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True stories for English speakers learning Spanish. From the makers of Duolingo, the most popular language-learning app, comes a new podcast that delivers fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration. These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language. Hosted by Martina Castro, co-founder of NPR’s Radio Ambulante.
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As the child of adoptive parents in 1980s Argentina, Tatiana Sfiligoy knew her family situation was unique. But it would be another decade before she uncovered the truth about what happened to her biological parents — including the role her country played in their disappearance. A transcript of this episode is available at
Like many others around the world, Spanish speakers on both sides of the Atlantic have responded to the coronavirus pandemic with exceptional acts of courage and kindness. In this special episode, we’ll hear stories of people who have stepped up to serve their communities with creativity, ingenuity, and solidarity. We dedicate this episode to the global community of front line workers who have worked tirelessly to keep others safe. A transcript of this episode is available at
In El Salvador, waist loom weaving is a revered craft, historically undertaken by women—until Ronald Vega had to take over the job from his sick mother, becoming the first man in his family, and his country, to practice this ancestral technique. A transcript of this episode is available at
After an impressive career of cooking in some of the world's best restaurants, Marco Quelca decided to dedicate his life to bringing gourmet cooking to lower income communities in his native Bolivia, pioneering a new kind of performance art: high-end street cooking. A transcript of this episode is available at
As a child, Dr. Linda Valencia was fascinated by her grandmother, a traditional healer in Guatemala. But after choosing a different path and becoming a medical doctor, Linda realized that she could integrate the best parts of her grandmother's practices into modern medicine, in order to transform healthcare across Guatemala. A transcript of this episode is available at
When María Elena Paz moved to a plot of land on the outskirts of Mexico City, she was shocked to find no water, electricity, or roads. She and her neighbors weren't even supposed to live in the ecologically protected zone. But María Elena was ready to move mountains to show her community that the power to improve their living conditions was in their hands. A transcript of this episode is available at
Francisco Sanclemente is on the verge of professional soccer success when a serious illness leaves him wheelchair-bound. Without the use of his legs, he's forced to redefine what it means to be an athlete. A transcript of this episode is available at
In 1961, 15-year-old Norma Guillard left her family behind and ventured into rural Cuba as part of a nationwide campaign to teach people how to read. Her eight-month journey would culminate in a historic accomplishment for her country—and give Norma an opportunity to leave poverty behind. A transcript of this episode is available at
For 30 years, Ana Larriel struggled with her weight and her body image. Until she decided her body wasn't what needed to change. The cultural perspective she had grown up with was what needed changing. A transcript of this episode is available at
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Trailer Season 7


The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is back with new episodes starting March 26, 2020. Listen to the trailer now!
A Spanish fashion designer works hard to give her autistic son every opportunity—then discovers that he has a special talent and makes him her business partner. A transcript of this episode is available at
A young Puerto Rican man takes a dish from his homeland and creates a global food sensation. But when Hurricane Maria hits, he finds a new way of using food to help the island he loves. A transcript of this episode is available at
Yola grew up watching her grandfather make mezcal. When he died, she took up the mantle. But how would she transform her grandfather’s hobby into a mezcal for the masses? Study materials and a transcript of this episode are available at
Rodrigo Pacheco worked in some of the world's best restaurants, but he never truly felt like the chef he aspired to be until he found himself far from the culinary scene on the Ecuadorian coast. That's where his quest to build a 100% sustainable restaurant began. Study materials and a transcript of this episode are available at
Working as a nurse in Venezuela during the worst economic crisis in the country's history, Fabiola Molero is used to seeing hardship. But when she and her team saw a photo of a girl suffering from extreme malnutrition on a nearby island, they knew the crisis had reached a tipping point. Study materials and a transcript of this episode are available at
Eréndira Sánchez is a young skydiving apprentice in Mexico when a world-famous skydiver offers her a chance to train at his facility in the U.S. But after a tragic accident, Eréndira is forced to choose between a life of freedom in the sky or one of safety on the ground. Study materials and a transcript of this episode are available at
In 1980s Quibdó, a rural, Afro Colombian city, homophobia was a part of everyday life. But when Erlin Mena found the courage to put on heels and dance in drag, he helped create a thriving queer community that endures to this day. Study materials and a transcript of this episode are available at
Growing up as the daughter of a mariachi, Mireya Ramos learned early on that mariachi was a male-dominated world. But after moving to New York City, Mireya decided to challenge tradition and create an all-female mariachi group, opening doors for other musicians and redefining the genre. Study materials and a transcript of this episode are available at
Trailer Season 6

Trailer Season 6


The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is back with new episodes starting Thursday, December 12. Listen to the trailer now!
It took Vincenzo Bruno years to fully embrace his trans identity. But the moment he did, he became a fierce advocate for other LGBTIQ Costa Ricans, helping to launch a campaign that would end up altering the course of Costa Rican history. Study materials and a transcript of this episode are available at
Comments (175)

Marika Martini

I love duolingo podcast, they are easy to understand and the stories are so interesting! I had relatives in Argentina that now live in Spain and I never knew much about the situation in South America, it's a good way to learn a new language, study a bit of history and it opens up your mind about other cultures! Can't wait for the new season! Would love to have the same podcast for who is learning Italian!!

May 23rd

Lillian Thomas

mi favorito

May 15th


I love the simplicity but the vivid detail and audio you put in your podcast. I was following along with the transcript as well and it was that much more vivid and vibrant. I feel like I was part of those stories.

May 14th

Karen Gonzalez

I really enjoyed this story I wan to follow up on how HolaCode does!

May 8th

Juanita Rodriguez

Me encantó la historia de Marco de La Paz , Bolivia!...

May 5th

David West

Sreading abortion throughout the country doesn't make her of a heroine in the good book.

Apr 23rd
Reply (2)

Michael Doran

Whaaaaat? Another story about something related to SJW agenda. Noooo way...

Apr 10th

Michael Doran

As a personal trainer, this is disgusting to me. Lazy people who want the world to change, instead of them. Anyone can be in good shape. ANYONE. No excuses.

Apr 7th

Michael Doran

yay communism! people may be starving, but they can read! for real though, I'm appalled that duolingo chose this story

Apr 7th
Reply (2)

Michael Doran

Why do almost all of your episodes have to be social justice warrior B.S. Homophobia, sexism, racism...etc. PLEASE tell us a story about a normal person.My brain cant take any more SJW crap. I don't care!!! I love your podcast, when that aspect is not involved.

Mar 17th
Reply (12)

Lionel Kékéndi

This was really good. I watched him on tv, neat guy :)

Mar 6th

Juanita Rodriguez

Cuando van a tener unos episodios nuevos?

Mar 3rd

Ravi Nair

It's a Terrific podcast because we learn the cultural settings also - the episodes should be posted Faster

Feb 22nd


oh my god the mouth sounds, did they not get a sound engineer in? Did they not use a pop filter and show the performers some mic techniques?

Feb 19th

T and friends

Spanish or vanish

Dec 27th


ésa fue una historia muy graciosa jajaja

Dec 4th

No Kia

i keep working hard to learn Spanish

Nov 14th
Reply (1)

Brandon Hyatt

Less political episodes please

Oct 30th
Reply (1)

yuri braga

És una belíssima historia

Sep 26th
Reply (2)

Mahdi Yarandi

Gonna be great if we could see text

Sep 20th
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