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We really love having you listen to RN but we need to let you know that we’ll be closing our subject based podcasts (don’t worry—we aren’t cancelling any shows).

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If you’re looking for something new to wrap your ears around, visit the RN websitewhere there’s plenty for you to discover.
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The evidence now being found about the vital role of attention and engagement in effective classrooms.
Roger Rees pays tribute to the British neurologist Oliver Sacks, ahead of the first anniversary of his death.
How long until we can send someone to the newly discovered earth-like planet, Proxima b? RN Drive puts the latest science news through the Research Filter.
Our special guest this week, Dr Alan Duffy, discusses the amazing confirmation of a habitable planet a mere 4.2 light years from ours, and NASA tests the largest rocket ever built.
What's in the Malaria Box?

What's in the Malaria Box?


The Malaria Box Project allows scientists from around the world to share research that's usually kept secret, so they can potentially arrive more quickly at possible cures for fatal yet neglected diseases like malaria.
Australian universities are involved in trialling new software that could be the next step in catching cheats, but how will this affect student privacy?
Grover the Rescue Dog - for Book Week
Egotism and its pitfalls

Egotism and its pitfalls


We all know the importance of having a healthy self esteem, but what happens when it gets out of hand?
Working for the Discovery Channel led to a year living in Marrakech, Morocco.
Chief scientist Alan Finkel says flexibility from STEM PhDs and employers will produce benefits for all.
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