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Electrified Mind™ is a Daily Empowerment Podcast created to promote: Abundance, Happiness, Health, Prosperity, Wealth, Empowerment and Greatness in your life! Three days per week a 10-15 minute episode of Pure Energy is published! If you love interviews, we have those too! Our archives include interviews with Motivational and Inspirational Leaders from around the world! Mystery Box Prizes are awarded every episode (just for fun). Send a question into the show and then listen to hear if your question is used on the air to win a prize! Eradicate your doubts, fears and toxic energy as we electrify your mind for success! P.S. The Cover Art Photo is a picture of the Host, Philip Isaac - (when he was 10)
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First things first, change the perspective on your "so called" weakness and see why it isn't so bad after all! Once you have that out of the way, you can begin to overcompensate and overcome any behavior you'd like! On this episode, we talk about numerous ways to go about obliterating weaknesses! Join us! 
Changing your mindset is a hot topic in the personal development industry. What if I told you there was a way to radically alter your mindset and it's not what you're "thinking?" There's a little secret to changing your mindset immediately that is covered in today's episode. It's super easy and works right away! Join us for another life altering episode!
Self efficacy, optimism and hope! These 3 incredible words are game changers. On today's show, we dissect the word hope because the same words, "I hope this works," can either hinder or propel you towards success. It isn't about your "tone of voice" when you utter these words, it's about your vibrational frequency. Join us!
Writing down what your perfect day looks like is easy and it's fun! It's so easy to block off your priority's and ponder about all the things that have to happen any given day to be considered, "A PERFECT DAY." Guess what? That "perfect day" cannot happen unless you plan for it to happen. You either fail to plan or you plan to fail. Plan it our baby!
How do you love yourself? If you have been snooping around in the personal development industry, you will certainly have come across "self love" and why it's so important, but how do you go about loving yourself more than you do right now? How? We talk about that on the show today. We've simplified the process. Join us!
Happiness doesn't have to elude us, but it does. Why? The reason happiness eludes us is because we are chasing it. We chase everything that we think will make us happy: money, fame, success, etc. When we get what we set out to achieve...happiness isn't there. How to we promote happiness in our inner beings? We have the answer and it's on this episode! Don't miss it.
The Universal Mind

The Universal Mind


The Universal Mind is accessible to you. In this episode we talk about taping into the Universal Mind and how to do it. Once you tap into this infinite energy source, ideas and answers to questions that have eluded you will reveal themselves. How exactly do you tap into this energy? This episode has that answer! Do not miss this one.
Law of Compensation

Law of Compensation


Today's episode is all about the Law of Compensation! For everything we do, we are compensated. Compensation comes at cost. We lose our time, but earn money. We lose a piece of wood, but gain heat, for example. The bigger the loss, the bigger the gain. This law cannot be violated. You cannot gain without loss and you cannot experience loss without gain. How do we use this law to our advantage? This episode has that answer!
Not only is gossiping ugly, nasty and mean, but it will also ensure your greatness never arrives. Gossiping will strip you of your manifestation abilities by cluttering your mind with everyone else's business. You've got enough going on in your own life and your piece of mind is a critical aspect of manifestation. Injecting everyone else's business into your life is more destructive than you think! How do you stop habitual gossip? We have the answer!
Law of Reciprocity

Law of Reciprocity


Trust, believe, allow and have faith that the Law of Reciprocity will return to you that which you put out into the cosmos. This law cannot be broken, it is one of the Laws of the Universe. Be very careful - what you "put out there" is a choice and your choices will be returned to you on a silver plater. In this episode, we talk about using the Law of Reciprocity to our advantage. Don't miss this one - it's a game changer.
What's Wrong With You

What's Wrong With You


We all have (or have had) moments in our lives that haven't been pleasant. Stressful times, painful times, hard times, etc. During these times our mind has the tendency to "run amuck." It's very easy to get frustrated with ourselves and think, "What's wrong with me?" The answer is, "Nothing is wrong with you." Emotions were given to you to use - and using them (although sometimes we wish we didn't) happens. Be kind to yourself when you are having an experience you don't desire.
The Power of I Am

The Power of I Am


This episode is powerful. Very powerful. We talk about the most incredibly powerful words in the human vocabulary - I AM. These 2 little words (they are really quite massive) are a direct way to instruct your subconscious mind and your body to obey your command. These 2 words are also a direct line to source energy instructing source (God, The Universe, etc.) to provide a specific result. Your words are powerful, but the words that follow "I AM" are life altering. This episode MUST be downloaded!
The present moment is intoxicating. To be able to feel the energy of everything that surrounds you is a feeling that cannot be described. The only word that can even come close is the word, "Intoxicating." On today's show, we talk about the present moment and how to practice being in the present moment. We also talk about the incredible power the present moment give you - the power to manifest! Join us on another, "Do Not Miss This One" episode.
Setting and obtaining your goals is secondary to the optimism your goals will provide! That optimism makes it more likely that you will get where you intend to be - you'll stand a better chance of attracting your greatness with a positive attitude (which goals will give you.) In this episode I share what goal setting did for me and also an incredible book concerning goal setting that I highly recommend! 
Overcoming doubts and fears is the pathway towards greatness. The greatest obstacle standing in our way, is "us." Once we overcome "us," nothing is impossible. Our brain's objective is to keep us safe from emotional and physical harm. Our brain will use whatever means necessary to achieve "operation safety's" objective. If this episode doesn't empower you to step into your greatness and leave your doubts and fears behind....nothing will. Join us!
As you travel along on you personal development journey, you may hit a snag. You just might have feelings of "being lost" and "not being where you want to be in life." These feelings are part of the growth process. It can be confusing. Here you are trying to change your mindset and propel yourself towards greatness and all the sudden you feel lower than you've ever felt. What's going on? We talk about the "dark side of the personal development journey" on today's show! Join us!
Conversations spark a learning environment. "Differences of opinion" or controversial beliefs often encourage those who oppose a particular viewpoint to speak their minds! Never shy away from this conversation. The day you believe what you believe and deny yourself the opportunity to challenge (and perhaps change) your beliefs is the day you stop growing. In this episode, a subscriber challenged something I said in a previous episode and guess what? It was a good thing!  
Wanting more in life seems to be a precursor to "having more." If you didn't "want more," you wouldn't strive to be: More successful, more wealthy, more healthy, more happy, etc. Would you? There is a really fine line between "wanting more" and being "fulfilled with what you already have." It's kind of tricky, but once you realize, "you will never receive more when you can't handle (be grateful) for what you already have." Join us! This episode is an eye opener. 
Complaints Are Harmful

Complaints Are Harmful


Complaining is kryptonite to your manifestation power. We all have reasons to complain and often times our complaints are justified (at least they are to us). What we fail to realize is the fact that our complaints have a profoundly negative impact on our lives - justified or not! Yes, you may have suffered an injustice, we all have a time or two, but the injustice will only be amplified by the power you give it. You give injustices power with your words - Complaint's. 
What does it take to be massively successful? Ask any massively successful person (we have on the show) and they will all say the same thing: "unwavering belief in yourself." Knowing that success is on the other side of failure (or giving up) is a phenomenal perspective that can help you reach extraordinary heights. If you need some inspiration to keep pushing forward with your goals, dreams and plans for massive success in your life, this episode is for you.
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