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Effortless English Podcast | Learn English with AJ Hoge

Effortless English Podcast | Learn English with AJ Hoge

Author: AJ Hoge

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Speak English powerfully using the Effortless English system. Learn English with AJ Hoge, "The World's #1 English Teacher".

Learn tips and strategies to improve your spoken English. Learn English vocabulary. Learn about American English and American culture.

Be a successful English speaker and international leader!
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Mani Ravandi

i don't support joe but trump is a crazy guy

Nov 10th


I'm starting practice with your padcast and now I'm here in this episode. thanks a lot ♥️

Oct 30th

حسان الغامدي

how can I watch you on live

Oct 20th
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sepideh shirizadeh

That was really great..thanks

Oct 18th

Данил Юшин

I heard "Russian ahead" instead of "rushing ahead". I have very surprised. 😂

Oct 18th

Samuel Stephan

really recommend this show if you wanna learn english

Oct 17th

Nabit nabit


Oct 16th

Grzegorz Potaczała

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Oct 10th

Nabit nabit


Oct 4th

Nabit nabit


Oct 3rd

Nabit nabit

learn English

Sep 29th
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Faraz Khorrami

you are an idiot populist AJ

Sep 26th

Shahram Sharifi

Good job dear Aj bravo man. Your procedure is perfect in learning English. Wish you the beat my natural-born English teacher

Sep 15th

Zaman Tuhin

How can talk to u

Sep 12th

AmirArsam Salamipour


Sep 2nd

Oksana Sokolenko


Aug 31st

Faraz Khorrami

Donald trump 😂😂😂

Aug 29th

Ali Salmani

i downloaded great deal of your podcasts here. you are god-given gift to me.

Jul 30th

Antje Brands

Charisma is a shallow level of leadership😄 Do you know who said this?

Jul 27th

zeinab shojaie

Dear AJ Thanks of your good energy. Do these podcasts have text or pdf? How can I access them?

Jul 25th
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