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Author: Tim and Oya

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Cancer sucks, but that doesn't mean we can't laugh at it! Please like, share and follow. While you're at it, shoot us a message, tell us what you think and make some suggestions for us to talk about and people to talk to. Find us @dyinglaughingpodcast on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or email us at met on the 7th floor at The Hersey Spa and Cancer center while we were both in treatment. One thing leads to another and now were sitting behind a pair of microphones sharing our stories. We feel that as survivors, we all have an obligation to reach out to those who are new to the Cancer Club. This is how we have decided to help initiate the newbies, give those fighting something to laugh at, and give a little perspective to those who are helping the cancer fighters. Hopefully you enjoy us, and keep liking and subscribing!
6 Episodes
Where do breakfast, fundraising, hip hop awards, Steven King, classical guitar and chemo brain all overlap? Right here in episode 6 where we discuss some of those things that we did not expect to happen as we live our life after treatments.  What did you not see coming? Shoot us an email at or on the socials @dyinglaughing and let us know! We love hearing from the dying laughing nation!
Episode 5: Caregivers

Episode 5: Caregivers


It has been a minute, but we’re back with a new episode every 2 weeks!  In today’s episode we talk about the roll that the caregivers play in the fight. Just because they aren’t sick doesn’t mean they aren’t impacted by the disease.  Without their help we’d all be up the creek....
Episode 4: Light The Night!

Episode 4: Light The Night!


Today on Dying Laughing we interview participants of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Central PA Light the Night Walk in York, PA.  Tim was the Honored Hero for the event and Oya started off lighting the lights for the survivors.  This was the first time either of us had been to this event and it was truly spectacular. Thanks LLS for putting on an incredible event and raising well over $100,000 in the process!!!
Welcome back everyone and thanks for listening!In Episode 3 we tackle what you probably shouldn't say to people fighting cancer... And just to be clear, all of this comes from a place of love for you, and don't feel terrible if you maybe said something like any of these things before.  AND remember the worst thing you can say to a friend with cancer is NOTHING. Don't for get to like, share and subscribe! And feel free to reach out to us @dyinglaughingpodcast on Facebook, Insta and twitter, or email us at
Today on the Dying Laughing Podcast we laugh about Survivor’s Guilt... those feelings that we have about what’s going on around us while we’re sick, about all the things that other people are doing for us while we can’t do much, and why we happened to get the better of this disease and others didn’t. Find us on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and all the other players. Don’t forget to like, share and leave us a review! Thanks!!!
Dying Laughing Episode 1

Dying Laughing Episode 1


Here we go!  This is the one where we introduce ourselves, tell you about what we’ve got, what we did and what we’re trying to do about it. And we’re gonna make you laugh. And we are gonna ask you to like, share and comment on things on all the Facebooks and the tweets and the instantgrahms @dyinglaughingpodcast or email us at 
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