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I started the Driven Young Podcast as a way to help educate and inspire the younger generation. There are plenty of amazing podcasts out there but I find very few tailors their content to those in high-school and uni. Even the ones that claim they do seem to go off track and fail to keep their message clear and simple for the younger generation to understand.I believe our world is changing so fast, the current education system can’t keep up and is left teaching us old and outdated skills no longer relevant in the workplace.This podcasts explores what I believe should have been taught in school and aims to help people realise the world is different from when their parents grew up and we must make relevant decisions based on the world we live in currently not the world people used to live in.
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Today I sit down and have a great conversation with Aaryan Shah. Aaryan is actually the younger brother of Sachin who episode 36 on the show.Aaryan was born with a condition called Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy affects body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance. Basically, he does not have full control of his muscles, he uses a wheelchair to get around... however Aaryan is mentally fine, as you will see in this episode he is a really smart dude.I was inspired by Aaryan after hearing all that he had accomplished at such a young age, whilst being born with this condition. Aaryan has gone surfing, he has climbed mountains, he has done a TEDx talk and I am just scratching the surface.I think the common theme of this episode is so much of your limitations in life are in your mind. And that is exactly what we cover in today's episode. We go into his story, how he has achieved all he has, how he stays positive and continues to grow, how he makes friends, how we are all lucky we just have to take advantage of that luck and so much more.As per usual, reach out to me on insta if you have any questions or are enjoying the show, please considering leaving a rating or review on Apple podcasts and finally I have created a buy me a coffee link for anyone who wanted to help support the show, so if you want to buy me a coffee and help support the show just click on the link at the very bottom of the description.Find Aaryan!Instagram: Byron:Byrons Instagram: Instagram: Tok: Ebook Download: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
FREE Ebook Download: back to the Driven Young podcast and man do we have an awesome episode today. As you would have seen by he title today we are talking stocks and how to get into the stock market.This conversation is so important and we are covering everything you need to know to get started, and we are covering it in the simplest way I can. Today I am joined by Mitchell Stone, he is an experienced broker who has been in the industry for over 15 years. Now the founder and CEO of Initial Capital, Mitchell is passionate about providing education about the stock market to those who are looking to start investing. He knows how confusing most brokers make investing seem, when in reality it is very simple.NOW, it is worth noting, Mitchell and I have spent many hours putting together a gift for you. We have basically summarised this entire episode into a short PDF document that teaches you everything you need to know about getting into the stock market. And that will be available for you for free, just click the link in the description, I will also put it in my instagram bio.In this episode and the PDF we talk about:What are stocks?Why does anyone buy stocksWhat are and how big are dividends?What securities are there?What are stocks worthWhy do stock prices change?What are bear and bull markets?When should you buy and sell stocks?What is the stock exchange?Who may buy Stocks and Bonds and how do you get started?Plus I talk about Tesla, we talk about how the Wolf of Wall Street did what he did (illegally), crypto, why we can't print money, inflation and we break down everything you need to get started.So by the end of this episode, there is no excuse, you can start dipping your toes into the market even if you have $0 in your bank account and we will teach you how. I provide a lot of information on this show, but what is important for you as a listener is to implement and do what myself and the guests teach. So right now, go download the PDF we have created for you for free and take action for what we teach in this episode.As per usual please DM me on Instagram if you enjoyed this episode, make sure to leave a rating or review on Apple podcasts and if you get any value out of the show and want to help support me I have set up a buy me a coffee link, where you can buy me a coffee to help me out as I don't make any money from the show right now.Follow Mitchell:Linkedin: Byron:Byrons Instagram: Instagram: Tok: Ebook Download: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
Welcome back to the Driven Young podcast!Today is another amazing episode with a good mate of mine Ryan Herrington aka that Diet Geezer. ThatDietGeezer is an online coach on a mission to empower people to break their limiting beliefs and realise they can achieve they want in this life!As you will hear in the episode, he came about this after losing over 23 kg in less than 18 months, not through some fancy diet but through mindset, self-education and a coach. I really love the opening to this when Ryan shares his story as you can hear him get quite emotional. He retells his story of giving up his dream to become a pro footballer, to partying doing drugs and drinking 4 nights a week for 6 years. It is a really awesome story and I think so relatable to so many young people out there, such an easy trap to fall into and I hope you all take away.In this episode we get into Ryans story, how he was sucked into the party lifestyle for so long and his life become muddled, we talk about the importance of travelling, why mentors are so important, personal development, poverty, the 5:30 club which is how we met, how he lost so much weight, how one book completely turned his life around and so much more.As per usual guys, if you enjoy this episode please reach out and let Ryan know, he would love to receive your messages, the same goes for me shoot me through a DM, I'd love to have a chat.... just a reminder I have set up a Buy me a coffee link in the description at the bottom if you wanted to help support the show and if you haven't already make sure you leave a rating or review on Apple podcast, it will really help me out.Follow Ryan:Insta: Byron:Byrons Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast, today is a super interesting episode, if you are a fan of the show I think you will really enjoy this episode as I feel like it almost summarises so many of the key points I talk about so regularly.Today I am joined by Monique Renea Buggè, a 22-year-old founder of the tutoring company Love2learntutoring. Monique reached out to me and we had a chat about some things and I realised how switched on she was when it comes to school and education so I invited her on the show. If you are a student still in high school this episode is going to be so good for you and I'm super excited for you to listen.Today we cover our beliefs on the schooling system, how we are pressured to chase high marks at the cost of our mental health, how we should be learning at school catering to the 4 learning modalities, what Monique is seeing with her students and the ride of anxiety, ADHD and depression, why parents need to stop sheltering their kids, how to choose your school subjects, entrepreneurship, even how to set up a powerful saving strategy and much more.As per usual please DM me on Instagram if you enjoyed this episode and please DM Monique, she would love that, links are in the description.I have also added a "Buy me a coffee" donation link in the podcast description at the bottom, as you guys know, I work full time on this podcast 6 days week and I don't make any money yet and I have had some people ask about how they can support the show, so if you wanted to support me and what I am doing feel free to buy click on buy me a coffee link, any dollar amount helps.... if you want to support me and the show but you don't have any money then please just leave a review on apple podcasts, share it with your friends or DM me on instagram.Thanks guys!Follow Monique: Insta: Insta: Byron:Byrons Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
ENTER THE TECH GIVEAWAY COMPETITION HERE!GOAL SETTING TEMPLATE: I am joined by Mande Dante. Mandy is the CEO & Founder of Flourish Girl. Mandy is an ex-speech pathologist, TEDx Speaker and an Australian Accredited Facilitator. To date, Mandy has worked with over 4000 young people across Australia. Her passion originated from being a speech pathologist, where she empowered children with a range of communication disorders to find their voice. Towards the end of 2016, she found that the rate of depression, anxiety and eating disorders amongst teenage girls were on a rise and it was in that moment that she found herself shifting her passion and focus towards giving teenage girls a voice.So her beliefs and her company are super aligned with what this show is all about and today we get into a great conversation about what she is seeing with young girls at schools, mental illnesses and the pressure these girls are dealing with, we go into what she covers in her program, the games, the exercises and activities they run, we talk about affirmations, spending time with yourself, some of the difficulties woman face in the workforce and so much more...As per usual, please DM me on Instagram if you are enjoying the show, feel free to DM Mandy as well and make sure to follow along on TikTok and Instagram!Follow Mandy:Website: Insta: Byron:Byrons Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
ENTER THE COMPETITION HERE!Find out more about the online university we spoke about!Welcome back to the Driven Young podcast!Today I am joined by a good friend of mine Scott Mckeon. Scott is the co-founder of a tech startup called Espresso Displays. He has created a super-thin, portable touch screen monitor that connects directly to your Mac or PC. This is a sick product, I am a massive fan of what he has created and super keen for you to hear his story.Today we dive into a bunch of different topics... We get into Scott's story, how he came up with the idea and brought it to market by raising over $500,000 through Kickstarter, we talk about his uni experience as an engineer, we discuss a book project the two of us are working on, we dive deep into the rise of the freelancer, plus how we think education should be taught, and much much more.This is an awesome conversation and Scott has generously offered to give away two package deals of his tech product to the listeners of this show valued at $650 USD each. This is actually crazy and literally, all you have to do is fill out a form which will take you 2 minutes.I am not getting paid for this, he offered to give them away for free and I thought it would be a sick opportunity for two of you to win something awesome just by being a listener of the show. So my advice is before you forget to click on the link in the description at the top, fill out the form and you could be in to win $650 USD worth of tech.The link will also be in my Tik Tok bio and Instagram bio, but for 3 minutes of your time, I highly recommend you take advantage of this.We discuss the giveaway briefly at the end of the ep as well but others don't forget to DM me on Instagram, DM Scott on Instagram if you enjoyed this episode and remember to sign up through the link in the description.Find Scott:Espresso Displays: Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
Hey guys, thought I would do a quick episode and share with you how my 2020 went, the highs and the lows and also share with you all my goals for 2021.This is a bonus episode, let me know if you like this style and I can do some more.Love you all!Check out Byron on social media:Byrons Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
GOAL SETTING TEMPLATE back to the Driven Young podcast!Today we are talking about job interviews and how to crush it so you can land whatever job you go for. I've only done a few interviews in my life but the ones I did I was massively underqualified and actually landed them. I have also been on the other side and interviewed many people now so I have both perspectives.However today we will be learning from Ishana Pilger. Ishana is the general manager of Empower U, a company have partnered up with and am a massive fan of. The founder of this company actually came on the show and is one of my all-time favourite interviews, episode 32.I saw Ishana do a presentation on job interviewing techniques and was super impressed, I then quickly realised how valuable this would be for you guys so I asked her to come on.She mentions it in the episode but, she has applied and successfully won many jobs and internships including a recent internship with Google, from which 2300 people applied.This episode is super tactical, we take you through the entire journey of a job interview, from making a resume, to how to dress, to first impressions, having some simple questions prepared, a simple storytelling formula you can use to answer their questions, all the way to following up after the interview is done.So definitely stick around for his one, I think there is so much value here that could massively benefit you for when you apply for your next position.As per usual guys, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram if you enjoyed this episode, feel free to reach out to Ishana as well if you have any questions and just a reminder I have created a goal-setting template for you all, so if you are struggling to set your goals I highly recommend you check it out, it is free and the link is in the description.Follow Ishana:Instagram: out Byron on social media:Byrons Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
GOAL SETTING TEMPLATE: back to the Driven Young Podcast!A happy new year and good riddance to 2020. In celebration of the New year today we are going deep into goal setting and how to set and actually achieve goals this year.Goal setting is a fundamental part of success. I promise you anyone you look up to in life who is where you want to be, has clearly defined goals set and an actionable plan to achieve them. Goal setting is seriously so important if you have big plans for your life and want to make an impact.I am going to be doing an entire weekend with my mates going through videos to help plan out my goals for 2021. In my opinion, these will be two of the most important days for me this year.Today I am joined by Jessica Emily, she is an Entrepreneur who is dedicated to teaching you the tools to own your thinking and help you face the challenges of the world. Having started and sold multiple successful companies she now coaches people around their mindset, limiting beliefs holding them back and has run multiple workshops all around goal setting.Now, this episode is split up into two parts, the first part we talk about why goal-setting, limiting beliefs and ideas for how you should set goals and the second part we get practical and give you step by step instructions on what to do.To help with your goal setting I have created a really simple FREE template for you to fill out. The link in the description of this episode or you can go to to download it. This template was created specifically to be paired with this episode so if you are serious about setting some goals, don't just listen to what I teach on the show, but go and do. Once you have filled out this template with your goals for this year send me a DM and let me know or tag me on insta, I'd love to see them!So link in the description of this episode or go to over to Jessica.Find Jessica: Webiste: out Byron on social media:Byrons Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
Welcome back to the Driven Young podcast and today we are talking Finance and Tik Tok.If you are a regular listener of the show or follow me on Tik Tok you would know I do all my interviews in person. I have had opportunities to interview some massive people online, but I really try and keep it in person, for an array of reasons. However, I did break that rule for this guest.Today I am joined by Taylor Price also known as Pricelesstay online, she is an online influencer who specialises in financial education for Gen Z. She currently has over 900,000 followers on Tik Tok and close to 100,00 on Instagram.Now finance is one of the biggest things I think school should teach us, and in this conversation, we get into some simple finance tips you can use now, why Taylor started getting into finance, we talk about Tik Tok and how she started and grew her account, we get into the good parts and bad parts of Tik Tok and so much more.I just want to emphasis how impressive it is she has grown her accounts to this size. Growing on social media by putting out educational content is really hard. Most people aren't on Tik Tok to be educated and people are far less likely to follow you even when you have a video go viral. So to have almost reached a million followers through educational content is a massive achievement and we go into how she did this in the episode.As per usual, if you enjoyed this episode or any others please reach out and DM, I would love to get. your feedback or answer any questions, Next weeks episode is going to be a solo episode where I break down my 2020 and go into detail about my life and what I learnt this year along with an episode all about goal setting, so make sure you stay tuned for this.Follow Taylor:Instagram: Tok: out Byron on social media:D.Y Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
Welcome back to the Driven Young podcast and I am going to cut the music for this intro.Today we are covering a very serious and heavy topic. But I would argue this could be my most important episode yet.Today I am joined by school Brent Sanders.Brent Sanders is one of Australia’s most respected communicators in the field of workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination. He also presents lectures throughout Australia on sexual crime, criminal profiling and personal safety in senior secondary schools and universities.Following a distinguished career in the Police Force, he started his own business presenting seminars and lectures on workplace harassment, conflict resolution and offender psychology.So Brent came to my school years ago and did a presentation on sexual crime and assault, splitting up the boys and girls into separate groups. To date, my friends and I still talk about this presentation and it highlighted a massive issue I was so completely unaware of at the time. I talk a lot about what I think school should be teaching us and I am sure by the end of this episode you will be as shocked as me that school doesn't cover this.Throughout the episode Brent highlights the importance of educating young people around this topic, what he has seen over 25 years of presenting this information at schools having been involved in a number of sexual crime cases, why stranger danger has conditioned us to believe if we stay away from strangers we are safe, what the law defines sexual assault as, the consequences of committing a crime like this and so much more.Find Brent:Website: out Byron on social media:D.Y Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
Today I am joined by 21 year old new author Logan Ayers. Logan is a legend, he has just published his first fiction novel at the age of 21 called "an outsider on the inside".A unique coming of age tale that follows the atypical ambivert - Zac Kallest. Zac is, by most definitions, normal and he likes it that way.Being normal means you can steer clear from the ever painful social structures of high school and can all together avoid the unnecessary drama.But as a moment forces him into the social spotlight, he is required to navigate his way through waves of teenage gossip, family fuelled embarrassment and just plain old puberty, in an effort to unearth a way back to consistent normality.This is something I am sure so many of you can relate to going through highschool. We often talk about how as young people we wear multiple different masks depending on who we are with and struggle to just show our truest self based on fear of judgment.So today Logan and I dive deep into this topic, we talk about his experience at an all-boys private school, how school crushed his love for creativity and how important creativity is, we get into networking and how to meet new people, how he got a full-time job 6 months before graduating his degree and so much more.As per usual, if you enjoy this episode, please reach out to myself or Logan on Instagram, Logan would love to have a chat with you and so would I, please consider leaving a rating on Apple podcasts and make sure you are following myself and the Driven Young Podcast on Instagram to stay updated.Find Logan online:Instagram: out Byron on social media:D.Y Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast!Today I am joined by an amazing young woman who reached out to me on Instagram. She is only 18 years old and is crushing it, showing all the qualities I talk about and teach on this show.Meerae Mulla is currently studying a business degree at the University of Sydney and running an online t an online tutoring company who aims to revolutionise the way tuition occurs.In this episode, we discuss both of our schooling experience in detail, what worked and what didn't, how school is focused on the wrong things and what we should be learning instead. We talk about university life and what you need to do to prepare yourself for a job, we get into work ethic and so much more.I have a lot of respect for Meerae, she reached out to me about coming on the show and really impressed me. I do my show in person and it can be very confronting sitting in-front of a mic with cameras pointing at you, especially for someone so young.Definitely stick around for this episode, I feel like it really picks up and we get in flow about 15-20 minutes in and if you are a fan of the show I know you will enjoy this a-lot.As per usual feel free to reach out to me on instagram, I answer all my DM's and love chatting with you, please message Meerae if you enjoyed this ep and if you have any questions.Find Meerae!Website: Insta: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
Today I am joined by an amazing woman, Dee Zibara. Dee and I met through the same organisation called Empower U a personal development company for teenagers, which is run by Brent Williams who was on episode 32 of this podcast. One of my all times favourite episodes.We instantly hit it off and have been in contact since. Dee is a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer who uses food and movement to propel people towards their greatest desires by first meeting their needs and giving them better working bodies that can do more for them.She is also a speaker for Empower U and a proud mother. In this episode Dee and I discuss why we think the schooling system is failing us, we get into her story about randomly become Miss Australia and travelling to Bali with other models, we get into body image and how social media is affecting the way we view ourselves and each other and so much more.As per usual feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, I have really upped the Driven young podcast Instagram account as well so make sure you follow along there and feel free to message not just me but also Dee if you have any questions at all.Reach out to Dee!Insta: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
Welcome back to the Driven Young podcast!Before we get into this episode I wanted to give a shoutout to all of the new listeners! The show has been growing heaps lately and it is actually number one in the business and the education category in Australia, which is beyond crazy.So if you are new here welcome, and if you are a regular listener welcome back!Today I am joined by Isabella Liu:8+ years working in digital marketing, social strategy and mainstream media5+ years of overseas work, study and volunteering in Belgium, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand & CanadaCompleted 3 degrees in 4 years, working 5-7 jobs at a time consistently from 2012-2020As per usual if you enjoy this episode or enjoy the show feel free to reach out and DM me on Instagram, I love having chats with you guys and if you are interested, I have setup a Facebook group for people to connect, I am planning to use that as a place to talk to you guys so I can figure out what topics you want me to cover on future episodes. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPFind Bella:Linkedin: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast.Today is another episode all-around mental health for young people, how it is so prominent today and how we can deal with it.I am joined by Andrew Woodhead, a product manager currently working at batyr, a for-purpose preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people for young people. He is also the author of the beautifully illustrated short story book called LIGHT. The book explains how depression can take hold, what it feels like and presents proven strategies that anyone can try, learn and practice to improve their mental health.Woody and I have a great conversation all along this theme and dive deep into some stories I have heard about kids in school, how I think mental health has become way to normalized with young people to the point it can be detrimental and Woody shares his experiences and practical tips we can use to try help those around us.This is a super important topic, mental health is at an all-time high for our generation and it is crazy the stories I am hearing from boys and girls in high-school.As per usual, if you get any value from this episode or from the show please consider leaving a review it only takes you 2 minutes and really helps the show reach more people, let me know what you think of this episode and don’t hesitate to reach out to me on or Woody on Instagram.Follow Woody:Linkedin: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast…Today’s episode I have a seriously amazing guy on. He is a Travel vlogger with over 500,000 followers online and one of the most down to earth people I have met.Luke Damant reached out to me a while back as a listener of the show just to let me know he really enjoyed it, we chatted a bit and I invited him out to lunch.Since then he has come along to some meetups I’ve been too, he has joined the 5:30 am club and started his own club where he lives.As I mentioned Luke is a 20-year-old dude who basically travels around making videos and getting paid to do so. Well this was before COVID, but now he has started a digital marketing agency to help others grow their brand the way he has grown his.In this conversation, we get into his story and we start off with a Bang. A literally bang as Luke goes into detail about a horrific accident he had in India which left him nearly without a hand, and how that experience affected him. We get into how to grow a following like he has, how he was able to travel for free leveraging social media, we talk about Tik Tok culture, Youtube, being grateful, how to stop caring what others think and so much more.Please note Lukes attitude throughout this episode. As we are discussing his near-death experience, he is laughing and having a good time talking about, he is almost grateful I would say. He talks about how by setting no expectations you can’t be disappointed and as a result, you will always be grateful for what you have, and you can really hear him living this when he retells his stories.As per usual, if you get any value from this episode or from the show please consider leaving a review, let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to reach out to me on or Luke Instagram, Luke reached out to me and now he’s here on the show!Find Luke:YoutubeInstagramTik TokCheck out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: THE FACEBOOK GROUPSupport the show (
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Today I have another awesome episode for you, with another amazing young guest. I have loved bringing on younger people lately and this episode is a great example of why.Today I am joined by a good friend, Sachin. Sachin is one half of the “Sachin and Adam show” podcast which is a podcast that explores the lives of two university students curious about learning from interesting people. Adam Miller and Sachin Shah have conversations with a diverse range of guests including entrepreneurs, philosophers, activists and fitness icons to name a few.Sachin is a Sydney uni student who is passionate about social justice and closing the gap of inequality and today we chat about his life, how growing up with a brother with cerebral palsy inspired him to do more, how he travelled around the world after school with his best mate, starting his podcast, how he has built hundreds of amazing connections using a simple coffees strategy, we, later on, get into economics and break down a communist society and a capitalistic society and so much more.So you are in for an awesome episode.JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP: Sachin:Insta: podcast: out Byron on social media:Driven Young Instagram: Instagram: Tok: the show (
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)Welcome back to the Driven Young Podcast I believe there are 3 essential things we should be learning in school that every single student will use in their life.Financial management and how to manage money Understanding how to manage relationships Nutrition and what we should be putting in our bodiesToday’s episode we are diving deep into number three. I have brought on an incredible nutritionist to discuss health, food and overall nutrition for young people like yourself.Alice Bleathman is an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist.Bloated belly? Stressed and confused about what to eat? Alice has been there. Having been personally diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Alice knows the struggles of people face first hand, which is why she is so passionate about helping people on their own health journey. Her approach is supportive, comprehensive and inclusive. The perfect mix of sugar and spice. And in this episode, we are discussing all things health and nutrition. Specifically for gen z.We get into why health is so important, the benefits of a good diet (aside from just looking good), we talk about veganism, the goods and the bad, how 83% of people are dying from preventable causes, why we are so addicted to sugar, we give some practical tips so you can improve your health now and so much more.As per usual, if you want to find out more about Alice, her links are in the bio, don’t forget to reach out to me on Instagram with any questions and if you get any value out of the show please consider leaving a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.Find Alice:Insta: out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: the show (
JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUPQuestion form (please fill out)BONUS Episode In celebration for one year of podcasting, I put together a mashup from my earlier guests all answering the one question.What advice would you give to the younger generation?Check out Byron on social media:Instagram: Instagram: Tok: the show (
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