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Each week, Dr. Dion shines the light on the issues that real people confront and conquer. You’re sure to enjoy this week’s episode of Dr. Dion Radio!

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6 Episodes
Dr. Brittany McKelvey joins Dr. Dion Radio to discuss her extraordinary journey from cancer patient to PhD scientist in molecular biology and genetics. Brittany is an almost 14 year thyroid cancer survivor, and has served as a patient research advocate for over 7 years in a variety of settings, most proudly with ACS CAN - the largest cancer advocacy organization in the country, now as the lead volunteer for her congressional district in Fayetteville, NC.Brittany tells a remarkable story of survival, faith, courage, community, and advocacy.Find out more about cancer or how you can help.
Sen. Clark joins Dr. Dion Radio to discuss his legislation, SB37, which would provide an in-person learning option for NC students. Sen. Clark also weighs in on whether teachers should move up the vaccine schedule and his support for increased teacher pay.
Educational Trainer and Leadership Consultant Dr. Renita L. Webb joins Dr. Dion Radio for a high energy session.Dr. Webb talks about the support of a good man, learning yourself, the importance of both assimilating AND infiltrating and so much more!You will bookmark this exciting interview to listen to again and again!To order the books Dr. Webb mentioned on the show, click here:To read Dr. Dion's piece on President Obama's book, click here:What Barack Said About Michelle
NC Senator Ben Clark joins Dr. Dion Radio to discuss the end of the Trump presidency, the Inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris and what the next four years will look like across the country and in the great state of NC.
Wendi T. Woods joins Dr. Dion to discuss her new book, When Life Happens. In the book, Wendi speaks candidly about the loss of her mom, the betrayal of her husband, and a shocking cancer diagnosis - all within the space of a few months. When Life Happens is a story of hurt, loss, renewal, and joy.You can purchase When Life Happens at
The Janna Blue Episode

The Janna Blue Episode


On this episode of Dr. Dion Radio, Dr. Dion talks with Janna Blue, Trained Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor, about the struggles pregnant women and moms with young families are facing in the midst of a global pandemic, tele-education, and an economic crisis.This is an important conversation for policymakers, who could shape legislation to ease the burden on young families.
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