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Author: Dr. Michael Salla

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A leading researcher, keynote speaker & best selling author in the fields of exopolitics. Dr. Salla is a forerunner in the push to full disclosure of secret space programs, black budget projects, and the human ET agenda. These podcasts strive to reveal how this all relates to our past and current Political theater and the future of the human experiment.

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Dane Wigginton has been researching and exposing clandestine geo-engineering efforts since 2002. He first became interested in weather modification when he noticed the decline in the energy output of solar panels due to a strange increase in cloud cover and the impact of acidic rain on pristine forests in the Lake Shasta area. His website contains multiple documents and patents going back to the late 1800s showing how geo-engineering efforts have been pursued as a means of controlling the planet. In this Exopolitics Today interview, Wigginton discusses the incontrovertible data that geo-engineering has been occurring and used to steer hurricanes, create droughts, earthquakes, and events that are part of a secret geopolitical agenda. He believes that the Georgia Guidestones revealed the true intent behind weather modification of reducing the planet’s population to 500 million. He also responds to questions about the dual use of weather modification technologies as energy weapons that can be used against satellites and UFOs, whether of human or non-human origin. Website: --- Support this podcast:
Sean David Morton, Ph.D., was among the original group of researchers investigating the origins and truth behind several videos that first appeared in the early 1990s showing Gray-looking aliens that were filmed, interrogated or autopsied. In his second Exopolitics Today interview, Morton shares his first-hand knowledge of the Gray alien videos and comments on their relevance today as the US Congress for the first time begins to seriously investigate historical evidence.  Morton’s pioneering research into Area 51, S-4, Bob Lazar, Billy Meier, TR-3B and other major UFO cases involved intensive field research and interviews dating back to the 1980s, which give him a unique historical perspective on the evolution of the UFO and ET contact fields. Morton explains how he revealed his startling discoveries into a fiction based on fact book series called Sands of Time.  Sean David Morton’s website is: --- Support this podcast:
Paul Wallis spent 33 years in Christian Ministry where he became a Church Doctor and Archdeacon in the Anglican Church. He has authored four books understanding the extent to which Christian, Hebrew and other world religions are influenced by ancient contact with extraterrestrial life. In his latest book, The Eden Conspiracy (2023) he presents new analyses and evidence proving that extraterrestrials from different star systems, including Pleaides made contact and shared advanced technologies. Wallis shares his deep knowledge of the Christian bible where multiple passages reveal the extent to which extraterrestrials influence the ancient world, and shared secrets of their advanced technologies. He explains how contemporary investigations into the UAP phenomenon are a stepping stone to eventual disclosure of extraterrestrial visitors that date back to biblical times. Paul Wallis website is: --- Support this podcast:
Elena Danaan has had several face to face meetings and maintains regular communications with Enki/Ea since his return to our solar system in 2021. During that time he has shared with her detailed knowledge about the history of Earth and the role his half-brother, Enlil/Yuh had in the destruction of Atlantis and the Great Flood. Enki/Ea explained how Enlil/Yuh subsequently allowed Draconian Reptilians to interfere in the Earth experiment to ensure that humanity would never live up to its potential, and ensured that Enki/Ea's influence on Earth would be minimized. Enlil/Yuh and his supporters subsequently allowed the development of the Abrahamic religions which promoted dogmatic belief systems and demonized the alchemical, kundalini and other genome activation practices that Enki/Ea had encouraged for the awakening of the human potential. Enki/Ea is the current heir to the Anunnaki Empire which has given him the opportunity to redress the many atrocities committed by Enlil/Yu against humanity's development and alliance with the Dracos. Today, Enki/Ea is collaborating with  US Space Command and the Earth Alliance in helping humanity take over the control of former Anunnaki bases on Saturn and facilitating humanity's awakening. Elena Danaan next discusses the apparent rift in relations between US Space Command's James Dickenson and Northcom/NORAD's Glenn VanHerck when it comes to relations with extraterrestrial visitors, and the implications when it comes to sharing the fruits of advanced technologies that are currently being reverse engineered on the Moon and corporate facilities. --- Support this podcast:
In his newly released book, Project Starmaker, Tony Rodrigues discusses how extraterrestrials engage in star-making projects that are designed to build and ignite stars in gaseous nebula so suitable habitats can be created for life to flourish. He claims he spent ten years as a pilot on a star-making project as part of a deal negotiated between a German colony on Ceres and a distant extraterrestrial civilization. Rodrigues describes the asexual extraterrestrial body his consciousness was transferred into for a ten-year period, where pilots and crews were little more than slaves commanded to perform tedious, repetitive work to find and build out sufficient mass from space rocks to create a stable star. This generated significant resentment and depression, not unlike the Igigi Anunnaki workers described in Sumerian texts and Dolores Cannon’s writings concerning asexual extraterrestrial workers revealed in past life memories. Significant parallels were also found in Rodrigues’ book and Norman Bergrum’s Ringmakers of Saturn when it comes to creating giant ring habitats around small stars. Tony Rodrigues' website is: --- Support this podcast:
Michael Tellinger has written four books, the most popular of which was Slave Species of the Gods (2012), in which he wrote about the role of the Anunnaki in genetically creating homo sapiens and other hominoid species for use as slave labor in mining operations. He believes that the chief Anunnaki scientist, Enki, imprinted early humans with the genetic potential to outgrow their slave origin to evolve into long lived and wise beings, equal to their god creators. Tellinger has investigated ancient mines and stone ruins in Southern Africa which confirm the Anunnaki presence as described in Zecharia Sitchin’s interpretations of Sumerian cuneiform texts. Tellinger explains how different types of stones and their geometric formation, in places such as Adam’s calendar, can be used for developing advanced technologies, superior in key ways to modern technology. He finally discusses Ubuntu and his one small town initiative as a solution to problems caused by global banking and increasing centralization of global societies. Michael Tellinger websites: & --- Support this podcast:
Come Carpentier is an international relations author and researcher who has spent 50 years traveling to, and living in, Delhi, India, and has become an expert on ancient Vedic texts, philosophy, and culture. In addition, he is familiar with the history of Eurasia and the many wars between competing civilizations. In his second Exopolitics Today interview, Carpentier answers questions about what ancient Vedic texts tell us about the different ages of humanity; celestial wars impacting humanity; flying cities and their connection to extraterrestrial motherships; extraterrestrial life and technology; hybrid warriors or supersoldiers; and the legendary Rishi Kings and their connection to Ascended Masters. Finally, he discusses how ancient Vedic texts are being increasingly studied today by Indian scientists who are interested in reverse engineering the technologies the texts describe for India’s moern space program. Come Carpentier’s website is: --- Support this podcast:
Corina Pataki is the author of four books that examine the foundations of spirituality, biblical traditions, discovering one’s divine blueprint, and is also a Christian minister. She cites biblical texts to support her claim that the entity called Yahweh in the Old Testament is not the same “Father” that Yeshua (aka Jesus Christ) prayed to but is, in fact, an extraterrestrial imposter with Reptilian genetics. She further adds that Yahweh is the very same Sky God, Enlil, worshipped by the ancient Sumerians, who caused the Great Flood and much human suffering throughout the ages. In her second Exopolitics Today interview, Pataki describes her journey to understanding and writing about the core message of Christianity and understanding the connection to extraterrestrial life.  She agrees with recently discovered Gnostic Christian texts that Yeshua taught how to find one’s inner light as the key to salvation rather than teaching followers to worship an external light—including Yeshua himself. Pataki also discusses the mysterious Order of Melchizedek, its foundation by Enoch’s descendants, and how the heavenly realms relate to exterrestrial organizations such as the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Finally, she agrees that Yeshua was very likely an extraterrestrial hybrid or baby dropped off to help humanity evolve. Corina Pataki’s books are available on at: Her Facebook page is: --- Support this podcast:
In the mid-1990s, a number of videos began circulating showing dramatic scenes of small Gray aliens being interrogated or dissected by military authorities. In 1997, Jon Stewart became deeply interested in an alien interview video released by a mysterious insider called Victor. Around 2018, Stewart began an intensive five-year investigation of the Victor Alien Interview, which he has just completed and submitted to the office of Congressman Tim Burchett of Tennessee, who has been outspoken in his belief that extraterrestrial life is the most likely explanation for the UAP/UFO phenomenon. In his second Exopolitics Today interview, Stewart discusses why he decided to deliver the results of his investigation to Congressman Burchett and why he feels confident that the US Congress will seriously investigate his claims of the alien interview taking place at a little-known S-2 facility at Area 51. Stewart claims that his investigation was able to identify two senior Defense Department personnel that were present at the interview, General Colin Powell and Rear Admiral Edward Sheafer. Stewart further discusses three other famous videos of Gray aliens that have been circulating for decades. These are the Alien Autopsy video released by Ray Santilli in 1995, the Skinny Bob Video that appeared in 2011, and the Alien Interrogation video that went viral in 2016 with over 7.5 million views. Jon Stewart can be contacted at: --- Support this podcast:
This is the trailer to the June 24 webinar: "Supersoldiers and Ascended Masters: Two Pathways for Humanity's Emergence into a Galactic Society." To register & more info visit: Many thanks to Jas Marlin for creating this video and to Angelika Whitecliff to joining me in the narration. Michael Salla, Ph.D. --- Support this podcast:
John Vivanco has been a professional remote viewer for over 25 years and has gained highly accurate results that have both pleased corporate/government clients but also antagonized government agencies that did not wish a successful civilian remote viewing organization to be created. His accuracy led to him quickly becoming the Director of Operations of Trans-Dimensional Systems, one of the first civilian remote viewing think tanks to be created in 1997. Official repression, death threats, and harassment of Vivanco and Trans-Dimensional Systems’ founder Prudence Calabrese led to it closing down in 2003. However, Vivanco continued his remote viewing projects and, after a break of several years, created another remote viewing organization, Right Hemispheric, that still exists. He also hosts a popular online series on Rise TV called Chronicles of a Psychic Spy. In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Vivanco discusses his background, early remote viewing projects, repression by alphabet agencies, and why a successful civilian remote viewing organization was considered a threat to the status quo. He explains the importance of blind protocols for ensuring teams of remote viewers can gain accurate results on targets. Vivanco reveals some of the groundbreaking remote viewing projects he has conducted on the “Skinny Bob” Alien video, the deep underground military base at Dulce, New Mexico, the pre-lunar history of our planet, the role of giants, and other exopolitical topics. John Vivanco’s main website is --- Support this podcast:
Suzanne Spooner is a Level 3 practitioner in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) pioneered by Dolores Cannon and has spent 13 years helping clients remember past life memories, recover from major illnesses and injuries, and alleviate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of her clients have shared information about secret space programs, have had contact with extraterrestrial life, and have predicted an upcoming globally transformative phenomenon called “The Event.” In this Exopolitics Today interview, Spooner discusses how she first got involved with QHHT hypnotherapy and her work with secret space program witnesses such as Mark Domizio. According to one of her clients, an alien invasion occurred in 1994, which raises the possibility that the 1993/1994 Gulf War was a cover event for major nations to deal with the off-world threat without alerting the world public. Finally, she discusses what “The Event” entails in terms of a mysterious global transformation, solar flash, return of Christ Consciousness, a possible separation of humanity, and creation of a New Earth. Suzanne Spooner’s website is --- Support this podcast:
On May 26, 2023, JP completed a mission to a massive spaceport located under an unknown island in the South Atlantic Ocean. He was taken there by a flying triangle (TR-3B) spacecraft from a US Navy ship traveling in the Gulf of Mexico. To JP”s surprise, he was accompanied by a close relative whose first name is Alex. JP and Alex traveled down an elevator from the surface to the spaceport he said was significantly larger than the spaceport he witnessed during his last mission to an area in the Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee region. JP and Alex were involuntarily held overnight in a box before meeting with a 1200-year-old Nordic-looking member of an underground civilization. They were told about plans for the civilization to begin revealing itself more through its ships and bringing more surface dwellers down to its spaceport. JP was given a small crystal device through which he could see Earth’s future which featured futuristic cities in a pristine environment but with no Moon. When JP phoned his relative after the mission, the relative had no memory of the mission. --- Support this podcast:
In September 1953, while still an infant, Jerry Wills was found at an abandoned farm in rural Kentucky near Fort Knox under very unusual circumstances after authorities were notified. He was suffering from frostbite and was taken to a U.S. Army base, where he recovered and was adopted by an Army Officer and his infertile wife. Wills was raised as the couple’s son, along with their two adopted daughters. During his youth, Wills displayed unusual psychic abilities such as seeing inside people’s bodies, healing illnesses and injuries, telepathic communications, and even seeing into the future. During his teens, Wills had contact experiences with human-looking extraterrestrials from the Tau Ceti star system. He eventually learned from the Tau Cetians and an unknown “old man” that he was brought to Earth as an infant by virtue of an agreement reached by President Eisenhower and visiting extraterrestrials. The Tau Cetians believed that historical efforts to directly help human evolution were flawed, and so it was decided to indirectly help humanity by dropping off extraterrestrial babies to be raised as ordinary humans, but whose intrinsic gifts would help humanity evolve. Wills' incredible testimony is supported by a leaked 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency Document that describes the famed 1949 Aztec UFO crash incident where a human-looking extraterrestrial survived along with three infants. Diplomatic negotiations began with the Truman administration and high-level military officials such as General Eisenhower, and the infants were left behind as a gift for the US. With Eisenhower’s election in 1952, further agreements were reached, making possible the scenario described by Wills. After graduating from High School, Wills trained as an electrical engineer at several companies by Ph.D. level scientists and invented advanced healing and technical devices for that time period. What was most unusual was that he was equipped with a full laboratory to build advanced devices valuable to his corporate employers but who gave no credit to him for his accomplishments. Wills subsequently left the corporate sector, traveled extensively searching for ancient cities, and worked as a psychic healer. His remarkable psychic healing abilities were recognized by a Fox News affiliate in Arizona that, over an eleven-year span, did two stories a year on the many individuals Wills had healed. Jerry Wills website is --- Support this podcast:
In this video recording from the January 2010 Earth Transformation Conference held on the Big Island of Hawaii, Dr. Michael Salla presents his research into the 'celestials' - beings that use the power of consciousness alone for space-time travel. He reveals how celestials have historically helped humanity deal with the challenges posed by extraterrestrial technologies that have been in the past used in destructive ways. He explains how extraterrestrials are today helping unravel the power elite's control system established to prevent humanity knowing the truth about extraterrestrial life, and the extent advanced technologies have been secretly developed. --- Support this podcast:
Highlights from the Orbs, Space Arks & Motherships: Why the Deep State Fears Them webinar completed on May 13. Webinar presents and analyzes newly released information from a wide range of sources on Space Arks, ET Motherships and their connection to the many orbs that are increasingly being sighted around the world. Some of the orbs are extraterrestrial in origin, while others have been built by aerospace companies. Historical examples of both were presented to attendees to better understand what is happening today. Replay of full webinar (2.5 hours) now available on Vimeo at: Also available on Brighteon & Crowdcast. More details at: --- Support this podcast:
Daniel Morris Salter worked for over 20 years with the USAF as an electronics communications expert and, in 1968, retired from active duty as a Command Sergeant Major—the highest rank for a non-commissioned officer. Early in his Air Force career, Salter had a UFO sighting in 1949, which propelled him to being offered a senior position in the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit – a top secret intelligence unit that investigated the UFO phenomenon. After his USAF retirement, he was recruited by the National Reconnaissance Office to work on extraterrestrial-related issues concerning covert UFO crash retrieval operations. His duties included silencing witnesses to crashed UFOs or extraterrestrial contact as part of a multitiered official intimidation program that began with verbal warnings, harassment and ended with assassination. After more than a decade of working with the NRO, he retired. In 1993 he began revealing details of his experiences with other UFO disclosure witnesses such as Phil Schneider, who worked on Deep Underground Military Bases such as Dulce, New Mexico, and William Cooper, whose duties in the US Navy were very similar to Salter’s work with the USAF. Salter was among the Disclosure Project witnesses who gave video testimonies to Dr. Steven Greer and attended the latter’s famous May 2001 National Press Club Conference. In 2003, Salter wrote Life With a Cosmos Clearance, where he shared some of his direct knowledge of extraterrestrial contact and UFO history. In it, he discussed several leaked Majestic documents that he knew to be real, but could not directly confirm with his own direct experiences due to Non-Disclosure Agreements with the NRO and the threat of assassination. Significantly, Salter shared some of his experiences and insider knowledge with his two grandsons, Daniel and Derek, who both graduated as mechanical engineers and currently work in the engineering industry. In this Exopolitics Today podcast, I interview Daniel and Derek about their grandfather and what they personally witnessed or have learned from documents they found in Salter’s personal archives. We also discuss several leaked Majestic documents Salter discussed in Life with a Cosmos Clearance and what these reveal about the history of reverse engineering of alien technology. Finally, Daniel and Derek discuss what they know of how secret societies operate within the US military intelligence community to monopolize extraterrestrial-related information, and how their grandfather’s Freemason background helped him gain access to the deepest official UFO/ET secrets during his USAF and NRO career. Daniel and Derek have their own podcast where they discuss their grandfather's knowledge and other witness testimonies on UFOs/ET life. --- Support this podcast:
After completing his mission to an underground spaceport in the Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee region, JP was taken back to a military base where he handed off the healing technology his team had been given to his superiors. He then underwent a decontamination process and was instructed to go to a particular room where he was connected to an unknown technology. JP next began having a vision of a beautiful partially submerged city on another planet. JP recognized himself and a woman dressed in white coming out of the city whom he immediately recognized. In this Exopolitics Today interview, JP discusses how the technology that was used on him can stimulate and record past life memories. He claims that this is extraterrestrial technology and is being used by the US military/Earth Alliance to track the crews of space arks that are activating all over the Earth. According to JP, the goal is to find crew members that can help activate different parts of space arks as apparently, these areas remain dormant and inaccessible to those without the right DNA frequencies and consciousness. Further JP Updates and Interviews: --- Support this podcast:
Timothy Alberino is the author of Birthright: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam's Dominion on Planet Earth, where he describes the Book of Enoch as the oldest authoritative source on ancient history and on extraterrestrials interacting with humanity. He discusses how the situation on Earth today has many resemblances to conditions in the Antediluvial World that culminated in the destruction of Atlantis and the subsequent collapse of human civilization for millennia. Alberino believes that the extraterrestrial abduction phenomenon and transhumanism today pose twin existential threats to humanity. He asserts that Gray alien hybrids—aka hubrids—have infiltrated humanity and are fifth columnists to a coming Gray Insectoid extraterrestrial war. He argues this will be followed by a fake alien rescue by attractive human-looking Nordics that are part of a negative faction of Watcher or Elder Races. Eventually, the positive Nordic/Watcher/Elder race will intervene in a similar manner to the extraterrestrial war described in the Book of Enoch. In this interview with Dr Michael Salla, Alberino responds to questions about the different extraterrestrial factions that have historically intervened in human affairs, similarities in Sumerian and Hebrew records of such intervention, and what is most likely to happen today given the recent intervention of positive factions of extraterrestrials associated with organizations such as the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Timothy Alberino’s website is Book, “Birthright” is available at: --- Support this podcast:
Jean Charles Moyen is a filmmaker and former secret space program supersoldier with incredible teleportation abilities that have taken him to ancient Halls of Records and hidden Space Arks worldwide. He has provided compelling evidence for his claims in his documentary, Starseed Revelations 2, which documents how his teleportation abilities were scientifically tested and found to operate with high levels of gamma brain wave activity. Another important point of corroboration is that high levels of gamma brain wave activity were similarly found in another supersoldier, Stephen Chua about whom a book is soon to be released. Chua was asked to pilot fly-by-thought F-15F jet aircraft at Area 51 in the mid-1980s. Brain injuries had been sustained by test pilots who didn't possess the required gamma brain waves. In this Exopolitics Today interview, Moyen discusses a recent incident where his teleportation ability impacted his cell phone's GPS to show a target location he was visualizing in Japan rather than his home office in Quebec, Canada, where he was residing. In addition to discussing Chua's information about gamma brainwaves in classified programs, Moyen discussed his teleportation experience as a 10-year-old to an underwater complex of three large buildings and spacecraft belonging to an aquatic civilization. His description has many similarities to a September 1, 2022 mission report by US Army Insider JP to an underwater civilization comprising three dome-like structures. Finally, Moyen shares his insights about Space Arks he has visited, orbs that are collecting data on humanity, and the possibility of a false flag alien event being used by the Deep State in a last-gasp effort to stay in power. Jean Charles Moyen Jean Charles Moyen’s Starseed Revelation2 is available at: --- Support this podcast:
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Oh She Knows

there is bad feedback or an echo on this

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Jefferson Drumm

Also Enders Game portrayed insectoid races as invaders, but actually were very spiritual

Jun 14th

Seamus Moon

Does this guest sound credible to you?

Jan 6th


loved this interview!!

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Mateo Wampleaza

your a great man Dr. Sala. I listen to you daily and have shared your message. I believe you will be recognized years from now as one of the first pioneers in what we all have been lied to about. I was a Satanist of Anton Levey church and know the powers we deal with are not flesh and blood but pricepalities of darkness. I'm a studied theology student and hold no religious beliefs. what they describe in the book of Enoch and Daniel were no chariots of fire but spaceships. keep up the excellent work. mateo

Dec 23rd
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