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Author: Lori Harder

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Get all the inside secrets and tools you need to help you bust through your fears, connect to your soul and get focused and clear so you can elevate your life, business and relationships… Listen in as Lori Harder, founder of the Bliss Project, 3X time fitness world champion, fitness expert and cover model, turned self love junkie - lifestyle entrepreneur and author digs in shares the goods! Each episode is designed to give you the tools, ideas, and inspiration to take action in your life. Tune in for an inspirational guest, a story or a "quickie" of motivation to get you out of a funk or blast you even further on your rockstar journey! Stop waiting until you are happy and go out and earn it! I promise to make sure we have some fun along the way - you can't take this life too serious. It's time to fall in love with the process and take back your control! Oh and please make sure to share the episodes that give you goosebumps and leave us a review!
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In This Episode You Will Learn About: Addictions to problems or solutions Two ways to get attention Focusing on one thing at a time Increasing your willpower   Resources: Show Notes: When we start to look at our lives we are either addicted to the solution and the positive or we’re addicted to the problems and complaining. Which one are you? Look at your day and recognize whether you are more focused on coming up with solutions to the problems that come up, or if you’re allowing yourself to stay in the addiction of the drama. If you find yourself gearing more towards the complaining, let’s discuss how you can switch that around and fall in love with solving problems.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Finding confidence in action Starting something new   Resources:   Show Notes: Welcome back to Questionably Awesome! Today, Evans and I are going to be answering more of your questions around building confidence. @vivianamindful asks: How do you remain confident when you're at the start of your business and feeling overwhelmed? @suzannelamoureaux asks: How do you gain confidence when starting something new that you've never done before?
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Whether you should be an employee or an entrepreneur Understanding why you’re starting your business Envisioning what your days look like Thinking of the future Staying in your zone of genius Creating the habits you need to move forward   Resources: Visit or use code LORI for 25% off your first order!   Show Notes: Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?  We have six questions you should be asking yourself — whether you have a business already or are thinking of starting one — to make sure you aren’t putting yourself into situations that are going to lead you to unhappiness. Entrepreneurship is so trendy right now. While it’s a great way to make money and build financial security, not everybody is meant to be an entrepreneur… at least not right now. Use these questions as a guide to determine whether or not being an entrepreneur is right for you: Why are you starting this thing? What is your day-to-day going to look like? Will you be happy doing this three years from now? What is your zone of genius and who will you need in order to get back to your zone of genius quicker? Who do you need to be in order to bring this company to success? What habits do you need?
In This Episode You Will Learn About: The unknown struggles of entrepreneurship Finding a why that keeps you going Sticking to your values Not putting people on a pedestal Learning how to handle rejection The joy of being of service to others   Resources: Instagram: @jamiekernlima Read: "Believe It" Get $100 off your first month of with code HAPPY   Show Notes: Without Jamie Kern Lima in my life, I’m not sure that I’d be starting my company right now. She’s a cheerleader for all women and has so much belief in people. Her personal story is a billion-dollar success story when the cosmetics company she founded was sold to L’Oréal and became the first female CEO of one of their brands in history. Her new book "Believe It" is a must-read if you have big dreams, and she’s going to ignite your soul on fire and remind you that anything is possible.   Question Highlights:   How did you feel when you released your book out into the world? Can you share a story of rejection? How can we connect back to why we started something in the first place and stop comparing ourselves to others? What do you tap into to keep going?     Guest Bio: Jamie Kern Lima started IT Cosmetics in her living room and grew the company into the largest luxury makeup brand in the country. She sold the company to L’Oréal in a billion-dollar deal and became the first female CEO of a brand in its history. Her love of her customers and remarkable authenticity and belief eventually landed her on the Forbes America’s Richest Self-Made Women list. Today, she’s a mother of two and an active investor, speaker, and thought leader who is passionate about inspiring and elevating women. She’s also an active philanthropist who has donated over $40 million in product and funds to help women face the effects of cancer with confidence.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: How a plan puts you into action Breaking down your big goals The things that keep you stopped and stalled   Resources: Text LITEPINK to 310-496-8363 to learn all about my startup journey! Show Notes: So many of us are operating in life without a plan. That’s why whenever we think about our dreams or something that we want to do we start to freak out. When you don’t have a plan around the things you need to accomplish it can be paralyzing. There are just too many possibilities for you to get distracted with. So let’s talk about why you need a plan that’s going to put you into action and give you the confidence you need to keep moving forward.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Learning from people more successful than you Getting comfortable with discomfort Prioritizing yourself over people-pleasing    Resources: Show Notes: Welcome back to Questionably Awesome! Today, Evans and I are going to be answering your questions around building confidence.   @rowellty asks: How do you overcome being intimidated by being in the company of those you admire or are more successful than you?   @melissa_wucinick asks: How do I overcome people pleasing? I know I am doing it but can't stop, and need the validation on social media.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: The commonalities between leadership and relationships Giving feedback in the moment Being honest, open, and building trust What gets recognized gets repeated   Resources: Visit or use code LORI for 25% off your first order! Show Notes: There are some common threads between being a good leader and being a good romantic partner. Nobody is going to be great at either when they’re just starting out — just think back to your first relationship and I’m sure you’ll agree — but with some intentional practice, we can become better leaders and better partners at the same time. Give feedback in the moment Nothing is worse than letting a grievance sit and then coming back to it after the other person has moved on. Some people get over things much more quickly than others. If you try to bring something up later, the other person may get confused, defensive, or angry. And small things left unaddressed continue to build up until they become a huge roadblock in your relationship. That can all be avoided by bringing it up in the moment. Being honest, open, and building trust Building off of that last point, giving feedback in the moment is what is going to make people learn to trust you. Being honest also empowers other people around you to open up and be their best, and that is the sign of a good relationship in business AND life. What gets recognized gets repeated When you see the kind of behavior you want, you have to work to recognize it in a way that acknowledges the other person. This will help that behavior stick and give further clarity to the types of behaviors you want. This also opens the trust door for feedback and makes it easier to breach the conversation around what can be improved. If you take in these three tips, you’re going to make it a lot of the way towards being great in both leadership AND relationships.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Getting over the fear of asking Building an obsession-worthy personal brand in 2021 Expanding who you are Getting on your path Surrounding yourself with people who love you Showing up as yourself   Resources: Read: "Be." Instagram: @jessicazweig LinkedIn: Visit and enter the code LOWCARB to get 15% off your order of Cacao Bliss   Show Notes: Jessica Zweig is a girl on FIRE. Not just because she’s doing big things in the world, but because she’s truly tapped into the power of being herself. You hear it all the time: Being your authentic self is your superpower. But how do you do that? Jessica is going to show you how you can activate this power inside of you at this very moment, reminding you how to get out of your head and figure out what it is about you that makes you unique and apply it to everything you do.   Question Highlights: How did you get comfortable asking for things outside of your comfort zone? What does it mean to build an obsession-worthy personal brand? What do you do when you think you’ve found yourself and then you go and do something new? Why should you build a personal brand in the first place? How do you start building out a personal brand? What is something that you wish more people knew about you?   Guest Bio: Jessica Zweig is the CEO of the SimplyBe. Agency, a premier personal branding firm based in Chicago, serving clients across the globe. Named a “Personal Branding Expert” by Forbes, a Top Digital Marketer To Watch by INC, and honored with the Gold and Silver Stevie® Award for “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2018 and 2019, Jessica facilitates sold-out workshops and speaks on the power of personal branding to corporations including Google, Salesforce, Virgin, Nike, Motorola, Red Bull, and Bank of America. She also hosts the top-ranked marketing podcast The SimplyBe Podcast. Jessica’s debut book, Be: A No Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself, launches in February 2021 with Sounds True, an imprint of Macmillan.  After growing up in Highland Park, IL, and attending the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Jessica co-founded CheekyChicago, one of the premier lifestyle magazines in Chicago. The website was a huge success, and although Jessica was known as a Top 10 Chicago “It” Girl, behind the scenes her life was far from perfect. The website began to lose money, and Jessica’s relationship with her co-founder turned toxic, but she still strove to maintain the façade of success. After overdrafting her checking account and unable to pay her cell phone bill, Jessica realized she wasn’t being her authentic self. Instead, she was operating from a place of fear which prevented her from true success. This revelation led Jessica to found her own company, SimplyBe. Agency, in 2014.   At SimplyBe., Jessica and her team work with corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives to become recognized industry experts and thought leaders. SimplyBe works with clients including Heineken, Morningstar, Blackstone, Mars, Vishen Lakhiani, Jason Rosenthal, Andrea Levoff, Larry Jordan, and many more to successfully develop their personal brands while highlighting their greatest business asset: their authenticity. Her business provides customized branding, marketing, and creative services with an emphasis on core values like kindness, truth, service, and of course, authenticity.  Jessica believes authenticity is the key to true success, and that being yourself opens up a new world of empowerment that’s not just about how much money you’re making. She’s also on a mission to debunk the perception that personal branding is an act of vanity; instead, when done right, personal branding is an act of service, a social responsibility, and a positive investment toward a positive future.  Jessica has brought her life-changing and trademarked methodology to clients around the world, taking many from unknown experts to recognized thought leaders. In her free time, she loves traveling, meditating, journaling, working out, and reading. She is involved with multiple charities including the Humane Society, The Human Rights Campaign, I Grow Chicago, Black Lives Matter, and more. Jessica currently lives in Chicago with her husband and two dogs. 
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Being in rooms with people that call you up Choosing discomfort Imagining the pain of staying in your comfort zone Picturing the reward for breaking the pattern   Resources:   Show Notes: You are always going to be uncomfortable for one of two reasons: you’re either leaving your comfort zone or you are staying in it too long. They both create discomfort, so which would you rather choose? Staying in your comfort zone never creates the result that you want; you don’t grow, and still end up experiencing pain when the universe decides it’s time to wake you up. Or, you can choose to leave your comfort zone on purpose and move through the discomfort to reach the next level — you’re going to be uncomfortable either way, so you might as well have something to show for it.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Being consistent on social media Creating structure Outsourcing when you need help Dealing with greed Exploring your deep motivations   Resources: Show Notes: Welcome back to Questionably Awesome! Today, Evans and I are going to be answering your questions about consistency and greed. @miss_evab asks: I'm struggling to be consistent with my business social media account! @danigmorris asks: Can you talk about how to overcome GREED? I'm seeing it become an addicting habit.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Why you need to choose your pain Getting from good to great Choosing God-sized dreams Welcoming pressure   Resources: Text ELITE to 310-421-0416 or visit to see if you’re a fit for Chris’ elite mastermind group Visit to start a free 30-day trial with Plushcare   Show Notes: There are two types of pain points in life: The ones you are dealt and the ones that are chosen. If you aren’t choosing the pain that you face, life is going to choose for you — and it may not be the kind of pain you want. But any pain you face is going to help you grow, so if you need pain, make sure it’s the pain you choose.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Creating a communal class structure around boxing Starting a new business Adapting to COVID-19 Embodying perseverance Bringing people together   Resources: Visit and use code FELICIA for 33% off your monthly subscription Instagram: @feeslalaland Visit and enter the code LOWCARB to get 15% off your order of Cacao Bliss Get a $75 credit towards upgrading your job posting at through March 31, 2021.   Show Notes: Felicia Alexander is the cofounder of BoxUnion, a boxing fitness studio sparked by her dream of empowering communities and helping others discover their greatness. In 2020, her business went digital in order to adapt to what was happening in the world, taking her reach from California to global. We talk about pivoting, opening a business, and leaving behind the life you thought you were going to lead. It’s an awesome, inspiring conversation that you’re going to get a ton of value from. Question Highlights:   Where did your love for boxing come from? What did it look like when you were getting BoxUnion started? What was an eye-opening lesson you’ve had since starting this business? What did your business look like when COVID hit? What does it feel like when the future is so unknown right now? What does perseverance mean to you and how do you bring it into your life?   Guest Bio: Felicia’s love of community and fitness started at a young age. While her grandfather was an amateur boxer, it wasn’t until after the sudden death of her father when she was only 16, Felicia discovered her love of boxing. A graduate of Stanford University and the UCLA Anderson School of Business, Felicia went on to have a successful career as a Sales & Marketing executive for companies including Sun Microsystems, Sony, Mattel, and Leaf Group, all the while recruiting friends and members of her team to come together through fitness. In 2016, she decided to leave corporate America to chase her childhood dream of empowering the community through boxing and helping others discover their true greatness through fitness— no matter their age or ability. Together with her business partner, Todd Wadler, Alexander launched BoxUnion in Santa Monica, CA in April of 2017. After the success of the first studio, BoxUnion opened a second location in West Hollywood, CA in January of 2019. In April of 2020 BoxUnion Digital launched allowing consumers all over the world to stay healthy, de-stress, and build their mental strength from anywhere at any time.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Discerning what needs to move fast and slow in your life Making temporary decisions Changing your mind Believing you will figure it out   Resources:   Show Notes: I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me about how I’m able to get so much done so fast in my new company. I want to dive into that topic, showing how I am getting some things done fast, what is taking me longer, and the things that need to intentionally go slower in order to do them right. Making decisions is a muscle that needs to be worked, so get flexing!
In This Episode You Will Learn About: What to do when you hate your job but don’t know what comes next Reframing what you’re doing Stepping into your purpose Putting it all on the line Dressing for success   Resources:   Show Notes: Welcome back to Questionably Awesome! Today, Evans and I are going to be answering your questions about overcoming struggle. @sambamfarley: I hate my day job and want to quit but don't have enough income to support me. What should I do? @samantha_haffner : Struggling with motivation! I have been lacking motivation and need to kick my own butt. Help please!
In This Episode You Will Learn About: The importance of knowing your numbers The benefits of competition How every person and product is unique Being authentic to where you are at   Resources: Text ELITE to 310-421-0416 or visit to join my elite mastermind Instagram: @chriswharder | @loriharder Visit and use promo code HAPPY for 25% off your order   Show Notes: Fear of competition scares a lot of people away from even taking the first step towards a business, but there’s no reason that competition should hold you back. So, we’re going to break down the reasons why you shouldn’t worry about competition and why you should actually be wary of starting a business that has no competition.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Finding belief in dark times Where to begin your journey The reward on the other side of making tough choices The beliefs that allow you to move to the next level Saying “yes” and figuring it out Closing the gap to the next level Being intentional about what you want Asking for help   Resources: Have a conversation: Instagram: @iamdrsonja Twitter: @IamDrSonja Facebook: Visit and use promo code HAPPY for 25% off your order Visit and enter the code LOWCARB to get 15% off your order of Cacao Bliss Get a $75 credit towards upgrading your job posting at through March 31, 2021.   Show Notes: After Dr. Sonja Stribling’s divorce left her bankrupt, both financially and emotionally, she decided to leverage her personal journey in order to help others. We have a great conversation about her past and how she used everything she’s experienced, good and bad, to create her business, and how you can use your personal story to propel you forward. Question Highlights: Could you tell us more about your journey? How do you know where to start? Why do people need to be having hard conversations? What are some beliefs in business that you can apply to anything? What does it look like saying “yes” before you’re ready? What do you tell yourself when you can’t seem to close the gap to the next level? What’s a better question that people need to ask themselves? Guest Bio: Dr. Sonja is a Transformation Specialist, Influence Expert known as the General to Giants. This retired Army Major, recipient of Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, National Speaker for the Think & Grow Rich The Legacy World Tour, and former TV Host on Bravo Network, now uses this training and experience to lead thousands of to their victory in dominating in their space and use their inner POWER to ascend to their Next Level in life and business. Having overcome a series of life-changing experiences at a young age, a 21-year military career, a highly decorated combat veteran with a harrowing divorce that left her financially and emotionally bankrupt, Dr. Sonja has drawn upon her past pain to connect her closer to her purpose. Her mission is to use her leadership skills and her own journey as a means to help others ignite their inner strength and realize their true potential as human beings, business owners, and world-changers. As the Chairwoman of the Born to Be Powerful Academy®, home of Kitchen Table CEOTM her firm’s courses, events, and results-based coaching & consulting programs equips emerging and established women, thought leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, and game-changers to use find their POWER to have a fulfilled life, booming business and live life on their own terms. From her one-on-one coaching, group training events to online seminars, thousands shift their life, career, and business from her teachings. Her core belief is “don’t wait for others to invite you to the table, create your own table!”
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Sharing the lessons along the way Finding your vision Taking action on your goals   Resources: Listen: ‎Transformation Church: Mark My Words // Do You Need Vision? // Michael Todd   Show Notes: Get ready, because I’m about to preach. I have chosen to see that I am supposed to take every problem I encounter, every obstacle, everything that gets thrown in my way as a lesson to share with others. And that lesson today is all about having a vision and following through with it in order to live your purpose.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Having a vision for your life Taking action Feeling accomplished The difference between compassion and compulsion   Resources:   Show Notes: Welcome back to Questionably Awesome! Today, Evans and I are going to be answering your questions about overwhelm and compassion. @tracy_swselfcare asks: I get so overwhelmed about starting.  How do I start taking action? @officialnattig asks: Difference between compassion and feeling like you need to help?
In This Episode You Will Learn About: The traits that apply to both business and relationships Having unwavering standards about who you spend your time with Why you have to always be growing Having a target to strive for   Resources: Visit or text ELITE to 310-421-0416 to join Chris’ elite mastermind group Get 20% off Grammarly Premium at   Show Notes: There are a handful of things that have just as much to do with running a successful business as they do having successful relationships. You obviously want your relationship to thrive just as much as your business, so start focusing on these three things and make strides in both.
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Being the big fish in the pond Finding contentment in your everyday life Having faith in your ability to execute your ideas Knowing when to go all-in Recognizing whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee Staying humble and keeping perspective Universal truths about building a business   Resources: Instagram: @ashlandhardseltzer Get $100 off your first month of therapy at with code HAPPY Get 15% off of Cacao Bliss at when you enter the code LOWCARB Show Notes: I love hearing about the raw, real journey it takes to build a company from the ground up. Bringing your passion to life despite all of the walls you hit along the way is a story I will never get tired of hearing. And the story of Josh Landan is just that. He’s the founder of Saint Archer Brewing Co., which he just sold to Coors for $100 million, and then he sold Ashland Hard Seltzer to Anheuser-Busch after only eleven months of building the brand. It’s truly inspiring and you’re going to take so much away from this conversation.   Question Highlights: How do you deal with the pressure of entrepreneurship? What happened in Philadelphia? What gives you such confidence in your ideas? How do you create authentic connections with your investors? How do you stay so self-aware? What are you working through in your life right now? How do we keep our massive drive but also make it feel like no big deal? What are three universal truths about building a business? What is the payoff from being an entrepreneur? What do you want to leave people with?   Guest Bio: Josh started his career telling stories from behind the lens – filming, directing, writing, and producing films and documentaries featuring some of the world's top surfers, snowboards, and skateboards. The passion for bringing his athlete friends’ stories to life led him to create Saint Archer Brewing Co. and later Harland Brewing Co. Recognizing all of his friends were quickly developing a taste for hard seltzer, Josh saw an opportunity to create something different and tell a new story with friends from all walks of life. Ashland Hard Seltzer was brewed to bring together people from all walks of life, to share moments, and create stories as one. Moments are fleeting. Stories live forever. Cheers!
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wow this was fantastic and the perfect podcast to fire me up this morning! I KNOW all of these things, but hearing it from you made it sink in even more. "what you're planting this year, you have to harvest and eat next year" thank you for this little golden nugget! 💕

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This podcast was one of several that were recommended to one of my groups yesterday. I listened the Take a Leap episode while I was on my walk this morning. It definitely gave me the feels. Fortunately I was the only person out because it took great restraint on my part to keep from crying. Just a big "YES!" Thank you. 💖 This is being added to my podcast favorites.

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Hi Lori, first time listening to your podcast, and this is just what I need in my life right now, I'm going through a hard time right now and just listening your story makes me think about all the things I been through and I still have made it to this point, I think I can do this!! thank you for all the inspiration, I'll be here listening every single episode❤️. Thank you!!

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