DiscoverEat Well Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel
Eat Well Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel
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Eat Well Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel

Author: World Food Travel Association

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Podcast by the World Food Travel Association
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In this episode, you'll learn:The difference between authentic food and good food, and why you don’t necessarily need to have both or offer both at the same time.Ways to minimize “overfoodtourism”How the act of sharing food or drink together is an accelerator for friendshipsHow speaking directly can be so powerfulWhy it is in your best interest to just launch your product or business, even before it is perfect
In this episode you'll learn:Why quality trumps quantityWhy consumers will always pay more for qualityIf you can’t sell something, double the price and watch it sell outHow bureaucracy & rules can stymie small business growthHow an impressive visitor experience drives salesWhy you always need to ask whyDiscussed in this episode:Ummera Irish SmokehouseTraveling Spoon
In this episode you'll learn:How travel can be transformational for younger people starting their careersThe power of video to tell a storyThe danger of food becoming commoditizedHow authenticity is about “real people”How to find the “magic” of great storytellingWhy it’s important to be persistentRob's links:GLP FilmsRob on LinkedIn
In this episode you'll learn:What "linked prosperity" is and how you can work it into your businessWhy if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space!How keeping a simple focus can help you achieve your goalsWhy plans seldom survive reality and what you can do about itRaj's links:Social ToursEthical Travel Portal
In this episode you'll learn:Why too many visitors can ruin a destination’s authenticity & what to do about itWhy we need to promote the value of hospitality careers, to industry, youth and the mediaHow globalization has adversely affected the food-loving visitor experienceWhy food memories last so longWhat zero-sum thinking is and why it’s a bad deal for everyoneHow food can break down the walls of fearDiscussed in this episode:Eric's links:Chemeketa Community CollegeEric on LinkedIn
In this episode, you will learn:How to be part of the solution not part of the problemWhy you should take the road less traveled and don't be afraid where it leads. You'll surprise yourself.Not to be scared to make mistakes; it's the only way to learnTo follow your heart and the money will follow after.That it's OK to chase the money for a short while, but have a Plan B.Why you should not ask for permission, rather for forgivenessHow the benefits of food tourism ripple out to all areas of the economy.Why providers should not focus on creating just a product. Instead, they should create an experience. (This is similar to our Association's long-standing quote, "Serve a memory, not a meal).Discussed in this episode:John's links:John on Academia.eduJohn on LinkedIn
In this episode you'll learn:Why food culture makes us uniqueHow greed is a “four letter word” and is destroying food cultures.Why you have to deliver a consistently excellent experience; there is no hiding behind the internet.Why people crave authenticity and human connection – that’s why companies exist to match travelers to hosts to share meals in homes.That business owners overlook the customer journey, but it’s one of the most critical things for you to understand to meet customer expectations.Discussed in this episode:Wojtek's company:Taste Poland Food & Travel ConsultingTaste Poland Blog
In this episode you'll learn:Make it nice or make it twiceWhy slow and steady wins the raceWhy you should skip the easy moneyHow waste is moneyWatching the small details can add up to big savingsWhat you can do to avoid paying for advertisingWhat you can do to avoid having to repeat tasksDiscussed in this episode:Christie's companies:The HollowsPrimal Pasta
In this episode you'll learn:Why popular destinations are already losing their authenticityWhy multinational chain businesses are not a reason for travelWhy you can only do so much/not bite off more than you can chewThe one thing bloggers can do to set their food blogs apart from competitionWhy first impressions of a destination and its food are so influential for food-loving travelersDiscussed in this episode:Michele's companies:Cooking With MicheleMichele Morris Books
In this episode you'll learn:To know and focus on your true strengths, and hire others to do what you need help withFor those who are shy, how to arrange circumstances so you will be in a position to overcome your shynessWhy authentic cuisines ultimately beget fusion dishesWhy regional cuisines are, in many cases, more important than national cuisinesWhy promoting regions instead of entire countries can help combat overtourismWhy travel is the best educationDiscussed in this episode:Rosetta's company: Gregg Wallace Italian Food Holidays
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