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Ear Snacks is a musical podcast for kids about the world. Andrew & Polly and their friends consider music, science, art and culture in a fun-filled podcast that parents enjoy and younger kids eat right up.
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Little Bitta Joy

Little Bitta Joy


You know what we did at our house this week? We had a dance party. We turned on some of our favorite music and we jumped around our house, all together. And we smiled. So this week on Ear Snacks we want to play some moments and music from the show that might bring a smile to your face. Today is different than yesterday. And tomorrow is going to be different than today. But we wanted to let you know that we're here today, and we know you are too.
Episode 26: Tempo!

Episode 26: Tempo!


Come in, come in! We’re playing around with the speed of music! In the fourth episode about clocks, we give our metronomes a workout — this episode is designed for kids to experiment with the playback speed function on most podcast players, inviting them to adjust the speed of the our music & conversation from 1x to 2x to 1/2x. We introduce the basics of musical tempo, figure out how to tap along to Parry Gripp’s pleasantly danceable 136 bpm tune Pancake Robot, and wonder why super-slow-moving things always find themselves in a molasses analogy. Thanks to Parry Gripp for contributing Pancake Robot to our family’s dance playlist, to regulator clock expert Johnny Flower for chiming in about the speed of clocks, to Izzy for not being bored very often, and to all you parents and siblings out there willing to let a small human mess with the speed of this podcast. We’re putting out a final call to kids who want to share their thoughts about The Future. To find out more or to be on the show, visit
Do you want 5 more minutes? In our third episode about clocks, Andrew & Polly ask kids how rushing and waiting feel different, challenge Jason Rabinowitz of The Pop Ups to a clock scavenger hunt around Brooklyn, and spin some yarns with Story Pirates co-founder Lee Overtree about how time feels when you're in a story. Thanks to Gimlet Media & The Story Pirates for sharing some time with us. You can find their podcast, Cement Dude and other ridiculous tunes on their album Backstroke Raptor, and you can submit stories you've written at Thanks to Team Rabinowitz for taking minutes out of their busy morning commute to scavenge the streets of Brooklyn for clocks! You can find Time and other dance-y science-y songs at To find out more or to be on the show, visit
Kaitlin, Tommy, and an incredible team of young artist/activists invite us to a live session in New York City to relate how the Alphabet Rockers make music to make change, as is crystal clear in their second Grammy-nominated album “The Love” Thanks to Kaitlin McGaw, Tommy Soulati Shepherd, Kali de Jesus,Lillian Ellis, Maya Fleming, Tommy T3Po Shepherd, and Malik a.k.a. Mahawam for joining us and sharing their music and ideas with your family. If you’re in the LA area for Grammy weekend, check out their free showcase concert (reservations recommended) at 2p on Saturday, January 25th.  You can find more about the music of Alphabet Rockers, their podcast So Get Me, their art movement The Butterfly Effect, and more at - share music, support musicians! Quick disclaimer: Alphabet Rockers’ music addresses issues of identity, world news, and politics — the conversation and music you’re about to hear will include those topics.
In this special episode designed for parents (though PG for kids), Andrew & Polly discuss Jon Samson’s music therapy practice, the therapeutic benefits of musical improvisation, and how we as parents can approach creating a supportive mental health environment for our kids. Thanks to Jon for sharing his intricately crafted and emotive music with us. You can find more about his music therapy practice and more of his music at or on his YouTube channel - share music, support musicians! This interview and exploration of the work #behindthealbum is one of five Ear Snacks mini-episodes featuring each of the 5 Grammy-nominated artists for Best Children’s Album in the 62nd Grammy Awards.
The 62nd Grammy (TM) Awards are almost here! We’re delighted to share this series of 5 Ear Snacks mini-episodes featuring each of the 5 Grammy-nominated artists for Best Children’s Album. Brrrr! Andrew & Polly brave the frigid Santa Monica winter to hear from Joe Mallander of family folk duo The OKee Dokee Brothers about the art of coziness and their fourth Grammy-nominated album “Winterland” Thanks to Joe and Justin for sharing their heart-warming music with your family. You can find more about The Okee Dokee Brothers and their nature adventure albums at - share music, support musicians! And hey - since you obviously like podcasts, help us out by taking the Kids Listen Parent Survey at - thanks!
The 62nd Grammy (TM) Awards are almost here! We’re delighted to share this series of 5 Ear Snacks mini-episodes featuring each of the 5 Grammy-nominated artists for Best Children’s Album. Andrew & Polly spend a rainy day getting to know Tigerlily, Tilda, Tinkerbell, and Nashville-based singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Daniel Tashian. Daniel and his daughters wax poetic about pistachio ice cream, how recording with his family compares to working with Kacey Musgraves, and share some lovely songs off his Grammy-nominated album “I Love Rainy Days” Thanks to the whole Tashian crew for joining us and sharing their music with your family. You can find more about Daniel and his music at - share music, support musicians! To find out more or how to be on the show, visit
The 62nd Grammy (TM) Awards are almost here! We’re delighted to share this series of 5 Ear Snacks mini-episodes featuring each of the 5 Grammy-nominated artists for Best Children’s Album. Andrew & Polly attend a deliciously eclectic picnic hosted by prolific, artistic, Seattle-based kindie rock maestro Caspar Babypants! Caspar feeds us millions of peaches, introduces us to some bodacious bugs, and plays some rad tunes off his Grammy-nominated album “Flying High!” Thanks to Chris Ballew for taking the time to goof around with us and let us share his music with your family. You can find Chris’ art on Instagram and more about Caspar at - share music, support musicians! To support kids podcasts, take the survey at! And to learn more about us or to be on the show, visit Thanks!
Why do some clocks tick and tock? Why doesn’t Polly’s watch sound like Maria’s watch? In our second Clocks episode, three intrepid Ear Snacks foreign correspondents invite us on a journey to jolly old England to find out what makes clocks tick! We learn the story of the word “clock”, how pendulums and other parts move inside a clock, and how the invention of clocks that work on boats changed the world. Our pal Eilis Cahill has tea and steps INTO a clock in John Kendall’s Number Four clock repair shop. Andrew’s parents travel to the English countryside to visit Johnny Flower, a regulator clock expert who lives in a house full of clocks. And our pal Eliza Gregory pokes around the oldest collection of clocks and watches in the world in the Clockmakers’ Museum inside of London’s Science Museum. Please take a minute to fill out the Kids Listen Listener Survey! For more information or to be on the show, visit
Episode 23: Clocks

Episode 23: Clocks


What is a clock? How long is a minute? Are all clocks and all minutes the same? In the first episode of our epic exploration of timekeeping, Andrew & Polly examine Reggio Emilia-educator Maria/Julita’s oddly shaped Salvador Dali-designed watch. Why are most clocks round? Why would someone make a watch that is not round? Thanks to Matteo, Malcolm, Cadence, Adelyn, Keira, and Izzy (and their parents!) for taking the time to tell us what they know about time, the insides of clocks, ways to tell time, and how different amounts of time can feel. In the near future, we’ll be joined by these same friends along with a wide range of other “experts” to think about where we keep time, how we keep time, what has happened - and what might.  
Our special coverage of Pajamas continues! We ask our friends Gavin, Zoey, Luke, Lucy, Alexander, Sara Chana, Temima, Miriam, and Yitzy Zev about getting good rest for your mind and body, bedtime routines and we sing a song about our favorite pajamas. Special guest Mindy Thomas from NPR's "Wow in the World" and SiriusXM Kids Place Live shares about sleepovers, her invention "The Incredible Edible Bread Bed," and how important it is to share your dreams.
It’s today!!! Our brand new album, “Go for the Moon” is here!!! Hear it on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, our shop & CDBaby - all the places! You can even listen to some of it in a special episode of Ear Snacks, hosted by some not-so-random giraffes. We’re super excited about these songs  and we hope you are too. We’re so excited, in fact, that we are giving away some Moon Swag like a geographically accurate Moon Beach Ball and a lovely little Moon Night Light to a few randomly selected friends who review the record!. Enter to win by Friday October 4th. Here’s how! Listen to the music (and/or get your own copy for maximum support :). Post your family’s words about #goforthemoon anywhere other people can see them! (iTunes review, Apple Music, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... even leaving a review about the record as a review of our podcast works!) Let us know you did it with an e-mail or at We’ll be announcing the recipients on our show - thanks so much for listening and sharing the music!
This month on Ear Snacks, we're talking about Pajamas and everything that comes with them. Rest, snuggles and coziness - and lullabies! Our awesome music pals Lucy Kalantari, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Christopher Tin, Tatiana DeMaria, Kaitlin McGaw share the sweet, soft and special songs they sing to their loved ones - and yours! This is a great episode for helping little ones in calming their bodies down and getting ready for rest.
There is just too much good music out there right now! We're back with a second installment of this summer's Ear Snacks Roadtrip Mixtape. Featuring: Little Bitta You by Andrew & Polly Una Gran Familia by Lucy Kalantari Little Bit Tough by Vered Where Do the Children Play by Renee & Friends feat. Ziggy Marley Why Why Why by Ants Ants Ants Coquinas by Alina Celeste Paletero Man by Lucky Diaz featuring Andrew & Polly Together by Dan Sacks of Noodleloaf Esta Lucesita by Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz
It's summer! We're super happy to share some of our family's favorite music this summer in an all-new road-trip mixtape. And stay tuned for more tunes - there was just too much music to share in this episode, so a second installment is coming your way next week. So turn it up for these great summer tunes by some amazing artists (and a few - NEW SONGS - from yours trulies): "The Wishing Well" - Walter Martin "A Fact is a Gift that you Give Your Brain" - Steven Steven "Time" - The Pop Ups "Halo-Halo" by Mista Cookie Jar featuring Little Miss Ann "Finca Bellavista" by Michael Hearst featuring Saskia Lane "Not Alone" - Alphabet Rockers "Cement Dude" - Story Pirates "Mom's Name" - Andrew & Polly featuring Mike Phirman "Monsters in my Head" - Howie D "All Star" - Andrew & Polly
Fungus farming ants, digital bees, composting worms, metamorphic caterpillars -- how can these all be bugs? In this episode, Andrew & Polly dive deeper into the world of the squiggly and the wriggly, parsing out the differences between insects and other things that crawl around a garden.   Avery talks to us about bugs in computer code and how she built a pollination video game with a Raspberry Pi. Izaiah updates us about the worms in the compost pile on his farm. And our friends at Valle de Niños in San Francisco take us on a tour of the life cycle of caterpillars. Thanks to Christina Foust of the Raspberry Pi Foundation ( for connecting us with young coders participating in Coolest Projects USA, a technology science fair celebrating digital making. Thanks again to entomologist Chris Wheeler, conservation scientist Sergio Avila from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and friends Izaiah, Avery, Ada, Ainsley, Dominic, Teacher Zoe, Nathan, Harrison, Alex, Zoe and Luke for deep diving into so many bugs!
Happy International Pi Day! We talk Pi, Pie & Mud Pies with our pals. So get out there and get cooking!
Episode 19: Bug(g)s!

Episode 19: Bug(g)s!


What’s a bug? Who are The Buggs? Can I be a Bugg? These are the hard-hitting questions Andrew & Polly ask in this exposé on all things buggy. Thanks to entomologist (Entimen-ologist?) Dr. Chris Wheeler for teaching us about moth pheromones and photographer & vegan cookie fan Peter Bugg for introducing us to his awesome extended family: Christopher Bugg, Peggy Bugg, Colin Bugg, Emily Bugg, Ellen Thorderson, Cordelia Bugg, and Juniper Bugg. And thanks to Alex, Zoe, Luke, Nathan, and Harrison for your patience, insights, and spot-on sound effects! Grown-ups can find Peter Buggs artwork at Featured ideas & vocabulary: What’s in a name? Who’s in your family? entomologist Lepidoptera head, thorax, abdomen pheromones antennae taxonomy the scientific method
Happy President's Day! School's out and our friend Lucy came by the studio to talk about stuff she knows - mostly Hamilton.
It's a New Year, ready for some NEW MUSIC? For the third year in a row, Andrew & Polly are thrilled to be joined by all five fabulously friendly family music artists nominated for Best Children's Album in the 61st GRAMMY Awards. Teleport your earballs into these totally tantalizing tunes: "The Peace Song" from All the Sounds by Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats "Synthesizer" from Giants of Science by The Pop Ups "Tararum Pumpum" from Falu's Bazaar by Falu "I Blew My Kazoo at the Zoo" from The Nation of Imagine by Frank & Deane "Hold On" from Building Blocks by Tim Kubart Enormous thanks to Beth Blenz-Clucas of Sugar Mountain PR and Stephanie Mayers of Mayers Consulting for coordinating and once again to Lucy, Jason, Jacob, Falu, Frank, Deane and Tim for playing along with us and lending their amazing music to you, our listeners - we hope you discovered some new music for your family to try!
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