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We share carnivore diet success stories that are truly inspirational and life-changing!
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Oscar is a 12-time world Kayaking champion, with an impressive career spanning nearly three decades. He won his first world championship at the young age of 20 and his 12th title at 49, demonstrating remarkable longevity in his sport. This extended period of excellence showcases Oscar's dedication, skill, and ability to maintain peak performance over time. Despite his athletic achievements, Oscar faces a significant personal challenge. He has been diagnosed with an incurable form of bone marrow cancer known as Multiple Myeloma. Throughout his battle with this disease, Oscar has reached stage 4 on three separate occasions, highlighting the severity and persistence of his condition. Drawing from his experiences both as a champion athlete and as someone living with a serious illness, Oscar now dedicates himself to teaching others how to overcome adversity. He uses his unique perspective to inspire and guide people through their own challenges, sharing the mental and emotional strategies that have helped him navigate both his sporting career and his health struggles. Instagram: Oscarchalupsky Twitter: Oscarchalupsky YouTube: Oscarchalupsky LinkedIn:  Oscar Chalupsky OLY Website: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:58 Introduction. 06:04 Long day of treatment, travel, and work. 08:13 Fought illness, raced, won at age 58. 10:18 Interest in diverse diets; resistance to change. 12:17 Interest in South African food, accessibility in US. 16:01 Kid's stubbornness about veggies, now used medically. 18:13 Nurses unconcerned about patient's eating after chemo. 21:46 Tim Noakes promotes investigating collective wisdom of crowds. 24:19 Daily exercise routine to fight cancer. 29:19 Maintaining weight for racing: eating carefully, limited alcohol. 30:49 Carbs cause acne, eat right, avoid weight. 33:11 Ocean racing can be lonely but exciting. 37:32 Challenged coaching, changed technique, improved paddling speed. 39:37 Never took a break, always playing or training. 42:18 She follows my diet and exercises with me. 44:57 Carbohydrates not essential for high-level athletic performance. 47:19 Adaptation takes time, especially with nutrition. 50:28 Grateful for the conversation, looking forward to meeting. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Rick is a Biomedical Engineer/MD with 25 years of functional medicine experience and a lifelong passion in performance and health. He founded the brand PureClean Performance in 2014 to provide high quality cellular performance nutrition. Two of their key products are FUNDAMINOS essential amino acids and PURECLEAN PROTEIN Hydrobeef collagen/full spectrum protein blend. He is a key medical advisor for a "healthspan" assessments company, a telehealth rapamycin and other "longevity" prescriptions and a nutritional company focused on addressing metabolic issues with lower carbohydrate/healthy fat nutrition. Personally, he is working on three key projects: 1. n=1 mTOR protocols utilizing rapamycin focused on individualized cyclical plans combining autophagy and anabolic phases 2. Advancing protocols for optimizing mitochondrial efficiency through iron regulation and copper availability in the electron transport chain. 3. The establishment of a physician-led consortium of like-minded individuals and companies focused on advancing current and future technologies for practical, human-centric longevity solutions. Their consortium will focus on translational human-centric multifaceted approaches that optimize youthfulness and anti-fragility to address both health and lifespan. Through their Life Current: Power Stream technology they will combine visionary minds and companies to tackle one of the greatest intellectual and scientific puzzles of our time, aging. Find Rick: Website: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:48 Introduction. 04:10 Understanding body's self-healing a game-changer. 07:35 Rigged game, racketeering, AI, health tracking. 11:55 Measuring health: serum values vs. functional tests. 14:51 Mitochondrial oxygenation, oxygen delivery, muscle, recovery, organ function. 15:47 Research focused on functional patterns for improvement. 19:12 Clinical human results are eagerly awaited. 22:22 Focus, measure, evaluate, make changes, seek guidance. 25:44 Competitive rower achieving impressive 500-meter time. 27:21 Skepticism about people aging well in future. 31:25 Training essential for energy production and health. 32:48 Trainer focuses on deuterium depletion for athletes. 37:47 Chemistry test and hypoxia recovery simulation. 39:25 Changing behavior is the secret sauce. 41:29 Discovering personal motivation for change, doctor's role. 44:08 Physician laments lack of funding for prevention. 46:52 Identifying and regulating toxins, particularly iron. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Just seven years ago, Emily had debilitating bipolar disorder. She had no hope thinking she was worthless and useless. Then things got worse. She was hospitalized and diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Intuitively, Emily turned to a carnivore diet to rid herself of autoimmune disease. She resolved multiple sclerosis within the next few months, got off all psyche meds, and lost 120 pounds. Now, as a trained therapist, she shows others how they can escape the mental health pit of hell.  Instagram:   / innerclaritysystem   YouTube:    / @emilypenton   Website: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:49 Introduction. 05:24 Carnivore diet revealed MS. 07:16 Carnivor diet motivation. 10:42 MS and mental health issues at the same time. 13:59 Transforming decades of mental illness. 18:04 Carnivore diet cold turkey. 19:43 Pharmaceuticals. 23:30 Self-destructive behavior. 25:15 Revero uses carnivore diet when appropriate. 29:52 Being different. 31:27 Talk therapy. 39:04 Mental health meds. 42:15 Farm-fresh meat. 43:11 Reevaluating "normal" on carnivore diet. 46:34 Where to find Emily. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Ian Weeks is the Republican nominee for California Congressional District 25. He is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, a father of 2, a worship leader, an outdoorsman, and a Certified Financial Planner from Hemet, California. Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:56 Introduction. 06:20 Praying for guidance. 08:37 Winning primary election. 10:19 The president sets the tone for policy. 15:13 Country's prosperity. 17:41 Transition from state to federal politics. 19:41 Strategic decision-making. 22:44 Incumbent manipulates primaries. 28:11 Fighting a tough financial battle against incumbent. 28:47 More volunteers needed. 32:39 Vulnerable congressman avoids debate on people's needs. 35:04 Emphasizing importance of voting in congressional election. 38:26 Expecting miraculous win. 40:39 Traditional family values. 42:51 Freedom of religion. 46:20 Government limits. 51:19 Where to find Ian. Instagram: ian.weeks_forcongress Twitter: @ianweeks36 Website: See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
The carnivore diet helped Angela reverse nearly every symptom of having late-stage neurological Lyme disease, coinfections, mold toxicity, and CIRS. She went from being bed-bound and fainting several times a day to being able to hike, walk, and do yoga again. Instagram: Meatbasedmedium and Anglerro28 YouTube: Meatbasedmedium Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:58 Introduction. 05:35 Health struggles. 08:04 Mold toxicity and Lyme disease diagnoses. 12:10 Trying carnivore diet. 13:49 Cooking steak is infinitely easier than before. 18:54 Carnivore diet improved digestion. 20:54 Carnivore diet and low inflammatory markers. 24:22 Criticism of meat diet. 28:06 Diet's impact on health and medical conditions. 31:58 Severe anxiety and depression. 33:56 Improved mental health through carnivore diet. 36:56 Nutrition, exercise, and quality sleep. 41:17 COVID flared up Lyme diease. 43:38 Medicine shifting towards more holistic, integrated approach. 47:36 Documenting steak restaurants for people with dietary concerns. 48:39 Where to find Angela. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Leo Calligaro is a farmer who shares his personal journey of health transformation. Born in Venezuela, Leo comes from a family with a strong agricultural background. His grandparents, who lived into their late 90s, grew their own food and inspired Leo's passion for farming. After moving to the United States, Leo initially embraced the fast-food culture, leading to a diabetes diagnosis. Determined to avoid insulin dependency, he sought alternative solutions. Through the books "The Complete Guide to Fasting" by Dr. Jason Fung and the teachings of Dr. Boz, Leo discovered the power of a low-carbohydrate, primarily carnivore diet combined with fasting. Within 90 days, Leo's health dramatically improved. His triglycerides, glucose, and A1C levels normalized, and he lost 110lbs. Inspired by his grandmother's wisdom to eat food as nature intended, Leo decided to grow his own food and founded Our Ancestors' Foods. Our Ancestors' Foods aims to create a community that values clean, unprocessed food and prioritizes health. Leo, fully committed to the carnivore lifestyle, invites others to join him on this journey towards a healthier future. Instagram: @ourancestorsfoods Other: facebook @ourancestorsfoods Website: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:46 Introduction. 03:57 Cattle raised naturally. 08:57 Farmers and ranchers. 11:26 Improving sandy soil through compost. 15:42 Tall fences to protect farm. 16:47 Cows escape, legal and financial trouble. 20:51 Promoting health through ancestral foods. 23:54 Retreat sold out. 26:05 Doctor recommended low carb diet. 28:52 Changed diet, insulin reduced. 32:18 Brahma cattle parasite resistance. 38:00 Mushrooms causing fence damage. 41:55 Where to find Leo. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Cate Shanahan, MD is a Cornell-trained physician-scientist whose works have inspired entire movements involving bone broth, live-culture ferments, and seed oil-free business empires. Together with NBA legend Gary Vitti, she created the LA Lakers PRO Nutrition program, which has been emulated by elite championship teams around the world. Dedicated to her field, she runs a telehealth practice as well as a health-education website,, and lives with her family on a peaceful lake in Florida. Instagram: Twitter: Other: Website: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:54 Introduction. 04:04 Concerns about vegetable oils and lean meat. 08:22 Polyunsaturated fats stored as body fat. 11:45 Seed oils and chronic digestive problems. 14:46 Seed oils and inflammation. 17:50 Seed oils and diseases. 19:48 Saturated fats resist oxidation. 23:08 Promotion of vegetable oils. 25:16 Oxidized ApoB affects LDL absorption and cholesterol. 30:38 Focusing on omega 6 acids. 32:50 Signs of underlying oxidative stress. 35:05 Body fat and metabolism. 38:52 Healthy diet reduces inflammation. 41:57 Plant antioxidants. 45:04 French fries and cigarettes. 47:23 Deep frying. 50:57 Where to find Cate. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Veronika came to Australia from the Czech Republic to study Sport and Exercise Science in 2003, which ignited her passion to discover the 'recipe' for everlasting health, fitness and wellbeing. That's how she became a Personal Trainer, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Strength Coach and Nutritionist. Work aside, she LOVES running and proudly calls herself an ultra marathoner! Especially, after completing one of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc races in 2018. Running is her everything… meditation, stress relief, hobby, means of transport and a rewarding way to socialise and connect with people. She loves helping others fall in love with running and to become better runners. Her quest to find a truly healthy convenience food to take on her running adventures wasn't very successful, so she ended up creating her own wholefood snacks, and she's super proud to be a co-founder of Chief Nutrition. Besides being a co-founder, she's the company's chief nutritionist. She's 44 years old, and last year, she was at her best health and fitness level ever. Then, suddenly, her health started to fall apart, which is why she decided to try a pure carnivore diet. She implemented the diet during a very challenging month (physically, mentally and timewise) and had great health and performance results. Find Veronika: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:47 Introduction. 04:41 Food environment from Czech Republic to Australia. 10:27 Water-only fast. 13:45 Microbiome in carnivore diet. 17:03 Feeling energetic all day. 18:42 Low carb state may reduce soreness after races. 21:57 Lean individuals on low-carb diets experience cholesterol rise. 23:32 Consider getting coronary calcium score for heart. 27:32 Many people dislike plain vegetables or need seasoning. 29:35 Veganism pushback. 33:40 Giving up dairy to help weight loss. 38:18 Lab results. 40:17 Industry view on ultra-processed food. 42:19 Unhealthy eating for athletic performance. 45:29 Drug effectiveness vs side effects. 50:47 Where to find Veronika. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Alejandro Carrillo is a fourth-generation rancher in the Chihuahuan desert. Rarely his precipitation goes beyond 9” per year (less than 230mm). Every drop counts to grow more and better grasses and forbs. He is not willing to waste any water in such a brittle environment if he wants to graze year-round without inputs. Alejandro’s ranch, Las Damas, has been part of multiple documentaries and studies focused on regenerative ranching such as Common Ground, Sacred Cow, To Which We Belong, and Water in Plain Sight. Alejandro established a solid relationship with bird conservation organizations 10+ years ago, working closely with them to protect migratory birds successfully. Alejandro’s Grasslands Regeneration Project company assists ranchers and organizations on regenerative practices in North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.  He also participates as a delegate to the United Nations to Combat Desertification and Land Degradation in multiple countries. Where to find Alejandro: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:45 Introduction. 06:44 Vegetation is critical for effective water cycle. 10:18 Ranchers strive for continuous improvement in land use. 11:04 Ranching can benefit nature and ranchers. 16:37 Transitioning to sustainable ranching: time and challenges. 19:05 Ranchers need to see practical results quickly. 22:16 Balancing different inputs for efficient environmental impact. 25:08 Educating consumers about ranching and sustainable practices. 26:39 Impact of ranching on sustainability and carbon emissions. 29:12 Hybrid system for small cow calf operations. 32:55 Farming focused on profit, resilience, and sustainability. 35:35 Use one species for small places, multi-species for large places to maximize land use. 40:49 Consumer awareness essential for better food choices. 42:02 Diverse forage, energy in food, Mexico's meat. 46:12 Desertification caused by lack of grazing. 49:04 Community effort to sustain Chihuahua Desert ecosystem. 51:09 Where to find Alejandro. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Thor is a former college athlete and Emmy award winner who once served as a special assistant to POTUS. Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in television and entertainment. Sports, training, health, and nutrition have always been his lifelong passions. When Thor returned home from DC, he found himself unemployed for the first time in a long while. Naturally, he turned to what he loves most - coaching people to achieve their best health and physical shape ever! Thor is currently in the process of writing a book, which he anticipates will be published by August. Additionally, he is the proud founder of a wellness community that has grown to 400 members and continues to expand every single day. One of Thor's areas of expertise is Vitamin A. He has personally experienced remarkable results by following a low Vitamin A diet, and he has helped his clients achieve similar success with this approach. Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:58 Introduction. 04:23 Dietary supplements. 07:34 Choosing blindness over eczema. 11:34 Carnivore lifestyle. 16:27 Excessive vitamin A intake leads to issues. 18:42 Diverse food sources can provide essential nutrients. 20:51 Glyphosate slows down detox enzymes, impacting health. 24:06 Enjoying organic, non-GMO, glyphosate-free meals with variety. 29:04 Excessive red meat. 32:17 Cut dairy, eggs.  33:44 Individual needs and goals. 36:36 Vitamin A toxicity and jaundice in babies. 40:35 Liver supplements. 43:29 Copper in tumors. 48:04 Breast milk and receptors. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Daniel shares his incredible health journey - from battling type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and osteoporosis to overcoming a heart attack and undergoing a percutaneous coronary intervention, Daniel's story is both inspiring and eye-opening. During the podcast, Shawn and Daniel delve into the importance of comprehensive testing, like the OGTT with insulin, and address financial incentives behind common medical procedures like stents and bypass surgeries. Daniel provides a compelling critique of traditional dietary advice, advocating for an ancestral diet and highlighting the negative impacts of high fructose, sugar, and seed oils. Find out about Daniel's transformation through low-carb, keto, and carnivore diets, his success with intermittent fasting and fasted exercise, and the triumph he shares in his book, "Unholy Trinity." With endorsements from respected doctors and a top spot on Amazon for heart disease and diabetes, Daniel's story is not to be missed. Website: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:48 Introduction. 04:27 Daniel's dietary evolution and book. 07:34 Realization about misleading health information and its effects. 10:24 Ancel Keys. 14:34 Glycocalyx protection against LDL, damaged by smoking. 16:48 Doctor Phil talked about low-fat diet deception. 19:02 Surprising research findings. 21:53 Doctors lack knowledge of diabetes testing. 25:24 Exercise vs heart attack risk. 28:17 PCI procedure, statins, and ischemia trial. 29:56 Challenges of medical industry and gratitude expressed. 35:05 Addictions and diet. 36:50 Trinity of triumph: low carb, keto, carnivore. 41:47 False data and fake science. 44:39 Endorsements for book. 45:58 Selective, impactful testing. 49:05 How to avoid surprises. 51:35 Where to find Daniel. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Xan is 28 years old and resides in Bozeman, Montana. He is the General Manager and Co-Owner of RegenMarket, a business that connects regenerative producers of animal proteins from the Mountain West with consumers across the country. Xan first tried the Carnivore diet towards the end of his internship with the New York Giants. He noticed remarkable improvements in his gut health, energy, and focus levels. Since then, he has transitioned to an animal-based diet, incorporating some fruit and sweet potatoes, but he is a true believer in the power of animal protein. As an avid outdoorsman, Xan enjoys snowboarding, surfing, hunting, and camping in his free time. Instagram: Website: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:55 Introduction. 03:39 Transitioned to regenerative farming after carnivore diet experience. 07:37 Supporting regenerative ranchers' marketing efforts. 10:01 Ranchers face challenges in winter animal feeding. 14:27 Adding regenerative beef to your diet. 15:57 Managing day-to-day ranch operations. 20:01 14¢ of every food dollar supports American producers. 20:44 Ranchers struggle with profit due to big companies. 25:08 Local USDA processors. 27:34 Regional hubs for food connection and impact. 29:52 Sustainable wild salmon. 34:24 Electrolytes helpful for health. 35:53 Vegan activists. 40:56 Regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration. 41:59 Viability of regenerative cow-calf operations. 44:56 Supporting ranchers and farmers in sustainable practices. 47:26 Where to find Xan. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Mike is a dietitian who has been living in the UK since 2014. His current job title is Advanced Specialist Dietitian. He has a background in sports science. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Mike adopted a carnivore diet. Prior to that, he was obese, pre-diabetic, had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and was taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). By following a very low-carb carnivore diet, he was able to reverse all of those health issues. Mike currently works for the National Health Service (NHS), where he helps people put their diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), obesity, and gastrointestinal issues into remission. He primarily uses variations of low-carb diets to achieve these results. Twitter: @thelowcarb_rd Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:44 Introduction. 03:31 Shifted to carnivore diet due to health. 07:08 Dietitian guidelines, script, NHS divided into teams. 11:23 Advocating low-carb diets for optimal athletic performance. 15:21 Two universities delaying research; ketogenic diet study. 17:38 Saturated fat and cardiovascular health: 10% guideline. 19:31 Low-carb diets improve health and weight. 23:15 Research on human lungs and saturated fat. 27:28 Debunking weight loss myth in Crohn's disease. 29:52 IBS growing problem, especially in children. 30:54 Patients and doctors debate the impact of diet. 35:07 Desire to maintain status quo for financial benefit. 37:13 Doctor saves money with low-carb diabetes diet. 41:38 Manual from 1912 discusses dieting practices. 45:31 Study findings show 30% tire weight loss. 46:56 Pharmaceutical industry promotes drugs over lifestyle intervention. 49:09 Where to find Mike. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Stepanka faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously active and involved in training, the sudden halt to her routine led to unexpected weight gain. Misconceptions about her struggle with anorexia added to her burden — people often assumed she could manage food well, but, in reality, her rigorous training had left her no time to eat, leaving her extremely hungry and malnourished. Confined at home and with ample opportunity to eat, Stepanka began consuming food all day, resulting in a weight gain of almost 30 kilograms over the course of two to three years.  Going on the carnivore diet, Stepanka saw benefits in stomach pain, acne, eczema, hair condition, weight, energy levels, and mental health. Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:53 Introduction. 05:01 Anorexic teenage diet led to physical issues. 07:56 Transitioned to carnivore diet, resolved gut problems. 10:18 Striving for good through veganism, struggles with misanthropy. 13:35 Minimalistic diet focused on beef for nutrition. 14:37 Recovery from trauma and mental health through diet. 19:32 Friend's transition from vegan to carnivore diet. 22:21 Challenges with acne and promoting healthy living. 23:41 Uncertain about diet, impact on acne, implementation. 28:50 Dancer turned non-sports person maintains muscular legs. 31:06 Fiber can waste nutrients.  32:37 Acne theory tied to reproductive beauty standards. 37:58 Climate change denial, concerns about plastic waste. 39:22 Pollution and plastic in food supply are concerning. 41:28 Where to find Stepanka. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Catherine has completely eliminated her anorexia and bulimia, which had plagued her for almost 40 years. She had been through every treatment and therapy possible with no success. She had given up on recovering from her eating disorders, but unexpectedly, her symptoms disappeared within a month of being on the Carnivore diet. Absolutely amazing! Her life has changed so much, and she's living a life she never dreamed possible. She owns a successful dental practice and has good relationships for the first time in her life. Her physical health is the best it's ever been during her adult life. She is so grateful to have found this new way of living. Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:44 Introduction. 04:57 Discovering alternative diets. 08:34 Carnivore diet brought calmness, mental healing. 10:03 Overcoming eating disorder after nearly 40 years. 13:10 Competitive dieting led to addictive weight loss. 17:39 Struggling with mental health during weight gain. 19:34 Close monitoring and restrictions in eating disorder facility. 23:52 Cycle of restriction, binge eating, and purging. 27:04 Overcoming lies and finding true happiness. 27:58 Adopted carnivore diet - remarkable change in 2 years. 32:51 Overcoming bingeing and purging led to transformation. 33:53 Powerful story highlights need for improved understanding. 37:07 Does your experience impact dentistry and diet? 41:18 Future plan to help eating disorder community. 44:50 Overcame struggles, found success, no regrets. 47:06 Improved mental well-being since adopting carnivore diet. 51:32 Discovery of the off switch through diet. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
In June, Jake Thomas will mark four years since embarking on a transformative journey into the carnivore diet. This lifestyle change began during the 2020 lockdown when a friend recommended a book and podcast by Dr. Baker. Influenced by this compelling introduction, Jake dove into a rabbit hole of nutritional knowledge, revolutionizing his understanding of diet, health, and overall well-being. Jake has seen benefits in sobriety, inflammation, neuropathy, depression, sleep, and strength on the carnivore diet. Instagram: @lifelikejake YouTube: Website: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:46 Introduction. 05:11 Health choices and anecdotal evidence. 07:31 Questioning and testing diet for improved well-being. 12:18 Challenges faced during plant-based diet. 14:24 Optimal ketosis, using body fat for energy. 17:16 Zero-carb diet and electrolytes. 22:05 Pushing through challenges. 24:58 Believe in innate ability, not external substances. 26:22 Overuse of testosterone in young men. 29:21 Avoid spicy foods before racing for digestive comfort. 36:26 Gaining muscle requires eating a lot and training. 37:36 Lean physique vs. strength. 43:05 Top 10 100m runners, 4 were carnivore. 45:06 72-year-old mother prepares for first triathlon. 47:32 Accusations of drug use and negative feedback. 49:15 Where to find Jake. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Raffaela is an Austrian animal rights activist fighting for animal liberation and veganism as the moral baseline. Instagram: Instagram: YouTube: Other: TiktTok: Website: Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer 00:52 Introduction 06:44 Individual characteristics 09:33 Animal rights 11:10 Ethics of eating animals 15:43 Animals vs. humans 19:34 Eating humans vs animals 23:29 Racism 28:37 Ethical treatment of animals 31:07 Species and suffering 35:02 Abuse 38:35 Vegan activism 41:03 Animal cruelty intervention 43:40 Captive cow lifespan versus wild ruminant animals'  46:36 Feeding cats a vegan diet 49:35 Suffering in feedlots 54:27 Health care systems 55:53 Vegan diet death toll 59:11 Where to find Raffaela See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Jason's life took an unexpected turn when he discovered an alarming lump on one side of his neck. Unsure of its nature, Jason visited a walk-in clinic for an examination.  Jason received a harrowing diagnosis: stage 4 cancer that had already metastasized throughout his body. The cancer had spread from his pelvic bone to his neck, affecting most of his lymph nodes and infiltrating his spine. Multiple tumors had taken root in his liver and even his pancreas.  Jason shares his journey through chemotherapy and radiation to exploring a strictly carnivore diet and fasting. YouTube:  Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:52 Introduction. 06:41 Struggling with health treatments, seeking alternatives. 09:06 Magic mushrooms, doctor, psychiatrist, Health Canada, stress. 11:15 January, radiation, diet, weight loss, high fat. 17:17 Chemo diet. 18:13 Small YouTube channel. 21:47 Obtaining keto monitoring supplies. 27:15 Knowledge about keto. 30:15 Chronic pain. 31:31 Homemade bone broth and animal fat fasting. 34:32 Carnivore diet and chemotherapy symptoms. 40:21 Carnivore diet upside vs. downside. 42:19 Fasting and mild exercise. 46:43 Future plans. 49:03 Funding for cancer research. 53:30 Measuring pH. 54:13 Where to find Jason. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
Rob shares how switching to a carnivore diet reduced his dependency on oxygen and also resulted in significant weight loss, reduced medication needs, and vastly improved energy levels and lung capacity. Despite being advised a double lung transplant at one point, the carnivore diet has garnered him a quality of life he hadn't imagined possible. Instagram: carnivorelungjourney Twitter: @carnivorelungjourney YouTube: Carnivorelungjourney Timestamps: 00:00 Trailer. 00:53 Introduction. 04:15 Recovery from COVID. 07:45 Found out about the carnivore diet. 13:30 16 weeks on carnivore diet. 16:12 Low-carb diet and cholesterol. 20:23 Noticeable improvement in breathing, lung capacity increase. 23:03 Improved cognitive function. 25:08 Struggling to eat enough protein. 30:00 Diet and lifestyle changes. 30:38 Reducing medications. 35:40 Can diet improve pulmonary fibrosis scarring? 38:30 Cherishing time with family. 41:18 Resisted temptations, stayed committed to diet. 43:01 Texas weather. 46:21 High-fat diet. 48:07 Where to find Rob. See open positions at Revero: Join Carnivore Diet for a free 30 day trial: Carnivore Shirts: Subscribe to our Newsletter: . ‪#revero #shawnbaker #Carnivorediet #MeatHeals #HealthCreation   #humanfood #AnimalBased #ZeroCarb #DietCoach  #FatAdapted #Carnivore #sugarfree  ‪
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Spare me the global warming BS

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Not a single time was his last name said nor any way of finding this guy, he is amazing & I have no way of following him

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