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Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model and author of The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found, and Raising Human Beings, provides guidance to parents on understanding and helping kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges...along with his co-hosts Kim Hopkins-Betts (Director of Outreach at Lives in the Balance) and parents Jennifer Trethewey, and Stella Hastings.
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Finding Your Window In

Finding Your Window In


Does behavior belong in step 2?  How do you find your "window in" with a reluctant older teen?  Dealing with guilt over giving in...all these topics and more were covered on today's episode.
But probably not the "f" word you're thinking of. And, when it comes to wording unsolved problems well, even "f" words are relevant.
Two callers provided lots of great conversation today - everything from sibling strife, can an adult's concern be "I feel disrespected," and how to revisit a solution that isn't working.
Findings from the Lives in the Balance survey on Parenting During the Pandemic are now available on the Lives in the Balance website, and were discussed at the beginning of the program. Then we heard from a mom whose first attempt at Plan B went a lot better than she realized.
Thanks to four parents who emailed us with questions, this podcast provides a great overview of the basic components of identifying and solving problems collaboratively and proactively. Nothing beats real life...
After helping a mom sort through the ins and outs of doing Plan B with her son, we turned our attention to email, including one from a mom who was concerned that doing Plan B meant she was always going to be accomodating her son's problems. Good to get that cleared up.
On today's program, we responded to a mom whose son was having difficulty participating in the Define Adult Concerns step and Invitation step of Plan B, prompting some hopefully helpful words of wisdom from our panel. Also covered: should consuquences be used in tandem with Plan B...and should parents explain Plan B to kids before doing it?
And we're back...with the first segment of Parenting Your Challenging Child of the fall, after a very tumultuous summer. We responded to two moms with specific concerns about how to approach unsolved problems using Plans B and C, but a lot of the themes were the same as usual, whether related to parenting or society: the importance of listening to each other, empathizing with one another's concerns, and solving problems collaboratively.
Whether the schools in your neck of the woods are opening or not, the pandemic continues to present parents with major challenges. Here's your opportunity to vent, ask questions, and share ideas, and get some guidance from Dr. Greene, Kim Hopkins-Betts, and Deb Hagler, M.D.
We had quite the response to the free screening of The Kids We Lose, and our first followup discussion of the film just wasn't enough. So we're doing it again. And we'd especially like to hear from those of you who have reduced or eliminated restraints and seclusions in your schools.
COVID-19 is clearly a formidable disease, and many have suffered because of it. And the pandemic has definitely added some new expectations to the mix for kids, parents, and educators: too much togetherness, distance learning, and social distancing among them. Yet the way to approach these expectations -- especially if kids are having diffiuclty meeting them -- has been there all along. So, with apologies for the silver lining, these trying times do present us with an opportunity to model and practice some pretty importand things...
Thanks for participating in the free screening of The Kids We Lose. This one-hour, online discussion with Dr. Ross Greene is your chance to ask questions about or comment on the film. To participate in the discussion directly, call (347) 994-2981.
On this program, a very endearing grandma called in to get some guidance before trying her first Plan B with her grandson. Yes, Plan B is a different animal, but perfection is not the goal. She sounds like she's it's time to take the leap.
After checking in regarding how everyone is fairing with the COVID-19 restrictions, we talked in detail about the emergency application of Plans A, B, and C thanks to an emailer's question.  We also addressed whether the lagging skill of chronic irritability and/or anxiety can be addressed through proactive Plan B.
Collaboration and empathy have never been more important. But let's get practical: school is closed, your kids are home, and you need some guidance! Listen in on this special edition of Parenting Your Challenging Child!
Great conversation today about surviving school vacations, expectations for connecting with family, and what to do when you find yourself in the heat of the moment when out in public
Pick Your Messy

Pick Your Messy


We followed up on a B Team conversation about how do you know your expectations are reasonable?  Thanks to two emails, we tackled the notion that "too much power" is given to kids when we use Plan B, those addictive screens, and the idea that lagging skills are for lenses.
Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer


Holidays are a tough time for families, perhaps especially those with kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. But it doesn't have to be that way, especially if parents are being responsive to the hand they've been dealt.
Started out with some technical difficulties but ended up with a fantastic episode!  Thanks to a caller, we talked about how to get started with the model, uses of the model, and wording of unsolved problems.  We also answered two emails - one about how the model works with young kids and one about using the model with an impulsive kid.
Lots of great updates from the Summer, then we covered an email from a parent who was interested to know how we view the ADHD diagnosis.  Thanks to a caller, we took a deep dive into using Plan B with screen time.
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Laila Fumo

wondering if any parents are sending their kids back to school? I am struggling on this but yet feel like I can't send my twins back.I have both on the Autism spectrum and one gets sick alot, and if I send one of them back I don't know if he would be bringing the virus back home.I fear for their loss of education as they have been in electronics alot since March and they don't care much for actual reading or doing family things like outings to the beach or park.I am extremely exausted

Aug 19th
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