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Drunk Women Solving Crime is a true crime podcast with a twist...of lime. Join writer/comedian hosts Hannah George, Catie Wilkins and Taylor Glenn as they welcome top guests from comedians to crime writers to test out their drunk detective skills. 

Each episode sees the boozed up panel tackle personal crime stories, solve true crime cases, and seek justice for your listener crimes. 

When women sit around and drink we try to solve the world’s problems. So we’re taking back the night and putting our inebriation to good use. You’re welcome. 

111 Episodes
Just like moths to a flame, you can’t keep the Drunk Women away from a bottle of fizz, or a crime that needs solving, and joining them to bump their head into that beautiful light, is comedian, podcaster and absolute trooper, Sarah Keyworth. Things get-off to a showbizzy start, when Sarah recounts a crime which *could* have been the result of mistaken identity, or due to Mariah Carey living a far more unassuming life than we give her credit for. The gang then hunker-down to a case which I think we can all agree will make us eternally grateful for modern medicine…when was the last time a physician stuck their finger in your ear by way of diagnosis? We’re guessing never. Then, as ever we get to hear from a listener whose crime is solved unanimously and completely – you’re welcome. Don’t forget to buy tickets for DWSC LIVE at The Clapham Grand on December 2nd, 2020! Full info and tickets can be found at: Keep an eye on our socials for guest announcements: TWITTER - @drunkwomenpod INSTA - @drunkwomensolvingcrime   See for privacy and opt-out information.
It's time for another hit of drunken true crime solving, and joining in the pie-eyed sleuthing this week is podcaster, journalist & presenter Jackie Adedeji! Before digging into this week's case, Jackie reveals that thanks to a momentary lapse in concentration, someone out there could be running around with her identity! But as this episode proves, there is only ONE Jackie Adedeji with the detective skills to navigate the twists and turns of a complicated heist...and decide which kind of food / drink combo goes best with such an occasion. We then get to hear about a listener crime which has SO many layers it could be the basis of an Agatha Christie novel ....  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Drunk Women are back with another set of mysterious circumstances to sift through, this week they are aided and abetted by the hilarious comedian and writer Joanne McNally. Joanne reaccounts a crime which will chime with many of your lock-down experiences and is also a lesson in reading the reviews ... if only for comedy value.  The gang then circumnavigate their way through the twists and turns of a confidence trickster - who obviously had the stuff in abundance!  Then, we hear from a listener, who perhaps just needs their sense of direction testing, rather than a crime solving?  AND, some big news about an upcoming LIVE show is about to be announced - so make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter: @drunkwomenpod and Insta: drunkwomensolvingcrime for details coming soon!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Drunk Women are here again, solving crime and drinking wine so you don't have to ... although who wouldn't want to do those things? Well, this week's guest Athena Kugblenu was certainly keen to get involved and crack a case which is a joy-ride from start-to-finish, and comes courtesy of cherished listeners Becky and Tom in Paris.  Athena herself has an interesting crime theme running through her life, which you could argue is somewhat self inflicted - although also a good argument for avoiding the gym, if you didn't need one already.  And, as ever we round things-off nicely with a crime sent in by a listener, which is the epitome of a frosty reception.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
This week's episode was recorded during a heatwave in the UK (for those of you overseas, yes they DO sometimes occur), so the crime isn't the only cold case the gang crack open for our listening pleasure. Although this week's guest detective, writer Christina Martin, snubbed a cold beer from the fridge in favour of a beverage which couldn't be less suited to sticky temperatures - how did that work out? You'll have to listen to find out. Christina kicks things off for us with the story of a car, which can only be described as cursed, and then our team look at an audacious prison break and how it could compare with a trip to Dunelm furniture store ... there may be more similarities than you realise. In this week's listener quiz, the team crack a crime which really takes the biscuit... delicious.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
How solved is your crime? Well, thanks to former MI6 employee / journalist / cleaning guru, Aggie MacKenzie, today's story gets a thorough rinsing.  Yes, many of you will be familiar with Aggie for her TV show, 'How Clean Is Your House?', but were you aware that she spent some time working for the secret service? Listen to the episode to find out more about that AND our guest's crimes, which just go to show that some criminal situations could have only happened in the 1960s.  The team then dig in to some of the lesser known pursuits of one of history's 'naughty boys', who may have wanted to get himself checked out at the sexual health clinic.  We then round things off with a listener tale in which the perpetrator certainly had his chips!  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The gang are back with another historical case to solve, and helping everyone achieve that goal is comedian, writer & MC, Arielle Souma! Arielle not only brings some handy historical knowledge to proceedings, but also, single-handedly, makes true crime sexy ... FINALLY! We start by hearing about the time our guest was left in a tight spot on holiday, which resulted in a confusing turn of events and a thrilling car ride, before then moving on to hear about a case which is not only a fascinating lesson in royal history, but also one in how inept some potential perpetrators can be. We then hear from cherished Australian listener Vanessa who was framed by someone in her own family for something she didn't do and it looks like detective Souma gets to the bottom of that one too.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this week's episode, the Drunk Women welcome a guest who has ALL the smarts to be a top detective; it's writer, comedian and podcaster, Viv Groskop! Although Viv doesn't hail from the big city, she grew up having to keep her wits about her on the mean streets of Somerset in order to provide key statements to the local police - as you will hear. These foundation skills enable Viv to ask all the right questions and get to the nub of it all... whilst the others do what they do best... basically most of the stuff that Viv does but with about 6 drinks inside of them. All together though, they make quite a team and do a pretty thorough job in solving a case which had dire consequences for thousands of people on one fateful day. We then hear from a listener who needs a mystery solving which only brings home to the rest of us how stingy our Aunties actually are.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Yes, that's right, Taylor, Catie and Hannah have gotten drunk at least ONE HUNDRED times (there were a few practice runs), all in the name of solving crime.... well, mostly in the name of solving crime. The gang have had some exemplary company along the way and this week their 100th guest-sleuth is none other than film star, talk show host & documentary maker - Ricki Lake! Ricki shows dedication to the force by indulging in some day-time drinking on account of appearing from a different time zone (as if by magic) and sharing the story of the time she ended up behind bars - who knew?! The team then get down to solving a case about a perp talented at creating some pretty cool pseudonyms, and discover that detective Lake is more than an asset to the force - they don't call her 'One-Take-Lake' for nothing - as you'll find out. So pop a cork and join in with this centenary episode, thanks SO much for being with us for the last one hundred shows, here's to the next one hundred! X  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hooray, the Drunk Women continue to entertain themselves AND us through these socially distant times by welcoming a guest to help solve a crime, whilst getting responsibly sozzled! In today's episode, the gang are joined by comedian Esther Manito, whose suspicion of children on the crime scene could have been a direct result of her younger years... although we're not sure Oliver Twist would have walked backwards into the cinema... She proves invaluable however in today's main case which seems to play-up to the stereotype of students being big stoners, but probably not in the way YOU'RE thinking. There's also a royal connection and an unearthed mystery which could well reveal itself at the next coronation. Plus: a listener crime which proves a vacuum can be a deadly weapon. Heads-up: Get ready to pop the prosecco with the Drunk Women & VERY special guest next week for their ONE HUNDREDTH episode!    See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this week's episode of Drunk Women Solving Crime, the gang dissect (!) the story of someone who wasn't actually breaking any laws at the time, but whose practices would certainly raise a few eyebrows if attempted today .. in more ways than one. It's a gripping tale, but probably not the best accompaniment to a plate of spaghetti - unless you happen to be this week's guest, comedy writer, Christine Robertson - who relished in her role as amature sleuth.  Christine starts proceedings by sharing with us an occasion where she and her whole school class were victim to the same crime, and it may (or may not) confirm a stereotype of the perpetrators of a certain act... or maybe it's just a cry for help?  To get the FULL DWSC experience this week, why not try Christine's own cocktail recipe of alternating between Aperol Spritz & yesterday's prosecco ... don't knock it till you've tried it!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
We all know that crime busting and the medical profession go hand-in-hand, after-all where would Holmes be without his Dr Watson? The cop in Diagnosis Murder wouldn't solve ANYTHING without his dad, Dr Dick Van-Dyke and don't get me STARTED on Quincy! Well, this week's episode of DWSC sees our sloshed sleuths welcome their very own Watson in the form of (non-drunken) Doctor Nidhi Gupta to the force. Nidhi is a film maker and writer and took the unexpected step of returning to front line medicine to work on the Covid 19 wards - contracting the virus herself whilst saving the lives of others. It was during this time that she became victim of perhaps the most cowardly crime EVER committed, as you'll hear for yourself. Our doctor / detective team then go-on to solve a crime which ends-up implicating those at the very top of's a scenario which wouldn't look too out of place today. Talking about history repeating itself, Nidhi also talks about her amazing crowd fund project to make a film about how we can learn from past catastrophes, look here for more info:-  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this week's episode, the team go stateside for their latest recruit: comedian Fortune Feimster!. Fortune brings some serious insight to a crime which would have lesser detectives well and truly stumped. The gang discuss the different ways a crime can be committed in a plane, how long it's acceptable to hide in the toilets to get a break from your kids, and how many typists is acceptable to have with you whilst travelling.  Fortune shares a crime which most people wouldn't be a victim of after the year 2008, as well as accidentally blowing a listener's alibi wide open. Check out Fortune's Netflix special Sweet and Salty, and find out more about her at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
It's another day in lockdown, but that's not gonna stop The Drunk Women from smashing a case, whilst getting smashed over Zoom.  Joining them this week is bestselling author Jane Fallon, who despite not showing early promise as a reliable witness, certainly went on to prove her sleuthing-smarts, as she provides the kind of observations worthy of someone at the top of the force.  This week's case involves a 'power couple' of crime and although Jane wouldn't notice them actually committing a felony, she'd certainly be able to spot them in a line up.  The team then go on to hear about a listener crime which also displays some pretty stunning (if rather dangerous) crime solving skills!  Who says you can't bring your A-game whilst drinking?   See for privacy and opt-out information.
In today's episode of Drunk Women Solving Crime, journalist Jo Elvin brings something to this case that no other guest could.  It's taken many attempts to get Jo on the show and if one of the other occasions had worked-out, this fantastic coincidence would have never come into being; to find out just how she's connected to a bank robbery in 1950s Sydney, you'll have to listen!  Jo also tells us about the time an altercation with a woman who could be The Queen still keeps her awake at night, and the team also solve a listener mystery which proves that there's always an 'evil' twin.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
The virtual fun continues this week, as the team welcome comedian and unreliable witness, Jo Caulfield to help solve a historical crime from the archives. Jo proves she's no stranger to getting justice served to those who do wrong, but she may have inadvertently had Danny DeVito arrested by mistake... But her knowledge of the inner workings of the church prove invaluable in this week's story of self-appointed sainthood and psychopathy... so just a normal day in lock-down for our swigging detectives.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In today's episode, Catie, Hannah and Taylor welcome a very special detective to the force, who turned up in her dressing gown, notebook in hand and rocked the investigation - it's presenter and author, Fern Britton!  As well as having the grey matter to solve the case and proving time and again that she's a step ahead of the game, she also spills the beans about the time she was duped by tricksters LIVE on TV!  We then get to investigate a crime with a myriad of suspects - all from the same tight-knit family, which also includes some dubious medical advice .... should you be prescribed whisky for a liver complaint? Unless you're taking notes a la Fern, you're not taking this seriously enough!  The gang also make light work of cracking this week's listener crime ...who says alcohol dulls the senses  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In this episode the Drunk Women are joined by comedy writer Tasha Dhanraj, who opens the show with a story of the time where she may, or may not have been's open to interpretation. The gang then get their teeth into a case, which they really manage to flesh-out details such as; how calorific is human 'meat'? Luckily for our hosts though, detective Tasha turned-out to be somewhat of an expert in the subject of cannibalism...should we be afraid? As Taylor points-out, we're going to be afraid of EVERYONE at some point in this case. Bon appétit!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
Just because we're still in lock-down at the time of record, it doesn't mean historical crimes should go unsolved by drunk women! And so Hannah, Catie and Taylor bravely grab a bottle and get started on a crime which encapsulates drugs, alcohol, adultery and a false accusation - seems like a pretty standard evening in to us. Joining them in their quest to get to the bottom of it all (crime AND bottle) is comedian Desiree Burch, who starts things-off by re-accounting the time she encountered a total jerk during rush hour. Then, during the gang's dissection of the main story, several key questions came to the fore...Are the US really king of the armchairs? Is an affair worse than indulging in opium and orgies? And do all roads ultimately lead to Bournemouth?    See for privacy and opt-out information.
In today's episode of Drunk Women Solving Crime, eSports presenter Frankie Ward jumps on the conference call to flex her sleuthing guns. She shares the time she was recipient of a birthday crime; which is bad enough in itself, but you could argue the real crime occurred 6 months later, thanks to an aspiring clown. Speaking of circuses, this week's main crime is a riot of political espionage, assassination and some stunning last words...oh and Catie does a rap, which she can TOTALLY pull off.    See for privacy and opt-out information.
Comments (10)

Catherine Rose

I love this podcast and have been making my way through all the back episodes. A magical mix of fascinating and hilarious! I love the comradery between these lovely ladies and also their guests. Keep them coming drunk women! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

May 15th

Emma Hudson

love the show so much, have learnt a very valuable lesson and that is not to decorate whilst listening to this!

Apr 19th


how have I not listened to this podcast yet?!

Jan 31st

Tracey O'Flynn

love the scummies, and this pod, usually -but everyone's too close to the mic most of the time in this ep, so there's distortion a lot of the time which makes difficult listening :(

Oct 30th

Vicque Saint-Sylvestre

"she's basic" - "no, I'm Regula" :D

May 22nd

Doug Plume

What ever you do, don’t listen to this episode if you’re doing something that needs your full attention and/or control. I was laughing so much I almost crashed the van I was driving. Drunk Women is always worth a listen but Jess Robinson is incredibly funny, or psychopathic (not quite sure) Keep up the drinking ladies, I’m a big fan.

May 11th

Ariel Teixeira

By far, my favorite episode of drunk women. Is it called an episode? whatever.

Apr 12th

Kate Doherty

mysterious, entertaining and drunken shenanigans!

Dec 8th

linda ho

Baguettegate- happened to a friend of mine at high school. She mixed up laxatives in the peanut better for the culprit

Sep 18th

Luke Cowell-Fallows

'Murder, She Wrote' for 2018. The spirit of Jessica Fletcher is alive and well with these gals! 💗 So so funny but also, insightful! x

Sep 6th
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