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EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips

Author: Lacy Phillips

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The Expanded Podcast created by To Be Magnetic™ is the go-to podcast for grounded manifestation. Created by expert Lacy Phillips, our process is rooted in psychology, neuroscience and energetic insights. Tune in weekly for deep dives into our process, powerful manifestation stories from Pathway members, and interviews with industry experts and expanders who will help you “see to believe” what’s possible.
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Today we welcome Ramit Sethi, author of New York Times best-selling book I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Ramit is a personal finance advisor and online business expert. His financial strategies have hugely influenced Lacy’s own financial growth. In this episode, Ramit discusses the psychology behind attaining financial wealth and overcoming scarcity. Ramit also shares effective strategies for navigating the financial volatility presented by COVID-19 as well as how to find opportunity in this time of financial strain. Listeners at every financial level will find tools to help support them on their journey. Find the Complete Show Notes Here ->
Lacy’s breakdown of the energetics at play during this pandemic. She shares her recommended roadmap of how to best navigate this threshold in order to find your new edge. Listen to this bonus episode when you need a boost of inspiration and hope when you are feeling lost, discouraged or fearful.
Today’s episode dives into all things energetics. We kick off the episode with Lacy’s breakdown of the energetics at play during this pandemic. She shares her recommended roadmap of how to best navigate this threshold in order to find your new edge. Then we jump into our new series Everyday Energetics where we feature two Pathway member’s stories of navigating triggers, unblocking and reprogramming. Lacy then gives an overview of the energetics at play for each story. In this episode, our first Pathway member discusses her trigger around being unliked and another member takes us through her process of unblocking financial scarcity. Find the Full Show Notes Here:
Today we welcome back Nutritionist & bean protocol expert Karen Hurd, to give us a scientific overview of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the ways we can support ourselves during this time. Karen dives into the fundamentals of this virus from a scientific perspective, and what it does to your system. She then covers the best ways you can aid your body in recovery from it. Karen also details the most effective ways to boost your immune system, and how heat plays a big factor. Lacy and Karen dive into the basics on a few other diseases and how we can best utilize foods to heal. We hope this episode offers a grounded source of support amidst the information overload we are all experiencing! *Disclaimer To Be Magnetic is not a licensed medical doctor so please consult with your own doctor or medical professional as every case may be different. This is for informational purposes ONLY. Although Karen's claims are well researched, she has a perspective which can be triggering to some, therefore, we encourage all to listen with the understanding that it is our intention to showcase this ideology as an alternative to the fear-based perspectives of others in order to provide some grounded respite during times of uncertainty. We encourage you to find updates about the virus on the CDC and the World Health Organization website.*
Just in time for Friday the 13th, today’s EXPLAINED episode is all about superstition. Lacy & Jessica break down the origins and nature of superstition and how it impacts manifestation. Lacy offers tips to recognize when it comes into play and how it interacts with programming. Lacy also shares her own experience around superstitions and how we can unblock from their limitations in order to manifest the life we desire.
Today we welcome stand-up comic Ian Edwards. Ian is a dear friend of Lacy’s from her days at the Laugh Factory, who has gone on to have a very successful career as a comedian, writer, and producer working on shows like Black-ish, Two Broke Girls and The Carmichael Show. In the episode Ian shares the process of discovering his passion for comedy, taking risks within his career, why he’s comfortable never marrying and how he leans into his authenticity when dealing with haters. Lacy also walks through the manifestation process of how Ian listened to pings, passed tests, jumped off cliffs and manifested his hour-long comedy special and dream house. This episode is highly expansive for anyone who is struggling to stay authentic in their line of work, relationships or in life.
Today Pathway member Parker Middleton joins Jessica for a Process episode on manifesting his dream partner. Parker dives into the programming he picked up living in the south and being bi-sexual, how he unblocked, found clear expanders, and passed tests in both love and career that led him to his exact list. Parker and Jessica also talk about moving through the loneliness that can come up when you say no to potential partners who aren’t right for you. Parker also shares his most important tips for anyone manifesting a partner.
Today we have on Lacy’s Bean Protocol Coach, and Author of “Your Tastebuds Are A**holes”, Unique Hammond, NC. Unique shares her outstanding journey of suffering from a severe case of Crohn’s to full remission thanks to the bean protocol from Karen Hurd. She talks about the success stories of the clients she now coaches and how healing internally can correlate with manifestation.
We couldn’t think of a more fitting day to dive into the topic of Love & Partnership — Valentine’s Day! In this episode, Lacy & Jessica talk about how to unblock around partnership & love, how to spot tests when calling in your partner, what it means to be trauma bonded, how triggers and doing this work affects every area of your life, & more! This episode will be expansive for people in any stage of a relationship, whether you’re looking for a partner, in a partnership, or need to exit a relationship. Happy manifesting!
Pathway member, Heather Whitaker, joins us for a Process episode today. Heather was chosen to share her manifestation journey on stage at the speaking tour event in LA. After detailing her all of the actions she took to shift her worth, and sharing her long list of manifestations that have come through including her job, relationship, wedding ring, dress, venue, and house — Heather noted the most important change she experienced from this work was getting out of lack mentality and into total deservingness. This episode is filled with incredible insight for manifestors at any level. Also, enjoy listening in on some clips from the LA leg of the Manifestation Speaking tour! *Trigger Warning as this episode contains a conversation around an incident of assault, violence, and abuse. If you would like to avoid this section of the conversation, skip over minutes 11:40 - 14:00.
If you have ever visited our Essentials page on the website or read the blog, you know Lacy has been a huge advocate for Alisa Vitti’s book Woman Code. The female hormone & nutritional expert joins Lacy today on the Podcast to talk about her latest book, In The Flo, which is all about unlocking your hormonal advantage. Alisa speaks to using your 28-day cycle to bio-hack diet, fitness, work and relationship, and how various trendy diets affect women’s bodies specifically. Alisa shares some of the ways your system gets disrupted, how you can monitor this yourself, and the most effective tools & resources for hormone health. Additionally, Lacy reflects on some of the practices that were most useful for her, and the changes she saw from improving the health of her endocrine system.
In today’s Process episode, Pathway member, Salwa Kyobe speaks to her own journey with the process and manifesting her move to New York, life in the city and financial abundance. She shares her experience acclimating to the culture here in America after moving from Uganda, and how those early childhood experiences shaped her thoughts on herself. Through the process, she shares her growth and transformation to self-acceptance and showing up for herself.
Today’s guest is Jordan Younger of the blog and podcast, The Balanced Blonde. In this episode, Jordan speaks to carving her own path and lifestyle, from launching her blog at a time when blogs weren’t a career option, to deciding to pause her business while she double downed on her healing. Jordan shares her spiritual journey with Lacy, including her connection with Pleiadians. She also shares her health journey with lymes, and many of the tools and practices she’s used along the way. This episode is incredibly expansive for anyone on their own spiritual, health, or entrepreneurial journey.
In the second installment of the EXPLAINED series, Lacy and Jessica break down the origin of the podcast name: Expanders. In this episode, they talk about what expanders are, where to find them, and how to utilize them in your process. They also share some of their own expanders in different facets of life, and why it’s so important to find expanders in order to Manifest.
In today’s episode, Karen Hurd joins Lacy on the show to talk about her protocol that Lacy has been following for the past few months. Karen shares the personal story that led her to develop this protocol and expanding the course of her education. They talk about how beans help to remove toxins from the body, as well as what contributes to common health issues and what we can do about them.
In this episode, Lacy and Jessica get back to basics on what manifestation is, and some of the specifics of Lacy’s grounded process. Lacy talks about her own journey of developing this method, and both ladies share stories and experiences of their own work. There are recommended tools for people at different stages of manifestation. This is a great episode to summarize the process and get you started on your own manifestation journey, or if you’re doing the work already, share with a friend who is new.
Today’s episode is a wonderful celebration of surrendering to the peace of the process. Lacy sits down with actress Paige Patterson to talk about her experience and journey with the work, and how she navigated through the biggest rock bottom in her life as well as her two year rut. They talk about Paige’s childhood, her earliest manifestation, and how she worked through the process to find peace during magic darks, ruts and rock bottoms. Paige also offers advice for creatives, entrepreneurs and artists moving through the work.
In today’s episode, we welcome back Andy Mant of BLUblox to talk about the harmful effects of blue light not only on our eyes, but on our bodies and our hormones as well. Andy and Lacy discuss why we need to care about blue light on a basic level, and expands to talk about how blue light exposure affects our hormones, specifically in terms of fertility per recent studies. They also talk about how blue light interacts with our circadian rhythms. Andy provides tips and hacks for things you can do in your house and to your technology devices to lessen blue light exposure, and increase exposure to healthy light.
This is Lila’s last episode! As one of the first people Lacy manifested to bring on board, she really helped to make To Be Magnetic a brand. Lila is now transitioning to a new career path. In this episode, they talk about Lila’s transition and the work and tests she encountered over the past year or so. They also answer some listener questions around career, money, bridge jobs, and maintaining your worth in career.
Today’s guest is a dear friend of Lacy & Max and the Co-Founder of Hugs CBD, Josey Orr. Josey opens up about his journey with addiction and sobriety, and his success with his current business venture. He also talks about what finally made him want to get sober, how he reconnected with his high school sweetheart (who is now his fiancé), and how to be upfront with your intentions and boundaries in relationships. Josey and Lacy also talk on some financial tips and things to know for people who are new to buying or using CBD.
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