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Author: Andrew & Polly

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Ear Snacks is a musical podcast for kids about the world. Andrew & Polly and their friends consider music, science, art and culture in a fun-filled podcast that parents enjoy and younger kids eat right up.
109 Episodes
There is just too much good music out there right now! We're back with a second installment of this summer's Ear Snacks Roadtrip Mixtape. Featuring: Little Bitta You by Andrew & Polly Una Gran Familia by Lucy Kalantari Little Bit Tough by Vered Where Do the Children Play by Renee & Friends feat. Ziggy Marley Why Why Why by Ants Ants Ants Coquinas by Alina Celeste Paletero Man by Lucky Diaz featuring Andrew & Polly Together by Dan Sacks of Noodleloaf Esta Lucesita by Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz
Road Trip Mixtape 2019!

Road Trip Mixtape 2019!


It's summer! We're super happy to share some of our family's favorite music this summer in an all-new road-trip mixtape. And stay tuned for more tunes - there was just too much music to share in this episode, so a second installment is coming your way next week. So turn it up for these great summer tunes by some amazing artists (and a few - NEW SONGS - from yours trulies): "The Wishing Well" - Walter Martin "A Fact is a Gift that you Give Your Brain" - Steven Steven "Time" - The Pop Ups "Halo-Halo" by Mista Cookie Jar featuring Little Miss Ann "Finca Bellavista" by Michael Hearst featuring Saskia Lane "Not Alone" - Alphabet Rockers "Cement Dude" - Story Pirates "Mom's Name" - Andrew & Polly featuring Mike Phirman "Monsters in my Head" - Howie D "All Star" - Andrew & Polly
Episode 20: Decoding Bugs

Episode 20: Decoding Bugs


Fungus farming ants, digital bees, composting worms, metamorphic caterpillars -- how can these all be bugs? In this episode, Andrew & Polly dive deeper into the world of the squiggly and the wriggly, parsing out the differences between insects and other things that crawl around a garden.   Avery talks to us about bugs in computer code and how she built a pollination video game with a Raspberry Pi. Izaiah updates us about the worms in the compost pile on his farm. And our friends at Valle de Niños in San Francisco take us on a tour of the life cycle of caterpillars. Thanks to Christina Foust of the Raspberry Pi Foundation ( for connecting us with young coders participating in Coolest Projects USA, a technology science fair celebrating digital making. Thanks again to entomologist Chris Wheeler, conservation scientist Sergio Avila from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and friends Izaiah, Avery, Ada, Ainsley, Dominic, Teacher Zoe, Nathan, Harrison, Alex, Zoe and Luke for deep diving into so many bugs!
Happy International Pi Day! We talk Pi, Pie & Mud Pies with our pals. So get out there and get cooking!
Episode 19: Bug(g)s!

Episode 19: Bug(g)s!


What’s a bug? Who are The Buggs? Can I be a Bugg? These are the hard-hitting questions Andrew & Polly ask in this exposé on all things buggy. Thanks to entomologist (Entimen-ologist?) Dr. Chris Wheeler for teaching us about moth pheromones and photographer & vegan cookie fan Peter Bugg for introducing us to his awesome extended family: Christopher Bugg, Peggy Bugg, Colin Bugg, Emily Bugg, Ellen Thorderson, Cordelia Bugg, and Juniper Bugg. And thanks to Alex, Zoe, Luke, Nathan, and Harrison for your patience, insights, and spot-on sound effects! Grown-ups can find Peter Buggs artwork at Featured ideas & vocabulary: What’s in a name? Who’s in your family? entomologist Lepidoptera head, thorax, abdomen pheromones antennae taxonomy the scientific method
Happy President's Day! School's out and our friend Lucy came by the studio to talk about stuff she knows - mostly Hamilton.
It's a New Year, ready for some NEW MUSIC? For the third year in a row, Andrew & Polly are thrilled to be joined by all five fabulously friendly family music artists nominated for Best Children's Album in the 61st GRAMMY Awards. Teleport your earballs into these totally tantalizing tunes: "The Peace Song" from All the Sounds by Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats "Synthesizer" from Giants of Science by The Pop Ups "Tararum Pumpum" from Falu's Bazaar by Falu "I Blew My Kazoo at the Zoo" from The Nation of Imagine by Frank & Deane "Hold On" from Building Blocks by Tim Kubart Enormous thanks to Beth Blenz-Clucas of Sugar Mountain PR and Stephanie Mayers of Mayers Consulting for coordinating and once again to Lucy, Jason, Jacob, Falu, Frank, Deane and Tim for playing along with us and lending their amazing music to you, our listeners - we hope you discovered some new music for your family to try!
It's important to keep your teeth healthy! Andrew & Polly learn what to expect when visiting the dentist and get some official teeth info from one of the friendliest pediatric dentists around, Dr. Jessie Schwarz. Plus, a song about a Saw & Zipper (who both have teeth).
Episode 17: Human Teeth

Episode 17: Human Teeth


How many teeth do you have? Will you always have that number of teeth? Andrew & Polly ask Izzy, Ainsley, Desmond, Frankie, Jad & Kai about the teeth in their mouths and Frankie shares a song she wrote about her loose tooth.
We are delighted to share an episode of WBUR's Circle Round called "The Lion's Whisker" about overcoming frustration and impatience with courage, understanding, and a little magic. Andrew & Polly and Cory the Crocodile encounter some frustration of their own. Blackish stars Marsai Martin, Miles Brown, and NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton voice this enchanting tale narrated by Rebecca Scheer produced by our Kids Listen colleague Jessica Alpert.  You can find out more at including a free coloring book that accompanies the podcast. To find out more about Ear Snacks, visit
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