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This is an RSS feed provided by for the DragonKing Dark and Thrash Metal Show Podcast plus occasional other specialty shows. DragonKing Dark is a podcast which covers science, the supernatural, and societal issues. The NoFriender Thrash Metal Show podcast is a docu-series covering the origins and evolution of thrash style heavy metal music. Please visit for our other shows.
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This is a mega-mix of the Thrash Metal Show focusing on thrash metal greats Overkill. This episode collects three classic episodes of NoFriender Thrash Metal Show: 1- TMS 5 Overview of Overkill 2- TMS 13 Overkill 3- TMS 56 Long Form History Overkill
This week's episode of DragonKing Dark Podcast is another in our look at society and fear and might be our most frightening one yet. We are at war. You might not think so but we are. American society is being manipulate and shots both literal and figurative have already been fired. Don't be duped into believing what you see on the news is something it's not. We often talk about unfounded fears but the fears this time may be well founded. This week we talk about monsters but not the kind you might be expecting.
On this episode of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern takes a look at one of the favorite vacation destinations in the world - Hawaii! He looks at some of the more strange, odd, and weird places in this tropical paradise which is rich with history and the ancient wisdom and traditions of the people who live there.
On this edition of the DragonKing Dark Podcast, host Karl Stern takes a look at the scariest books ever written. We take a look at the opinions of many experts and try to find out what books dealing with horror, the macabre, and strange are really worth the price. We take a look at both modern and historical books. What is your favorite scary book? Get some reading done before Halloween this year with our look at the most frightening books ever written!
This week host Karl Stern visits the neighboring state of Georgia to seek out it's oddities and bizarre places including another doll trail near Atlanta. He then tells the story of his visit to the Georgia Guidestones with author, wrestler, and podcaster Bryan Alvarez of and explains the guidestones in detail.
On this week's show host Karl Stern plays a fun and interesting game combining fantasy and ethics. Here is Your Super Power asks the question, if you were given a comic book super power what would you actually do with it? We examine several comic book characters who either use their powers for good or evil and ask ourselves what would really happen in a real world setting? 
We're back with a look at the career of Bobby Gustafson and the latest release "Destruction Ritual" from his band Satan's Taint. It's the return of the Thrash Metal Show Podcast! Exploring the origins and evolution of thrash style heavy metal music.
You've seen the FloridaMan meme and maybe even traveled to the Sunshine state yourself. You probably know that Florida has a reputation for being a bit strange. Well... Florida is a neighboring state to me and my wife if from there so we have a lot of Florida experience. This week on DragonKing Dark we discuss the oddities and unusual places in this often most unusual state of Florida!
This classic edition of DragonKing Dark is more relevant than ever. To quote a line from Batman the Dark Knight - Some people just want to see the world burn. Social media has made it very easy for people to argue for the sake of arguing, to be trouble makers just to be trouble makers, and for governments and those with an agenda to stir controversy. Today we discuss the contrarian conspiracy.
This special collected edition of the NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast collects all 3 episodes the Thrash Metal Show discussing the epic and influential Anthrax album Among the Living. If you are a fan of hard rock and heavy metal music then check this out! Part of the family.
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