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Two longtime friends and Pokémon fans play every generation of Pokémon game, gym by gym. Currently on Ruby & Sapphire. Hosted by Josh Fjelstad and Tanner Greenring. New episodes every Tuesday.
38 Episodes
After last week's long journey and battles, Minnie Max & RHCP get a little reprieve. Using their new Go-Goggles, they traverse Route 111's desert and find some mysteries in its sands, returning with them to Rustboro City to give Devon Corp. one last chance to prove its scientists are worth their mettle. With Petalburg just down the road, they set off to prove to Norman that they don't have daddy issues at all and HE'S the one being immature, Dad! They take issue with his gym layout, but lay him out along with the rest of the Normal type trainers and receive HM 03 Surf as a reward. With that, they set off for a strange sidequest on another shore. Notes: Featuring "I Believe I Can Fly (Karaoke Version)" by Let's Sing! (YouTube).
For our longest episode and most guests ever, hosts of Pokésports Mike & Kevin join Josh & Tanner for the journey—and boy, was it one. The routes were endless, the sweeties and gross 'mons plentiful, so we have double the segments. We weigh in controversial discussions, such as Spoink & Grumpig (cuties, or best as bacon?); the credibility of Team Magma & Aqua's dastardly schemes; and how pretty much everyone hates Pokémon contests. Then, each show team goes head to head against each other and then the shows themselves... who will be the mid-game champions? Notes: Thanks to @PokesportsPod for joining us! Check out their coverage of the competitive Pokémon scene (including an interview with us) wherever you catch your podcasts.
Mr. Briney takes Minnie Max & RHCP to Slateport City, where they find a whole lot of nothing to do. The flea market or whatever offers nothing. The Contest Hall says they're unqualified. The Oceanic Museum is packed to the gills. They finally get a dockworker to talk at the harbor, and find "Captain" Stern, who isn't really even a captain. Looking for a gym leader to crush, they head north and run into a bunch of neer-do-wells on Route 110, but are rewarded with some wheels and a real good fight with Gym Leader Wattson. Josh struggles with the current members of RHCP and considers changing the lineup.
Minnie Max & RHCP attempt to head east but run into trouble in Rusturf Tunnel—and a lovers' quarrel. Fortunately they make a new friend along the way, and hitch a ride down Dewford Town way. Once there, they meet a number of hipster freaks who are starving for goss and the latest trends from the mainland. After they spill the tea, they spill Gym Leader Brawly's guts all over his gym floor. Then, they hit the floors of Granite Cave, searching for a mysterious "Steven." Notes: Featuring "Suck My Kiss" by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The Pokémon Masters of Kanto & Johto dust off their Game Boy Advances and step foot into a new region: Hoenn. With both Josh & Tanner running themed teams this season, it's bound to be one wild ride. That journey begins with an overview of all the saucy new changes added into Gen III, the return of Level Check and what we're working with this season, and then we move into Littleroot Town. Also, thanks to our friend Michael LeVine, we have a Reddit now! Hang out with Bug Catchers at Show Notes: Support George Lloyd's family here: Support Breonna Taylor here: Donate to bail out funds here: Learn more about the Movement for Black Lives here: Learn more about anti-racism here:
David Sims (aka. Gringus-D) is back for the final bonus episode before season three begins in earnest next week. Tanner, Josh, and David faced off mid-season, but now that everyone has built the best teams they could, who will outwit their opponents and prove themselves to be the ultimate Pokémon Master? Will it be David? Josh? Tanner?! (Let's face it, it's probably won't be Tanner.) Tune in to find out!
Miniseries finale. Josh & Tanner reveal their deck builds going into their fight with Trading Card Game Island's four Grand Masters (aka Elite Four), as well as their favorite cards of the week, and their final card counts. One host was a little upset about his lack of cards but we won't say who. After victory at the Pokémon Dome, they talk about the postgame Challenge Cup in the Challenge Hall, say goodbye to Auntie Dr. Mason, and pack up their card binders.
The boys gear up for the final three Clubs on Trading Card Game Island by debuting two new decks each in the hot new segment "New Deck Check." They cool off in the luxurious Water Club before Joshua runs into trouble with its Club Master Amy, and Squirt feels perfectly at home. He continues onto Fighting Club, whose members have spread all across the map. After hunting them down, the card collectors face down Murray at the Psychic Club, the toughest and dumbest-looking Club Master yet. Also, Josh & Tanner talk about the absolute banger of a soundtrack.
Joshua & Mr. Squirt's prequel continues. We learn about their favorite cards, new decks, discuss the viability of Tanner's "all Tangela" deck idea, and analyze the decks of this week's vanquished Club Members. Namely, Fire Club Member Jonathan's "Reshuffle Deck," Science Club Member Joseph's "Flyin' Pokémon Deck," and the audacity of the "Powerful Ronald Deck." Also, Josh hurls an explosive Mayor Cheat allegation against Tanner, but they bond over how sexy they find Imposter Professor Oak.
Josh & Tanner begin their four-part miniseries playing the 2000 release of Pokémon Trading Card Game, the game, for Game Boy Color. Yeah, good luck Googling it. With eight "Club Masters" and four "Grand Masters," and featuring most of the Base, Jungle, & Fossil sets, the game is a mix between the video games and the irl card game. And despite its age, this thing whips. Learn about the mechanics, our characters, and the first two Clubs—and then get yourself a copy on the 3DS Virtual Console for just $5.99 and play along with us!
SEASON TWO FINALE finds our heroes at the foot of Mt. Silver. But first, they must defeat the final Gym Leader: Blue/Bad Josh/Greg, still rude as hell even after all these years. After condemning him to the footnotes of Pokémon history, they visit Professor Oak in Pallet Town, who gives them a pass to scale Mt. Silver. En route, Joshua meets a celebrity recluse who shoos him away with a TM, while Fjelstan makes a case for Tangela's sweetieness. At the summit, worlds collide as they face Gen I's champions. Will they defeat his high-level 'mon? And... when Joshua & Fjelstan face off, who will be the season two champion? Notes: Featuring "Freak on A Leash (8 Bit Tribute to Korn)" by 8 Bit Universe.
Outside Vermilion City, the trainers make an unfortunate discovery: of all the people to still be in Kanto, it's the Shorts Guys. Then, when a Snorlax blocks their path forward, Fjelstan struggles to get his Pokégear to work. Joshua plays a bop to wake up the Snorlax, and then captures it. After flooding Diglett's Cave, the trainers arrive in Pewter City, where they have nothing else to do but smash Brock to bits. They take a brief detour, see some freaky stuff on and along the way to Mt. Moon, and decide a sea breeze should set them straight. But, Blaine isn't on Cinnabar and they have to find him before they can get the seventh badge. Notes: Featuring "Once in A Lifetime" by Talking Heads.
Fjelstan goes on a trek through the wilds of Johto, searching for discarded items he can sell to Poké Marts to support his Pokémon's crippling happiness addiction, and also his gambling one. He and Joshua reveal shocking new final team members, and Joshua sings farewell to one of his oldest companions. Then, they explore Celadon City and discover its residents have made some progress in their problematic ways, but Erika has not made any progress on her team—which they easily crush. Rest in Petals. Finally, they hop on their bikes and head south, finding Fuchsia City has become a ghost town, other than its new Gym Leader, Janine. Notes: Featuring "California" by Phantom Planet and "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap.
Look at all those places! Joshua & Fjelstan go up down and around Kanto to restore power to the region. But first they get a tour of the surprisingly solvent Silph Co. and take on Sabrina in Saffron. Then, they head east because once again, two children need to solve everyone's problems and fix the Power Plant. In Lavender Town, they're disturbed to the Radio Tower is powered by the souls of dead Pokémon, and run away into the Rock Tunnel. On the other side, they accidentally ruin Misty's date, and after discovering the missing part for the Power Plant, they leave her sleeping with the fishes. Notes: Featuring "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi.
Professor Elm invites the boys back to New Bark Town, where he is pleased to hear of their success in the Pokémon League. He gives them a ticket on the Fast Ship S.S. Aqua as a gift, and after bidding Mom farewell, they head to the port in Olivine City. Aboard the S.S. Aqua, they run into a veritable who's who of disgusting trainer types and Pokémon—especially those of one "Juggler Fritz." They also have to find some guy's granddaughter for some reason before docking in Vermilion City. After surveying how the last three years have gone for the place (read: not well), they shut down Lt. Surge and get the Thunder Badge.
Tonight at 8pm EST, watch Josh & Tanner play through the prototype of Gold & Silver LIVE on Twitch. Originally playable at Nintendo's Space World exhibition in 1997, this brief demo features 251 Pokémon—40 of which never made the final cut, and with many different sprites for ones that did. Oh, and it's all in Japanese. So we'll figure that out. Tune into at 8pm EST tonight to catch it.
With all eight Johto badges in hand, the aspirant Pokémon Masters descend from Blackthorn City en route back to New Bark Town. There, they bid farewell to Professor Elm and Mom before heading east into Tohjo Falls. In Kanto, they fight a bunch of trainers with good-looking 'mon that help buoy them through all the busted ones on Victory Road. On the Indigo Plateau, they stock up, Joshua confesses a crush, and they take on the Elite Four.
Joshua & Fjelstan are joined by "Gringus," aka David Sims, a Bug Catcher and co-host of the podcast Blank Check. The trainers do battle at a bar. They take on Team Rocket in Goldenrod's Radio Tower. They catch (and critique) the Legendary Birds. They take on Clair in Blackthorn City and are forced to do some kind of test in the Dragon's Den, before receiving Johto's eighth badge, the Rising Badge. And, of course, Tanner does a misguided Google search and they all end up talking about the "unspeakable" Jynx again. Notes: Thanks to David Sims for joining us on this journey. Check out his excellent podcast Blank Check @blankcheckpod where he and his co-host Griffin Newman watch, rewatch, and talk about iconic director's filmographies and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.
Before heading east on Route 42, Joshua & Fjelstan encounter some legendary pooches in the Burned Tower. Then, after stuffing themselves with RAGECANDYBARs, they realize that something isn't quite right in Mahogany Town. Their investigation leads them to the Lake of Rage, where they discover yet another dastardly scheme by Team Rocket, who they confront in the basement of the local bodega. After putting them all on ice, they do the same to Pryce, and pry the seventh Gym Badge from his cold, dead fingers. Notes: Featuring "California (Piano Cover)" by pianomusings (YouTube), "Boston - Augustana" by KaraFun Karaoke (YouTube), and "Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men.
Upon their return to Olivine City, Joshua & Fjelstan discover there's pretty much nothing to do in this town. They scale the Glitter Lighthouse again and bring the SECRETPOTION to Amphy, who, once healed, returns to lighting up Route 40. Jasmine invites the trainers back to Olivine Gym, where they proceed to crush her hideous Steel Pokémon into aluminum foil, and receive the Mineral Badge. Then,  Josh & Tanner watch a film. Notes: Featuring "California" by Phantom Planet, "Pokémon Theme (Movie Version)" by Billy Crawford, "Brother My Brother" by Blessid Union of Souls, and "(Hey You) Free Up Your Mind" by Emma Bunton.
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