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True stories for English speakers learning Spanish. From the makers of Duolingo, the most popular language-learning app, comes a new podcast that delivers fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration. These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language. Hosted by Martina Castro, co-founder of NPR’s Radio Ambulante.
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After fleeing her hometown of Capulhuac, México, Cristina Martínez starts all over in Philadelphia, where she rises to fame as a barbacoa chef. A transcript of this episode is available at
Growing up in Venezuela, identical twin brothers Emilio and Orlando Tovar Gil had to lean on each other to survive. After working hard to pursue an international dance career, will a series of setbacks cause them to break up? A transcript of this episode is available at
For years, Jane Terrazas lived in fear of violence in her hometown of Juárez. But later, she used her skills as a designer and artist to empower women to gain economic freedom and personal safety. A transcript of this episode is available at
Ever since he was a kid, Rafa Millan-Garcia got through tough times by getting on his bike and pedaling alone for miles. But after one very long bike ride took him 1,700 miles from his home in Mexico City to Colorado, this nomad found a community that he never wanted to leave. A transcript of this episode is available at
In 2013, a Peruvian photographer visits his parents’ village and unexpectedly becomes dedicated to improving literacy in rural Peru. A transcript of this episode is available at
In 2011, Mónica Mera survived an accident that left her paraplegic and emotionally devastated. She thought her days of adventure were over, until she received an invitation to join a special journey on the famous Camino de Santiago trail in Spain. A transcript of this episode is available at
Trailer Season 13

Trailer Season 13


The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is back with new episodes on October 28. Listen to the trailer now!
After a famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin goes missing, and then dramatically reappears, a Chilean filmmaker sets out to uncover the motives of the mysterious art student responsible for the theft. A transcript of this episode is available at
When two literature professors discover that a woman named María Lejárraga was behind some of the greatest Spanish literary works of the 20th century, they set out to learn why her name was omitted from history, and do everything in their power to restore her work to her name. A transcript of this episode is available at
For 47 years after her death, a room in Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s house remained sealed to the outside world. When it was finally opened in 2004, it revealed amazing insights into the painter and her life. A transcript of this episode is available at
After a famous Matisse painting from a Venezuelan museum mysteriously shows up in a Miami art gallery, a journalist investigates and discovers the unthinkable: for years, the so-called masterpiece on display at the museum was a fake. A transcript of this episode is available at
Pablo Picasso’s most famous work, the anti-war mural called Guernica, is returned to Spain under a veil of secrecy after 44 years outside the country during the Franco dictatorship. A transcript of this episode is available at
When a first edition of Gabriel García Márquez’s famous book, One Hundred Years of Solitude, disappears from a book fair in Bogotá, Colombia, a devoted bookseller vows to get it back. A transcript of this episode is available at
Trailer Season 12

Trailer Season 12


The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is back with a very special season on August 5. Listen to the trailer now!
Marisa Rosales loved cars as a kid. But it wasn’t until she discovered lowriders as a young woman that she found a car community connected to her Mexican-American identity. A transcript of this episode is available at
Juan Pablo grew up fascinated with bullfighting, a tradition in his home country of Spain. But when he discovers recorte — the art of bull dodging — he sees it as a thrilling, more humane alternative. He throws himself into the dangerous sport, risking his life every time he faces a bull. A transcript of this episode is available at
Tango is Argentina’s most iconic cultural tradition. But for a hundred years, tangos have only been written from the perspective of men. The conductor of “La empoderada” or “The Empowered,” Argentina’s first all-female tango orchestra, is trying to change that. A transcript of this episode is available at
Uruguay consumes more mate than any other country in the world. But for a hundred years, almost all of that mate has been imported. Now, Rodrigo Patrón is trying to bring back mate production in Uruguay, in a way that respects both the environment and the famous tea’s origins. A transcript of this episode is available at
A group of indigenous women from Bolivia go to great heights to show the world that mountaineering is for everyone — including cholitas who wear their traditional skirts and shawls with pride. A transcript of this episode is available at
After years of studying classical music overseas, a Peruvian composer returns home and decides to write an opera incorporating classical instruments as well as Andean ones like the zampoña and the quena — both types of flutes. A transcript of this episode is available at
Comments (244)

George oliver

Much too slow, and half of it is in Americanglish, so can't get in the zone for Spanish. I'd say it's more A1 or A2 than intermediate. However, the main reason I gave up after the second episode, was because the cringey disneyfied stories aren't at all interesting.

Nov 28th

Zeinab Mohammadkhani


Nov 25th

Samaneh Bakhshandeh

magnificent!!! thank you

Oct 19th

sisi pole

Hola. Soy Sahel y me gusta mucho los pod casts. Leí cien años de soledad cuando tenía 13 años. mucho amor desde Iran.

Oct 6th

Samaneh Bakhshandeh

this was magnificent thank you very much though I don't drink wine, I understand Hector's passion and love for it. it's great to have such a passion in life and to follow it

Oct 3rd

Maryam Yari

I have just started to learn Spanish and listenning to this Spanish podcast really helped me to adopt my ear to spqnish words. I hope one day I can speak spainsh well

Oct 2nd

Brian Justin Mularski Jr

más en espanol por favor!!

Sep 30th

Brian Davis

amazing story 😊

Sep 29th

azade Aghaei

muchas gracias😍

Sep 6th

Boyama Online

Keep on trying!

Aug 20th

Boyama Online

That's best ever!

Aug 20th

Isabelle Lott

So sweet! if only their parents had been truthful!!

Jul 27th

Jamie Longo


Jul 15th

Allen Chiang

loved this episode!

Jun 9th


Era muy inspirante

Jun 5th

Ahmad Falahzade

you are just amazing muchísimas gracias para todo!

Jun 3rd


muy servicial

May 31st

Buchanan Janis

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May 26th

Beatrix Ducz

What's his name?

May 16th
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