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Hey Everyone! I'm John Scott, a retired NHL All Star. Welcome to the official page for my new podcast: Dropping the Gloves. Be sure to subscribe to see one-on-one interviews with some incredible NHL players, friends, and family from all walks of ice.
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While nobody was paying attention, the NHL just tried to change the terms of the CBA that was just signed FOUR MONTHS AGO! Get the details on the deal here and the players' response, plus: - Debrusk signing - good for the Bruins?- What's keeping Chara from re-signing?- Why haven't Hoffman and Duclair signed yet?- Goalies that John was particularly protective of- And more!
After planning all year, the move is finally complete! A quick update from the big guy on his move and finally having the move in his rearview mirror. Cribs episode coming up soon?
This week's throwback is the hilarious Marty Biron, who shared some awesome stories about breaking into the league at 18, losing money at cards on the plane, playing with legendary net-minders like Hasek, Miller, and Lundqvist, and more. Enjoy!
We break down a whole bunch of reverse retro jerseys and grade them A-F, plus a throwback to an awesome interview with the great Denis Savard!
No John Today! Mixing it up a little bit, here's a short history of Dropping the Gloves according to Tim.
John answers more mailbag questions, including the best/worse planes and dressing rooms, which players asked for his stick, why he never watched video, and which teammate looked the LEAST like an athlete.
This week's throwback episode features John's trip to Scandinavia, traveling Europe with 5 little daughters!
We dive into the fan mailbag with awesome questions like: - Which players were way better in practice than in games?- Which rookies impressed John the most?- Which teammate had the worst breath/BO?- Which players take being a professional too seriously?- And more!
The controversial OHL rule has us thinking... which NHL players would thrive in a no-checking league?
Our throwback this week is with Bryan Bickell, John's roommate for 2 years, who was our very FIRST interview and who had, at the time, recently been diagnosed with MS. Bryan opens up about his diagnosis and shares some great stories from the Blackhawk days.
When the OHL released news last week that it was banning bodychecking, John released a video on twitter that went viral and was shared by some of the best players in the league. John doubles down on his sentiments here, and calls it one of the worst things that could ever happen to hockey. Agree or disagree?
With the passing of Joey Moss and Travis Roy, it was a tough week to see both of these warriors of the game go. We remember the passion they had for the game and the good they did. Also in this episode - how the Coyotes handled the Mitchell Miller situation (hint: a debacle)
This week's throwback episode is John's interview with Stu "The Grim Reaper" Grimson who was a legendary enforcer in the game!
With some high-end players still not signing a contract several weeks into free agency, it's time they had a reality check. John checks in on Mike Hoffman, Anthony Duclair, and others and points out why they're probably not going to get what they hoped for.
John goes OFF on a former team of his on embarrassing themselves and giving in to the noise. Plus a quick tribute to Doc and a little sympathy thrown to McDavid.
We're beginning a new throwback series and re-releasing some old episodes that most new listeners probably haven't heard. Here's the very first episode of Dropping the Gloves - crazy how far we've come!
In a move that nobody saw coming, Joe Thornton signed with Toronto. John explains why he thinks this will be HUGE for the young stars on that team. He will instantly change that locker room - this may be the team to beat next season.
The Canadiens are spending lots of money this offseason: Petry, Anderson, Toffoli, Allen, Gallagher. Is this the last push for Bergevin? Bruins having a dud of an offseason. Why signing Hoffman or trading for Laine is key for their success. And why the Sharks - sentimental value aside - may not be better off for bringing back Patty and Jumbo to the teal.
Goody was one of the most important role players on Tampa's Cup run and shares some awesome insights of being traded at the deadline, fitting in with his new team, life inside the bubble, and what it felt like to raise the Cup. Please excuse the technical difficulties! John's internet was lagging.
Reviewing the best and worst signings of free agency so far, including the baffling Taylor Hall signing of 1 year, $8M to the Buffalo Sabres. Also a quick call to a surprise guest and John sending some strange texts to a few players... listen through to the end!
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Corey Goodall

Talk shot about Trudeau being an actor while you're in a country with a fucking reality tv character as a president. Saying the coronavirus predictions were wrong because it didn't end up being bad is clearly ignoring the effects of social distancing and lock downs. Fuckin' A..CTE much?

May 22nd
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Corey Goodall

HIPAA...look it up. The individual can identify themselves...the organization can't. Think of it as your doctor, employer, etc. can't talk about when you specifically have Yourheadupyourass disease, but you can identify yourself. The punches to the head are starting to catch up to you...unless you've been this ignorant the whole time. Funny how this guy admits how little he knows about anything outside of hockey..but he'll run his mouth about shit he has no clue on like he's some expert. Thisclose to dropping this cast.

Apr 8th

Corey Goodall

Blackout drunk is ok but CBD & cannabis is bad? mmmk

Oct 14th

Lawrence Paul Wiseman

I showed this to my wife and she thinks John Scott sounds like he should have always been doing a podcast

May 26th
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