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Author: Ed Berliner

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Emmy award winning news & sports journalist Ed Berliner is "The Man in the Arena", welcoming in guests from the worlds of entertainment, politics, sports, human interest, music, and whatever else catches his attention. Excellent guests, stimulating no-holds barred conversation with fascinating people and topics.
126 Episodes
Donald Jensen is a Russian expert at the Center for European Policy Analysis, and perhaps no one knows the politics better. In this powerful edition of "The Man in the Arena", questions are answered honestly, people will be angry at the truth, and Vladimir Putin will have spent one more day solidifying his power over a weak America.
Kobe Bryant was more than just an exceptional basketball player. He was a teenager thrust into the world of men, the kid who conquered a league, the young man who seemed to try his best in throwing it all away, and who in the end realized what he had been given and turned his life into an inspirational cavalcade. Roland Lazenby is an accomplished American author of numerous sports books, 2 of those about Kobe Bryant. He joins Ed Berliner to remember Kobe, with stories many will hear for the first time. Another special edition of the sports program that speaks to the intelligent mind, "The Fastest Show in Sports".
The MLB cheating scandal has only just begun, with more questions being raised every day about how many other players, managers, coaches and front office types will be busted before it's over.
Richie Conigliaro celebrates the life of his brother Tony, as family and friends gather to produce a new and intimate documentary on the life of the Boston Red Sox and baseball legend.
NE Patriots beat columnist Mark Farinella knows where Tom Brady will play in 2020 and why people really hate the Pats.
The biggest dumpster fire franchise in the 2019 NFL, and the next great dynasties to rise.
Those who continue to deny the dangerous and deadly facts of the COVID19 pandemic are at the forefront of the disinformation helping to crush the spirit and lives of America's frontline medical workers. Overworked, emotionally beaten in watching so much illness and death, there seems to be no level of truly fake news these frauds will propagate as the nation gets sicker and our hospitals reach the breaking point.
Anthony Fauci has been dealing in COVID19 facts since the pandemic began, and his most recent word on what is still to come should send a shiver down the spine of every America. Sad to note, because of disinformation from specific cable outlets and social media, America remains a nation of deniers seemingly bent on suicide.
College athletics has a long and despicable history of covering up crimes by their coaches and players in order to keep cashing fat conference and television contract checks. Louisiana State University is just the latest, but certainly the most blatant, in how they seek to change the subject when it comes to their athletes taking part in sexual assault. That's only part of the story, as local Louisiana media is more than happy to assist in the coverup, proving games and scores are more important that sexual assault.
Far too many people remember Joe Frazier as merely a foil for Muhammad Ali, when in reality he was much more. In his new book, "Smokin' Joe: The Life of Joe Frazier", Mark Kram, Jr. details an intimate and revealing picture of the man who rose to heavyweight champion from dirt-poor roots, was much smarter than he was given credit for, and who in the end proved to be a true heart and soul not only of boxing, but of his Philadelphia home. Join Ed Berliner for another revealing episode of "The Man in the Arena".
Veterinarian Dr. Kate Papp exposes the bloody side of horse racing in America.
Ranging on topics from the shame of where someone buys their cannolis, the outrage over a possible deal between the Nets and Yankees, and how every excuse from Donald Trump followers makes absolutely no sense AT ALL, Ed Berliner is joined by "The Smartest Man in the Room", attorney and former sports agent Joe Casale, for another rip-sorting turn at "The Man in the Arena". As a bonus in this episode, Ed takes the side of the GOP and wants the truth when it comes to Trump and the "liberal nonsense" being tossed about every day. Let the fur fly and the heavens fall where they may, this one will start more discourse than it solves.
Ed Berliner is joined by "The Smartest Man in the Room", attorney and former sports agent Joe Casale, for another free wheeling episode of "The Fastest Show in Sports". Join us as they ruffle more than a few egos and feathers, hammering away at overzealous sports fans such as the FSU meme-racist who couldn't wait to share his stupidity on social media, why more pro sports gambling is no big deal, and Joe gets to crow about his New Orleans Saints wondering why Drew Brew doesn't get the top dog discussion he deserves. Certainly, it's that damn Roger Goodell's fault. No, seriously.
Ed Berliner welcomes John Fricke to "The Fastest Show in Sports" for more than just his usual college football talk. The morning host at 92.9 "The Game" in Atlanta GA would LOVE to see Alabama lose this weekend for the simple reason of the NCAA chaos it would bring, believes the University of Miami must reclaim their "thug image" of old to contend again, and then switches to the NFL for discussion of why Dan Quinn will NOT be fired by the Atlanta Falcons no matter WHAT those lovable fans want. Guaranteed to have some people throwing something at their podcast player and others cheering with delight. Hey, it's what we DO on this show.
Anyone who tells you they know who the Final 4 will be in the College Football playoffs this season is full of more bovine excrement than is on planet Earth. College Football Analyst and morning drive host at 92.9 "The Game" in Atlanta GA, John Fricke, joins Ed Berliner for a maddening, angst-ridden tour thru [...]
As the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers battle for the World Series title, Major League Baseball stands on the edge of some very necessary changes in order to thrive well into the 21st Century. In this edition of "The Fastest Show in Sports", Ed Berliner is joined by former agent and "Smartest Man [...]
In parts of Southeast Asia, it is still legal to torture and butcher innocent dogs. Killed in the most heinous manner, they are then sold to slaughterhouses, where these emotional animals are forced to endure pain the likes of which even humans would have a difficult time comprehending. This is the story of one man, Michael Chour, and his small band of volunteers. With their effort, “The Sound of Animals”, they are trying to save as many dogs as they can, and in the process, change a way of life that no longer has a reason to exist. A story that has touched Ed Berliner’s soul, and will do the same for you.
It takes a rare sense of timing and control to be a still photographer in a sports such as boxing, where split second moments between victory and defeat become iconic images of an individual seeking to best another and themselves at the same time. Emily Harney is one of the best boxing photographers in the Northeast, and soon she will put her camera down and climb into the ring, another warrior in the battle against cancer. Join Ed Berliner for this special edition of “The Man in the Arena” as he talks boxing and her shot in the squared circle to raise money for charity. A truly inspiring story.
Veteran NFL analyst Russell Baxter joins Ed Berliner for this NFL version of "The Fastest Show in Sports" featuring even more reasons why the NE Patriots still run the AFC, why the bluster about problems in Green Bay is mostly meaningless, questions if Jon Gruden is already a bust in Oakland, and why it's also [...]
The weekly troll around college football with veteran analyst John Fricke from 92.9 "The Game" in Atlanta features plenty of questions still surrounding Alabama, Ohio State and the so-called "playoff locks", Penn State HC James Franklin needing to go for decaf, the unmitigated disaster Bobby Petrino has wrought at Louisville, and why should anyone be [...]
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