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Due Dissidence is a progressive podcast of, by, and for the people. Support us at
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As Trump's GSA green-lights the transition process, Biden staffs his cabinet. We discuss all of this, and how to cook a turkey.
Joe Brunoli joins us to discuss how Biden's outreach to Republicans is to blame for Democrats' underperformance in down-ballot races
We recap the results of the 2020 presidential election.
We preview Tuesday's presidential election and give our predictions, both for how the math will play out, and what the aftermath will look like.
Allen Howell, host of the Howell Underground and the Revolution or Bust podcast, returns to discuss Noam Chomsky's latest arguments for Biden, and how to build a confident unbending Left in the coming years.
Jon Walker, freelance journalist and author, discusses his piece in American Prospect about how Democrats could have saved the ACA from the looming SCOTUS lawsuit by repealing the individual mandate altogether.
River Page, contributing editor of Twink Revolution, discusses his recent article entitled "Why Liberals Hate Poor White Trash." support the show: Visit our website at Read River Page's Article:
Sam Pizzigati, co-editor of and author of various books including "The Case for a Maximum Wage" and "The Rich Don't Always Win," discusses his latest article in Common Dreams which asserts that concentrated wealth is the threat to democracy that no one's talking about.
We recap the first presidential debate between Biden and Trump, and forecast the end of the American empire.
As Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the liberal ideal of a multicultural capitalist utopia is undone. support the show: YouTube:
Why corporate media insists on blaming the Left for Biden's struggles with Latino voters, and how they spin their narrative accordingly.
We discuss the unconscionable decision by the Biden campaign to tout the endorsement of former Michigan governor, and poisoner of Flint, Rick Snyder.
Democrats went all in on the affluent suburbanite vote in 2020. As the general election season officially begins, we discuss how this strategy may be about to backfire.
Carol Ehrle, media coordinator for the Movement for a People's Party, previews the People's Convention, their public rollout featuring Nina Turner, Cornel West, Marianne Williamson, and others. RSVP to the People's Convention at
Allen Howell returns to the show to talk electoral strategies vs. direct action campaigns, how progressives should vote in 2020, and how to keep hope alive amidst a hopeless election.
Jim Langford is a delegate from the Bernie Sanders campaign to the 2020 convention. he explains his life experiences with the US and European healthcare systems, how they informed his support for M4A, and why he's voting 'No' on the DNC platform. Support the show at Check out our website:
The August 4 primaries were a major victory for down-ballot leftists and a much-needed lift for the progressive movement. We discuss the victories of Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib, and much more.
A peaceful Black Lives Matter March was planned for July 18 in Pleasant Valley, NY. Instead, violence and chaos ensued at the hands of hostile counter-protesters, and the police did next to nothing to stop it. Margarite Pastor and Dana Bol were peacekeepers at the rally, and they join us to discuss what took place that afternoon.
Cristin Sauter, PhD student at Adelphi University, returns to the show to discuss her new project on political attitude development, social work and policing, and much more.
As Trump implodes, liberals are rolling out the red carpet for Bush era neocon Republicans. We discuss what this means for the Democratic coalition moving forward, and whether the Left has a place in it.
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