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A weekly podcast covering topics related to modern motherhood including pregnancy, birth, parenting, health, self-care, community, perspective, & more! Recorded on the island of Maui with your host Lori Beth Auldridge, M.A., M.F.A.
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Are you thinking about hiring a doula but aren’t 100% sure it’s the right choice for you? How does your partner feel about having a doula?  Are they on the fence? Aren’t sure it’s necessary? It’s a big decision. Everything surrounding babies and birth can feel like a big decision. That’s why my husband Chris is with me today to help you on your quest to gather more information, stories, and resources to find out if hiring a doula is right for you. This episode is 2 parents who had 3 babies with 3 doulas sitting down together and casually talking about how our 3 different doulas all helped us before, during, and after the births of our children and why we absolutely recommend bringing a doula into your birth team. This show doesn’t contain medical advice, just parts of our 3 birth stories in the hope it helps you and your husband or partner by shining a light on how our doulas served BOTH of us during the pregnancy, birth, and newborn seasons of parenting. What is a Doula? I’ll start by telling you what they are not: they are not doctors, midwives, or lawyers. What they are: kind, compassionate, steady birth support Our Bio: Chris & Lori Beth have been together for 10 years, married for 7.5, with 3 kids together. We own a family renovation business, homeschool our kids, and live on a small farm on the island of Maui. We’re both BIG fans of doulas. We were able to see in hindsight (and in the moment!) just how pivotal their presence was at each of our births.  This episode is also a shout out to my 3 doulas—Jill, Kristina, and Kiana!—who helped me not only educate myself (soooooo much!) but also supported me during my labors and helped me process my birth stories after. Mamas, this is a good one to share with your birthing partner if they need more information. I think you’ll both appreciate Chris’s directness, examples, and stories. Sometimes it just helps to hear the dad’s perspective from someone else. We both hope it helps. In This Episode, We Talk About: · How our doulas provided physical, emotional, and informational support during my pregnancies, hospital births, and postpartum · How our doulas acted as buffers between the two of us as parents · How our doulas acted as buffers between me and the hospital staff · Evidence based birth says that a 2012 study showed that only 6% of birthing women used doulas (here’s hoping that number has increased over the years!) · The incredible steady support they offered during labor and delivery · How they helped me process my birth story after · Common hang-ups people have about hiring doulas and our personal responses to those · Why we believe doulas are key birth workers & should be more common Online Doula Resources: · · · Please Visit Today’s Sponsors: Ojai Energetics & MUTU System Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram:
Many families are moving this year out of want and/or need. If this is you and you’re considering selling, buying, renting, or relocating…or if you just want to hear some interesting and wild real estate stories, this episode is for you! Jessica Baker is here with us today to give some practical tips for buying and selling a home, things to keep in mind for local and long-distance moves, and even Hawaii and Maui specific suggestions and stories. Jessica is a Maui based realtor with Hawaii Life and a personal friend who has been a knowledgeable and kind resource for me and many other families here on the island and is definitely someone I want to share with you. Moves are stressful and complicated…our hope is that this conversation gives you some insider ideas, peace of mind, inspiration, and encouragement. Jessica’s Bio (in her own words): My journey to Maui began at a very early age! Well before I could read I always wanted to look at picture books of tropical fish and marine life. Eventually I would share with anyone who would listen, "When I grow up, I am going to swim with dolphins in Hawaii!" This was a very big dream for a kid in Michigan. Fast forward to 2006. After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Michigan, I was fortunate enough to take my first (and only) vacation here to Maui with my parents. While we were having dinner that first night at the iconic Pioneer Inn in Lahaina Town, I just knew that the island was calling me. Armed with two suitcases and a bicycle, my next flight back to Maui two months later was as a brand new resident. Now I have happily lived in Lahaina for fourteen years...(read Jessica's full bio over at  In this episode, Jessica & I talk about: · Long distance vs. local moves · How we both came to Maui · What to look for when looking for a realtor · Questions to ask your realtor · Healthy boundaries & clear communication · Clarifying expectations with your realtor · When to schedule the moving company · Things families have done really well to help kids get settled · The benefits of seeing a house without kids in tow · The importance of seeing “how the house will live” · Moving tips: labeling boxes, · Moving from the mainland to Hawaii · Long term rental tips · Prepping your kids for the move · A bit about how kids process the transition · Asking for help during a move · Over-planning and under-planning · Moving resources (being local and location specific) · Box #1…and what it should have in it · If your dream is to move to Maui…what’s it’s really like · WILD stories about moving and showings! Jessica's Website: (see the website for all her links & the free download!)  Love the show? Share it with friends!  And check out today's sponsors: Primally Pure & Homeschool Explained  Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Blog:
“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” Luke 12:25 2020 has been an emotional roller coaster. This year has been nuts. Add to that the fact that motherhood can feel nuts some times and comes along with so many emotions that you just don’t know about until you’re in the thick of it. A lot of moms I talk with (myself included!) talk about how these emotions can feel like they get out of control sometimes. And our guest today, Elizabeth Laing Thompson, is here to talk about just that as she shares insights into emotions, motherhood, types of feelers, self-awareness, anxiety, and offer ideas for us from her new book: All the Feels: Why Emotions are (Mostly) Awesome & How to Untangle Them When They’re Not. Elizabeth’s Bio: Elizabeth Laing Thompson is the author of All the Feels, When God Says, "Wait," and When God Says, "Go." She writes at about clinging to Christ through the chaos of daily life. As a speaker and novelist, she loves finding humor in holiness and hope in heartache. Elizabeth lives in North Carolina with her preacher husband and four spunky kids, and they make her feel humbled but happy, exhausted but exhilarated, sometimes stressed but often silly—well, you know . . . all the feels. As a Big Feeler, I needed this book and this conversation. Elizabeth’s insights really helped me learn more about how people come at conflict, stress, and anxiety in different ways. Her fresh, loving perspective gives us ways we can come to understand ourselves—and our emotions—in a really freeing way. ************************** In this episode we talk about: · Being a “preacher’s wife” & how it influenced her book · Preacher’s kid to preacher’s wife…and all the stereotypes that come along with that · How ministry families aren’t perfect and are not trying to be perfect · The three types of feelers: Big Feelers, Steady Feeler, Reluctant Feeler · Our spiritual self & spiritual health · Prayer & feelings · What happens when we stay stuck in our own thoughts and narratives · The power of reflection…slowing down and taking time to get to know ourselves better · Ways Elizabeth encourages people to slow down · How both of us find that slow down time while our kids are asleep · Journaling our feelings as a way to identify our feelings, upsets, etc. · Anxiety (is anxiety even an emotion?) · Sources of anxiety and stress · Variety within stress and anxiety · How to equip ourselves to handle stress and anxiety · Feelings on caffeine · Taking personal responsibility for our emotions and lives · Becoming empowered by accepting this personal responsibility · How we are not stuck with our emotions · “The Happy House” · How moms set the emotional barometer of the house…we set the mood · Having a house where everyone feels comfortable and safe communicating their feelings · One person’s feelings are not allowed to dominate the house · Selflessness · Self Control · Self Awareness · “Doing the work” as moms · Being aware of our gifts and how they are helpful…and how knowing that can help us understand others · Empowered to grow Elizabeth’s Links: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @elizabethlaingthompson Elevating Motherhood Links:  Website: Sponsors: (Blossom & Root) Instagram: @loribethauldridge
What are periods like for you? Awesome? Awful? A breeze? Maddening? Inconsistent? Non-existent in this season? Whatever your current relationship with your body and period, whatever your age, whatever season you’re in when it comes to your menstrual cycle, this conversation is for you. Did you know you can work WITH your menstrual cycle, understand more about your hormones, and live in harmony with your body rather than pushing against it? And all with simple tracking techniques and one helpful mindset shift. Claire Baker is here to share with us about what those do-able changes look like and how they can positively influence our relationship with our bodies and daily schedules. Her work has helped me get more in touch with my own menstrual cycle and energy levels and taught me how to have more grace with myself and be more productive by simply being aware of where I am in my cycle. Claire shares so much in her new book 50 Things You Need to Know About Periods: Know Your Flow and Live in Sync with Your Cycle that just launched yesterday here in North America! The Book: You guys. It’s good. It is sooooooo good. It’s visually appealing, packed with information, easy to understand…there’s lists and charts and bullet points and graphs and fun illustrations…you’ll fly through it because it’s just so interesting! And on top of that, it’s inspiring. The whole thing is a call to action—for us to track our cycles, sync our lives, understand our bodies more, and reframe the next generations’ thinking about menstruation. Honestly. I’m excited to pass this book on to my three daughters and have it available to them as a loving, supportive resource. Claire views periods in terms of seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). And I have to tell you, thinking of it this way, there is so much freedom to be found in not trying to be the summer girl all the time. Claire wants us to adore our cycle, know ourselves better, and find monthly (and daily!) peace with natural hormone changes. Claire’s Bio: Claire Baker is a teacher…and a sought-after period coach, author and speaker. For nearly a decade Claire has taught thousands of women how to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle, rather than working against it. Claire believes menstrual cycle awareness is the missing key in women’s wellbeing, empowerment and creativity, and her immersive online courses and workshops inspire women to know their flow and become the authority in their own lives. Claire’s online program Adore Your Cycle has students in over 35 countries. With a background in visual arts and creative business, Claire is a certified health and life coach, has studied Menstruality Leadership and is trained as a natural fertility teacher. Known for her authentic voice and ability to ‘make periods fun’, Claire is regularly featured in publications such as Red, Glamour, and Women’s Health magazine. Originally from Australia, Claire now lives in sunny East London and spends her days coaching, teaching, writing, dancing and being as close to trees as she possibly can. After this conversation you’ll want to take Claire’s free cycle masterclass or say hello to her on Instagram. (FULL SHOW NOTES OVER AT: WWW.ELEVATINGMOTHERHOOD.COM)  Claire’s Links: Website: Courses: (Here’s the free class!) Instagram: @_clairebaker_ Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: @loribethauldridge
063. Study Something

063. Study Something


When I first started Elevating Motherhood, I had two episodes that I wanted to share with you…1. Create Something and 2. Study Something. Create Something came to life in episode 10…and now we’re all the way to episode 63. I wouldn’t say I got distracted so much as it didn’t feel like the “right time” to publish it. But now feels right. Our whole world feels flipped upside down, we’re being asked to rethink basically everything…including our role as parents, our roles in our house, how we think about education, how we learn, how our kids learn, all of it. I want to encourage in the middle of all this change to not forget about you and your own education and life-long learning journey. I’ve found so much peace in studying things—and I want that peace for you, too. Do I mean go to college or take “official” classes? Not at all. What I want to encourage you to do is tap into your curiosity and take it one step further. Why Study Something? · We life-long learners ( · It’s a way to model life-long learning for our kids · It acknowledges our curiosity and keeps it alive · It’s a way to feel happier, smarter, and more connected · To check something off a list · As an escape · A way to learn more about yourself—including what kind of learner you are · As a chance to slow down · A chance to turn inward What to study? The choice is yours. Something that interests you, fills your cup, fills a need you have, or just sparks joy, curiosity, or confidence! Examples of Topics I’ve Studied Recently: Chickens, orchards, gardening, miniature goats, dahlias, sourdough bread, children's literature, poetry, self-improvement, cleanses, gluten free baking, paleo, Ayurveda, non-toxic lifestyle, plant identification What I’m Studying Now/What I Plan to Study Soon: Charlotte Mason (her life and her education philosophy), education reform, homeschool laws, watercolor, self-improvement (stays on my list), Weston A. Price (person and foundation), national parks, intuitive eating When to start: Now...Tomorrow...Soon...Before you’re ready...With someone else Time: · “I don’t have time.” I hear this a lot. I have freeing news for you…that’s a fib. It just is. I’ve tried to see it as truth, but I just can’t.  I’ve tried to see where we are putting all 24 hours in a day and well, truth by told, we all have the same 24. Not having enough time (i.e. being too busy) is a cultural myth that is perpetuated and celebrated…it’s the constant excuse that’s alive. Being “too busy” has become a badge of honor that need to go away, one day, one moment, one mama at a time. Time to take our time (and our power!) back. · You do have time…but what about pragmatics? Get creative: Wake up early. Go to bed late. Do something with your down time other than tv or social media. Take care of you…mind, body, spirit. · Do it when your kids are around (but they will interrupt…so you be the parent when they do. You don’t have to be harsh, you can just let them know that mommy is studying right now and that’s okay. Learning is important. We’re life-long learners. It’s okay if I read right now. It’s okay if I take time to learn about this. It’s okay if you wait a few moments. It’s okay if you study something you’re interested in while I do, too. Mindset: (more show notes over at  Love the podcast? Share it with friends & family, on social media, leave a review on iTunes, or simply share it via word of mouth! Help other mamas find resources, confidence, and connection as we elevate modern motherhood together!
Mind, Body, Spirit…I believe that we have a lot of resources for how to care for our minds and bodies as moms, but what about our spirits? I think it’s really important that we as mothers nourish our spiritual side as well as our mind and body. It’s honestly one of the main ways I get closer to feeling “whole” and more like my authentic self, when I work on my mind, body, AND spirit (but especially my spirit).  For some of us, this is done through our religion or church. Some moms don’t have a clearly defined or defined by an institution faith base. So how do we talk about prayer when there is such a mix? I think it’s in sharing our stories, hearing the stories of others, sharing our hang ups, our doubts, our questions, our needs. I use prayer as a way to tune out the nonsense in our world and tune into my spiritual side. Prayer is my medium of choice. God is who I speak with as a person who identifies as a Christian. But I’ll be honest, I’ve had doubts on my prayer journey. I’ve felt like I wasn’t saying or thinking the right things while praying, I don’t feel like I’m very good at praying out loud, especially in groups of people, and I’ve taken seasons off from consistent prayer in the past. But I never felt like it was okay to say those things out loud or explore ways to deepen my prayer practice. That’s why I’m so glad I had the chance to talk with today’s wonderful guest, Chrystal Evans Hurst about her new book The 28 Day Prayer Journey. It’s awesome. It’s thorough and thoughtful. Chrystal shares so much insight and makes prayer do-able. Her book really helps readers establish rhythms and habits to transform their prayer practice. Whether you have an active prayer practice or not, I appreciate you listening to this episode. I think it’s really powerful to acknowledge and grow the spiritual side of you. And we do that by slowing down, hearing stories, reading books, being still, and listening. Chrystal shares some great ideas about the how, why, and when of prayer and brings ease to some common doubts surrounding prayer and what it’s like to talk with God. Chrystal’s Bio: Chrystal Evans Hurst is an energetic, life-loving “girl-next- door” who loves encouraging others to fulfill their potential in Christ. With humor and vulnerability, Chrystal tells it like it is but does so with grace, integrity, and love. She is the best-selling author of She’s Still There and Kingdom Woman. You can find Chrystal regularly sharing encouragement via her podcasts and blogs, where she poignantly reflects on faith and speaks with frank honesty about the everyday experiences of women. Chrystal firmly believes God’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans that I have for you...” and she desires to help other women believe and apply that truth to their lives. You can find Chrystal sharing chronicles of the journey at Follow Chrystal on Facebook + Twitter + Instagram: @ChrystalHurst FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: WWW.ELEVATINGMOTHERHOOD.COM  Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog:
Have you ever heard of gameschooling? Strewing? Relaxed homeschooling? If so, you’ll know how magical these elements of home education can be. If not, you’re in for a treat! Jessica Waldock is here with us today to offer us tips and insight on all the things. Whether the homeschooling an only caught your eye or it was the interest led learning or the word gameschooling, this episode is for you! It’s not just for parents of only children…you’ll see that very quickly. Jessica is an incredible resource! Her website is fun, informative, and interesting. Her approach to home education is inspired. But she doesn’t just stop at creating an incredible education for her daughter, but then takes the time to put it all together for us. Jessica’s Bio: Jessica Waldock is a writer, photographer, and homeschool mom of one living in sunny Florida. She founded The Waldock Way as a way to give back to the homeschool community that she loves so much. At The Waldock Way Jessica shares tips, tricks, inspiration, and unique resources that help ignite a love of learning in children that will last a lifetime. She inspires families to engage in homeschooling as a lifestyle where relationships come first and interested led learning prevails. Jessica also has a fabulous collection of unit studies on her website and shares generously on her YouTube channel. FULL SHOW NOTES OVER AT:  Jessica Waldock links: Website: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Please visit today’s sponsors: Homeschool Explained: August 31, 2020 is the last day for the summer sale of Homeschool Explained, my online course that helps you feel resourced and confident as you start your homeschool journey. Use the code LORIBETH50 for 50% off your enrollment! That’s my thank you to you for being a listener of Elevating Motherhood! Beautiful & Simple: My other favorite passion project is my online boutique Beautiful & Simple. I’ve filled it with products that remind us to slow down, practice self care, and focus on the meaningful parts of our day…the beautiful and simple ones. My favorite mug is the one that says “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” It’s my daily reminder to take care of myself so I can take care of my family. Go check out the collection of mugs, shirts & bags currently available at Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog:
“Adventure is the vehicle, connection is our destination.” Second generation homeschool mom Greta Eskridge wrote a book! Adventuring Together: How to Create Connections and Make Lasting Memories with Your Kids...and it’s not only an awesome resource for homeschool families but ALL families! Adventuring together becomes an art, a simple space of connection & fun, and is totally do-able when viewed through the lovely lens Greta offers us. This book is for all families (this episode is for all families!), whether you’d consider yourself a  high adventure person, adventure weary, or if a trip to the store with toddlers is probably all the adventure you can handle in this season…this book is for you. Greta shares so much about how to engage with our children, embrace the new, and make our adventures positive learning experiences. Greta’s Bio:  Greta Eskridge is a nature lover, book reader, and coffee drinker. She craves relationship and loves having adventures. Her faith in God is the lens through which she sees life. Greta is a home schooling mom of 4, a wife of 22 years to Aaron, and an author and speaker. Greta’s first book, Adventuring Together, releases July 2020 with Thomas Nelson. Greta is passionate about helping parents protect their kids from the devastating effects of pornography and she loves to travel the country sharing her message of joyful, connected parenting. Greta would love to connect with you on her blog at She also loves hanging out on Instagram and would love to connect with you there too. You’ll find her @maandpamodern “We were made for hard things…and this will make a good story later.” (my new life philosophy inspired by Greta and other mamas) In this episode Greta and I talk about: · The practice and time it takes to get the hang of homeschooling (every drop in the bucket counts) · What it means to adventure together · Why connection is so important · What it’s like to be a second generation homeschooler · How adventuring can bring joy into motherhood · The call to connect with our kids and family · The role of adventure in homeschool and motherhood · Hope for the teenage years · Being intentional with our kiddos · Adventuring with various personality types · Coping with misadventure · Unplugging & distractions · How we can provide learning opportunities for our children · Adventuring with little kids—the good, the bad, the ugly, & the magical · Starting adventure clubs and book clubs! · Adventuring through books · How Greta offers support for other moms · And just so, so, so much encouragement! Greta’s Links: Instagram: @maandpamodern Blog: Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog: Please Visit Today's Sponsors:  Blossom & Root: Homeschool Explained: 
“There are hard things in life, but should education be one of them?” The perspective of a classroom teacher turned homeschool mom is pretty interesting…and very insightful. Monica Erwin is with us today to share more about her experience of moving from classroom teacher to homeschool mom…she shares so much about the mindset shifts she had to make and shows us a path toward a more compassionate approach to education and parenting. I was very moved by her honesty and really humbled by her stories and perspective. There are stigmas surrounding homeschool in general…and we don’t skirt around them in this conversation. Monica shares how she moved from believing the old stigma that homeschool meant kids stayed home, fell behind, and couldn’t measure up to traditional education school kids to advocating for connection and the power of an individualized education that is a hallmark of homeschool. She walks us through how she was so involved in test scores and assessment and loved the structure and accountability of an institution, but then stumbled upon homeschool because of a family need. She once believed “(her) kids would never perform for me at home like they do for their own teacher”—but not anymore! Education reform and reframing learning are happening all around us—we are in the middle of what I believe will be a pivotal point in the history of education. This is a long episode, but I followed Monica’s pace on this one and I’m so glad I did. There is a LOT to unpack when it comes to education reform. How fortunate we are to have Monica here to share her insights into this shift and how we can best show up during these big changes. Monica’s Bio: Monica was an elementary teacher who unexpectedly became a homeschool mom of 3 kids. She lives with her family in San Diego, CA. Her vision is to encourage parents as they navigate the home education of their children by sharing her journey and pointing them to helpful resources. Follow Monica on IG: @sweetwaterhomeschool In this episode, Monica and I talk about: * Her school experiences as a child and how they shaped her decisions as a mom and how they led her to pursuing her teaching degree * How she reframed her “school is tough—toughen up!” mentality to...(tune in!) * How the switch to homeschool reduced stress levels by slowing down when she needs and picking up when it’s called for * Getting over societal stigmas that are false (especially as it relates to modern homeschool) * Taking the time to slow down and get it done. * Homeschool styles * Modern homeschool is NOT like it was in the 80s and 90s…how homeschool has transformed * Upgrading our ideas about education * AND SO MUCH MORE! Head to for the FULL SHOW NOTES! Please Visit Today's Sponsors:  Homeschool Explained:  Primally Pure: Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog:
When home education doesn’t feel manageable, that’s the time for us to reach out and lean in to experienced homeschoolers who are enthusiastic about helping…and today’s guest Kristi Clover is bringing the enthusiasm! She’s here as our own personal cheerleader today to talk with us about everything from organization, how to pivot when things get sideways, and offer us a dose of fun, joy, & grace. We laugh SO MUCH in this episode! It’s a good time when these two Enneagram 7s who are also ENFPs get together! (p.s. I know you’re here for the homeschool motivation, but listen for the Princess Bride, Indiana Jones, & Frozen II references if you’re a fan…lol!) Kristi’s Bio: Kristi Clover is a home organization and #momlife expert. She’s also the author of M.O.M.=Master Organizer of Mayhem and Homeschool Basics, the host of the Simply Joyful Podcast, and is a popular conference speaker. Her passion is to encourage families to find simple ways to bring more joy into their home and life. She loves to share about her adventures in motherhood and home life through a variety of media that you can find at Kristi lives in San Diego with her husband, Steve, and their five children. Be sure to connect with Kristi online for an extra dose of encouragement. She’s @KristiClover on most social media networks. In this episode Kristi & I talk about: · Fun, Joy, & Grace · Her unique story of how she started homeschooling · How she graduated her oldest this year! · The power of pivoting · Curriculum temptations · Her book: M.O.M. Master Organizer of Mayhem · Becoming more efficient · Prioritizing what is important · How lowering our expectations can serve us · The Clover Crate System · Organizing your homeschool year · Not staying stuck · Simply Joyful Podcast episodes about homeschool: Andrew Pudewa (episode 20) · Mindset shifts we have to make for homeschool · Instilling a love of learning in our kids…by setting the example! · Homeschool room…do we need them? · Streamlining your homeschool and your day · 9-12 time blocking for homeschool · How we find “me time” with full schedules & lives · How we come back to center when we feel off balance · How we don’t have all the answers…and that’s okay · Stamina…how and when to say “yes” and “no” · Dissecting cow eyes…true story. · How to find homeschool support local to you · HSLDA · Finding homeschool conventions · How homeschool rights are in jeopardy · CHEA (Christian Home Educators Association) · Curriculum suggestions: My Father’s World, Sunlight, IEW, Apologia, Math U See, Teaching Textbooks, Kristi’s Links: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Podcast: Please visit today's sponsors: Oak Meadow and Homeschool Explained More at Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram:
Today’s conversation is real, relatable, and empowering. Lauren Giordano is with us today talking about her new magazine, her beautiful shop, all the resources she offers, the importance of community (including how to be involved and how to involve others!), as well as so many stories that will warm your heart while offering a moment of calm. You’re going to learn so much about what homeschool can actually look and feel like today. Lauren’s Bio: Lauren is a home educating mother and business owner. She has a passion for community and interest-led learning. Lauren and her family believe that all of life is school and try to soak up all experiences! Things Lauren & I talk about in this episode: · Her new magazine: The Kindred Learning Collection! · Lauren’s homeschool style/philosophy · Being flexible in homeschool education philosophy · Why we knew we wanted to pursue homeschooling before we even had kids · Learning from perspectives and people · Life long learning as moms · Bringing back enchantment & delight right now in our world · A bit about unschooling · “Parenting is a life long lesson in letting go” · Expectations in motherhood and homeschool · All of the awesome support Lauren offers: o Kindred Learning Collection Magazine o Chickie & Roo Shop o Flower of the Month Club & More! · Bringing beauty into your homeschool · The importance of community · How Lauren supports the community & offers · Child led learning · Nature studies · Enrichment in our homeschool · Being a friend who encourages and supports other moms on this homeschool journey · How socialization is not a worry for most homeschoolers · Personal accountability on social media · How social media serves the homeschool community well · (hilarious pie and sourdough analogies) · Lauren’s favorite community resource: Instagram Interesting Mentions from this Episode: · Book Lauren is reading: The Well-Trained Mind · The other book she’s reading: Understanding Waldorf Philosophy · Firefly Nature School · Curriculum mentions/materials: The Good & The Beautiful, Beautiful Feet Books, Simply Charlotte Mason, Singapore Dimensions, Montessori card sets, Steph Hathoway Designs, Stories Begin at Home, Letters from Afar, A Year of Tales, A Year of Learning, Rooted Childhood (for handcrafts), and Twelve Little Tales. Lauren’s Links: Website: IG: @chickieandroo @kindredlearningcollection Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog: Please visit today's sponsors:  Blossom & Root: My favorite homeschool curriculum company! (Use the code LORIBETH10 for 10% off your purchase) Homeschool Explained: My online course to help you get started on your homeschool journey feeling resourced and confident! More on both over at: 
“Education is the science of relations.” Charlotte Mason What is Charlotte Mason? What does that mean? Is that a school? An education philosophy? And actual person? I keep hearing “Charlotte Mason” or “Charlotte Mason inspired”—what does that mean? These are common questions for parents who are new to homeschooling and I’ve brought the brilliant Leah Boden onto the show to get you those answers! Leah’s Bio: Leah Boden is married to Dave, they have four children and live in England. Leah is a long-time student and practitioner of the Charlotte Mason method of education and is passionate about helping parents find their freedom within the philosophy. Leah writes, speaks and podcasts from a foundation of faith whilst using the Charlotte Mason philosophy as a springboard into her lessons on childhood, motherhood and education. Leah delights in coaching and leading others in this refreshing way of life. Leah is a Pastor at Mosaic Church - Coventry, speaker and writer for the international Wild + Free homeschooling community and creator of Modern Miss Mason. In this episode, Leah & I talk about: The Short List: · Gratitude, integrity, discernment, peace, gentleness, inspiration, revelation, perspective, and joy. The Long List: · All things Charlotte Mason: who Charlotte was, her education philosophies, some history, · Charlotte Mason in a nutshell · Motherhood, Childhood, & Education · Our homeschool journeys · Some interesting education differences between US & UK education framework · What Charlotte Mason meant when she said “education is the science of relations” · The importance of connection · How Charlotte Mason is truly a rich education (FOR THE FULL LIST, SEE THE SHOW NOTES AT WWW.ELEVATINGMOTHERHOOD.COM) · Discount Code for the Charlotte Mason Unboxed: LORIBETH20 Interesting mentions from the show: · Ambleside Online · Margaret A. Coombs book: Charlotte Mason Hidden Heritage · The National Curriculum (UK version of common core, if you will) · The Charlotte Mason Companion · Catherine Levison (how to manuals) · Charlotte Mason’s 6 Volumes Leah’s Links: Website: Instagram: @leahvboden & @modernmissmason Course: Charlotte Mason Unboxed Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog: Please visit today's sponsors:  Homeschool Explained: Pam Barnhill: 
Encouragement, Passion, Variety, and Beauty The lovely Alisha Miller is here with us today. She is so encouraging. This conversation feels like sitting down with a super sweet friend to talk about all things homeschool. By the end, you’ll feel comforted, inspired, and motivated to move forward with homeschooling knowing you can implement her encouraging ideas. Alisha gives us specific examples of how she homeschools with multiples, how she meets her children where they are, and how she overcomes homeschool fears (fear rises up in all of us from time to time). We also talk about community, flexibility, and so much more! This is an episode for the heart…that also happens to contain practical tips. That’s so Alisha. Alisha’s Bio: Alisha Miller is raising and homeschooling four daughters in northern Indiana. She has a passion for curating a curriculum that covers a wide feast and is inclusive of all people. She loves learning alongside her daughters on this journey. As an editor and writer for the Wild + Free magazine, she gets to combine her love for both English and homeschooling. She also enjoys sewing, gardening, reading, and learning new things. In This Episode Alisha & I Talk About: · The pace of learning to read (including late readers) · Her examples of navigating reading and readiness · What Wild + Free is & the support they offer · The beautiful, eclectic mix of mamas who are part of W+F · How we are always growing & thinking as moms and home educators · Lessons & challenges we’ve learned along the way · Fears that creep in and what we can do when that happens (including fear of falling behind) · Being grounded in our beliefs and methods · The importance of meeting your child where they are · Raising whole children · Laying a wide feast for our favorite people · Aligning our values and actions in our home · Homeschooling multiples · Combining ages/grades/subjects · Homeschooling with a 3-year-old in the house · Gracefully maneuvering transitions · Acknowledging the idea that we are going to be interrupted · Scheduling flexibility · How to keep moving forward and organizing · Transitions (big & small) · Balancing a full life & schedule · Arranging priorities · Life long learning – in us and our children · Creating her own curriculum using the Charlotte Mason method · Community · Mother culture nights · And more! Interesting Resources Mentioned During the Show: Book: For the Children’s Sake Curriculum: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons Julie Bogart (of Brave Writer & The Brave Learner…from Episode 051!) Cosmic Kids Yoga Tales of Troy in Greece (trojan horse kit) Charlotte Mason (homeschool philosophy) Blog Post about writing her own curriculum: Alisha’s Blog: Alisha’s Instagram:@littlewomenfarmhouse  Please visit today's sponsors: Blossom & Root + Homeschool Explained over at  FULL SHOW NOTES OVER AT: 
“Truth, Goodness, & Beauty” Get ready for some truth, goodness, and beauty! Pam Barnhill is here to share fresh ideas that will help you feel organized and ready to start your homeschool journey! Pam’s Bio: Pam Barnhill believes that you don’t have to sacrifice relationships to homeschool strong. An award-winning educator, former journalist, and now homeschooling mom, she has a knack for breaking down big tasks into small, manageable steps and getting to the heart of the stories her listeners want to hear. She is the host of the popular podcast Your Morning Basket and the author of two homeschooling books: Better Together: Strengthen Your Family, Simplify Your Homeschool, and Savor the Subjects that Matter Most and Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace. Pam lives in the Deep South with her husband of twenty-five years, three (mostly) awesome kids, and the dog dynamic duo. You can find her online at In this episode, Pam and I talk about: · Homeschool for virtue · What is a morning basket · How to rock morning time (& what it is) · Pam’s mentor Cindy Rollins (also a great resource) · Teaching multiple grade levels at one time · The power of flexibility & learning together · The benefits of · Why art & music appreciation are important · Preserving the relationship when homeschooling · Thoughts on motherhood & martyrdom · Thoughts on patience · Thoughts on being an adult · Delight vs. fun · The importance of normalizing homeschool for you AND your kids · Two different kinds of subjects: Skill Based Subjects vs. Content Area Subjects · Curriculum mentions: All About Reading, All About Spelling, Math U See, IEW Writing, The One Year Adventure Novel, Morning Basket for content area subjects, · Book suggestion: Project Based Homeschooling · Citizen Science Projects · Favorite Resources: Schloe Sisters Podcast · You don’t have to figure it all out your first year, first month, or first week “Education is about learning to love what is lovely.” -(we can't remember) All the ways Pam shows up for homeschool families: · Her Podcast: Your Morning Basket · Her Books: Plan Your Year and Better Together · Her Course: Plan Your Year · Her YouTube Channel: · Her Community: Email her ask to join! Pam’s Links: All things Pam: Instagram: Facebook: Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog: Please Visit Today's Sponsors: Oak Meadow and Homeschool Explained...over at
Do you feel like you won’t be able to homeschool because you have negative ideas about what homeschool looks like? Do you wonder how on earth you’re going to find the time to homeschool your kids? Are you afraid you won’t have any time for you? How can you find time for yourself with this big, new responsibility? No worries, mama! Rachael Alsbury is here with us today to offer us modern homeschool support and talk about all things books, reading, and living with kids! She inspires moms in their reading lives on a regular basis both on social media and on her blog. She has incredible book resources, suggestions, and great insights for us! Rachael’s Bio: Rachael is a mom of four, photographer, and home educator who recently moved from Northern California back to Kansas where she grew up. She’s been a contributor for many homeschool resources, including Wild + Free and The Peaceful Press Blog. She writes her own beautiful blog at where she shares encouraging tips for parents about books, homeschooling, natural living, baking, and all things home. In this episode, Rachael & I talk about: · How she finds time to read (with 4 young kids in the house) · Tips for reading aloud to kids who don’t sit still · Her homeschool journey · Deconstructing how we think about education & learning · How Books, time outside, & your own curiosity are key to homeschooling success · Homeschool as a slow unfolding · Pulling back the curtain & sharing our homeschool days online · End of the year review · Inspiration over competition · Normalizing modern homeschool · Homeschooling with a new baby around · The beauty of audiobooks · Modern homeschool support · Investing in yourself · Modeling curiosity · Showing our kids we’re lifelong learners · Choosing books (for yourself and your kids) · Reading life · Book guides (i.e. Sarah Clarkson: Book Girl, Podcast: What Should I Read Next?) · Free seasonal picture book list by Sarah MacKenzie of Read Aloud Revival · Curriculum Rachael mentions: Ambleside Online, Book Shark, Sunlight, Jennifer Pepito’s The Peaceful Press (The Kind Kingdom), Math U See · Reading takes time · How to relax when your emerging reader is taking their sweet time · Community: Wild + Free · Starting your own community Rachael’s Links: Blog: Instagram: Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog: Please Visit Today's Sponsors:  Homeschool Explained:  Branch Basics:  Full show notes over at: 
Julie Bogart is here with us today sharing all of her incredible insight and inspiration with us! Get ready to elevate your homeschool AND your motherhood journey! If you know, you know…you’ll get why I’m so excited! If you don’t know yet, you will after today! Julie has been my go-to resource for all things modern homeschool since I had my own children. I’ve read her book more than once, I listen to her insightful podcast on a regular basis, I use her curriculum, been inspired by her poetry tea times, and just constantly recommend her and her work to all homeschool families and educators. Julie’s Bio: Julie Bogart is the popular voice of common sense and compassion in the homeschool community. She's the creator of the innovative writing program called Brave Writer and the popular fast-growing practice called Poetry Teatime. She’s the founder of a homeschool coaching community called The Brave Learner Home. She home educated her five children for 17 years who are now globe-trotting adults. Julie draws from her work with tens of thousands of homeschool families over the last 20+ years, and her own homeschool journey to enrich the homeschool and parenting experience. Her writing program includes award-winning online writing classes and paradigm-shifting writing manuals that allow parents and kids to become allies in the writing process. Julie is also the author of the best-selling book The Brave Learner and host of the popular podcast “A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief.” She enjoys raising African violets and playing with her brand new granddaughter. Julie lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this episode, Julie and I talk about: ·  Taking the long view as a mother ·  Knowing our limits ·  Recognizing learning ·  The ghost of public school past ·  The dangers of “rigor” ·  Getting to our core beliefs about education ·  Reframing education ·  Accidental learning ·   Invisible learning moments ·  Observing: becoming students of our kids ·  Resistance ·  The value of video games ·  The issue with screens ·  The need for tangible ways for children to explore/learn ·  Family culture ·  Poetry teatime ·  How to sustain our positive energy ·  Preparing our homes ·  Insights into what Julie’s schedule looked like ·  The importance of coziness & collaboration ·  Routine ·  Giving into inspiration ·  Planning from behind ·  The Brave Writer curriculum ·  Brave Writer online classes ·  The Brave Learner ·  Bringing joy & magic to homeschooling FULL SHOW NOTES are on the website:  Please visit our sponsors:  Blossom & Root Homeschool Explained Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog:
Welcome to the August 2020 Homeschool Series! Homeschool is alive and well…and modern homeschool support is nothing short of incredible! I’m humbled and honored to produce this series for you, mamas! I know these are uncertain times and our ideas and daily schedules surrounding education are shifting. I wanted to show up for you in a way that leaves you feeling resourced and supported. This month I’ll publish 10 episodes for the month of August every Wednesday and Saturday starting on Wednesday, August 5th. I have an incredible line up for you this month! TEN episodes total featuring: Julie Bogart Pam Barnhill  Greta Eskridge Rachel Alsbury Alisha Miller Leah Boden Kristi Clover Lauren Giordano Monica Erwin All of these incredible interviews plus discount codes, giveaways, and more! (Follow me over there for the giveaways & discounts! In this episode I answer all of the questions I’m asking my August guests: * Details about my unique 10+ years long homeschool journey * What I have used/use for curriculum: Blossom & Root, Oak Meadow, Christopherus, Live Education!, Brave Writer, & Wild Math * What surprised me most about homeschool * A favorite/memorable homeschool moment * What homeschool community looks like for me and my family * My favorite homeschool support resources Plus, Resources I offer: o Elevating Motherhood ( o Yayamamas Blog ( o Instagram ( o Tips of the Day ( o Online Course: Homeschool Explained ( o Discounts o Giveaways! LISTENER EXCLUSIVE: Use the code LORIBETH50 for 50% OFF of my how to homeschool course Homeschool Explained! This offer will remain open as a thank you to my amazing Elevating Motherhood listeners. For more info on homeschool, head over to Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog:
Using a nature-based homeschool curriculum has taught me a LOT…about myself, my values, what I want out of this life, what I need, and what I want my days to look like as a work from home mom of 3. Those homeschool lessons have bled over into my motherhood journey, too, showing me what motherhood means to me, how I want to be seen and known by my kids, my willingness to learn beside them, my connection with the world around us, all of it. I’m an opt-outer in a lot of areas of my life. Homeschool is obviously counter cultural for what most people choose for education (well, until recently). But so is my happiness in motherhood. We’re told to live on a schedule, live for the weekends, be irritated, drink to survive, stay inside and have a pristine, pin worthy house that doesn’t look like kids live in it. There isn’t this constant message about nature and motherhood. In fact, if you’re stereotyped—as a crunchy mom, an outdoorsy or sporty mom, or even a homeschool mom if you spend a lot of time outside or focused on nature. But it’s that connection with nature that has brought me a lot of happiness peace as a mom. In this episode, I expand on these ideas and talk about:  * What I mean by nature-based motherhood * Why moms especially need time outside * How I work that into my every day life * Full life vs. busy life * Nature deficit disorder  Full notes at  Please Visit Today’s Sponsors: Blossom & Root: Today’s episode of Elevating Motherhood is sponsored by Blossom & Root a nature-based, Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool curriculum company that has been gently guiding and supporting families for years! This thoughtful, age appropriate curriculum begins at the preschool level—and acts as a much-needed resource for this age group. Blossom & Root’s Early Years Volumes 1 & 2 are valuable tools for parents with young children—whether you choose to pursue homeschool long term or not. The information and ideas are easy to follow, fun, and engaging. School age curricula are also available with more grade levels being released each year. It’s the curriculum my family uses and loves. They’ve generously offered a discount for listeners of Elevating Motherhood: use the code LORIBETH10 at checkout for 10% off your order. For more information about Blossom & Root, head over to Primally Pure: Thanks for Primally Pure for supporting today’s episode. Primally Pure, is one of my favorite companies. They excel at creating safe, natural skin care products made with quality ingredients. Primally Pure has become my go-to brand for clean, non-toxic face cleaners, creams, and serums. They're also the makers of my favorite all-natural (& effective!) deodorant. (I love their blue tansy one). They’ve generously offered a discount code for listeners: be sure to use the code: LORIBETH10 for 10% off your first order. For my personal review of their products, head over to Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog:
This mama. This conversation. Her book. Her message. It’s all for you. Angela Braniff and I started this conversation talking about her new book Love Without Borders: How Bold Faith Opens the Door to Embracing the Unexpected…and quickly moved into a deep dive about the heart of modern motherhood. This episode has all the things, all the elements, all the encouragement we as moms need to hear right now. Angela’s Bio: Angela Braniff is the founder of the popular YouTube channel, This Gathered Nest. She is an adoption advocate, home school mom, content creator, podcast host, and adventure seeker. Angela is married to her high-school sweetheart and together they have a full house: Kennedy (12) - their biological daughter, Shelby (10) - their 2nd biological daughter, Rosie (7) - adopted from China, Noah (7) - adopted from Congo, Jonah (5) - adopted domestically, and finally, Ivy + Amelia (18-month old twins) - adopted as embryos—Angela gave birth to them! Adding to their family of seven kids, after the book was finished, Angela and CR welcomed their eighth child, Benjamin, through adoption. Angela lives in North Carolina and has been featured in People, Today, UPTV, BuzzFeed, etc. In this episode Angela & I talk about: · Her book Love Without Borders · Bold faith · Reframing obedience · Symbolism & messages in everyday life · Leaning in and listening · Her journey with adoption · Spiritual journeys · Divine providence · Cultural messages that need reframing · Dignity · Counter culture · Pressures of motherhood · The heart of motherhood · Influencer culture · Her new podcast Well, That Escalated Quickly · A healthy relationship with social media · Perfectionism · Introspection · Adoption · Ethics in adoption – and what we can do to help Angela’s Links: All Things Angela Braniff: Adoption Support: Love Box: Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog: Please Visit Our Sponsors:  Ojai Energetics: Branch Basics:
“You are smarter than you know, more resourceful than you know, and you are more prepared than you know.” Ready to laugh AND be inspired? Then listen to this episode! We are going to stop guessing and start preparing because organization & declutter queen Kathi Lipp is here to take the overwhelming idea of prepping and bring information, joy, and good laughs into our day! Kathi is like the nicest neighbor that shows up in book form. You’re going to love her! Kathi’s Bio: Kathi Lipp is a national speaker and host of the Clutter Free Academy podcast, and bestselling author of The Husband Project, Clutter Free, and Overwhelmed. She and her husband Roger live in San Jose, California, and are parents of four young adults. Using humor and wisdom, Kathi offers hope paired with practical steps to women looking to live with meaning. “Organization is taking care of your present and prepping is taking care of your future." What We Talk About: · Chickens and homesteading (for real…and it’s hilarious) · Kathi’s Book Ready for Anything: Preparing Your Heart & Home for Any Crisis Big or Small · Why prepping doesn’t have to be a heavy · Why it’s important to take time to pause, get organized, & prepared · 3-2-3: Kathi’s formula for starting your preparedness journey that puts supply lists into perspective · Finances (and why they aren’t scary) · Who you need to prepare for (and why it’s important to consider community in your head count) · Ditching denial and taking action · Societal messages that hold us back · Pantry basics · Finding peace, relief, & security in the prepping process · Reframing overwhelm while prepping Be a little more prepared today than you were yesterday. (Yes you can!) Please Visit Today’s Sponsors: Beautiful & Simple. Today’s episode is sponsored by Beautiful & Simple. An online boutique I’ve created and filled with products that remind us to slow down, practice self-care, & focus on the meaningful parts of our day: the beautiful & simple moments  My favorite mug is the one that says “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” It’s my daily reminder to take care of myself so I can take care of my family. Go check out the collection of mugs, shirts & bags currently available at Homeschool Explained. This course is for anyone who is interested in homeschool (now or in the future) but isn’t sure where to start. The information in this course will help you make an educated decision about whether homeschool is the right fit for your family and help you understand what modern homeschool days actually look like—all while covering major topics like curriculum, homeschool styles, subjects to teach, cost, state laws, socialization and so much more. This course takes the guess work out of where and how to begin and leaves you with solid support and resources. Start your homeschool journey with confidence! Find out more at Kathi's Links:  Website: Podcasts: Social Media: Clutter Free Academy on FB: Other Books We Mention: The Clutter Free Home, Clutter Free, Overwhelmed, and The Husband Project Find Lori Beth at + IG: @loribethauldridge
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