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Dropped Culture is the comedy podcast where Daniel, Brock A.K.A. Garth, & Mitchediah LongBottom picks up the pieces of pop culture that you forgot or missed, shines them up real nice, & crams them in your earholes every Monday & Thursday!
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Guess what everybody! We made it back from our missions! We are the only official redshirts to ever make it back from an away mission! This week we talk about cool stuff and cool things. Like the Heartland Music Collections, the genius of Ray Stephens and absolutely everything else that Brock and Dan want to talk about! Thanks for listening and if you do like what you hear and want Dan and I added to your Chili's Thursday nights Pop Culture Team, leave a like listen or subscribe!
Brock and Dan have a discussion about the music that they are listening to right now.Let us know what else we should be listening to at or drop us a line at can also hit us up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.Thanks for listening!
It's the redemption episode for Patrick Swayze! A couple of weeks ago we went through Donnie Darko and Patrick Swayze's character was a real douche....So we thought it would be great if we covered a movie that is not only close to our hearts but actually one of the best movies of the 80's. You know us uncultured Dropped Culture boys just cover schlock and crap that we love but this is our redemption episode as well. Dan and Brock take you through the war torn landscape of Calumet City in Colorado! If you like what you hear and are a new listener please leave a comment or subscribe! I you do listen on the regular then if you haven't already comment on your favorite platform. is where you find all your Dropped Culture needs!
This weeks feature is "Hell Comes To Frogtown" Can anybody say that this is so bad it's good? This movie is about one of the last virile men in the world after the holocaust. His seed is so powerful that if he sneezes in a room everything get pregnant! With that power he is charged to go populate the wild women in the outlands! What could go wrong? Conan's dad and Girlfriend are in this too! If you like what you hear leave a comment or rating and visit us at
Quickcast 5-31

Quickcast 5-31


It's that time again folks! Your friendly neighborhood Dropped Culture Podcast is back to save your Memorial Day! Dan and Brock found out what the secret of the Universe this week and we describe the distinction between what started the universe and what was before that! What a trip! Then as usual Brock talks FOREVER! I mean just shut up already! There is comic book talk, movie trailer talk, television talk, and best of all we decide for the whole world what was Tony Danza's best T.V. role! Don't worry about deciding for yourselves, we did it for you! If you like what you hear please leave a like, listen, subscribe, or even a comment! Brock's mom said if he gets 100 new comments he can have a copy of the novelization of the movie "Dick Tracy" visit for more! We miss you Mitch!
Donnie Darko (2001)

Donnie Darko (2001)


Remember that movie where the main character talks to a man size rabbit that no one else can see?No, not that one.This week, the fellas are talking Donnie Darko!A film about the late '80s filled with time travel, violence, tangent universe philosophy and evil Patrick Swayze!So pop in your head phones, jump on your ten speed, and hit play!When your all finished, just take a nap on the fairway of your local golf course.If you like what you hear or just want to discuss it further, jump on or send us an email at can always hit us up in the comments on YouTube or get social with on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.As always, thanks for listening!
Quickcast  5-24

Quickcast 5-24


Another Monday, Another Quickcast! What is a Quickcast? Well funny story about that one.....It all started.....Wait a minute, if you're listening to us you know what a Quickcast is? If you're new to us then welcome aboard! This is the podcast that us Dropped Culture folks get together and spin yarns of days past, talk about upcoming movies, what we are watching on T.V. and also what comic books we have been reading! This week we ask the question, "If you could resurrect any actor from the past who would it be?" and whatever pops into Brock and Dan's heads! If you like what you hear leave a like and a subscribe, heck even a review! And remember kids you can reach us at Facebook, Instagram,Scientology Now,, and Twitter! Just go to Google and type in Dropped Culture and tell Mr. Google Brock and Dan sent ya!
Quickcast 05 17 2021

Quickcast 05 17 2021


In 2018, a crack commando unit was sent to podcast prisonby a military court for a crime they didn't commit.These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockadeto the podcast underground.Today, still wanted by the government they survive as podcasters of fortune.If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them...maybe you can hire The Dropped Culture Team.This week, Dan and Brock talk about the rumor of a new Incredible Hulk movie, the Sons of Sam documentary, some comic book discussion, and Brock drops a mixtape!Thanks for listening!Hit us up on Twitterdroppedculturepodcast on Instagram and Facebook
This week, the fellas rank their Top 5 Saturday morning cartoons.From the obscure to those shows that swept the nation, Brock, Mitch and Dan talk about their favorites and share some honorable mentions.So grab your blankey, make a bowl of cereal, and prepare to be entertained!Did we miss an awesome show? Let us know at or by dropping us a line at your feeling a bit more social, you can hit us up on Twitter @droppedculture and on Facebook and Instagram @droppedculture podcast.
Robot Jox (1990)

Robot Jox (1990)


Do you love giant robots? Do you love giant robots fighting each other over international borders?Do you love genetically engineered test tube born mech pilots who take co-ed showers?Well then you are going to love Robot Jox!The fellas break down this glorious cinematic ride from the studio that brought you Re-Animator and Ghoulies.So jump in the cockpit, strap in and engage for a Rock'em, Sock'em good time!Support the show by dropping a rating and review on your favorite podcast platform!Please and thank you!All reviews are read on the weekly Quickcast; so say whatever you'd like.You can get ahold of the show directly on or at can also get social about it on Twitter @droppedculture and on Facebook and Instagram at droppedculturepodcast!If you are still reading this, thank you and congratulations! You are just one step away from learning your first set of instructions to claim your prize by emailing or tagging us in a post with the following: beacon forty-two macabre Piggly Wiggly nineteen saccharine poetBe the first to uncover the truth and win a cavalcade of fabulous prizes! More prize info dropping on the website very soon so get a jump on the competition!
Rock And Rule (1983)

Rock And Rule (1983)


This week, the fellas take on the cult classic animated movie, Rock and Rule!How can you go wrong with a post apocalyptic rock opera that has Lou Reed and Iggy Pop both sing vocals for the same character named Mok Swagger?You can't! You just can't.So relax, hit play, and put some antiseptic on that before it festers!Link to the movie: out more at or drop us a line at Feeling social? Hit us up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Just search Dropped Culture. Like the Diners' Club Card, we are everywhere you want to be!
¡Bienvenidos a todos!Si te encantan los superhéroes, la lucha libre, los científicos locos, los peces y los bikinis, ¡te va a encantar este episodio!Esta semana, Brock y Dan analizan la película mexicana de 1968,La Mujer Murcielago!Desde ciencia de figuras de acción hasta escenas de esnórquel innecesariamente largas, ¡esta película lo tiene todo y a los chicos les encantó cada minuto!(Si bien los chicos no profundizan en Rene Cardona en este episodio, Dan aboga por un episodio completo sobre él después de su investigación. Estén atentos).Háganos saber lo que piensa en o eníanos una calificación y reseña sobre tu plataforma favorita, si realmente quieres ayudarnos y, si te apetece socializar, puedes hacerlo en Instagram, Facebook y Twitter. ¡Simplemente escriba cultura eliminada!Como siempre, ¡gracias por escuchar!*This episode is in English, as no one on the show is actually fluent in Spanish.*
We are taking holiday so we remastered one of our favorite episodes for your listening pleasure, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze!This is the sticky ooze that holds this podcast together.From Ernie Reyes Jr. to Vanilla Ice, we cover this iconic film from top to bottom.Cowabunga, dude!
Welcome to the second part of our '80s Animation Double Feature!While this was supposed to be one episode, we decided to break it into two separate episode to make it more easily digestible for you.See we are good parents!Now do the dishes, go to your room, and listen to your Dropped Culture Podcast!Don't come out until it's finished!While your in there, drop a rating and review on your favorite platform and we'll send you a treat!You can even reach out directly(after you have had some time to reflect) at or at you feel you can be social again, you can search @droppedculture on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.Remember, we are only doing this because we love you!
GI Joe: The Movie (1987)

GI Joe: The Movie (1987)


The Dropped Culture fellas bring you another piece of nostalgia with this week's installment, G.I. Joe: The Movie!Brock and Dan break down the movie, discuss the Marvel comic, and their favorite toys from the line.Not familiar with this movie? After this episode, you will be in the know!And, as they say, knowing is half the battle!Share your favorite G.I. Joe memories with the guys via direct message at or by email at!You can also catch up with us by searching @droppedculture on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.Yo Joe!
The Stone Temple Pilots saga continues!Unless you want to Tarantino this two part special (and please don't let us deter you!), you should probably check out Part 1 in the last episode before listening to this one,(It's ok. We'll wait here.)Now that everyone is up to speed (and we appreciate the patience of the rest of you who had already listened to that episode and had to wait for the others You are saints!)Let's get to it!Let us know what your favorite Stone Temple Pilots album/song/memory is by hitting us up at or emailing us at you like what you hear (or if you don't), make sure to hit the subscribe button and toss us a rating and review on your favorite podcast platform!You can socially distance with us @droppedculture on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!Thanks for listening!
So much Stone Temple Pilots that we had to break it up into two episodes!In part one, we get into the background and formation of the band and through their first album and into their second.So join us as we run through the Wicked Garden and see Where The River Goes!Let us know what your favorite Stone Temple Pilots album/song/memory is by hitting us up at or emailing us at you like what you hear (or if you don't), make sure to hit the subscribe button and toss us a rating and review on your favorite podcast platform!You can also message us on @droppedculture on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!
Our Top Comedy Albums

Our Top Comedy Albums


This weeks podcast is all about the lost art of the Comedy Album. Dan and Brock take you down Toll Booth Willy Lane and revisit some of their top Comedy Albums. Strap in, because its going to be a fun ride!Visit to find out more!
Heavy Metal (1981)

Heavy Metal (1981)


This week, the Dropped Culture fellas nosedive into some animation with the cult classic, Heavy Metal!Brock and Dan dig into this anthology film like it's Plutonian Nyborg! They break down the stories, the music and the legacy that had some of the most prolific directors in the industry chomping at the bit to get involved with future iterations!So turn up the volume, press play and fear the Loc-Nar! After the show, hit us up at Poke around for a bit and see what else you might enjoy but cover yourself; you can't just walk around this place with your dork (or lady dork) hanging out. (Actually, you can; we can't see you. Promise!)You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or just send us an email to you choose to get at us, enjoy the show and thanks for listening!!!
This week, the Dropped Culture fellas take a Run Through the Jungle, ride down the Green River and into Cosmo's Factory to cover one of the most meteoric rise and falls in music history, Creedence Clearwater Revival!From the Blue Velvets to post break up, Brock and Dan dig into one of the most prolific rock bands in history!So hit that play button and let the guys take you Up Around The Bend!Hit us up on all the socials: droppedculturepodcast on Facebook and Instagram and @droppedculture on Twitter!If you want to message the show directly, you can do so at or by email at the show by dropping a like and/or review on your favorite platform!You can also check us out Down on the Corner! (Ok.....I'm done.)Thanks for listening!
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