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Eat Well Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel
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Eat Well Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel

Author: World Food Travel Association

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In this episode you'll learn:When we talk the talk, we have to walk the walk. We can't just talk about great food culture without instilling the respect for it in how we view food and educate our youth about food.Why it doesn't make sense to both import and export the same foods.Take a risk and if it works, it works.Eating local & healthy actually costs less in the long run, especially when you use every part of the fruit or vegetable. Try banana skin chutney!Food education is, in many ways, the story behind the food and it's the story that matters most.Discussed in this episode:Feast Ireland2020 Food Travel Monitor
In this episode you'll learn:Why a destination needs to diversify its product portfolio to be competitiveHow the poison is in the dose - nothing in extremes gives great resultsHow new technologies threaten culinary tourism experiences & what can be done to prepare for a sustainable future for our industryWhy the personal touch needs to be preserved when you're trying to create an offer an authentic experienceWhy storytelling is important in serviceHow food evokes specific memoriesDiscussed in this episode:Bulgaria Wine Tours
In this episode you'll learn:How preserving sense of place is essential to fostering a successful visitor experience, and ultimately, to furthering the advancement of food & beverage tourismWhy you need to ask for help early on in life so that you can go further fasterHow a company is the sum of its parts – everyone plays a vital roleWhy local food/beverage businesses need to be supported & preservedWhat compels food lovers to travel in the first placeWhy you should embrace failure & learn from itDiscussed in this episode:Devour ToursSpanish Sabores
In this episode, you'll learn:The difference between authentic food and good food, and why you don’t necessarily need to have both or offer both at the same time.Ways to minimize “overfoodtourism”How the act of sharing food or drink together is an accelerator for friendshipsHow speaking directly can be so powerfulWhy it is in your best interest to just launch your product or business, even before it is perfect
In this episode you'll learn:Why quality trumps quantityWhy consumers will always pay more for qualityIf you can’t sell something, double the price and watch it sell outHow bureaucracy & rules can stymie small business growthHow an impressive visitor experience drives salesWhy you always need to ask whyDiscussed in this episode:Ummera Irish SmokehouseTraveling Spoon
In this episode you'll learn: How travel can be transformational for younger people starting their careers The power of video to tell a story The danger of food becoming commoditized How authenticity is about “real people” How to find the “magic” of great storytelling Why it’s important to be persistent Rob's links: GLP Films Rob on LinkedIn
In this episode you'll learn: What "linked prosperity" is and how you can work it into your business Why if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space! How keeping a simple focus can help you achieve your goals Why plans seldom survive reality and what you can do about it Raj's links: Social Tours Ethical Travel Portal
In this episode you'll learn: Why too many visitors can ruin a destination’s authenticity & what to do about it Why we need to promote the value of hospitality careers, to industry, youth and the media How globalization has adversely affected the food-loving visitor experience Why food memories last so long What zero-sum thinking is and why it’s a bad deal for everyone How food can break down the walls of fear Discussed in this episode: Eric's links: Chemeketa Community College Eric on LinkedIn
In this episode, you will learn: How to be part of the solution not part of the problem Why you should take the road less traveled and don't be afraid where it leads. You'll surprise yourself. Not to be scared to make mistakes; it's the only way to learn To follow your heart and the money will follow after. That it's OK to chase the money for a short while, but have a Plan B. Why you should not ask for permission, rather for forgiveness How the benefits of food tourism ripple out to all areas of the economy. Why providers should not focus on creating just a product. Instead, they should create an experience. (This is similar to our Association's long-standing quote, "Serve a memory, not a meal). Discussed in this episode: John's links: John on John on LinkedIn
In this episode you'll learn: Why food culture makes us unique How greed is a “four letter word” and is destroying food cultures. Why you have to deliver a consistently excellent experience; there is no hiding behind the internet. Why people crave authenticity and human connection – that’s why companies exist to match travelers to hosts to share meals in homes. That business owners overlook the customer journey, but it’s one of the most critical things for you to understand to meet customer expectations. Discussed in this episode: Wojtek's company: Taste Poland Food & Travel Consulting Taste Poland Blog
In this episode you'll learn: Make it nice or make it twice Why slow and steady wins the race Why you should skip the easy money How waste is money Watching the small details can add up to big savings What you can do to avoid paying for advertising What you can do to avoid having to repeat tasks Discussed in this episode: Christie's companies: The Hollows Primal Pasta
In this episode you'll learn: Why popular destinations are already losing their authenticity Why multinational chain businesses are not a reason for travel Why you can only do so much/not bite off more than you can chew The one thing bloggers can do to set their food blogs apart from competition Why first impressions of a destination and its food are so influential for food-loving travelers Discussed in this episode: Michele's companies: Cooking With Michele Michele Morris Books
In this episode you'll learn: To know and focus on your true strengths, and hire others to do what you need help with For those who are shy, how to arrange circumstances so you will be in a position to overcome your shyness Why authentic cuisines ultimately beget fusion dishes Why regional cuisines are, in many cases, more important than national cuisines Why promoting regions instead of entire countries can help combat overtourism Why travel is the best education Discussed in this episode: Rosetta's company: Gregg Wallace Italian Food Holidays
In this episode you'll learn: How the food tourism industry is behind the times, and why you are missing an important opportunity Why more people than ever are looking for meat-free dishes How traditions move on (and rightly so) How vegetarian food can also please meat-eaters Why restaurant and hotel chefs are actually being prevented by their owners from innovating with vegetarian and vegan cuisine Why we should stop listening to others and start listening more to ourselves Discussed in this episode: Chantal's company: Passion for the Planet
In this episode you'll learn: How people take their own behaviors and preferences with them when they travel. Why special diets are here to stay. The preference for Halal is growing quickly, even among non-Muslims. Halal isn't just about religious preferences, it's also a way to guarantee the origin of foods and protect food safety Why it's so hard to reproduce a taste of place after you've traveled home from the place How gastronomy and music are two universal languages How gastronomy can build bridges Discussed in this episode: Javier's company: Barcelona Halal Services
In this episode you'll learn: Why developing a sense of community is critical in food tourism Why creating a unique and memorable experience is a critical part of getting food tourism right Why you can't worry about doing what is expected of you - just follow your heart Discussed in this episode: Alison's company: Acorn Tourism Development Consultants
In this episode you'll learn: How being an entrepreneur is a job: you have to take it seriously Why you need to have savings built up before you launch out on your own How "no" is a big motivator Why Instagram isn't the panacea everyone thinks it is How secondary and tertiary destinations can help solve the overtourism problem How to get professional quality photos and videos without spending a lot Discussed in this episode: Their Food Travel Blog: With Husband In Tow Their Company: WHIT Media
Ep. 12 Tung Do - Just Do It

Ep. 12 Tung Do - Just Do It


In this episode you'll learn: Why you need to delegate to be able to succeed If someone doesn't accept your offer initially, don't give up Why it's important to speak English in any industry Why the past doesn't repeat but it often rhymes Why you need to be remarkable or be nothing How ego and overconfidence can ruin everything Why you can't rest your laurels Why you shouldn't try to be all things to all people Just do it: start a business even if you don't have the experience Discussed in this episode: His company XOTours
In this episode you'll learn: Why it's important to have a connection to the food you eat. How nature can inspire cuisine. Why it's important to preserve endemic culinary cultures. Why it's important to dream about your potential. How take inspiration from others to help you follow your own path. How to stay competitive when the price of products keeps going down. Discussed in this episode: His company NaturalWalks
In this episode you'll learn: Why food & beverage packaging can often have a greater impact on a consumer than the actual product itself How multiple languages on the packaging can affect consumer's expectations of the product or experience How attractively packaged food/beverage products can help foster long-lasting visitor memories Discussed in this episode: Jenn David Design How to Design Your Specialty Food Packaging to Sell, a book by Jenn David Connolly
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