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True stories for English speakers learning Spanish. From the makers of Duolingo, the most popular language-learning app, comes a new podcast that delivers fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration. These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language. Hosted by Martina Castro, co-founder of NPR’s Radio Ambulante.
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María Campos falls in love with a stray dog who has a knack for leading protests — and becomes a global symbol of unity and strength in Chile's historic social uprising. A transcript of this episode is available at
After experiencing climate change-fueled wildfires in person, a young Spanish businessman searches for a solution to reforest the planet, with help from a tree-whispering monk. A transcript of this episode is available at
Pushed away by growing insecurity and political unrest in her country, a Venezuelan woman follows her dream of moving to Georgia, USA. There, she faces a tough reality of the language barrier and harsh work conditions…obstacles she meets with a fighter's spirit. A transcript of this episode is available at
A tattoo parlor in Barcelona helps survivors of domestic violence start a new chapter in their lives. A transcript of this episode is available at
Eleven years ago, a young geologist named Sandra Jara became an unsung hero in the high-stakes race to rescue 33 trapped Chilean miners. Now, she’s telling her story. A transcript of this episode is available at
After a fortuitous encounter in Taiwan, two Mexican friends decide to transform their national symbol into an ethical alternative for the fashion industry. A transcript of this episode is available at
In one of the poorest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, a soccer coach helps girls fight for their right to play, building a feminist soccer league that becomes an example of inclusion in sports. A transcript of this episode is available at
In this special episode, we go behind the scenes of “El gran robo argentino,” the first special mini-series from the Duolingo Spanish Podcast. Host and executive producer Martina Castro reveals the most intriguing secrets from this one-of-a-kind show — with a little help from those who made it possible. If you want to hear the original music composed for this series, you can check it out here: . The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is back with new episodes starting January 21, 2021.
The robbers are forced to face the consequences of their crime, and find themselves up against potentially lengthy prison sentences. While the evidence against them is damning, they hope to make the case for leniency by arguing that they were unarmed. But the prosecutors intend to show they are not the non-violent folk heroes the media have made them out to be. A transcript of this episode is available at
It's the version of the heist you haven't yet heard: the day of the robbery, from the thieves' point of view. Hear the play-by-play of what really happened inside the Río Bank on January 13, 2006. With everything planned down to the smallest detail, what could go wrong? A transcript of this episode is available at
The mysterious mastermind assembles a band of thieves to rob a bank without firing any shots. For a year, the gang thinks through every single detail. But can they really trust one another to pull off such an elaborate scheme? A transcript of this episode is available at
An unexpected betrayal leads to the downfall of the robbers. But police still struggle to answer a central question: Who is the man who dreamt up this audacious plan that made fools of them? A transcript of this episode is available at
The police have finally put together how the robbers vanished with the loot. Yet despite several leads, agents are struggling to arrest any suspects. While the police try to keep their investigation secret, the reporters will learn that the thieves left behind a mysterious clue. A transcript of this episode is available at
In January 2006, a group of thieves entered a bank in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in what appeared to be just a regular theft. But soon, it became clear that this would be unlike any crime Argentina had ever seen. In part one of our first ever serialized story about one of the most shocking robberies in Latin America, you'll hear from several people who investigated the crime: Journalists Rodolfo Palacios and Maria Ripetta, prosecutor Ariel Apolo, and one of the police officers who arrived on the scene. A transcript of this episode is available at
Trailer Season 9

Trailer Season 9


The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is back with new episodes starting  October 22, 2020. Listen to the trailer now!
A Bolivian biologist studies a lone frog named Romeo,, who's in danger of extinction — until she makes him a dating profile and starts an international fundraising campaign to find his Juliet and save the species. A transcript of this episode is available at
Irma Silva was born on a ranch, married young, and raised a large family — the traditional life of a rural Mexican woman. At 80 she thought that was it for her…until her grandson made an offer she couldn't refuse, and invited her to be the lead singer of his band. A transcript of this episode is available at
There are two places Teresa Valcarce calls home: Spain and the United States. But after discovering that one of her countries never fulfilled a centuries-old promise to the other, Teresa sets out on a mission to track down a missing portrait, and restore it to its rightful home. A transcript of this episode is available at
A young Mexican man discovers that he can use rap as a tool to help save his native language. But can he convince a new generation to love this new form of rap, too? A transcript of this episode is available at
Dr. Magaly Blas trades the security of a city hospital job for a post in the Amazon, where she serves pregnant women who don't have access to modern healthcare. But when Magaly discovers that she, too, is pregnant, her work takes on a whole new level of meaning. A transcript of this episode is available at
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River Streader

I love this but I wonder if you are able to create subgroups divided by level? I am not quite at intermediate and although I still listen it would be great if there was an advanced begginer /ordering through levels?

Mar 3rd


The following link is to find the show notes.

Feb 23rd


este podcast es muy agradable. Me gustó muchísimo. de hecho quizás es el mejor podcast de la serie de podcasts Duolingo

Feb 22nd


Este podcast me cae muy bien. Su español es bastante sencillo para uno (como yo) quien todavia esta aprendiendo la lengua y no tiene mucha habilidad. Pero, es una historia muy interesante y captura la atención bien. Se lo recomendo a todos estudiantes del español.

Feb 14th


I really enjoyed this special season. Good job! Big THANK YOU to everyone who is creating the Duolingo podcast! It is entertaining and helps us to learn <3

Jan 23rd


please add the subtitles

Jan 9th

Star Pod

that was so good thank you to make This podcast

Jan 4th

Mascha Valizas


Jan 1st

Caleb Tivendale

Great story!

Jan 1st

Mobina Raoof

omg mucho gracias! thank you so much for these positive real and easy to understand stories🥺💜

Dec 30th


I really enjoy your podcasts. Thanks for doing a great job.

Nov 27th

Alex Almeida

I'm from Brazil and I love this history...

Nov 18th

Alexandra Estrella


Nov 6th

Jamie Longo


Nov 5th

Jamie Longo

very good

Nov 5th

Jamie Longo

great work Duolingo!

Oct 29th

Jamie Longo

love these continued robbery stories!

Oct 29th

Bill McMaeliiller

Why? Just why? Duolingo, sólo estoy tratando de entender español, so why are you fusing politics into language learning? I'm sick of the leftist agenda they're pushing here. This is a disgrace to Duolingo's mission. Disgrace. Just provide your services that we love and need, and keep the homophobia/transphobia/leftist stuff out of learning languages.

Oct 21st
Reply (2)


please add all the text, it will be so helpful

Oct 7th
Reply (1)

Duo Cam


Sep 12th
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