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Welcome to The Earn Your Leisure Podcast. Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings will be your host. Earn Your Leisure will be giving you behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs. We will also be breaking down business models and examining the latest trends in finance. Earn Your Leisure is a college business class mixed with pop culture. We blend the two together for a unique and exciting look into the world of business. Let’s go!! #earnyourleisurepodcast

162 Episodes
In this Study Hall Kika Wise who is the youngest female franchisor in America explains the process of turning a business into a franchise chain.  EYL University: EYL University 70% Off Sale
In episode 123, we spoke with the legendary Joseph Cartagena aka Fat Joe. Along with being a Hall of Fame artist, he’s also one of the greatest A&R’s ever. He’s responsible for finding and nurturing the careers of Big Pun, Remy Ma, DJ Khaled, Cool & Dre, and Pitbull. He has reinvented himself during Covid-19 and currently has the hottest show on IG, which includes nightly interviews with the biggest names in entertainment.  In EYL 123 he walked us through his music career, he talked about the inner workings of running a record label, we spoke about his other businesses that he runs, his plans for opening an organic bakery, and more. He also talked about his trials and tribulations financially in the music game, the mistakes that artists make which causes them to go broke, and he explained in detail how an accountant and financial mismanagement caused him to go to federal jail. #fatjoe #music #hiphop  Host IG: Guest IG: 75% off EYL University:
In this cliff notes Ian talks about the top rules for stock market investing.   Link to Full Episode: EYL University: EYL University 75% Off Sale
In this study hall we spoke with cryptocurrency investor Justin Owens about how to get started investing in cryptocurrency. We covered everything you need to know to begin investing in crypto and Bitcoin and answered live questions. #bitcoin​ #cryptocurrency​ #investing​ EYL University:​ EYL University 75% Off Sale Annual Tuition
Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee is undeniably one of the greatest entrepreneurs and visionaries over the past 20 years. He has helped shape the landscape of social media and has played a major part in shaping the world of business.  He grew his family’s wine business to $60 million in sales in the late nineties. After that, he started one of the top marketing companies in the world, and then he became one of the most legendary Angel investors ever. He was an early investor in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, Snap, and Venmo.  In episode 122, we spoke with Gary about NFTs, the future of the Blockchain, Angel investing, marketing, the evolution of social media, the best ways to get underpriced attention, his entrepreneurial journey, marketing tips, and more. #garyvee #vr #angelinvesting #nft  Host IG: Guest IG: 75% off EYL University:
In this cliff notes we discuss some of the top gaming, sports betting, and space travel stocks.  EYL University: EYL University 75% Off Sale
In this Study Hall real estate developer and entrepreneur Chris Senegal goes over how someone can become a business consultant he also outlines business success tips, he explained how to bypass gatekeepers to speak to high-level executives and he gave valuable information about real estate development and how to spot up and coming opportunities in the market place.  He explained in detail how he was able to literally buy back a block in Houston Texas.  EYL University: EYL University 75% Off Sale
Inky Johnson is one of the most powerful voices you will ever hear. In 2006, he was a star cornerback for the University of Tennessee. A career in the NFL was in his sights until he suffered a debilitating injury that permanently paralyzed his right arm.  What he has done since has made him an iconic transformational figure. Today he's one of the world's top inspirational speakers, he's courted by some of the largest corporations, the biggest institutions, and professional sports teams. Aside from being an inspirational speaker as he calls it, he is also a best-selling author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and devoted family man.  In episode 121, Inky talked us through the business model of public speaking, he outlined his journey to the top, he spoke about how he has adjusted his business since COVID-19 has put a halt on most in-person events, and more.  #motivationalspeaker #publicspeaking #inkyjohnson  Host IG: Guest IG: 75% off EYL University:
In this cliff notes we talk about Microsoft’s stock and new ventures for the company.  Host IG: EYL University: EYL University 75% Off Sale
In this study we discuss equity crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding is something that every business owner should be aware of because it allows you to raise large amounts of money in short periods of time without any bank funding. It is also something that every investor should be aware of because it allows you to obtain ownership in companies at their beginning stages, which could potentially lead to huge profits down the line. Host IG: Guest IG: https: 75% off EYL University:
Ok For episode #120, we sat down with one of the most important entrepreneurs of all time, a cultural icon to our culture, and a revolutionary thinker. Percy Miller aka Master P needs no introduction. He’s changed the game in music, film, sports, and now he’s trailblazing a new path with his food company Rap Snacks.  We sat down with P, his business partner and founder of Rap Snacks James Lindsay, and the president of Rap Snacks Foundation, hip-hop pioneer, and stock trader, Wise Intelligent.  In EYL #120, we covered brand building, ownership, financial literacy, marketing, stocks, product supply chain, the rumors of Master P buying Reebok, his entry into the electric car space, their initiative to provide seed funding and exposure for small businesses, group economics, and more! #masterp #rapsnacks #business  Host IG: Guest IG: Guest IG: Guest IG: 75% off EYL University:
In this cliff notes Ian talks about the hottest stock sectors to invest in this year. He also discussed tech stocks, fundamental analysis, and high yield bonds.  EYL University: EYL University 75% Off Sale
In this study hall car industry expert Christian Charvet discusses the benefits of leasing a car. We also discuss buying a new car vs buying a used car and how to get the best deal when purchasing a car. EYL University: EYL University 50% Off Sale
Justin Owens has spent the past five years becoming an expert on Forex trading and Cryptocurrency investing. He’s built an online community of over 60,000 people and has established himself as a leading entrepreneur, public speaker, and investor.  On EYL 119, we covered everything you need to know about Forex trading to have a solid foundation to make money. We also explained the inner workings of Cryptocurrency, how to buy and sell Crypto, top coins in the marketplace, and the future of Bitcoin. #forex #bitcoin #Cryptocurrency EYL University: EYL University 75% Off Sale Annual Tuition  Guest IG: Host IG:
In this cliff notes Ian outlines the top ten secrets to investing. #investing #stocks #investingtips Link to Full Episode: EYL University: EYL University 50% Off Sale
In this Study Hall EYL Alumni Him 500 taught about how to turn credit into cash. He gave an in-depth presentation and answered live questions about the top credit hacks. #credit #Recessionproof #him500 #MarcusBarney EYL University: EYL University 75% Off Sale Annual Tuition Link to Recession Proof Discount ($500 off):
The 85 South Show has grown from a comedy crew into a full-fledged media powerhouse. They have one of the top podcasts in the world and their shows have over a million views per week on YouTube. They have a production studio, a thriving Merch collection, a packed touring calendar, and a podcast production network.  On episode 118, we sat down with one of the stars of 85 South and one of the funniest people on the planet Karlous Miller, and the head of business operations for the company Chad Oubre, for insight into the world of media, comedy, content creation, and ownership.  EYL University: EYL University 75% Off Sale Annual Tuition  Guest IG: Guest IG: Host IG:
In this week’s cliff notes Ian outlines the perfect investing plan for long term and short term investors. #investing #stocks #investingtips  Link to Full Episode: EYL University: EYL University 50% Off Sale Annual Tuition
In this study hall professors Lenny Williams and Jeff Dess discuss higher education, college hacking tips, ways to fund education without going into debt and the importance of culturally responsive teaching.  Host IG: Guest IG: Link to EYL University Grad School (50% off Annual Tuition):
Student loan debt has become an economic tidal wave that has crippled millions of people. The total student loan debt in America is $1.9 trillion. Student loans have stopped millions from reaching financial freedom. On episode #117, we sat down with Sonia Lewis aka The Student Loan Doctor for an in-depth conversation about everything you need to know about student loans. Sonia is the leading authority on student loans. She has been featured in Forbes, Money Magazine, and Black Enterprise. Her student loan repayment company has helped thousands of people across the nation become student loan free. #studentloans #studentloanForbearance #studentloanprogram  Link to Student Loan E-Book: EYL University: EYL University 50% Off Sale Annual Tuition  Guest IG:
Comments (19)

Stephanie Briggs

The hammering/construction noise was very detracting.

Feb 23rd

Andres Morando

do you recommend owning Microsoft shares through Robinhood?

Feb 19th

Frank L

the only podcast I never miss an episode of! always dropping gems and giving free game. this was what the culture needed

Jan 31st

Marv Nation


Sep 1st

Mr Palmer

I wish she would have relaxed and explained it better. She talked about it but it wasn't explained

Aug 25th

Tommy Lee

1.Set a work goal : ✍️ noted 2.Set reward goal : ✍️ noted

Mar 25th

Iman Musah

great show!!! been studying the market and Q just helped me immensely to narrow down what i wanna buy

Feb 6th
Reply (1)

Carlos A

This is one of the best podcast out there. I've listened to every episode so far.

Jan 21st

Jay Smith

Brooo Im only half way in and this guy just spitting facts. One of the best podcasts I've listened to. & you guys on point with the questions. Hats off to you guys and wall street trapper

Oct 23rd
Reply (1)

Benjamin Edward Thompson


Oct 16th
Reply (1)

errubi 78

Good morning, I came across your podcast and its great!!! i would like to offer some info for your audience. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department does not require a college degree to become a police officer (cap off at 99k)or a correctional officer (cap off at 71k). LVMPD still offers one of the best retirement packages around. They also offer several entry level positions for civilians that do not require a degree with very nice payscale. Free medical insurance, deferred comp offer, and company paid pension. HVAC and Electrician positions (40-50/hr) in Las Vegas also pay very very well, only requiring a training program and certification after a few months. Both are big business and offers the opportunity to start your own business. No State Tax, Low cost of living. Keep up the great work!!!

Sep 12th

Kysir Soza

very RELEVANT & or applicable...As a person y not embrace Education so as 2 EDUCATE!?!?

May 15th

Timothy Jackson

This was one of the best episodes because of the perspective Romeo Brown was able to provide. I felt that when he was talking about how he was humbled and had to get a job at Costco. I'm in a similar situation where it's very humbling this current point in life I'm going through. To hear the encouragement to keep moving forward is exactly what I need when I'm at work feeling depressed. I needed to hear this today. Thank y'all for what you do, I've been down since episode one and I have learned so much about finance it's unreal and y'all giving it away for free 99! Blessings on Blessings to y'all man forreal

May 15th

Darryl Shears

my first episode and I am impressed. good quality and information.

Apr 28th

Sheldon Lovelace

This is your best episode yet. Derrick really broke down numbers and processes for people that may not have the knowledge on how things work.

Apr 4th

Amstone Branding Agency

that Kanye story breaks my heart the financial literacy so insightful thank you. greetings from Nairobi, Kenya

Mar 19th
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