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Author: Philip Isaac

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On the Electrified Mind Podcast, inspirational and motivational leaders from around the world are interviewed and share their stories. Be prepared to eradicate your doubts, fears and toxic energy and electrify your mind for success. Hosted by Philip Isaac, this show is destined to be the largest, most successful inspirational and motivational podcast in history. Living a life of greatness starts today and it starts at Electrified Mind.
127 Episodes
Is increasing your IQ possible? The answer is yes! It is 100% possible! From the moment you are born, your brain is growing and you are getting smarter! There are ways to hack your brain's growth! Find out how on this episode!
Giving up is the easy thing to do when things get rough. Giving up will hurt much worse than failing your way to success. You will have bumps in the road. You will come across rivers that appear to wide to cross - learn to swim!
The Nootropics I here! Can pills increase your memory and boost your brain's cognition function, focus, memory and intelligence?  Let's find out!
Setting Boundaries can be a uncomfortable thing to do. Having people "run all over you" is uncomfortable too: Which would you prefer?
Let's not over complicate life! Here are 3 things you should do to live a more fulfilling life!
Guarding your mind is your job. Taking the day off (letting negativity infiltrate your mind and your spirit) are deadly. Join us!
Biting your tongue hurts (I don't mean with your teeth). You have the right to be heard. You were put on this planet to share who you are with the world. Keeping your mouth shut isn't only "not fair to you," it's not fair to the world. Join us as we learn how to be's a MUST!  
Come take our 14 day challenge!  Do you have what it takes?
Chaz Jackson is a Youth Motivational Speaker and Author who has overcome adversity in his life and now shares his story with today's youth (to prevent them from going down the same path he took in life.)  We talked about his story today, which could have ended his life. His story didn't end his life though, for a reason. This experience was the beginning of who he has become today! Subscribe to our show for more incredible interviews just like this one!
Being authentic sounds like an easy thing to do. Unfortunately, for many of us, it isn't. Our brains have evolved, but in some areas - not so much! We still have fears about being "kicked out of the tribe" which would mean certain death. Being an individual wasn't in our best interest many years ago. Today, being an individual is in your best interest. This episode can help.
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