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Due Dissidence is a progressive podcast of, by, and for the people. Support us at
115 Episodes
We discuss Biden's economic proposals in his first 100 days, and how progressives ought to react. support the show:
Branko Marcetic, author and staff writer at Jacobin, joins the show to discuss his review of the new book "Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency." read the article here: Check out Branko Marcetic's book "Yesterday's Man: The Case Against Joe Biden" here: support the show:
Glenn Greenwald recently wrote a piece about the USA Today's targeting of Capitol rioters who were raising legal defense funds on platforms like Venmo and GoFundMe. This seems to be part of a larger pattern of the liberal class' war on dissent. support the show:
A special episode of the podcast: a livestream recording of our new interactive weekly show, The Post-Brunch Dissident Detox Hour. The show will take place every Sunday at 7pm, live on our Facebook channel, and posted to YouTube the following day. Patreon members will have call-in access to the show - 3 of our patrons joined on this recording! The regular Due Dissidence podcast will, of course, remain the same, right here on this feed. Support the show:
We discuss the sweeping victory of the DSA-backed slate in the Nevada Democratic Party races, the finalization of the covid relief bill without a minimum wage hike, and more. support the show:
We recap Biden's week in which he bombed Syria, caved on the minimum wage, battled for Neera Tanden, and gave the Saudis a pass for the Khashoggi killing. *This episode was recorded as a livestream on our facebook channel on Saturday, February 27.* Support the show:
We talk about the new film 'Judas and the Black Messiah,' and why its lessons are so important for the new 'New Left.' support the show:
The Washington Post revives the "economic anxiety" debate surrounding Trump's support, Nathan Robinson is fired from The Guardian, and Neera Tanden awaits a confirmation vote. Support the show:
Chris Smalls made national news in the early days of the pandemic when he was fired from his Amazon warehouse job for leading a protest against unsafe work conditions. He's since become one of America's most important labor organizers. He joins the podcast to talk about his experiences, and the path to building labor power against a behemoth like Amazon. support the show:
We discuss how retail traders banded together to tank hedge funders by propping up Game Stop. support the show:
An anonymous guest joins the show to discuss the looming liberal hegemony and its attacks on the First Amendment. support the show:
In our first episode of 2021, we discuss the tumultuous events of January 6, when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. support the show at
Writer and novelist Anis Shivani returns to discuss the unwinding of the American empire in the year 2020, and the political and cultural decline that's accelerated it. Support the show:
On our 100th episode, we discuss why joining the Republican Party isn't any crazier than sticking it out with the Democrats. Support the show: Lara Hodge, Candidate for AZ State Senate District 17:
Jerilyn Jordan, music editor for the Detroit Metro Times, discusses her recent article on a One Fair Wage Study that reveals the worst people on Earth are the ones dining out during the pandemic.
We discuss Obama's comments recent comments regarding "Defund the Police" as well as some other recent quotes from his new book tour. support the show at
As Trump's GSA green-lights the transition process, Biden staffs his cabinet. We discuss all of this, and how to cook a turkey.
Joe Brunoli joins us to discuss how Biden's outreach to Republicans is to blame for Democrats' underperformance in down-ballot races
We recap the results of the 2020 presidential election.
We preview Tuesday's presidential election and give our predictions, both for how the math will play out, and what the aftermath will look like.
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