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Where opinion takes-on opinion from outside the elitist bubble with Grace Matthews and Connor Murphy.
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On today's show: Special Guest: Alexis Taylor MiddletonAlexis Taylor Middleton from talks about her story and healing through ancient wisdom.
On today's show: What's NOT in the News?What's not in the news? What will Trump do? Will he use an executive order? For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: State vs StatePfizer selling vaccines to other countries. 46 States sue Facebook and Instagram for anti-trust. Texas files a lawsuit against other states. States sue to block electors. Barr has done legal work for Dominion in the past. Erick Swalwell apparently having an affair with a possible Chinese spy. Rumor says Dr. Fauci, Melinda Gates, and Obama toured the Wuhan lab in China in 2015, before the outbreak. The database used to deny health insurance. News Max beats Fox in ratings. Hunter Biden under federal investigation for tax issues. Laura Trump might run for a senate seat in North Carolina in 2022. Bernie Saunders says they did hold up stimulus before the election. Don't change your Twitter channel name to a trend. Will California revolt?For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: It's Getting OldThought for the week: Youth is the gift of nature, age is a work of art.What's aging like? YouTube and Skillshare to learn new things. Change it up and try something new each day. 11 things you only know if you're into Yoga.
On today's show: Everything You Need to Know About MeditationThought of the week: Each new day is filled with infinite potential and possibility. Meditation works best if over 7 min. in length. Meditation for: Relaxation, teaches you to be grateful, being more spiritual and learning how to breathe. Types of meditation: mindfulness, spiritual, focus on senses, movements like yoga or walking, mantra, transcendental, progressive relaxation, loving-kindness, and visualization.
On today's show: It all Started with "Baby it's Cold Outside"Censorship is rampant everywhere now. Song: "Baby it's Cold Outside". Voting fraud. Dominion Voting Systems designed by Bush for CIA. 2008 Obama decides Dominion be put in a new secret division of the government. Buy-ins at Dominion are peculiar. Soros. Where are the ballots? Voter ratios by state. Where is Barr? Pfizer and Moderna offers vaccine news after the election. The Army had Trump win 410 to 128 for Biden. Germans had Trump at 407. Fox News is destroyed.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Election 2020Social media giants should get sued says DOJ. Censorship gets worse. Steve Bannon had a YouTube video of a Chinese billionaire says Pelosi is already being blackmailed by China. Amy Coney Barrett gets SCOTUS approval. Lt. Tony Bobulinski says Biden is a liar any evidence on Hunter's laptop is real and has evidence on his own. Stimulus stalemate. Ads on TV says Biden has the answers to save us all. US buys covid vaccine. Energy stance causes voters remorse for early Biden voters. Wall Street reactions on Biden win. Rasmussen polls say Trump is a winner other polls picking Joe. Where is Hunter? Trump's hidden voters. Is there too much covid in the news? For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Final Debate =TruthThe final debate summary. Polls. Biden vs fracking and oil industry. Trump vs coronavirus. Vaccine updates. What will happen in Texas? FBI and the DOJ. Fact-checking platforms, how biased are they? Pope's civil union statement. Borat's Giuliani joke and Hunter Biden's laptop. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Talking Therapy - This Week's Top Spooky TV ShowsThought of the week: I will come through challenges with a better understanding of myself.Therapy talks. Tips and benefits when receiving therapy. Top 5 spooky TV Shows for Halloween: What We Do In The Shadows, Barry, Bates Motel, Nos4a2, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.
OCD Drama

OCD Drama


Caddyman has made tremendous progress with his obsessive compulsive disorder, but still he struggles. Last Friday is a prime example. Listen in as he tells his story.
On today's show: Pre-Election DramaHunter Biden takes his computer in to be fixed and doesn't pick it up. Amy Coney Barrett hearings with crazy questions. Pelosi has a meltdown on CNN and accuses the network of being pro-Republican. Trump tests negative and hits the campaign trail. Is Trump really losing as polls say? What does Wall Street know? What some polls are saying. No debate. If socialism takes over America, can some Republican's be to blame? What about the Lincoln Project? Eli Lilly and Johnson and Johnson suspend vaccine trials for covid. The UK puts spies on vaccine race, what did they find?For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: OCD Awareness WeekThought of the week: I am only under the influence of myself. OCD Awareness week. Beyond OCD. OCD Q&A. Twelve things you shouldn't say to someone with OCD.
On today's show: Trump Fights COVID - Dueling Dialogues Ep.232Trump has coronavirus. Are the meds he got available to anyone? Do gut strength and attitude beat COVID? Gaslighting MSM. Trump trailing by 14% in polls. Mederma and Pfizer both reporting vaccine side effects: headache, chills, and exhaustion. Are the left and media pressuring drug companies to delays? 10% of the world has had COVID. DNI director John Radcliffe declassifies John Brennan's notes on Hillary. Trump calls off stimulus talks until after the election. The stock market drops more than 300 points. College admissions dip. Led Zeppelin's song "Highway to Heaven" in a copyright fight. Eddie Van Halen passes away. For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Cooking as Therapy - This Week's Top TV ShowsThought of the week: Cooking healthy meals is an act of love for myself and those I cook for. Cooking as therapy. TV Shows: Narcos, Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Making of a Murderer.
On today's show: Master DebatersTrump blows the debate by continually interrupting Biden. Biden downplayed fall vaccine release. Biden refuses to denounce Antifa, said they are only an idea. Is Soros funding riots? Pandemic economy. Court-packing. Trump's reference to Proud Boys. Trumpsters are getting out more to vote than Biden's following. Will there be more debates? Food aide boxes come with a letter from Trump. Brad Pascal former Trump fundraising manager arrested. RNC fundraising. Biden says Hunter has stopped taking drugs.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Powers of Yoga - This Week's Top TV ShowsThought of the week: Progress not perfection. Yoga as a therapy or a way of life. Yoga is a verb and is your relation to the world. Yoga is how to create the ultimate relationship with the world. Yoga is how we connect. This week's top TV shows: True Detective, The Young Pope - The New Pope, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, Treadstone, and Snatch. New-season of Fargo has begun, this season features a true story from Kansas City, MO.
On today's show: Celebrating Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Dueling Dialogues Ep.230Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies. Did her life matter? Celebrate what she did. Will Amy Coney Barrett put abortion on the ballot? Will it reverse Roe vs Wade? What if there is not 9 judges? Martha McSally or Mark Kelly in Arizona? Is Hillary on Biden's list? Michelle Obama maybe? Don Lemon wants the whole system blown up. Getting rid of the electoral college? What more judges will look like. The Biden Trump debate. Trump says COVID vaccine should be ready by October.For a list of source links, visit
On today's show: Fake Apologies and How To Recognize ThemThought for the week: It's easier to tell the truth the first time around. ake apologies. Shift to blame. Self sabotage behaviours and 10 tips. Three habits that destroy you. 2 1/2 Men: Who was the smartest? Top TV shows of the week: Justified, The Boys, House of Cards, The Mandalorian, and Fargo.
Hear how COVID-19 lockdown saved me from the depths of hell.
On today's show: COVID Vaccine Updates & Biden or Harris?Pfizer may be ready with vaccines before the end of 2020. Durham Report is coming out in the next 10 days. Is Trump hurting for money? Pulls all TV ads today. Who is really running for president, Biden, or Harris? Harris refers to her admin and not Biden's admin. Where is Biden's medical report? Palestine must come into the peace treaty or choose to remain in isolation from others. 5 financial tips from Mark Cuban. Prince Andrew is cut from his Dad's birthday celebrations. De Blasio cancels Macy's parade but didn't cancel protests. Chick Fil A wins court case to be in San Antonio airport, but now they question if they want to be. Tariffs on Canadian aluminum have been lifted, beer cans are on their way.For a list of source links, visit
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