progress can have big impact on your career.
Handling competition

Handling competition


Is it really important to look outside?
Best of luck, stay safe
Miracles around you

Miracles around you


Gratitude, optimism, and perspective , all you need in these difficult times
How to identify your passion ?
Everyone wants to do big and seek something extraordinary, but don’t forget the value of small steps and small building blocks.
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