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Will Capriola and Tys Sweeney discuss eggciting topics, ranging from the bizarre to the serious. Special guests, one-word topics, current events, and token egg puns—all in twenty minutes. Egg White Workshop is a venture in the wild, and a workshop of the human experience. Never before has such an anthology of the mind been conceived, not has such an experiment contained so much protein. Audience participation is encouraged: topics for discussion and nominations for special guests can be submitted to
4 Episodes
This is the Metasode with Julian Blatt, the fourth episode of Egg White Workshop. Herein, Will and Tys interview a Tuft’s Daily arts columnist about his interview skills, which he applies in writing an article about the Egg White Workshop, that will appear in the Daily in Thursday, March 29th. In this episode these childish …
Episode 3 – Nick Capriola

Episode 3 – Nick Capriola


Tys and Will shell out a whole episode for guest, Nick Capriola. Nick is Will’s brother, and a senior at Boston University. In the episode the hosts and guest discuss strange sounds in Canada, a new sex scandal out of Missouri, and cute cats on the BBC. Want to hear more? Interested in Camels or …
This week, Will and Tys banter about penguins (fat, greasy, flightless birds), share stories about the sunrise, comment on carrots, and present improvement ideas to Uber (hint). In current events: guess what’s coming to Broadway this spring?!? Crack open the second protein-packed episode of the Egg White Workshop, but don’t eat the yolk.
Episode 1 – Pilot

Episode 1 – Pilot


Tys Sweeney and Will Capriola initiate Egg White Workshop, an upbeat talk show featuring one-word-topic discussions, special guests, current events, and a whole lot of protein. Future episodes will feature more content, while this pilot features only the Over Easy section. Released: 2018.
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