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Alaskan Made

Alaskan Made


907 hockey shop and spring league, Alaska oilers. Just like his hockey camp Merit Waldrop is Alaskan Made.
The book of Alaska hockey has had many chapters and there is still much to be written.  An entire early chapter can be dedicated to Steve MacSwain and how he and his teammates in the 70’s and 80’s blazed the trail for generations to come.  Born near the docks during the Seward Fishing Derby in 1965, his path from the pond to the Golden Gophers to pro hockey is remarkable.  Grab a breakfast beer and settle in for the ride that is Steve MacSwain’s humbly told story.
You know you’re old “Like Reid” when you look up Hockey DB and there are no stats.  He came to Alaska in 1980 before Google was a thing.  He played for the Seawolves, Founder/Player/Coach for the Anchorage Aces, and he’s coached Dimond High since 1992. This won’t be a bad Saturday.  Just don’t loop and turn like 767.
Happy New Year!  Catch up with the boys after the holidays.  Looking back on the year and what's new to come.
Save Seawolf Hockey

Save Seawolf Hockey


UAA Head Coach Matt Curley and Asst. Coach Nick Walters dropped by the studio. The parallels Coach Curley draws between his own youth hockey journey idolizing college players to what could be lost for the next generation locally if the program dissolves is spot on and numbing. With possibly the toughest job in all of college sports right now he’s not only a D1 head coach, but also front and center of “Save Seawolf Hockey”, the local group of hockey boosters, alumni, fans and community dedicated to saving Seawolf hockey.
A man so close to our hearts and the hearts of an entire hockey and educational community.  Some call him Mr. Wild.  Some Rodney.  Some Doc.  We call him Coach, but that reaches far beyond the ice.
EPISODE 21 BROUGHT TO YOU BY TRUSTWORTHY HARDWARE!!! The wait is over!  One of our top asked-for guests, Brian Swanson, came over and talked hockey with the DNC crew. Brian (Swanny)'s career started in Alaska and took him near and far.  Playing D1 hockey as well as the NHL, over seas in the DEL and finishing off in the ECHL for our hometown Alaska Aces.  We hope you enjoy Swanny as much as we did!



Sorry for the late drop but we got a fresh eppy with the 5 here for ya.  The boys talk about random subjects and generally shoot the shit for an hour.  We also announce the new/used addition to the pod, KEVIN HAOOOOOO.  ENJOY!!!!!
Jimmy Reese & Frank Nosek

Jimmy Reese & Frank Nosek


Zero interdiction to Alaska hockey purists.  These gentlemen share a pure love of the game. Friendship developed between a lawyer and a truck driver over. Both members of the 2018 Team USA over 80 team.  Both can still play the game and are great fun to hang out with and have a beer with.  Finger prints all over Alaska hockey, Jimmy Reese & Frank Nosek.
Fresh Ice In The New Studio

Fresh Ice In The New Studio


AAAAAAAAND WE'RE BAAAAACK!!! We have an OG epi for you all this week.  The boys got together alone for the first time in a while to do a solo pod with just the DNC crew.  Its been a hot minute since we've been able to open our own mouths but finally we're here.  We hope you enjoy the banter! Keep a lookout for the Dump N' Change online store!
No one ever said we were the most punctual! Only 3 days late with this bad boy but it was worth the wait.  We got Canadian rugby and bobsled star Cam Stones on the pod.  Although it's a departure from the normal "Alaska hockey" guests we have on, the husband to former guest Zoe Hickel came on and talked about his experiences in the olympics as well as the sport of bobsleigh.  This USDA Prime grade piece of beef will always be one of the boys after this night and we can't thank him enough for coming on. ENJOY!!!
A continuation on the live episode we recorded, we have plenty more guests who come on and hope you all enjoy!
Better late than never!!!! The DNC boys come to you live from the best brewery in Alaska, Odd Man Rush Brewing!  This is just part 1 of a fantastic podcast we recorded with a whole variety of guests. In part one you'll hear from the boys and how their July 4th holiday went and then we have former Brown Bear new UAA Seawolf , Porter Schachle, on the pod to tell us a hilarious story about his last bear hunt.  We end part 1 with FOP and former guest Jeremy Swayman.
Nittany Lion stud and all around good guy, Casey Bailey, joins the boys on the pod this week!  He goes over where his hockey career has taken him from juniors in Canada all the way to the NHL and overseas in the KHL and Swedish league.  We were also joined by Bailey's friend and new coach with the Kenai River Brown Bears, Matt Thompson.
The Hockey Mom Panel

The Hockey Mom Panel


For the first ever time in podcast history (we think) we have assembled a panel of hockey moms to come on the pod to have a little chit chat.  Its always fun listening to the different opinions that all hockey parents have, especially the moms ;)  Keep downloading and sharing us so that we can make more content of you!!!
We have a bear of a guest on the pod this week!  Former Maine Black Bear and current Boston Bruin, Jeremy Swayman, comes on the poddy to tell us his story of how he got where is and how bright the future is looking. The DNC crew had a great time getting to know Jeremy AND we were lucky enough to have his father ,Dr. Ken Swayman, join in on the convo. Remember to share us if you love us!
LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! The Hickel sisters are on the pod today to discuss both their paths in hockey, starting at youth and ending at women's profession hockey.  Like Walt says, they are both rockstars, not only in Alaska but in woman hockey worldwide.  Like and share the podcast to help us out and thank you for listening!
With our 10th episode we bring you Pete McEnaney!  This guy has had his finger prints on Alaska hockey for over 30 years and he joins us for the first of we're sure to be many podcasts.  Thank you for listening and make sure to share us with all your friends and family!
This episode is brought to you by PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS!  The second installment of the Scott Gomez interview is a wild ride.  We hope you all enjoy and make sure to SHARE the podcast with all your friends and family!  THANK YOU FROM THE DNC CREW!
This episode is brought to you by PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS!  The boys got Scott Gomez on the poddy to tell us all about his youth hockey days in Anchorage before is gigantic career in the NHL.  This was a fun and special interview for the whole DNC crew and one I'm sure we'll never forget. LIKE AND SHARE US !
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