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Author: Ed Berliner

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Emmy award winning news & sports journalist Ed Berliner is "The Man in the Arena", welcoming in guests from the worlds of entertainment, politics, sports, human interest, music, and whatever else catches his attention. Excellent guests, stimulating no-holds barred conversation with fascinating people and topics.
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Once upon a time, for at least a short while, Americans banded together in the wake of 9/11 and actually, for a time, seemed willing to drop political and social differences to help one another. Could that happen again i the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, or could that be the biggest pipe dream in our history?
America stands at a crossroads with regard to the coronavirus and is need of asking and answering just one question: Who do you Trust? From tests that still aren't available to so-called "magic drugs" that are anything but, the lie about this being a "Chinese virus" and the failure to properly prepare at the highest levels. As cities and regions go into lockdown, we need unbiased answers from the experts.
In this special edition of "The Man in the Arena", Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner welcomes former NYS Athletic Commissioner, current author on boxing history, and host on SiriusXM Randy Gordon to the mic where they lace up their gloves and reveal little known facts about how boxing has impacted America.
Nothing in the history of worldwide organized sport touched every organization, every team, every player as the coronavirus COVID19 did. Leagues were left scrambling on how to react, and many of them failed miserably. Sports marketing expert Joe Favorito takes an in-depth and exclusive look at the major American sports leagues, how they handled the crisis, how many seemingly mishandled the crisis, and where they go from here.
Even before he took office as President, Donald Trump launched full scale assaults against the CIA and FBI. His anger was directed at what he called the phony news about Russian interference in the 2016 election, which has long been proven to be real beyond the shadow of any doubt, and thanks to the tireless work of agents in these American intelligence agencies. However, the damage has been done, and the President continues his verbal assault.
Simply known as "the N word", white people can't understand why they shouldn't be allowed to use it, and a section of black people can't, or won't  seem to understand the damage they do in making it part of their daily lexicon. Dr. Neal Lester has been teaching and speaking about the word for decades, educating people of every race about the history and the damage of this word.
Donald Jensen is a Russian expert at the Center for European Policy Analysis, and perhaps no one knows the politics better. In this powerful edition of "The Man in the Arena", questions are answered honestly, people will be angry at the truth, and Vladimir Putin will have spent one more day solidifying his power over a weak America.
A recent study showed that the majority of millenials and quite a few people of all ages have no idea what the Holocaust was, some don't even know what "Auschwitz" was. In failing to teach a younger generation to keep alive stories of the atrocities inflicted on generations by the Nazis, are we thus ensuring that such murderous intent will indeed come to life once again?
In this revealing and brutally honest episode of "The Man in the Arena", Henican and Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Ed Berliner take on not just how one can honestly tell the difference between fake news and true reporting, but why we may have reached the point where using words such as "lie" and "stupid" out loud and in print may be just what America needs.
Randy Gordon has been part of the fight game for more than 50 years, yet still maintains his childlike exuberance for the sport. The former NY State Athletic Commissioner, author, member of the NJ Boxing Hall of Fame and current host on SiriusXM does not believe boxing is being swallowed by MMA, UFC and other combat sports. On the contrary. It's a friendly debate with Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Ed Berliner, who thinks the sport will never rise again to it's former glory. The moments when boxing faded, the reason why people love to see the pummeling of MMA, and the future stars that prove boxing is returning in big way. It's all in this episode of "The Man in the Arena", where the old friends verbally do indeed step into the arena and let the punches fly.
This could be the most dysfunctional and disastrous time in Major League Baseball history. Then again, at the same time, it could an era of cheating and dreadful leadership that will soon pass into history without any real repercussions to the sport. Peter Golenbock has written more than 20 books about baseball and brings his intimate knowledge of the game and it's character to "The Man in the Arena". From cheats who may very well work again in baseball, to a Commissioner under the thumb of his media bosses, to the player who magnificently scorched that Commish over some of the more ludicrously bad rules ideas the game has ever known, it's all in here and a lot more. Join Emmy Award winning broadcaster and host Ed Berliner for a rollicking rendition of "The Man in the Arena".
Kobe Bryant was more than just an exceptional basketball player. He was a teenager thrust into the world of men, the kid who conquered a league, the young man who seemed to try his best in throwing it all away, and who in the end realized what he had been given and turned his life into an inspirational cavalcade. Roland Lazenby is an accomplished American author of numerous sports books, 2 of those about Kobe Bryant. He joins Ed Berliner to remember Kobe, with stories many will hear for the first time. Another special edition of the sports program that speaks to the intelligent mind, "The Fastest Show in Sports".
The MLB cheating scandal has only just begun, with more questions being raised every day about how many other players, managers, coaches and front office types will be busted before it's over.
Richie Conigliaro celebrates the life of his brother Tony, as family and friends gather to produce a new and intimate documentary on the life of the Boston Red Sox and baseball legend.
Legendary musician and conductor Peter Graves talks about life with Gleason, Sinatra, the Bee Gees and other greats of the industry.
NE Patriots beat columnist Mark Farinella knows where Tom Brady will play in 2020 and why people really hate the Pats.
The biggest dumpster fire franchise in the 2019 NFL, and the next great dynasties to rise.
South Florida radio legends Ed Berliner, Dave LaMont, Stu Opperman and Larry Blustein gather for this edition of "The Man in the Arena "Talking Heads" to discuss the sports fallout from COVID-19, why some fans may never return, and the chance none will return to certain sports in 2020.
Democrats may think they have good intentions, but at the moment, they have little or no chance of defeating Donald Trump in November. They failed to get Bernie under control, Mayor Pete hasn't grown into the job yet, Biden looks finished, Warren is thrashing about, and the best choice might be Bloomberg. Along with that, Hillary isn't helping, and neither is a "stuck in the mud" press corps.  Veteran political columnist Margaret Carlson joins Emmy Award winning journalist Ed Berliner for a rousing and provocative episode of "The Man in the Arena".
Far too many people remember Joe Frazier as merely a foil for Muhammad Ali, when in reality he was much more. In his new book, "Smokin' Joe: The Life of Joe Frazier", Mark Kram, Jr. details an intimate and revealing picture of the man who rose to heavyweight champion from dirt-poor roots, was much smarter than he was given credit for, and who in the end proved to be a true heart and soul not only of boxing, but of his Philadelphia home. Join Ed Berliner for another revealing episode of "The Man in the Arena".
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