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Author: Philip Isaac

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On the Electrified Mind Podcast, inspirational and motivational leaders from around the world are interviewed and share their stories. Be prepared to eradicate your doubts, fears and toxic energy and electrify your mind for success. Hosted by Philip Isaac, this show is destined to be the largest, most successful inspirational and motivational podcast in history. Living a life of greatness starts today and it starts at Electrified Mind.
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Empowering others is my meaning and purpose in life. I have found a unique way not just to empower others, but to empower those that empower others (people like you). I interview inspirational and motivational leaders from around the world on my show and provide the Marketing Tool of the Century® so the people I interview can be more effective reaching their potential clients. For more information click the link: Electrified Mind Interviews  Contact us? Here  
Sandra Vesterstein is the founder of Thrive Learning Collective. She finds joy in guiding people to tap into their utmost potential for passion and presence in life. With the recent transition from NLP and Hypnosis Trainer under Bennett Stellar University to now founder of Thrive Learning Collective, Sandra’s mission is to reach a broader audience. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is th foundational skill set of Thrive Learning Collective. Sandra uses this foundation in her professional training as well as in her private Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy. We talked about all this and more on today's show! Don't miss this one!
Bobby Berg is a Motivational Speaker. On this episode he shares his childhood with us. Guess what? It wasn't perfect!
W.T. Hamilton is a Motivational Speaker and Author. Today, he shares his journey with being authentic with us!
Listen to this story and be inspired to "Just Be You." Our past is our past and it is the reason we have become the incredible person we are today. If you are inspired to share your story with us, please reach out to me! The door is open to all!
Lemar Wilson's Story
Alex Tomaszewska is a Confidence and Courage Trainer who hates to see women underuse their potential to be great. Her experience concerning her personal lack of faith, masking insecurities with humor and auto aggressive behaviors lead her to helping others overcome these insecurities. Her Live Show on Facebook is "unboxingu"
Jill Alban is a Life Coach with the Handel Group. Today we talked about authenticity and vulnerability. Jill shared her personal vulnerability journey with us and gave us actionable advice on how to be authentic with others and ourselves.  Learn to Human Better with Lauren Zander’s online coaching course, Inner.U. Sign up now with your ELECTRIFIED100 coupon and get $100 OFF! Sign up before March 20th and also receive these free gifts: 3 coaching cheat sheets, 3 coaching videos, and exclusive access to a live group coaching call with Lauren Zander on launch day. Get Started here: Talk to a human and see if Handel Group coaching options are right for you:   On the web: HGLife.Coach On Instagram @handelgroup   Talk to a human and see if Handel Group coaching options are right for you: Jennifer Lichtenstein PR / Marketing Assistant | HGLife (917) 539-7532 Get Started with Inner.U Get Your Current Reality Quiz Talk to a Coach: Complimentary Consultation Read Maybe It’s You Connect with us on Facebook Stay Inspired @handelgroup  
This is my story!
Joe Crawley is the founder of The Self Belief Coaching Practice. He's spent the best part of 12 years working with adults and young people with low self-esteem and children with severe trauma and attachment disorders before founding the Self Belief Coaching Practice.
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