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Author: Lori Harder

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Ever wanted a business bestie and life coach that could follow you around, get you totally pumped and ready to take massive action on your goals? That’s exactly what Lori Harder and her guests will do. You’re going to learn the tools and strategies that are proven to help you grow yourself, your confidence, your income and your business! Each week you can choose from interviews, quickies and even a question and answers segment featuring YOU, the listener! You will learn how to market your business, navigate tough conversations, challenging family + friend dynamics and create the tribe you need in order to live your dream life. This podcast is a mix of the practical + spiritual and shares the raw truth about what it takes to EARN YOUR HAPPY.
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In This Episode You Will Learn About: Why some people are motivated and others aren’t Understanding how to manage your discipline Using gratitude to motivate yourself Making the choice to make your day better   Resources: Text “FASTER” to 310-421-0416 to join Chris’ new “Fastermind” Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show! Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: How do you manage your motivation? Even as naturally motivated people, we still have days where we wake up feeling no motivation to build a business, work out, or do anything. Even if you’re not naturally motivated, that doesn’t mean you won’t see success, and just because you don’t wake up motivated doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to turn things around. Whoever you are, own it, and implement the tools we’re going to share with you to manufacture motivation whenever you need it. So many things can affect your willpower and motivation: your sleep, what you eat, how much you exercise, or just your levels of stress. There’s so much going on at any given time and you have to take inventory of it all. Try to mitigate the pain points where you can. The first thing to do every day is shift into gratitude. Ask yourself, “What are three things I’m grateful for and three things I’m excited for?” These can be hard to answer when you’re feeling down or unmotivated, but that’s when answering them is most important. It’s OK to feel a certain way and shaming yourself for not feeling motivated isn’t helpful. You feel the way you feel, but you can still make choices from that place. Giving up will only make you feel worse in the long term. You have control over your destiny, over your mood, and over your motivation. Starting off on the wrong track never has to determine your day. Use these tools and get yourself going again.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: The journey of writing a book Creating what you wish you had for yourself Getting over the possibility of getting hurt Journaling for self-awareness and expression Practicing self-love Shifting the burnout story Getting better at saying “no” Getting into the energy of attraction   Resources: Instagram: @sarahpendrick Read: “Beautifully Brave” Visit and use code “HAPPY” for 25% off your order Visit to get a free $75 job posting credit Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: We can do so much more when we learn to be brave. Bravery isn’t as simple as not being afraid; it’s about not letting fear hold you back from doing what you need – or just want – to do. When fear keeps us from living as our truest self or following our life’s desires, it can prevent us from being who we’re supposed to be. We all want to be a little braver and there’s nobody better to show us how than Sarah Pendrick.   Question Highlights: Can you tell me about your book journey? Would you share a bit of your story that you haven’t before? How did hiding your story hold you back? How have you worked through the experience of being hurt? How do we calm our energy and focus on being enough? What is your definition of self-love? What’s replacing your old paradigm for you? How do we get better at saying “no”? How do you differentiate between anxiety, nerves, and intuition?   Guest Bio: Sarah Pendrick is the founder of GirlTalk Network – a women empowerment and lifestyle brand – and the creator of GirlTalk Foundation, a 501c3 that gives back to younger generations. She is a sought-after mentor, host, author of the book “Beautifully Brave,” and creator of the women's empowerment and self-development event GirlTalk Festival. Sarah has dedicated her life to supporting people in living bravely as their true selves, teaching them to believe in their gifts so that they can fill their lives with abundance, love, and complete awareness of their worth. She's been featured in Forbes, NBC, “The Doctors,” E!, and Entrepreneur, and was called an “iconic woman creating a better world” at the Women Economic Forum. She has spoken on stages all around the world. She lives in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband, Josh, and their fur baby, Titan.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Why your small business needs legal protection Protecting your business entity Intellectual property Using contracts   Resources: Instagram: @andreasagerlaw Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: As a lawyer and fellow passionate entrepreneur, Andrea Sager knows, first-hand, how much blood, sweat, and tears goes into building a brand that is both meaningful and uniquely yours. She also knows the importance of protecting it. She left bigwig law and founded a full-service law firm specifically designed to provide affordable legal services for small business owners like you. She makes business law fun – who knew that was possible? You’re going to get so much value from her.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Asking yourself better questions Manufacturing pain points Thinking an hour ahead Becoming addicted to convenience Reframing difficult situations   Resources: Text “FASTER” to 310-421-0416 to join my new “Fastermind” Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or even get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Questions can be a powerful tool for leveling up in every aspect of your life. As they say: “Ask better questions, get better answers.” We’re going to talk about one question we each use as a tool in order to better our lives and our businesses. For Chris, his goal is to be as fit as he can be this summer. To make sure he hits this goal, he had to develop some tools. One of those tools was asking himself this question before every decision: “How will this make me feel in one hour?” We make so many decisions hoping for instant gratification, but thinking an hour ahead is just far enough out for you to realize whether it’s something you truly want or something you’ll regret. My question that I ask myself is: “How can I look at this differently?” We experience discomfort on a daily basis, but we rarely think about why we’re feeling that way or what it might be telling us. Often when we’re feeling fear, it’s actually a sign that we’re in an area with opportunity for expansion and growth. When there’s no problems and no fear, there’s no way we’re ever going to get better. If you ask yourself these two questions purposefully and intentionally, you will make exponentially better decisions and see a wider set of opportunities. These two questions can change your life.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Seven happiness hacks The inequity around startup funding Being female decision makers Why investing in women is so important   Resources: Instagram: @sheangelinvestors LinkedIn: Listen: Invest in Her with Catherine Gray Visit and get $100 off your first month using code “HAPPY” Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Catherine Gray is truly an angel. The founder of She Angels Investors, she’s dedicated to leveling the playing field for female entrepreneurs since they are historically underfunded and underrepresented. Every venture in which she invests is working toward the greater good. We talk about investing, funding women, and creatively raising money.   Question Highlights: What are some of your happiness hacks? What has made you so passionate about getting women funded? What is venture capital and what is angel investing? What do you wish more women knew about this? What’s exciting you the most right now? What did the education process look like around this?   Guest Bio: Catherine Gray is a producer, author, TEDx speaker,  host of the “Invest in Her” podcast, the Founder of She Angel Investors, and Co-Founder of non-profit She Angels Foundation. Her focus is always on empowering female entrepreneurs. Her passion is to utilize her multimedia platform to fund women and level the playing field since women are severely underfunded. Currently, her dream project is producing a new original series for television called “She Angels.” It covers the exciting journeys of the female entrepreneurs who win funding and mentorship at the She Angels Pitch Fest. She Angels is creating a global initiative to fund women around the world. She also produces and hosts a popular podcast “Live Love Thrive” and just launched a new podcast called “Invest in Her,” to discuss ways to accelerate the funding of women and provide resources and inspiration to our listeners. It features both female founders and funders! It is distributed on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, and wherever you listen to podcasts. She has produced several award-winning films including the very first documentary film about gay marriage called “I Can't Marry You.” Narrated by Ellen DeGeneres's mom, Betty, the film aired on PBS in more than 60 cities nationwide. She also co-produced several documentary films for the LOGO network, which led her to start her own production company called Showbiz Shorts (aka Corp Shorts), and now her most current endeavor, 360 Karma Productions. She Angels is my multi-media platform that creates everything from films and shows, to game-changing events to empower women such as the Live Love Thrive Conferences, podcasts, and the She Angels Pitchfest and TV series. Pitchfest is a collaboration with the city of West Hollywood, CA. After 15 years, she left her position as the top producer of Miami’s cable television advertising to become Vice President of Advertising for the first-ever gay, cable network and decided from that day forward that all of her ventures would be working on projects for the greater good. Her favorite quote is from Mahatma Gandhi: "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in complete harmony." She also believes strongly in the Dalai Lama’s quote, “The Western women will save the world.”
In This Episode You Will Learn About: How our minds work Training our minds Reframing problems Believing in something bigger   Resources: Text PODCAST to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: The biggest battle you can fight in life is the one within your mind. If we can overcome all of the different thoughts and emotions that come with setting and pursuing our big, lofty goals, we can do anything. According to experts, winning is 80% mindset and only 20% skill. That shows us why this is where all of your energy should be going. When we master our minds, we master the game of life.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Honoring the season you are in Asking for what you need Communicating long-term goals Finding people in the same season   Resources: Visit to learn more about franchising opportunities Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: What do you do when you and someone close to you – a friend, a business partner, a spouse – are in two different seasons? Sometimes you’re going to find yourself working closely with someone who’s in a different mode of life than you, so you’ve got to learn how to make the most of it. First and foremost: honor whatever season you’re in. Whether you’re in a season of resting or a season of pushing, you are only going to hurt yourself if you fight against it. Those seasons are not going to last forever, so just remember that the best thing you can do for your success is to take care of what you need in the moment. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Tying back to that first point, if someone asks for something from you that would require you to dishonor your needs, you need to make that clear. In return, ask for what you need. Find some common ground, make your needs clear, and be willing to take different approaches to get where you want to go. You need to make sure that you’re communicating your long-term goals. When you see the overall vision and know that you’re both working towards it, you’ll be more forgiving of the ebb and flow it takes to get there. You also should find other people in the same season as you. It can get lonely when all of the people near you seem to be in another mode, so seek out those going through the same thing so that you can fuel each other up however you need to. When you find yourself in different seasons with friends, a romantic partner, or a business partner, it can actually lead to great things. Follow these tips and you can accelerate your season, creating a win-win situation for everyone.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Learning personal skills in your job Setting out as a solopreneur Finding work that makes you feel good The retrospective exercise Taking time to celebrate your wins Giving yourself permission to stop Finding the power of “no”   Resources: Books/Giveaways/Workbooks: Instagram: @kareenzwalsh Facebook: Podcast: Visit to learn more about franchising opportunities Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Kareen Walsh is a brilliant strategist. Some people are dreamers with a huge vision to create something game-changing. And then there are people like Kareen who take the vision and say, “How do we make this happen?” She hit the glass ceiling at age 22 and saw that the path she was on didn’t lead to where she wanted to go. Her response? Leaving her successful career behind and applying the skills she had acquired into something that truly lit her up. These are the four steps she uses to help you create strategic alignment in whatever goals you’re working on.   Question Highlights: Can you give us an overview of your background? Tell us about your four steps for strategic alignment. How can this be applied to different areas of your life? What are some of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to building a strategy? What’s a belief or universal truth that you rely on when you’re solving a problem?   Guest Bio: Kareen Walsh: Startup Advisor and Investor. Serial entrepreneur. Executive coach. Author. Podcaster.  She is the CEO and Founder of Revampologist, LLC, a seven-figure boutique consulting and coaching company. She has over 17 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience leading and advising industry leaders. Her unique approach to her service-based business is to shine a lens on people, process, and technology, all while maintaining a hyperfocus on leadership to help businesses scale.  Clients include trillion-dollar companies like BlackRock, Groupon, and Broadridge, as well as numerous startups preparing to launch. She has built her seven-figure business by helping source the expertise her clients need and coaching leaders on how to align what they love with what they do – and monetize it!  She believes that if you are not growing as a person, then your business won't grow either. Her books “Lead with Value” and “Be a Badass,” along with her podcast “Your Badass Journey” share her methods of personal and professional growth with the world.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: How Lily got started making and selling soap Where her business is now Gaining confidence by taking action Inspirations for your business   Resources: Instagram: @sageonyxsoapery Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Lily Laurore is the founder of Sage & Onyx Soapery. She makes hand-crafted body, bath, and hair products from natural oils and ingredients. Her products are fun, they make you look and feel good, and they make you happy. She has a love of chemistry which first led her to the military and, eventually, pharmacy tech work. That’s where she fell in love with making soaps, which she now does full time. We talk about getting over the fear of growth and finding balance.   Questions Asked: Having multiple businesses, how do you manage a balanced work and personal life? What are the best ways to get over fear of professional growth?   Guest Bio: Lily Laurore combines her love of chemistry and art to create luxurious products with natural ingredients, offering an array of handcrafted body care items that will comfort the soul, delight the skin, and appeal to the eyes.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Striving for happiness What makes us happy The detrimental effects of loneliness Deciding what you actually want Finding the relationships that matter in your life   Resources: TED Talk: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show! Visit and use code “HAPPY” for 25% off your first purchase   Show Notes: It’s really easy to neglect our relationships when going after our big dreams. When I was writing my book “A Tribe Called Bliss,” I did a ton of research on what makes people happy. What is this place called bliss that we all strive for? Is it even worth striving for? Happiness is great, but it’s important that we don’t deny ourselves the full range of emotions just because we want to be happy. And one of the best ways to cultivate those emotions is through meaningful relationships.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Finding balance in seasons Temporarily ratcheting back in areas of your life Not needing to prove your worth How to pitch   Resources: Text “PODCAST” to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Welcome back to “Questionably Awesome!” Today, Evans and I answer your questions about proving your worth and finding balance between business and family. Erin Kennedy asks: “How are you successful in achieving balance? I understand the notion of having to go all in and go hard and I love it, but I have a one-year-old and, now, I feel like I've bit off more than I can chew. I need to be there for my family, but I also want to grow this business.” Keri Lintner asks: “How do I prove the value of my worth to a company or person that doesn’t understand my profession or business ? What are the key-points to share in an elevator pitch?”   REVIEW: Doom Doctor Lori inspired me to start my business! Lori inspired me to start my business, Law of Attraction Tribe. Lori is so motivating and always seems to know exactly what obstacle I’m trying to overcome and gives advice to get me over the hurdle. Whether you're an entrepreneur or not, you will feel inspired and energized after each episode.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Identifying a narcissist Tools for dealing with a narcissist Where most people go wrong Breaking free from a narcissist   Resources: Rebecca Zung YouTube Channel Go to to see behind the scenes of our launch! Visit and use code “HAPPY” for 25% off your first purchase   Show Notes: We’ve all had to deal with narcissists before. Not pleasant, is it? You’re in luck because, after a career as a highly successful attorney, Rebecca Zung has made a name for herself by helping others learn how to deal with the narcissists in their lives. Whether it’s a coworker, competitor, family member, or even a spouse, she offers the tools you need to handle narcissism and, if necessary, how to break free from them.   Question Highlights: What is a narcissist? How do you know when you have a narcissist in your life? What is gaslighting? What do you do when dealing with a narcissist? Where do people go wrong with narcissists? What do you wish people knew about what you do? What was it like to change paths when you realized you weren’t as happy as you could be?   Guest Bio: Rebecca Zung is one of the top 1% of attorneys in the nation, having been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a “Best Lawyer in America,” as “Legal Elite” by Trend Magazine, and as AV preeminent rated in family law, the highest possible rating for an attorney by Martindale Hubbell, by her peers and the judiciary. She is the author of the bestselling books, “Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.: The Sure Fire Method to Step Up and Win” (foreword by Robert Shapiro) and “Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom”, and is a sought-after major media contributor. Her perspectives are in high demand by television and print outlets, as she has been featured in or on Extra, Forbes, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Time, Dr. Drew, NPR Talk Radio, Good Day New York, and CBS Los Angeles, among others. Now based in Los Angeles, she is continuing to serve through her very popular YouTube channel, media appearances, podcast, articles, and on-demand programs such as “S.L.A.Y. Your Negotiation™ with a Narcissist” and “Breaking Free™ Divorce Masterclasses.”
729. Get Your Power Back

729. Get Your Power Back


In This Episode You Will Learn About: Pretending you can’t do it Where resistance shows up Stepping into the fear   Resources: Text PODCAST to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Let’s talk about resistance and the various ways that it shows up in our lives. We sit in resistance longer than we need to, which only lengthens the amount of time before we get them done and create the life of our dreams. Think about the things in your life that you are avoiding right now, even though they are the very things that are going to create the life you want and grow you into the person you are meant to be.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Determining which stories need to be told Building an audience Becoming known as an expert   Resources: Text PODCAST to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Welcome back to Questionably Awesome! Today, Evans and I answer your questions about finding community and telling your story. Haley Gray asks: What keeps me up at night, and from building the brand of my dreams, is the lack of community I have. I started my blog 9/2020 and I'm struggling finding my ideal customers and gaining traffic/following. I don’t know what to do. Annie Rathman asks: How do you tell your story gracefully? I'm going to publish a motivational/self-help book that will detail a lot of my personal experiences and traumas. I know this will upset my family members and friends. How do I mitigate the blow or minimize the pain they experience?   REVIEW: YESSIECT Earn Your Happy Makes ME HAPPPPY! I LOVE Lori she’s an AMAZING human and this podcast is straight up MEDICINE
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Not getting wrapped up in a timeline Embracing trust and surrender How your relationships are a mirror Knowing when to break off a relationship The power of surrender   Resources: Instagram: @thedanettemay Pre-order: “Embrace Abundance” Text PODCAST to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Danette May is one of my truest soul sisters. My book “A Tribe Called Bliss” was inspired, in part, by our relationship. Her new book, “Embrace Abundance” is out in September and is all about the path she’s discovered to better health, wealth, and fulfillment. She explains how cultivating the right relationships in your life can unlock your deepest potential. Danette is offering everyone access to a Free Live Virtual Relationship Coaching Event (worth $597) simply for pre-ordering her book. As a VIP coach, she leads healing retreats and helps high-level execs develop their mindsets, learn to manifest, and summon intimate relationships, attracting their Soul’s Contract Connection. Pre-orders of "Embrace Abundance" can claim their FREE TICKET to the live event at this link: You can also join Danette's Relationship Coaching Event here:   Question Highlights: When did relationships become one of your favorite topics? When did you realize that your relationships needed work? What does your timeline look like? How do we find that feeling of trust and surrender? What do you love to help people with? How can you know if you need to realign or if you’re just with the wrong person?   Guest Bio: Driven by a powerful calling to serve Mother Earth and her people, Danette May inspires people around the world to step up, into the true and full expression of themselves, and live their fullest potential. Her teachings and programs have transformed the lives of millions, allowing them to be their happiest and healthiest selves. Co-founder and CCO of Mindful Health LLC, Danette has built two thriving 8-figure businesses in Earth Echo Foods and FitRise. Mindful Health LLC was recognized as No.48 on the 37th annual Inc. 5000. Danette published her first bestseller with Hay House in 2018, and “The Rise” has inspired thousands to transform their lives. Her newest book, “Embrace Abundance” launches September 14, 2021. In addition to her signature programs, products, and best selling books, Danette shares her wisdom and simple life-hacks through interviews, keynote speeches, and mastermind sessions. She is a regular podcast guest and has been featured in several documentary films, alongside Tony Robbins, the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, and more.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Lesley founding Adding value with less Taking messy action The best organic and paid marketing   Resources: Instagram: @lesley.logan Text PODCAST to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Lesley Logan started before the start of the pandemic, but by offering a safe way to maintain your practice at home, a way to connect with other people, and a way to establish accountability, it’s taken on a whole new level since. Now, Lesley is accelerating growth to reach the next level of impact around the world and help even more people improve their lives.   Question Highlights: What is your best advice for organic growth? What is your best advice for paid growth?   Guest Bio: Lesley Logan is a fitness entrepreneur, author, mindset coach, and the founder of As she traveled the world to teach Pilates, she began offering online classes in 2018 because she wanted to offer something that you could take with you wherever you go. It’s easier to live life better when you create a no-excuses practice for yourself.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Taking the necessary action Getting over the fear of the unknown Relying on faith   Resources: Text PODCAST to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Buckle up; this advice blew my mind when I first heard it. It has completely changed my life and given me a sense of freedom when doing scary things. Here it is: You need to give God something to bless. If you’re not giving yourself to the miracle, leaning into faith, and taking the action required to be blessed with results, then you will not reap the expected rewards. If you lean in and apply this to your life, everything will change.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Overthinking content creation Avoiding overworking yourself   Resources: Text PODCAST to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show!   Show Notes: Welcome back to Questionably Awesome! Today, Evans and I answer your questions about creating content and finding balance. Richele Green asks: You have great timing. I'm stuck with creating course content. I have all the knowledge, resources, and tools. Everyone thinks I'm doing great things but I can't seem to stay focused to create the content that will get me to the next level. Ismaelite Laurore asks: Fatigue and finding the right balance between working long hours and business success. Getting professional financial help so I can focus more on my business operations than finances. Founder Dependency… I am grateful that my business is growing, but what if I end up in the hospital? I am the only one who makes everything.   REVIEW: Meleahrose: “My morning cup of coffee. I cannot begin to explain how much this podcast means to me. It has gotten me through some horrible times and has also been an amazing addition to the good times. Lori helps me get in the right mindset so I can tackle any challenging time in life, whether that’s the ups and downs of being a brand new entrepreneur, having hiccups in my relationships, or getting through the day when I can’t get out of bed because of Lyme disease. There really is an episode for it all, and I cannot recommend this podcast enough! Thank you for being a beacon of light in this world Lori”  
In This Episode You Will Learn About: The power of visualization The Circle method How to manifest what you want   Resources: Read: “The Circle” Text PODCAST to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show! Get a free $75 credit at Learn about becoming a Squeeze franchisee at   Show Notes: This manifestation trick is so fast, so easy, and so effective that you won’t believe it actually works. If you’re a visual thinker, this is totally going to change the game for you — even if you’re not, there are ways you can incorporate it into your life in a positive way. Laura Day, author of “The Circle,” teaches a manifesting method similar to this — but we’ve put our own little spin on it. Here’s how it works… picture a circle in your mind with you at the center. You’re a magnet in the center of your circle. Place other things that you desire for the day in the circle. Feel them in your presence and imagine that you are attracting them to you. Just by putting them in your circle and keeping them in your mind, it will force you to take action. If you’re not a visual thinker, physically draw out a circle and hand-write what you want to attract inside of it. That’s it! When you picture what you want, you bring it to the forefront of your mind, subconsciously encouraging yourself to take action towards those goals. It’s dead simple; imagine your circle and draw in the life that you want.  
In This Episode You Will Learn About: The beginning of Product Boss Creating multiple streams of income The three-step, multi-stream machine Networking for introverts Growth through pushing your fears   Resources: Instagram: @theproductboss Instagram: @shop1in5 Text PODCAST to 310-496-8363 to get your questions answered on our Q&A segment or get coached on the show! Squeeze Massage (midroll) Visit and use the code HAPPY to get $100 off your first month   Show Notes: We’re talking to the powerhouse ladies behind The Product Boss, Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep. I never thought I would have a physical product, but after talking to people, I got really excited about the potential. This is for anyone who’s thinking of launching a product, wants to grow their existing product, or is still in the early days of simply starting a business. This will spark something within you or reignite the fire that’s already burning.   Question Highlights: What got you interested in products? Why are you obsessed with creating multiple streams of income? How do you know what platform is right for you? What advice do you have for introverts in business? What’s something that is now second nature that used to feel painful? What’s a block that you want to strip away this year?   Guest Bio: Jacqueline Snyder is a fashion designer and product startup expert who has helped launch over a thousand brands over the last 12 years. Minna Khunolo-Sithep is a product business expert with a vast knowledge of Amazon and product-based growth strategies. She has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. Together, they generate the force behind The Product Boss Podcast. They have grown a community of high-achieving product-based small business owners and have helped them scale their physical product businesses through masterminds, group coaching, and digital courses designed specifically for product-based business owners ranging from start-up conception to multi-million dollar companies. Together their goal is to change the landscape of product entrepreneurship by connecting women around the world through a blend of real-life business tactics, creative strategy, and modern leadership.
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Paula Ariola

how do you do this as a single person?

May 20th

Paula Ariola

thank you. I did trying the web address but can't seem to find the cite

May 18th

Lori C.

gotta admit, this episode was a turn off. all I could hear was the braggart message. Any positive message was lost on me. glad to know I'm that much is a lesser being. thanks for reminding me.

Mar 30th
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I don't think you understand what toxic relationships are lol these are just general "oh this relationship or person isn't for you"..........

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I just have to ask what religion were you raised...

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I love your product

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Guitar2625 Si

I enjoyed listening to u

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amazing. thanks for the wise words.

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Melissa Fudge

Love love love your poem Lori!! So powerful

Sep 8th


wow this was fantastic and the perfect podcast to fire me up this morning! I KNOW all of these things, but hearing it from you made it sink in even more. "what you're planting this year, you have to harvest and eat next year" thank you for this little golden nugget! 💕

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Dawna Kreis

This podcast was one of several that were recommended to one of my groups yesterday. I listened the Take a Leap episode while I was on my walk this morning. It definitely gave me the feels. Fortunately I was the only person out because it took great restraint on my part to keep from crying. Just a big "YES!" Thank you. 💖 This is being added to my podcast favorites.

Aug 22nd
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Hi Lori, first time listening to your podcast, and this is just what I need in my life right now, I'm going through a hard time right now and just listening your story makes me think about all the things I been through and I still have made it to this point, I think I can do this!! thank you for all the inspiration, I'll be here listening every single episode❤️. Thank you!!

Aug 19th
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Danelle Jamtgaard

Love this episode! Wise words that resonate perfectly for me right now.

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phoenix sunyata

37:05 I've wondered what is my gift, I don't see myself as business owner or major leader. But have thought about leading by just being and doing, my best self. Wondered if that was a thing or enough. So, thanks 😊

Jul 31st
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Carly Valenzuela

i love you two together it makes my day😂😂

Jul 24th
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phoenix sunyata

🤣 you make me laugh! ❤

Jul 23rd
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Rebecca Wheeler

yes I feel like the ones with the assistant are unorganized and just them laughing. I dont want to listen to people just laughing the entire time.

Jun 24th

Carissa Davis

PLEASE have a QA meet up!!! y'all are the best!!!

May 22nd
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