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We continue the slog of the third season with two episodes about memories and dreams: In "Dream Me a Life" (written by J. Michael Straczynski), Eddie Albert dreams about a catatonic widow. Meanwhile in "Memories" (written by Bob Underwood), a specialist in past life regression enters an alternate reality where everyone remembers their previous incarnations.
It's time for a Paul Lynch double feature with The Hunters and The Crossing, two episode from October 1988. They're two fairly typical Twilight Zone episodes with visions from the past menacing or haunting the present.
Welcome to the Twilight Zone, J. Michael Straczynski! The new head writer starts off the third season with an episode directed by René Bonnière, The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon, in which Harry Morgan keeps the universe running. After that we discuss Extra Innings in which Marc Singer becomes an all-star baseball player.
Roberts Blossom returns to The Twilight Zone in Song of the Younger World in which a boy in love... turns into a wolf? The second half of the episode is The Girl I Married which is yet another "what could have been" story.
Season 2 of The Twilight Zone starts to wind down with an episode that was supposed to be longer but cut down to meet the new time restrictions, Time and Teresa Golowitz, and another that feels overly long in its half hour slot, Voices in the Earth.
The Twilight Zone '85 is in trouble. CBS is breaking up episodes into half-hours rather than hour-long shows. Here we have a couple of fair-to-middling episodes along with a strong shorter segment.
We're plowing through Season 3 where shows were halved in order to meet 100 episodes to get the show syndicated. On this episode of Dreams for Sale we're discussing The Road Less Traveled (TZ85 S03 E07) along with The Card, and The Junction (TZ85 S03E08). The new time format lopped about 20 minutes out of The Road Less Traveled which is the story of a Vietnam draft dodger who meets a version of himself who went to war. Meanwhile, The Card fleetingly discusses yuppie status and spending and The Junction is a meeting of old and "current" timelines.
Ont the latest episode of Dreams for Sale we discuss Thomas J. Wright's The Toys of Caliban about a mentally-challenged man with special powers. We also talk about The Convict's Piano, a solid story from James Crocker about a prisoner with a very special piano.
On this episode of Dreams for Sale: The Twilight Zone '85 Podcast we look at The After Hours -- a remake of a classic TZ episode, Lost & Found -- yet another "my possessions are missing" episode, and The World Next Door in which George Wendt trades places with a version of himself from an alternate dimension.
We continue looking at the seconds season of the mid-'80s Twilight Zone reboot with The Storyteller and Nightsong -- two rather maudlin tales. The first delves into the power of stories while the second tells the tale of a DJ who hasn't let go of her former flame.
We continue discussing the second season of The Twilight Zone 1985 with a discussion of "What Are Friends For?" - the first episode credited to J. Michael Straczynski - and Aqua Vita, a tale that really just misses the mark.
Dreams for Sale: The Twilight Zone 1985 podcast is back and delving into the second season of the show which started off okay enough with The Once and Future King in which an Elvis impersonator goes back in time and meets The King himself (teleplay by George R. R. Martin). We also discuss A Saucer of Loneliness in which Shelley Duvall receives a message from outer space (based on a short story by Theodore Sturgeon).
On this episode, Chris, Father Malone, and Mike discuss a pair of segments that wrap up the first season of the show. A Day in Beaumont -- a rather puzzling alien invasion tale -- and The Last Defender of Camelot which updates the story by way of George R. R. Martin.
Father Malone, Chris Stachiw, and Mike White discuss the 23rd episode of The Twilight Zone (1985) which consisted of "Shadow Play" (a remake of a classic episode) and "Grace Note" (a rather aimless tearjerker).
On this episode we look at "Take My Wife... Please" with Tim Thomerson (and an all-too-brief appearance by Xander Berkeley) which informed the Twilight Zone 2019 episode "The Comedian". We discuss "The Devil's Alphabet" which left us all wanting. And, we check out "The Library" which seems to presage "Death Note."
On this episode we talk about Need to Know and Red Snow. The first stars William Petersen as a man trying to avoid a message that is driving everyone mad. The second has George Dzundza fighting rumors of lycanthropy in a Siberian village.
Father Malone, Chris Stachiw, and Mike White discuss the 19th episode of the Twilight Zone reboot which featured a alternate history version of JFK's assassination along with an adaptation of the classic Matheson story, Button, Button.
Begosh and Begorrah! It's time to truck in some more Irish stereotypes with a segment called "The Leprechaun-Artist" where a vacationing Irish pixie gets mistaken for a Djinn or monkey's paw. There's also a segment in which Steve Railsback drives lost souls to Hell.
With Harlan Ellison adapting a Stephen King story, you'd think that this episode would have been stellar. Maybe not. Chris, Father Malone, and Mike break down the 18th episode of The Twilight Zone's 80s reboot.
It's a star-studded episode of Twilight Zone 85 with a two-parter, Welcome to Winfield where a couple hide from an agent of Death (Gerrit Graham) in a town that Death forgot. We also discuss the aptly-named Quarantine where a weapon designer (Scott Wilson) wakes from his cryogenic sleep and is given a task to do.
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