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Join Rhett and Link, hosts of the popular daily YouTube show Good Mythical Morning and authors of the New York Times bestseller “Book of Mythicality” in a candid weekly conversation for your Internetainment.

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Tis the season of new traditions, medical scares, and murderous thoughts. Listen to R&L catch up on everything that went down on their holiday break on this episode of Ear Biscuits! (1:06) - a big announcement for next week's EB (7:12) - L's disturbing story (17:05) - R's trip to Asheville (19:46) - R's new annual tradition (25:56) - R skiing in Big Bear with Shepherd (29:11) - the debate: skiing is an extreme sport (34:34) - reality TV and murderous thoughts (40:06) - L's trip to Sedona (43:39) - building a new holiday tradition (48:09) - an incident on the plain (51:46) - L's medical scare (1:06:00) - L's rec in effect - The Epley Maneuver
Guys who are only getting older do their best to maintain their childhood friendship." It's a new year on an old channel with new tricks. Listen to R&L talk about the comeback of the long-silent Rhett and Link YouTube channel and their new journey into the vlogging world on this episode of Ear Biscuits! (00:14) - Our new 2020 initiative (3:59) - The neighbor Rhett never knew he had (9:32) - Privacy in our backyards (19:59) - The end of LTAT (23:25) - BTS on the Mythical Society (27:52) - What led up to us wanting to vlog (36:30) - Vlogging and YouTube (39:50) - Our first vlog (43:00) - Our 2019 experimentations (45:55) - Why the Rhett and Link channel (56:43) - Going in with a generation gap (01:03:17) - Trying something new (01:05:12) - Rhett's rec in effect - "My Favorite Shapes" by Julio Torres
Between special moments with their families, personal developments, and professional highlights, R&L look back at 2019. Listen to them countdown their most memorable moments of this year in this episode of Ear Biscuits!
A triple turkey LA Thanksgiving with some strangers mixed in at the table vs a Bojangles' North Carolina Thanksgiving with family. Listen to Rhett and Link catch up on their two very different Thanksgivings that led them to two very different realizations on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
Join Rhett and Link as they dive deeper into the mysteries of Bleak Creek. Listen to them break down questions asked by the readers in this episode of Ear Biscuits!
These 2 fathographers have documented and shared on social media (shoutouts to ensue) special moments in their lives from meditating on a rock in Joshua Tree with the boys and taking a family trip to the other side of the world. R&L discuss their philosophy and practice on how they decide when or if to take a photo or just to soak up the experience for what it is on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
Friendships are made of rap battles, deep dish pizza, and LED light piping. The guys talk about their takes on friendship, challenges they've faced, especially with long-distance friendships, and when to decide whether to let someone go on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
It's all a game. Or is it really? Upon returning from their recent tour, R&L look back on their recent media appearances to promote their new book The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek. Listen to the guys open up about how they really feel about going on all of the different shows and how their new book got them back in touch with the roots of their friendship on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
Can two xennial dads be taught the language of the youth? The guys go through a list of Gen Z slang and test how in touch they really are with the new generation on this episode of Ear Biscuits! It'll be dope. Facts.
A sneak peek into 1992 in Bleak Creek. Listen to Rhett and Link read some excerpts from their new novel The Lost Causes Of Bleak Creek and break down what aspects of their childhood made an imprint on the story on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
Rhett finds a lost artifact from Ms. Locklear's first grade class and brings it into the podcast to share. Listen to how the guys decide whether to toss or keep items of sentimental value as they recount some of their mementos they have kept over the years on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
From walking amongst 100 giants to getting immersed in virtual reality, Rhett and Link discuss their polar opposite weekends on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
It all seemed like an innocent family vacation to Boca Raton, FL for young Link. Little did he know that it would actually be a multi-level marketing convention. Listen to him recount how he escaped and many more encounters with multi-level marketing schemes, as well as an update on asserting dominance over his neighbor while in the shower and the proper way to close off an email on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
Are we sleeping wrong? As a follow-up to a previous AMA question, R&L try switching which side of the bed they sleep on. Find out about their results, their wives' reactions, and a brand new sleep contraption that Rhett brought in to share on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
Houston, we have a problem. We've let Rhett and Link inside. R&L look back at their special experiences inside the Johnson Space Center in Houston, where they met up with a real live astronaut, on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
His hair went up, but now it's starting to go down. Rhett opens up about how he envisions himself in the future and what let to this decision to change his iconic image on this week's Ear Biscuits!
The findings of a late-night Reddit session turns into a deep discussion on automation and humanity. Listen to Link and the "Future International Man of Leisure" look into what they would do if robots took over their jobs on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
This is an intervention. Or so it seems. One of the guys is shocked when he is told how often he interrupts people on a weekly basis. Find out who it is on this episode of Ear Biscuits!
A once in a lifetime trek back to the homeland results in an unfortunate incident. Rhett finally reveals what happened to his mom in Scotland on their vacation on this week's episode of Ear Biscuits! Sponsored by HelloFresh and Stitch Fix.
From an incident with Rhett's mom to digestive dilemmas to driving on the wrong side of the road and more, R&L come back from their summer vacations with many tales to tell. To find out what happened, listen to part one of this two-part series on this week's episode of Ear Biscuits!
Comments (385)

PizzaPlanet 67

link has flu type b

Jan 14th
Reply (1)

Aaron McRae

Thank you Link for sharing that about your wife... it really hit home.

Dec 29th

Seth Garrett Runsick

air fryer is the way to go. we used to oil fry and tried out the air and it's on par and way less hassle.

Dec 12th
Reply (1)

Gus Chrudimsky

ive been a fan for a year nothing's changed except the extra comedy!!!!!

Dec 6th
Reply (1)


So Rhett is slowly becoming Rhett from Buddy System Season 2? I'm all for it, ngl.

Nov 29th

Trig Jegman

generation y do we even exist

Nov 23rd

Forrest Otterman

you to are weird little girls. emasculating anyone who listens to this whining grow some balls. or just play reruns of the view

Nov 20th
Reply (1)


Why don’t you post more? I suffer every night you don’t post

Nov 19th
Reply (1)

Josh Walton

all I can think of and say after listening to this is OK BOOMER

Nov 18th
Reply (1)

Gus Chrudimsky

Alison amazing therefore flipping best idea

Nov 14th
Reply (1)


Your wives should do an episode called”What it’s like being married to Rhett and Link” that would be cool!

Nov 12th
Reply (1)

Anavel Ornelas

Subconsciously Link has ONLY CHILD SYNDROME, he thinks the world revolves around him and what he has to say is the most important, he doesn't do it to be an ass tho, it's a product of his upbringing and he's not in control of it. Rhett is right, there's nothing they can do about it

Nov 8th

Jerry Stauffer

don't force the dope you jive turkeys. peace out

Nov 7th
Reply (1)

Jerry Stauffer

sounds like mlm but ok podcast and Facebook page. also the dream podcast discuss mlm in detail. 99% lose money

Nov 6th
Reply (1)

Ashley Wood

it is so interesting to listen to this knowing where shane is at now. he's in such a good place now. it makes me so happy

Nov 6th
Reply (1)

Yi Zhu


Nov 6th

Justin Cacy

Rhett was talking about the movie " Being John Malkovich"

Oct 30th
Reply (1)

Gus Chrudimsky

I'm a CRAZY person who eats dumpsters what do you think about that Rhett and link

Oct 27th

Shrek Wasowski

Love it

Oct 22nd
Reply (1)

Mr. BlueSky

Update: I got my dad out of the microwave!

Oct 21st
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