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Author: Lawless & Hollywood

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Join Lawless and Hollywood as they discuss current issues surrounding mankind and accidentally resolve all world issues with tissues.
11 Episodes
AfroFuture Fest KOs decades of progress with race based ticket prices. Tiny Jag says we can't be slaves to ticket prices. Can meat grow from a seed? Sure, you know it's ripe when it turns vegan.
Weather RADAR displays an enormously massive lady bug swarm occupying ten miles of sky and appearing as climate data. Justin Beiber has challenged Tom Cruise to combat within the octogon. An unbeatable low point for human kind should this special event fail to occur. Even further discourse concerning Ancient Astronaut Theory and Anciet Aliens. Robert M. Schoch @schochrobert has a go at being reasonable with his "scientific research". Hollywood has declared an act of contesting the 109 hours of Antiquated Pioneering Space Explorer Theory resembles archaeological speculation that the Spinx is indeed a Kangaroo. It's so good it can't be wrong!
Put Giorgio Tsoukalos @Tsoukalos on notice. This episode has sadly put him out of a job. No more Ancient Alien "Question", we figured it out. @earwarp #hangingdong
Stop Being Fat at the Airport
Confederate Corner Store
Tiger Woods gets a win. Hollywood and Lawless preach 90’s NBA.
What if you could smell your tooth? You could if one grew inside of your nose. Yes, it can happen. Yo ho ho and a pirate festival son. Elon Musk is still goofing off in space. Why doesn't he send a goldfish up there and see if it can still swim when the water turns into a sphere!
There is a bill in Kentucky to ban underage child sex dolls. Should they be illegal? Lawless updates us on his Kratom experience.
Man chokes out mountain lion. Fabric can tell the temperature. Tara is a Turd Girl
Genetically engineered plants GLOW when they are wounded! $18 million in cocaine shows up in boxes of bananas donated to Texas prison. Japan lands first robot on asteroid.
Over or Under, how should toilet paper hang? / Bert and Ernie, they are gay right? The writer says yes, but Sesame Street says NO! / Reality star guy and his girlfriend, drugging and raping people. He should star his own Reality show, getting pulverized in prison!
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