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BlockFi signs a deal with FTX, 3AC files for Chapter 15 bankruptcy, Meta begins testing NFTs on Facebook, and the Sepolia merge testnet upgrade is expected to go live on July 6th. Read more:
FTX is reportedly close to finalizing a term sheet to buy BlockFi for $25 million, OpenSea suffers an email data leak, Arbitrum pauses its Odyssey campaign, and Ankr suffers a DNS hijack. Read more:
Optimism teases a potential governance launch, the Ethereum Foundation publishes a financial report, Truffle releases an extension for VS Code, and The Sandbox is looking to raise a $400 million funding round Read more:
Huntingdon Valley Bank submits a MakerDAO Collateral Onboarding Application, Reddit seeks engineers for a new NFT platform, ImmutableX partners with Venly, and BlockVision adds support for NFT APIs on Arbitrum. Read more:
Ethereum developers successfully shadow-fork the Goerli testnet, Orbiter Finance adds support for ImmutableX to its bridge, Gnosis Safe releases a transaction builder, and Element Finance announces a new NFT PFP collection. Read more:
Australian Bank ANZ launches an AUD pegged stablecoin, Yield Protocol adds support for fixed rate ETH lending, XCOPY raises over $20 million from an open edition NFT, and Ramp Network supports purchases for ETH on Arbitrum. Read more:
Figure reveals plans for crypto backed mortgages, GameStop releases a beta version of its NFT marketplace, Element Finance opens applications for delegates to its DAO, and Rocket Pool changes node operator commissions to a fixed fee. Read more:
More than 12k validators are pending activation for staking, Optimism will be rolling out calldata compression this week, ethereum netflows on exchanges decrease as the merge approaches, and GitPOAP, poaps for software contributions, is set to launch on April 7th. Read more:
The Kiln Ethereum merge testnet is now live, NFT marketplace Quixotic rolls out rarity rankings, MetaMask surpasses 30 million MAUs, and ConsenSys raises a $450 million Series D. Read more:
The EU rejects a proposal to limit the use of PoW mining, Ethereum’s Merge is predicted to go live sometime in June 2022, Yuga Labs acquires the CryptoPunks and Meetbits NFT collections, and more than 10 Million ETH are now staked on the Beacon Chain. Read more:
Quick Take suffers a $34 million hack due to an exploit related to 2FA. Multichain urges users to revoke token approvals amid smart contract vulnerability. The Gas Station Network adds support for meta transactions on Optimism. Drips Network launches its protocol for streaming payments and NFT memberships.   Read more:
Quick Take Ethereum’s price falls by 15% amid a sell-off in tech stocks affecting global markets. Meta, Facebook's parent company, is reportedly working on its own NFT marketplace. Adidas Originals releases a new NFT collection in collaboration with Italian-luxury brand Prada. NFT lending protocol Themis has launched on mainnet   Read more:
Quick Take Twitter rolls out verified NFT profile pictures for Twitter Blue subscribers. ENS releases a first version toolkit for offchain resolution of domain names. BitDAO opens a proposal for a $200 million zkSync development fund. NounsDAO gives Bud Light a beer-themed Noun in exchange for a Super Bowl commercial feature. Read more:
Quick Take OpenSea acquires crypto wallet Dharma Labs for an estimated $110 million. Coinbase NFT announces a partnership with Mastercard to support credit card purchases. Aave governance votes to deploy V3 on Arbitrum and Optimistic Ethereum. Optimism announces they are working on an additional 30% reduction on transaction fees.   Read more:
Quick Take OpenSea releases a list of 20 initial members for its NFT Security Group. Optimism-based dex ZipSwap raises 1100Ξ through an Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO). Snapshot announces release of Snapshot X, a voting framework built on StarkNet. Argent adds support for Aave to its zkSync wallet.   Read more:
Quick Take Adidas enters into web3 with a teased partnership with BAYC, PUNKS Comic, and Gmoney. ConstitutionDAO’s $PEOPLE token surges to a new ATH of $0.169 despite the DAO’s closure. marks the first NFT marketplace to launch on Optimism. Zapper Finance surpasses 1 million MAUs and $10 billion in total transaction volume.   Read more:
Quick Take Crypto Twitter debates over leading L1 solutions amid rising transaction fees. DeFrag launches a lending protocol for NFT loans backed by put options. Polygon submits a proposal to deploy Uniswap on the Polygon PoS network. Rarible launches a messaging feature that lets users communicate directly on the marketplace.   Read more:
Quick Take ConstitutionDAO loses the auctioned U.S. Constitution to Citadel CEO Ken Griffin. TIME Magazine adds ETH to its balance sheets from a partnered deal with Galaxy Digital. Aave launches its institutional arm Aave Arc to provide a regulated sandbox for DeFi. Connext Network adds support for bridging to Optimism directly from other sidechains and L2s   Read more:
Quick Take ConstitutionDAO raises over $40 million. StarkWare releases StarkNet Alpha 4 on the Gorli testnet. ConsenSys raises $200 million at $3.2 billion valuation. Polygon commits $1 million to Gitcoin grants.   Read more:
Quick Take NFT aggregator is now live for all users. Saddle Finance reveals the launch of its $SDL governance token and airdrop. OKEx, Houbi Global, and will add support for direct fiat off and onramps to zkSync. Polygon reveals plans for Polygon Miden, a STARK-based EVM-compatible Rollup.   Read more:
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