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Due Dissidence is a progressive podcast of, by, and for the people. Support us at
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On this tragicomic episode, we talk AOC's strategic shift, Joe Biden's sexual assault allegation, and the imminent rise of national socialism post-coronavirus.
Zach Carter, senior reporter at The Huffington Post, joins us to explain why the coronavirus bill is an outrageous bipartisan giveaway to corporate power, and whether or not it can be renegotiated in the weeks and months to come.
As Russell nurses his injuries, we muse on unifying the coming #DemExit parties, and why the establishment can't agree on a Coronavirus relief package.
As the coronavirus causes more disruption, the case for social democracy becomes clearer. We also preview the Bernie vs. Biden showdown this Sunday, and cover lots more.
Creative activist and journalist Eleanor Goldfield talks #BernTheDNC efforts at this year's Democratic Convention in Milwaukee, election integrity in 2020, and more.
Our recap of the Super Tuesday fiasco, and where to go from here.
We recap the South Carolina primary and make our Super Tuesday predictions, plus a few words on Cuba, Chris Matthews, and more!
Victor Tiffany, founder of Bernie or Bust, returns to discuss how his movement has adjusted its strategy for 2020, and how Bernie or Bust can be used to stop Bloomberg and thwart a superdelegate coup at the convention.
Bernie's landslide win in Nevada has him on his way to the nomination. We talk the importance of the victory, Bloomberg's horrible debate, and more!
Writer Anis Shivani returns to discuss his new pieces on Medium and Common Dreams, which explore the spiritual significance of the Bernie campaign and the downfall of neoliberal hegemony.
We recap the NH debate, preview the firs-in-the-nation primary, and discuss why centrism can't work in 2020.
On this episode, we break down the current state of affairs in Iowa and plot the path forward after a horrific Democratic (and small 'd' democratic) debacle.
Our last show before the crucial Iowa Caucus! We lay out the extremely high stakes of Monday's caucus, and give some info and advice on how to volunteer to get out the vote!
Guerrilla artist and activist Kristoffer Hellén talks his #ChalkBernieToMe project, his journey from California to Iowa, and how to Caucus for Bernie on February 3.
Melissa Hoffmann of the Sunrise Movement discusses their plans for declaring a climate emergency, electing Bernie Sanders, and Winning a Green New Deal.
On this episode, we discuss the Iowa Democratic debate, and why Elizabeth Warren is now an enemy of the progressive cause.
A preview of the next high stakes debate in Iowa, an analysis of early state primary scenarios, and a salute to Ricky Gervais.
Why simple is best when it comes to opposing war in Iran, and why war won't work politically for the Trump White House.
As we bid farewell to 2019, we break down the last Democratic debate, the high stakes of the fast approaching Iowa Caucuses, the Wine Cave matter, key moments of 2019, and more.
Trump's been impeached. Can Democrats make the case? Will voters care? Or will it backfire?
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