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Stories about education, opportunity, and how people learn. From APM Reports.
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Several powerful people and organizations have weighed in on the national conversation prompted by APM Reports' podcast episodes.
Correspondent Emily Hanford talks about the latest NAEP results and what they say about the state of reading instruction in the U.S.
Hanford talks about her reporting on what's wrong with how schools teach reading.
There's a growing movement at colleges and universities to create classrooms where students take the lead.
Do administrators have to choose between protecting free speech and creating a civil climate on campus?
Across the country a gap persists between the number of black and Latino students graduating from state high schools, and the number enrolling as freshman at their state flagships.
The Bond Buster

The Bond Buster


Paul Dorr is a master of tactics to defeat referendums intended to finance public schools. He believes schools run by government steer kids away from Christianity. His campaigns -- most of them in the Midwest -- have also created lingering bitterness within communities.
There is a theory about how people read words -- one that's deeply embedded in teaching practices and curriculum materials widely used in elementary school classrooms. Although the idea has been disproved by cognitive scientists, it continues to be included in teacher preparation programs, promoted in professional development sessions, and marketed by publishers.
A growing body of research finds that repeatedly uprooted children are more likely to struggle in school and more likely to drop out. But there are ways to help them succeed.
Colleges need to get more students to graduate, and many schools are embracing a tool used by corporations and social media companies to track the clicks and movements of their customers: big data.
A recent survey from the APM Research Lab found most Americans think college is worth the cost.
A survey from the APM Research Lab shows that many people think funding has increased or stayed the same.
A lack of highly skilled workers leaves American employers unable to fill jobs.
A businessman struggling to recruit employees opened the school despite objections from the local school board.
If the Trump administration has its way, Jose would be forced from the U.S. just a few months before graduation.
The number of black faculty on college campuses has gone down during the last decade.
Colleges nationwide have added more than 40,000 new degree and certificate programs in last six years, but are they better serving students?
Across the country, schools wrestle with how sexual assault is defined and how much proof is needed.
An elite university helped her climb but changing class can be a lonely journey.
Scientific research has shown how children learn to read and how they should be taught. But many educators don't know the science and, in some cases, actively resist it. As a result, millions of kids are being set up to fail.
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This information is vital for teachers.

Aug 9th

Katherine Lawrence

Thoroughly compelling!

Nov 1st
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