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Due Dissidence is a progressive podcast of, by, and for the people. Support us at
46 Episodes
Melissa Hoffmann of the Sunrise Movement discusses their plans for declaring a climate emergency, electing Bernie Sanders, and Winning a Green New Deal.
On this episode, we discuss the Iowa Democratic debate, and why Elizabeth Warren is now an enemy of the progressive cause.
A preview of the next high stakes debate in Iowa, an analysis of early state primary scenarios, and a salute to Ricky Gervais.
Why simple is best when it comes to opposing war in Iran, and why war won't work politically for the Trump White House.
As we bid farewell to 2019, we break down the last Democratic debate, the high stakes of the fast approaching Iowa Caucuses, the Wine Cave matter, key moments of 2019, and more.
Trump's been impeached. Can Democrats make the case? Will voters care? Or will it backfire?
Filmmaker Justin Van Voorhis returns to discuss the filmography of Michael Moore and how his brand of populist left politics has become more relevant than ever. Support this show and get exclusive content at
Lauren Steiner, activist, lead organizer for Los Angeles for Bernie 2016, and host of "The Robust Opposition," gives in depth analysis of the all-important CA primary, recaps her convention coverage, dishes on Kamala Harris' exit, and much more.
A fun and freewheeling recap of the November Democratic debate, complete with lots of fun tangents and hot takes on lots of topics.
Keaton and Russell discuss Warren vs. Sanders in terms of their tenacity, strategy, credibility, electability, and more.
Joshua Copeland, founder of Local Berniecrats, discusses the need for bottom-up political revolution and sheds light on how progressives can best influence the political system by seeking local office.
On this episode, we analyze the subversive themes and the class politics of the new blockbuster film, 'Joker.'
Anis Shivani, novelist, author, and freelance writer for Salon, Alternet, Common Dreams, Raw Story, and elsewhere, joins us to discuss his latest piece which predicts a Trump 2020 victory and explains what liberals miss about his appeal.
AOC reassures us she's the real deal, Pete Buttigieg reassures us he's not, and much more on this fun, freewheeling conversation with Russell Dobular!
Our first ever Q&A Podcast where we answer our followers' questions, plus a word on Bernie's health scare.
Nick Brana, founder and national director of the Movement For a People's Party, returns to the show to discuss MPP's summer of action, 2020, and more.
Comedian, writer and filmmaker Justin Van Voorhis discusses the current state of comedy, including Dave Chappelle's new special, the firing of Shane Gillis, and more.
Keaton and Russell give their thoughts on the September 12 Democratic debate in Houston.
Kristoffer Hellén, activist, volunteer, and creator of the online group "Alliance against Democrat Establishment Hypocrisy," joins us to discuss his campaign efforts and experiences as a fellow online independent media creator.
Keaton and Russell discuss the "Jewish Question" as it pertains to Bernie Sanders, and other 2020 developments.
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