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A weekly podcast covering topics related to modern motherhood including pregnancy, birth, parenting, health, self-care, community, perspective, & more! Recorded on the island of Maui with your host Lori Beth Auldridge, M.A., M.F.A.
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How Ayurvedic Principles Can Elevate Your Daily Life. What is Ayurveda? Ever heard of it? Studied it? Tried it? Do you currently use principles from Ayurveda in your daily life? Or is this a brand-new topic for you? Today’s episode is Ayurveda in a nutshell. Ayurveda 101. Or even an Ayurveda refresh, if it’s something you’ve studied in the past. Jessica Quinn is here with us today to generously share her knowledge and expertise. She is an Ayurvedic Nutritionist who was raised in San Diego and has been living on Maui for 16 years. She splits her time between Maui and San Diego. She holds a B.A. from UC Berkley, and Teaching Credentials from National University. Jessica is also certified as a nutrition coach (Huntington College), yoga instructor (Maya Yoga), and Ayurvedic Health Counselor (CA College of Ayurveda). She studied under Dr. William Malik Cotter, Tracee Stanley, Nicki Doane, and Eddie Modestini. Jessica offers Ayurvedic nutrition consultations, seasonal group Ayurvedic cleanses, Ayurvedic treatments, catering and private chef services, and hosts classes and retreats. Her favorite food is kitchari (which we’ll learn more about in this show). Learn more about her offerings at: Jessica is so thorough, going over: · What Ayurveda is · Where Ayurveda comes from · Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha · The 3 Bodies: Karmic, Subtle, and Physical · Agni: Why it’s important to have a strong digestive fire · The 6 Tastes: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Pungent, Bitter, & Astringent · Ayurvedic Modalities · The importance of healthy daily routines and rituals · Tips for moms to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into their lives · Some history of Ayurveda + it’s modern influence…and so much more! If all of these words and concepts sound foreign to you, don’t worry! They won’t by the end of the episode! Jessica’s goal is to inspire others to feel empowered in such a way that they may learn how to take care of their body and mind with an essence of truth, vitality, and ease. I think every mama could use a big dose of that these days! I was so inspired by our conversation that I decided to start my own journey with Ayurvedic nutrition and daily practices. I’ll be sharing more about it on Instagram (@loribethauldridge) and diving a bit deeper into this journey through my emails (sign up for my email list if you haven’t already! I share behind the scenes updates, discount codes, personal take-aways from each show, resources, and much more!) There's more in the show notes at! Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: @loribethauldridge Facebook: Elevating Motherhood  Please visit today's sponsors: Branch Basics & Ojai Energetics 
“Release means reclaiming our minds, our lives, and our futures from the negative messages that held us back. Release allows us to name what was stolen and who we were before it was stolen and to start doing the work that has to be done to get it back.” – Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good, page 144 of Groomed Overcoming messages that shaped our past and limit our future—that’s what Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good’s new book Groomed is all about. And she’s not just talking about survivors of sex trafficking that she works with on a daily basis, but all of us. Even our children. She’s here to talk with us today about her book, her own life lessons, and how we can move closer to who we truly are by moving beyond messages that limit us. Elizabeth is a powerhouse of a woman and I’m so honored to share her with you. In 2011, Elizabeth cofounded what is today the leading provider to domestic survivors of sex trafficking, Selah Freedom. This organization provides Prevention curriculum for over 10,000 K-12th grade children, life-saving safe housing and resources to survivors, and education on this issue to millions annually. It also trains and partners with law enforcement, the FBI and United States Attorney’s Office to bring freedom to survivors and has been deemed a model organization serving this population. With her direction, she has led the organization in a financial growth of over 200% annually. She has also launched The Selah Way Foundation, a global network of leading service providers with three initiatives: Prevention, Protection and Provision. The goal of these initiatives is to get ahead of this issue in hopes of eradicating it and become a model and training arm for the international community. Elizabeth is a passionate pioneer and inspirational thought leader in the movement to eradicate sex trafficking and expose the root of the issue, childhood sexual abuse. She has spearheaded an awakening and brought partners and resources together with proven solutions to save lives. She is also the author of Groomed (Harper Collins, 2020). Using her own story of abuse, family tragedy, and rebellion, Elizabeth Melendez Fisher guides readers toward an understanding that grooming is oftentimes subtle, but it's always life-altering. She offers readers a way to overcome their past, starting with all-important but rarely explored idea of a selah, or a time of rest and reflection, and exploring active ways to forgive and move forward to a new level of freedom. Elizabeth has been highlighted and described as, “Part healer, part businesswoman, all resolve—if Selah Freedom is bringing light into the darkness, as the slogan says, then she is the one behind the megawatt.” She is the recipient of the prestigious New York City Global Business Leader Award and Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year Award. Elizabeth has her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and her Master's in Clinical Psychology. In this episode we talk about how we are groomed: · For Appearance: “You exist only to make me look good.” · To Be Invisible: “Your existence doesn’t matter to me.” · To Endure: “You’re stronger than everyone else. You can handle it all.” · For Judgement: “You are unforgivable.” · For Financial Fear: “There’s not enough for you.” · To rely on our phones for everything. We also dive into the power of discernment and how the beliefs we were groomed to take on can suffocate our true identity.  This is a VERY powerful episode. I hope you’ll tune in, listen, and grow along side us. For more information about Elizabeth and her organizations, offerings, resources, and how you can help, please visit More over at:  Today's Sponsors: Primally Pure and Beautiful & Simple
Soothed, settled, safe, and connected. When Lisa mentioned wanting to talk about nourishment, my first thought was “Nourishment? What’s that? I seem to have forgotten…” How about you? Same? Are you feeling any kind of nourished right now, mama? Good news: you’re about to! Lisa McCrohan is back to speak peace into our tender mama hearts right now—and I’m so grateful! She highlights how we can approach our life using our mind, body, and compassion. By the end of this conversation you’ll have a deeper understanding of not only how your nervous system works but ways we can soften, reconnect, and feel nourished. I’m personally dealing with big waves of emotion, fatigue that plagues me off and on, and snowballing thoughts that keep me exhausted some days. It’s not every day, just some. But it’s enough that I want to find ways to move through those days. In this episode, Lisa talks with us about: · Connection…with ourselves, with other people, with nature. · These times are messing with our nervous system. · The power of naming your emotions, softening the body, & applying compassion · A simple explanation about what’s happening to our nervous systems right now · Mind + body + compassion · She even shares three powerful poems with us: Self Love; Hope; & Be Lisa McCrohan, Is a Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapist, Integrative Coach, and author of Gems of Delight: seasonal inspirations for moms to heal the hurry and what is sacred. With an expertise in mind-body-spirit healing, Lisa works with men and women all over the world in their personal and professional development. She lives with her husband, two young children, and dog, Sherlock, in Middletown, MD, with the mountains outside her backdoor. You can find inspiration here: Today's Sponsors: Homeschool Explained: Homeschool Explained is an online course I created to help parents begin their homeschool journey with confidence. I was getting a lot of questions from parents about my family’s homeschool journey…they wanted to know more but weren’t sure where to get started or if it was a good fit for their family. So I started teaching in-person workshops here on Maui to help parents sort that out. But then requests starting come in from other islands and other places asking if I could put it online from them, too…so I did! I totally get it, starting any new journey can be overwhelming…especially when you feel this call on your heart to homeschool but aren’t sure where to begin. That’s why I’ve put over 10 years of homeschool experience and insights into this easy to follow, easy to use online  course that answers common questions, helps you work through worries, and saves you time.  Find out more at MUTU System: MUTU is a body positive, medically recommended online exercise program for all moms. This 12 week program walks you through daily exercises you can do in the comfort of your home. It includes easy to follow modules, healthy eating tips, encouragement, support, and more. Find out more at Elevating Motherhood Links:  Website: Instagram: @loribethauldridge Facebook: Elevating Motherhood (
Nicole Zasowski is here with us today! She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the author of the incredible book From Lost to Found: Giving Up What You Think You Want For What Will Set You Free.  She speaks to us on such a heart centered level. She’s kind, compassionate, open, and really models transformation for us—sharing her path to her true self and what that looked like for her. She opens up about her pain and triumphs in her book and in this interview. Today you’ll learn a bit about her book and her powerful personal journey into motherhood…she even shares ideas with us about how to be genuinely supportive when a friend is experiencing loss through miscarriage. Something that I wish we talked more openly about in general as a society…I’m just so grateful she’s here with us to get those conversations started in a really loving way. Nicole is an old soul who wears her heart proudly on her sleeve, she enjoys writing and speaking on topics that merge her professional knowledge and personal experience. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two young boys. Thanks for being here for this conversation. I hope it leaves you feeling as supported and resourced as I did by the end of it. Nicole Zasowski is awesome.  Nicole Zasowski's Links:  Website:  Book: From Lost to Found: Thoughts on Miscarriage, Faith, Joy, & Finding Our True Self Instagram: @nicolezasowski  Twitter: @nicolezasowski  Facebook:   Elevating Motherhood Links:  Website: Instagram: @loribethauldridge Facebook: Elevating Motherhood  Visit Today's Sponsors:  Blossom & Root: Today’s episode of Elevating Motherhood is sponsored by Blossom & Root a nature-based, Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool curriculum company that has been gently guiding and supporting families for years! This thoughtful, age appropriate curriculum begins at the preschool level—and acts as a much-needed resource for this age group. Blossom & Root’s preschool curriculum (Early Years Volumes 1 & 2) are valuable tools for parents with young children—whether you choose to pursue homeschool long term or not. The information and ideas are easy to follow, fun, and engaging. School age curricula are also available with more grade levels being released each year. It’s the curriculum my family uses and loves. Blossom & Root has generously offered a discount for listeners of Elevating Motherhood: use the code LORIBETH10 at checkout for 10% off your order. For more information about Blossom & Root, head over to  Ojai Energetics: Another great supporter of the show is Ojai Energetics. They are the creators of my favorite line of organic, water soluable CBD products. If you’re new to CBD or aren’t sure what it is or what it does, or why I’m talking about it on a show for moms, tune in to Episode 015 where Ojai Energetics CEO Will Kleidon answers all of those questions and so much more. He takes the mystery out of this often misunderstood product in a way that’s easy to understand. For more information about Ojai Energetics, their mission & products, plus a special offer for listeners, go to
Do you ever struggle with feeling like you’re “not enough?” Where does that feeling come from? How can we work through those negative thoughts? Who or what can support us on our very personal and individual journeys toward believing we are “enough?”  What’s holding us back? So many questions. Where and who do we get our inspiration from? Should women only listen to women? Mothers only listen to mothers? As women, can we get inspiration from a man? I think the answer is YES! And that’s exactly why David Trotter is here with me today to talk about how we can show up, find our own answers, believe in our “enough-ness,” and be empowered to rise. Who is David Trotter? David Trotter is a Transformation Coach and Host of Inspiration Rising, a podcast dedicated to inspiring women (and the men who support them) to rise up in life, love, and leadership. Through his Launch Your Life coaching program, he helps women (and men) overcome difficult life transitions (divorce, empty nest, job dissatisfaction) and develop a workable plan to make lasting changes. He is also the author of "Empowered to Rise: The Secret to Embracing Your True Identity, Uncovering Your Super Powers, and Bringing Your Inspiration to the World." For over 25 years, he’s helped people get unstuck, clarify their goals, and take their lives to the next level through his leadership, speaking, writing, and filmmaking. David and his wife, Laura, have been married for over 25 years and live in California. Today I asked David to share a bit about his new book – specifically more about the chapter called “I Am Enough.” Gosh, as moms, do you find yourself struggling with that concept? I know I do from time to time. But I also know that I can shift that feeling of “not enough-ness” and gain more confidence with time, intention, and practice. Head over to for more information & links.  Please visit our episode supporters: Primally Pure and Beautiful & Simple Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog: David Trotter’s Links: Websites: Book: Podcast: Inspiration Rising Films: Facebook: & Instagram: Twitter: Linked In:
Omg. How fluffy does reading poetry sound? Seriously. It seems so frivolous in our modern world. When I think of poetry I don’t picture a mom with a beautiful messy bun on the top of her tired head, sipping cold coffee in yesterday’s yoga pants while tiny children scream at her feet, doing everything they can to draw her attention away from the page she is so obviously not engrossed in. Instead, when I think of poetry, I imagine something out of an old movie…sleek beatniks lying around an apartment in Paris, smoking, reading poetry aloud to one other on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Or Shakespeare, alone in his home, writing powerful works. Or college students wasting their money studying poetry. Or any other cliché or opinion about poetry that marks it as “not for us.” Poetry is none of that. It’s none of those stereotypes. It is words strung together in such a way that it expands our hearts and minds. Poems leave room for us and our imagination—we get to put a piece of ourselves into them with our interpretation of the stories they tell or the scenes they paint or the points they make. So how could reading poetry be perfect for modern moms? For the 9 reasons I’m going to share with you about how it helps me. 1. Reading Requires Intentional Stopping 2. It's Self Care 3. Poems are Typically Short 4. Poems are Calming 5. It's Artistic 6. It Feeds My Spirit 7. It Deepens My Connection to Nature 8.  It Brings Me Into the Moment 9. It's a Positive Hobby to Model for my Kids Listen to the full episode for all the details in between!  Visit Today’s Sponsors: Blossom & Root. Today’s episode of Elevating Motherhood is sponsored by Blossom & Root a nature-based, Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool curriculum company that has been gently guiding and supporting families for years! This thoughtful, age appropriate curriculum begins at the preschool level—and acts as a much-needed resource for this age group. Blossom & Root’s Early Years Volumes 1 & 2 are valuable tools for parents with young children—whether you choose to pursue homeschool long term or not. The information and ideas are easy to follow, fun, and engaging. School age curricula are also available with more grade levels being released each year. It’s the curriculum my family uses and loves. They’ve generously offered a discount for listeners of Elevating Motherhood: use the code LORIBETH10 at checkout for 10% off your order. For more information about Blossom & Root, head over to Beautiful & Simple. Today’s episode is sponsored by Beautiful & Simple. An online boutique filled with products that remind us to slow down, practice self-care, & focus on the meaningful parts of our day: the beautiful & simple moments. My favorite mug is the one that says “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” It’s my daily reminder to take care of myself so I can take care of my family. Go check out the collection of mugs, shirts & bags currently available at Elevating Motherhood Links:  Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog: 
I'm so honored to share the incredible Laura McKowen with you today! This conversation is AWESOME and just the start I was hoping for to a very…interesting & challenging topic. How are we supposed to talk about alcohol as moms? Some of us drink. Some of us don’t. And there’s this weird divide between the two and unhelpful cultural influences that leave us fumbling for how to talk to one another about drinking and sobriety. Which is so weird as moms and friends and sisters to suddenly NOT know how to talk to one another about this “everyday ordinary” topic. It almost feels like it’s talked about for us in memes and wine apparel. I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to bring up of the conversation of alcohol for a while and having Laura on to breech the subject feels right. She’s so kind and understanding and her journey brings with it important insight that we can all benefit from big time whether you drink or not. It’s such a polarized topic when it doesn’t need to be. If it truly was “no big deal,” we wouldn’t be whispering about it. If it truly was “no big deal,” we wouldn’t have to feel like we might lose our friends if we choose not to drink. But these are real concerns for moms. And it feels like there’s not a lot of mom-specific support out there to help us navigate this topic. No guidelines for how to talk about alcohol and motherhood. So we live in this weird culture that’s polarized: either you’re in or you’re out. And if you’re out, you’re no fun. And you know what? That’s just not true. And it’s not helpful. So what is helpful? Amazing women like today’s guest, author and speaker Laura McKowen. Laura is going to share with us her story, her insights, suggestions for how to talk about alcohol and motherhood, and how to be supportive of friends who choose sobriety. Her message is very, very powerful. Laura is the author of We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life. She is a former public relations executive who has become recognized as a fresh voice in the recovery movement. Beloved for her soulful and irreverent writing, she now leads sold-out yoga-based retreats and courses that teach people how to say yes to a bigger life. She hosted the iTunes Top 100 podcast HOME, with over 1.5 million downloads. and has been featured on the TODAY show, in The Guardian, WebMD, New York Post, and more. She shows up as such a light and friend for this conversation and finds a way to make us comfortable with the uncomfortable while holding our hands and walking us forward. I don’t want you to be afraid of this conversation. It’s not a heavy…it’s full of hope, ideas, and inspiration. And gives us new perspective on how we can talk about it with each other, with our sisters, and be supportive of one another. We’re breaking through the “not knowing” and diving into it so we can come out the other side with more understanding, compassion, and resources to move forward with clarity and connection. Elevating Motherhood Links: Website: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Blog: Laura McKowen Links: Please Visit Today's Sponsors: Primally Pure & Branch Basics 
We do not talk about sex after babies enough. How do I know? Because of aaaaaaaaaall the emotions that came up for me and other mamas when I broached the subject. “Should I do an episode about it?” I asked.The answer: 100% YES! So I invited the energetic and talented blogger Jazmyne Futrell of onto the show to get this conversation rolling! Jazmyne lives in California with her husband and their four children. She shows up on her blog (and social media feeds) honestly and openly—talking about all things motherhood, from kids, life, marriage, and travel to postpartum depression, c-section recovery, loving your body, learning to let go, how to stop fighting with your toddler about teeth brushing and so much more. It’s Jazmyne’s “no holding back” approach to life and motherhood that drew me to her for this conversation. And I was not disappointed! I think we’re all listening to this episode for different reasons. Maybe you tuned in because your sex life could use some…elevating. Maybe it’s already great. Maybe you just want to hear moms being honest about sex because it’s (oddly) still so taboo in our culture. Maybe you’ll find this episode refreshing. Maybe shocking. Who knows? Either way, I’m so glad you’re here. This conversation feels brave and important—and you listening is brave and important. In this episode we discuss: · Jazmyne’s Story · Tips from her blog article Learning to Enjoy Sex  · Why we need to talk about sex after babies more and why it’s hard to talk about for most women (especially moms) · Breaking through clichés about sex & postpartum recovery · The power of being present during sex · Getting to know yourself, your needs, and more · The importance of clear communication · The opportunity for deeper connection in your relationship · Postpartum issues that can arise · Embracing the “new” that is inevitable after becoming a parent · How essential creativity is And then Jazmyne closes with the BEST TIP EVER for what to implement TODAY to start shifting your sex life for the better! Sponsors: MUTU Systems The medically recommended online workout program for postpartum moms (yes, even moms who are years postpartum!) It’s easy to follow, do-able, and effective (less is more!) The sense of support in this online program is also incredible. If you suffer from Diastasis Recti, pain during intercourse, weakness, leaky bladder, or just want to feel stronger after having a baby, I recommend MUTU! Ojai Energetics The makers of the most advanced, water-soluble, organic CBD on the planet. Check out Episode 015. With Ojai Energetics CEO Will Kleidon for more information about what CBD is and how it is used by the body. Links:  Connect with Lori Beth on Instagram Connect with Lori Beth on Facebook Connect with Jazmyne: @mixedmombrownbabies across all platforms Jazmyne's eBook: coming soon! 
I knew something needed to change. I wasn’t getting what I wanted or needed out of my everyday life. I wanted more alone time, more date nights with my husband, deeper connection with my kids…I wanted us to be a family who goes outside more, one who has fun together…I felt like I needed to eat better and workout. My list was so long and overwhelming that I knew I couldn’t start to improve all of that (or anything!) if I tried to change everything all at once. And my schedule was so full as a working, homeschooling mom that I wasn’t sure I’d find the time to work on even one topic. But I was determined to start. Determined to make changes. 5 minutes a day seemed do-able. (Start small, right?) It seemed sustainable, too. But there wasn’t anything out there that focused on topics I was interested in as a mom. So I wrote a Guided Journal—one that I wanted for myself—and shared it with other mamas. One topic + one month + just a few minutes a day. The very first Guided Journal topic one was “Alone Time” (something so many moms talk about needing!). I wrote out the journal prompts for the whole month then answered one a day…and it changed my life. I had more alone time than I ever thought possible. I was using it to take care of myself and meet my needs which led to me having more energy and positivity to share with my family. It turns out the saying “you cannot pour from an empty cup” is true. It was a breakthrough moment for me. I had been blocking my own alone time and had inadvertently taught my family that I didn’t need it by not taking it. Those truths all bubbled to the surface in one month’s time and were changed from that month on. Alone time was something all of us needed and deserved. We’re now a family that makes space for each of us to have the alone time we crave and deserve. Once I had met my own needs, I turned my focus to my marriage. “Date Night” was the second month’s Guided Journal topic. I spent that month answering questions and figuring out what we needed to do to work in more date nights. That month was epic. We went on so many dates! There was suddenly time for dating where there had been none before. Why? Because we stopped blocking ourselves. We stopped talking ourselves out of dates. We stopped making excuses, showed up (for ourselves and each other), and put in the work…which meant going on dates. (Probably my favorite work ever). From there my desire to work on all of the most important areas of my life—my motherhood, my marriage, my family, my friendships, my home, my everyday habits—exploded with energy and enthusiasm. At the same time it brought me peace. That’s why I broke through the vulnerability and shared it with other mamas, because I know I’m not the only one who feels crunched for time while wanting to make positive changes. The best part is, Guided Journaling helps you discover what YOU need. It helps you find answers that work in YOUR life, not someone else’s. Give it a try! All of these topics are available on my blog: Simply click on the Guided Journals tab and choose a topic that speaks to you. Happy Journaling! Guided Journals topics available: Alone Time * Date Night * Connection * Transition * Family Fun * A Sense of Home * Go Outside * Friendship * Philanthropy * Expectations * Finance * Fitness * Food * Detox * Legacy * Mom Style Connect with LB on Instagram & Facebook  Visit Today's Sponsor: Blossom & Root (Code: LORIBETH10 for 10% off!)
Home Education asked, I answered! Tune in for encouragement, support, and sisterhood as well as answers from an experienced homeschool mama. Episode 030 Is jam packed with practical tips and mindset shifts to help you through this complex transition into educating your kids at home.  Episode 031 Is a follow up where I answer listener questions from moms around the world who are searching for specific answers on their unique home education journeys.  In this episode, I give candid answers to listener questions about temporary homeschooling: · What does a day look like? · How do you set up a routine? · How does everyone get along? · How can I make this more fun? · How do you separate the line between teacher and mom? · How do you not fall into a rut and pretend it’s Saturday and just be lazy? · How do you not drive each other insane? · What school supplies do I need to buy and have on hand? (You’d be surprised if you look around your home at all the toys, books, games, and even empty boxes) · How do I work a full day and then teach my kids for 6 hours after that? · How do you teach your child when there are siblings around distracting them (especially younger siblings)? · How do you stay on task and not bounce from one project to the next? How do you not get sidetracked by chores and to do list items? · What if I don’t like this whole set up? · How are you staying so calm in all of this? · Do you do school 5 days a week or do you have a break day in the middle? If you’re still looking for more answers or really want to dive deep into the full homeschooling process, I offer support in my online course Homeschool Explained. There’s also more info at: I’ll be sharing more behind the scenes over on Instagram: @loribethauldridge to help normalize what working from home + homeschooling looks like. Feel free to ask more questions. I’m here for you, mama. Follow Elevating Motherhood on IG& FB! Like, comment, and share that you’re listening to the podcast! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode! Like the show? Leave me a review! Your feedback lets me know what you like, want, and need in your #momlife I’m here to serve you, open up conversations, tackle topics, and encourage connection. Reviews help me do that! Thank you so much! Links: Love the Show? Leave a review on iTunes! Connect with LB on Instagram Connect with LB on Facebook
Schools are closed. You need help teaching our kiddos. You’re here for answers, tips, tricks, schedules, and resources. If you find yourself needing to educate your kids at home for a while unexpectedly, I get that you might be in a bit of shock. It’s overwhelming. I think a lot of that overwhelm comes from this idea that just a day ago we had a predictable schedule in place and knew what we were good at…we’re good at being a parent, we’re good at our job, we understood our current roles and then were handed another one: the role of teacher. Not knowing how to formally teach our kids can make us feel like we’re really bad at that or we’re going to fail at it. Those are very unsettling feelings. The overwhelm is so real for so many people. Please know that you’re not alone in those feelings, that they’re valid, and that there are many people out there who understand. And those of us who want to help you rise up, find your confidence, and move through this overwhelming time feeling understood, resourced, and supported. So many of us are searching for coping mechanisms among all of the heightened emotions. Humor, frustration, unhappiness, venting, even panic—these are all real emotions that real people are feeling. It’s really important to acknowledge how you’re feeling. Name the emotions without shame. Know that they are normal, acknowledge them, and then use them as information to move forward. None of us want to live in those feelings of frustration, overwhelm, and unhappiness. Please know that if the sources of your overwhelm stem from childcare, money, job, or food concerns, I wish I had the resources to immediately help you and calm your mama heart. I hope that there are friends, family, and local resources that you can reach out to now to help. I don’t think it’s too early to start accepting offers for help from school boards, food banks, churches, local organizations, and people who have been posting on social media that they want to be there for you. Believe them. Use them. Lean into your community. This truly is turning into a time of coming together even while we are apart.  Here are my top 14 tips for parents who are finding themselves doing all of life at home with their kids, including educating them.  1. Don’t Try to Recreate the Classroom in Your Home 2. Create Your Own Schedule 3. Try Time Blocking 4. Remember School is Supposed to be Do-able 5. Alternate Activities 6. Keep Records 7. Give Grace (and then more grace) 8. Go Outside (a lot) 9. Know That Resources are All Around You 10. Mindset is Everything 11. Lean Into the Process 12. Lean Into Your School’s Resources 13. Communicate with Your School Community 14. Take Care of Yourself You are strong, you are capable, this is temporary, there will be ups and downs, those are normal, we’ll get through them together. For more show notes & all links mentioned in today’s podcast, go to
Anxiety is one of the most requested topics from listeners here on the show. So many moms want to know more about it and/or what they can do to manage theirs or make it disappear. I’m not a medical professional. I can’t diagnose anxiety, nor am I ever trying to by presenting episodes about anxiety. This isn’t medical advice, this is a discussion among moms. My goal is to empower mothers to learn more about themselves and encourage them to learn more about topics that inspire them, interest them, or even concern them. Topics like anxiety. We’re not going to shy away from it here on Elevating Motherhood, but instead seek out information and potential options. I don’t believe there is a one size fits all answer to anything…especially when it comes to moms & anxiety. It feels like we’re in this sea of not-knowing when it comes to anxiety: we don’t know a ton about it even though it’s a very common notion, we have moments in our lives where we *think we might have it but we’re not sure and we don’t want to talk about it if we suspect we do, or if we do talk about it, there’s sometimes judgment or we’re offered unhelpful “advice,” or it’s ignored altogether. There are actually people who believe that anxiety isn’t real. There are so many opinions about anxiety, it’s no wonder moms feel paralyzed and don’t even know where to start seeking answers, information, and support. So let’s change that. I want to talk openly about anxiety, share stories, and hear from moms & professionals. I really want to explore ways we can learn to support ourselves and other moms. Let’s have the conversations. My goal is to publish many episodes in an “Options for Anxiety” series where we learn about and dive into ideas that might help: Those of us with anxiety, those of us who wonder if we might have it, and even those of us without anxiety who want to learn how to be more supportive. Today’s guest is the perfect intro to this series! Breon Michel is a parent coach & educator who supports and empowers families with tools to create more ease, enjoyment, and self-compassion in daily life. With extensive training in mindfulness & self-compassion, nervous system regulation, and plenty of personal practice (and mishaps!) as a parent, she uses a heartfelt and integrative approach to helping parents deal with the challenges and vulnerabilities of raising children in the modern world. Breon is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher with a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. A love of learner at heart, she’s also partway through the Organic Intelligence HEART training, which is giving her greater insight into the key aspects of healthy nervous system functioning. In today’s episode, we talk about: What anxiety is * What’s a coach vs. a therapist * Causes of anxiety (cultural, societal, familial, ancestral, etc.) * When to reach out for help & support * Approaches to therapy, including: somatic experiencing therapy, organic intelligence, talk therapy, family/parent coaching, self compassion, mindfulness & meditation, showing up as your genuine self, and anxiety & children RESOURCES: Psychology Today, Postpartum Support International, Postpartum Doulas, Steve Hoskinson (founder of Organic Intelligence) – “The job is enjoyment.” Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing Therapy) LINKS: Love the Show? Leave a review on iTunes!, Connect w/ LB on Instagram & Facebook, Branch Basics,,
At some point, most parents are going to need to bring someone else in to help with childcare. There are a variety of options…daycare, school, family members, or even childcare swaps with friends. But not all of us have those options. We might live far from family or schedules don’t line up or…I could literally list 100 reasons why childcare might go awry (because it can & does!) and why we might need to seek out other options. There also might be listeners who are expecting or have a new baby and want to plan ahead as much as possible. All of our situations are unique. But it’s safe to say, if you’re a parent with a child, have a child on the way, are a child care provider, or want to be a childcare provider (I’m looking at you 13-year-old soon to be babysitters!) this episode has something for you! Today we’re going to talk about the difference between a babysitter, nanny, and mother’s helper. And, of course, the real burning question: How much should we pay them? We’re also going to touch on what to do when issues arise…and issues do come up.  Having a childcare provider is a relationship and every relationship has ups and downs, joyful moments and disagreements. So I asked Nicki Taylor, owner of The Nanny Connection here on Maui, ( come on the show and shed some light on these questions. She also offers us communication & hiring tips while busting through myths and telling great stories (she has some doozies!) Nicki is a wonderful mom to two children, ages 4 and 2. After receiving her Bachelors in Healthcare Administration and worked in corporate America in elder care for years before moving to Maui to take over her mother-in-law’s nanny agency. She’s been running the The Nanny Connection here on Maui and Lanai for over 6 years. The Nanny Connection expanded to Oahu this past year and is looking to launch in Kauai later this year. Nicki’s background in administration and her innate understanding and compassion as a mom make her an incredible resource and leader in her unique branch of the childcare industry. If you’re on Maui or plan to visiting Hawaii, The Nanny Connection is my number one recommendation for trusted childcare. I’ll be sure to link to The Nanny Connection in the show notes. We’re fortunate to be able to tap into her experience & resources today. In this episode we go over: · What is the difference between a nanny, babysitter, and mother’s helper? · Why do people hire nannies? (there’s some myth-busting in this answer!) · What kinds of questions should moms ask nannies when interviewing them for a position? Things they need to bring up? · How much to pay? · Common issues that come up for moms when hiring nannies? What can we do to avoid disagreements, drama, or tension with nannies? · Common issues that come up for nannies? What can they do to avoid disagreements, drama, or tension with parents? · Communication tools for moms & child care providers Helpful Links: Love the Show? Leave a review on iTunes!  Connect with LB on Instagram & Facebook  Visit Today’s Sponsors: Ojai Energetics and Primally Pure
Sibling Rivalry…this is a dynamic topic! If you have more than one kiddo, you know that there will be inevitable moments of sibling rivalry: fighting, disagreements, arguing. So what can we do about it? Should we do anything about it? We as parents bring so much of our own “stuff” to the table when it comes to sibling rivalry. Maybe you didn’t get along well with your siblings growing up. Maybe you still don’t. Maybe that’s motivating you to do whatever it takes to make sure your kids get along—now and in the long term. Maybe you did get along with your siblings and you want your kids to have that same loving relationship…but they’re just not falling into it as easily as you did. Maybe you didn’t have a brother or sister growing up and this whole sibling dynamic is new to you. Maybe you’re part of a blended family and your relationships are layered. Sibling life. It’s complex. It’s multi-generational. And it’s not talked about openly all the time because it’s one of those areas of parenting where it’s kind of assumed that we should already know what to do. But the truth is: many of us don’t. And as a result we often carry shame, guilt, or frustration around our kids not getting along and us not knowing what to do about it. That’s why I’ve invited Jailan Heidar onto the show to help us start that conversation and be more open about sibling rivalry. Jailan is a parenting educator and founder of Early Years Parenting. She is a mom of two little ones herself, she has a 5 and 2-year-old. She has been working with families for over 10 years as a certified Positive Discipline Educator. She earned her Master’s of Science in Child & Family Studies from Leiden University and is a certified Early Childhood Educator through UCLA. Jailan grew up in Egypt and has been living in Europe with her family for over a decade. She is currently living in Munich, Germany and offers parenting consultations both online and in-person, as well as online courses and workshops focused on giving parents tools to get through everyday parenting struggles with ease and build relationships with their children. Her online course “Raising Siblings without Rivalry” has helped mothers bring their kids closer and have calmer, more peaceful homes with kids who speak with each other more and fight less. If you’re interested, Jailan’s next 6 week course starts soon: on Monday, March 2, 2020. Jailan gives us so many thinking points in this episode: · Defining positive and respectful parenting · The benefits of parenting support · Honoring the individual · Creating balance with items · Giving the benefit of the doubt · Listening · Awareness · Reflection · Taking it one thing, one moment at a time Tune in and then share your thoughts in the comments or start a conversation over on my social media accounts! Jailan is so patient and supportive. I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did. When I let Chris listen to a few snippets, we realized we have a boundary and ownership things we could probably work on and iron out in our own household. And that’s okay! No shame in our learning game. If we find something that works, I’ll be sure to share it over on my IG @loribethauldridge Links: Love the Show? Leave a review on iTunes!   Connect with LB on Instagram & Facebook  Visit Today’s Sponsor: Blossom & Root 
Many of you know, I’m big into alternative education options. We personally homeschool our three children, but I know that’s not the best option for every family. The good news is, there are so many options when it comes to our children’s education—what works for one child might not work for another, and that’s okay. Options do exist. We don’t often hear about all of our options, but today we’re going to shift that with our guest Austin Rees. She is here to share her family’s alternative education journey with us. Have you ever heard of self-directed education? Or Sudbury schools? Or a democratic school? I thought I knew a little about the self-directed part, but Austin’s story really opened my eyes to a whole new approach that I can see working really well for a lot of kids. This episode is going to stretch your mind, heart, and imagination. It shifted my already alternative view of education. Austin Rees is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Licensed Massage therapist who specializes in infant craniosacral therapy. She is also the creator of Nourish & Align. One of Austin’s favorite past times is facilitating introspective and integral retreats for women and birth professionals. She is a mother to four children: Bella 16, Declan 14, Henry 12, and Maggie 6, and is married to her college sweetheart, Brad. She and Brad both decided early in their parenting journey to educate their children at home. After homeschooling with various curriculums they began researching self-directed education and the Sudbury school model. When Brad retired from the military in 2015, they chose to move to Baltimore, Maryland. They picked that city because it was close to the Sudbury School, Arts & Ideas. So after 7 years of homeschooling, they enrolled them in a democratic school based in self-directed education where they have all been thriving ever since. Austin & Brad’s commitment to their children’s education is inspiring. But that’s only one of the many take-aways from this episode. I’m really stuck on the “stop, pause, & care” notion she mentions part way though. I’d love to hear what your takeaways are from today’s show. So after the episode, hop over to my Instagram @loribethauldridge or the website to share your thoughts on this type of education. I can’t wait to continue the conversation with you! Love the show? Please leave a review on iTunes! Sponsor: Branch Basics Go to for my personal review of their products!  Helpful Links/Topics From This Episode:  Unschooling De-schooling
I think it’s really easy to look at someone else’s successful business (especially on social media) and think that it must be so easy because it looks so effortless. Or someone else can look at the same business and think that it looks like it would be way too complicated, so they shut themselves off from the possibility that they, too, could do something that successful. That’s why I love these behind the scenes stories of mom entrepreneurs in the Called to Create series here on the show. There is so much to be gained from hearing their stories and learning about their journeys because it normalizes ups & downs, following your passion, lifelong learning, and the process of it all (including a real-life timeline of years and not the overnight success that we often perceive online). MeiLi Coon’s story about how she became a master makeup artist and entrepreneur is just incredible. She’s joining us today to share her inspirational story of how her successful, elite bridal team MeiLi Autumn Beauty came to life. Her team is incredible. Her taste is impeccable. She turns out some of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen in my life. Her IG account (@meiliautumnbeauty) is like eye candy. A daily behind the scenes bridal magazine. Seriously, she is so talented. MeiLi did my makeup for a photoshoot once and I’ll tell you, I’ve never felt so beautiful. But it’s not just because of the makeup. MeiLi made me feel seen, heard, and understood. That combination of talent and connection is what makes her stand out from the crowd. The thing I love about MeiLi is her introspective nature. She doesn’t just apply makeup to brides, she sees the whole picture—and really celebrates each of her clients as a whole woman. She does all this, manages & trains an entire team, rocks the single mom life, and still makes time to encourage other women online and in our local community with her fundraising efforts. Be sure to check out her website (which I’ll link to in the show notes) after the interview. MeiLi’s story is not only fascinating but international and full of twists and turns. It reminded me that success does not happen overnight but that there’s a lot of determination, hard work, faith, and perseverance that goes into creating and running a successful business. I admire MeiLi’s work as a professional makeup artist and business owner…but also as a person and amazing mama. She inspires me and I know she’ll inspire you. Find more over at Follow us on IG& FB! Like, comment, and share that you’re listening to the podcast! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode! Like the show? Leave me a review! Your feedback lets me know what you like, want, and need in your #momlife I’m here to serve you, open up conversations, tackle topics, and encourage connection. Reviews help me do that! Thank you so much! Helpful Links: Love the Show? Leave a review on iTunes! ( Connect with LB on Instagram ( Connect with LB on Facebook ( Visit Today’s Sponsor: Primally Pure (
In the spirit of expanding upon last week’s episode about how to create a successful moms group, I wanted to bring someone onto the show who could dive into those friendships a bit more. Making friends as an adult is very different than how we made friends when we were younger. Our needs are different, the setting in which we make friends are different. So many elements of adult life—marriage, kids, moving, job changes—all of these complicate our efforts to make friends and can leave some of us feeling like we don’t even want to try. But friendship is important. Especially as a mom.  Our friendships with other moms can nurture us in ways that no other relationships can. Other moms just “get it.” They get us! They understand where we are and can empathize, offer relevant advice, hold our hand, and support us when we need it. And we’re gonna need it.  In turn, we can do the same for them. But life gets busy. Kids and schedules take up a lot of time. And in the middle of that whirlwind we can start to fall away from those friendships because we feel we don’t have time. Or issues and conflicts come up and we don’t know how to deal with them. So how do we foster friendships, work through challenges, and deepen our relationships with our mom friends? I’d like to talk about it. I think we can benefit from talking about and focusing on our mom friendships more. Today’s guest likes to talk about friendship a LOT. Julia Wurst is the creator and co-host of the Dear Bestie Show, a podcast all about friendship. She and her co-host Mia Mauss (pronounced Moss) discuss topics that interest them as it relates to their friendship. They also read letters from listeners on the air. Julia is a wife and mom to a 4 year old daughter. She is currently a stay at home mom and loves to explore Maui with her family. Here’s the link to my appearance on the Dear Bestie Show: In this episode we talk about: How the Dear Bestie Show came to life, common issues, hang-ups, & problems surrounding modern friendship, online vs. in-person relationships, cross sex friendships, enneagram, work/life balance, advice, & so much more! If you found this episode helpful, please share it with other moms! Spread the word & start a conversation about mom friendships, enneagram types, or any other topic that was brought up in today’s episode. Follow us on IG & FB! Like, comment, and share that you’re listening to the podcast! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode! Like the show? Leave me a review! Your feedback lets me know what you like, want, and need in your #momlife I’m here to serve you, open up conversations, tackle topics, and encourage connection. Reviews help me do that! Thank you so much! Sponsor: Primally Pure For my personal review of their products and a list of favorites, go to Helpful Links: Love the Show? Leave a review on iTunes! ( Connect with LB on Instagram ( Connect with LB on Facebook ( Visit Today’s Sponsor: Primally Pure ( Julia: @jgwurst Dear Bestie Show: @dearbestieshow 
Motherhood can feel pretty isolating, especially in the first few weeks and months after your baby is born. Or when there are other big changes in your life like moving to a new town with your kids in tow. There will always be different seasons within your motherhood journey--even motherhood itself is a season—and those journeys, every one of those seasons are easier, lighter, and feel more do-able with support. And there is nothing like the support of a solid, loving moms group. There are lots of support avenues for moms out there—online and in person. And while online support can be awesome, there is nothing quite like being face to face with other moms and actually seeing that you’re not alone. Being in the presence of other moms can be life changing. A moms group can provide much needed friendship, support, and learning opportunities—for you and your child. What do I mean by “moms group?” I mean moms that get together with their children, not just a meet up of moms only without children. Sometimes there’s some confusion around that, but I just wanted to be clear that I mean “moms + kids getting together.” I started two successful moms groups here on Maui when my kids were younger and we still meet up 2-3 times per week even after 6 years!  The two groups have kind of meshed into one as our kiddos aged—the older ones (who were just babies on blankets when we first met!) are now off to different schools or education paths, but we still have more babies being born every year in our circle of friends, so the group keeps growing and shifting. But even though the kids are growing and we’re growing and changing, the need for support never goes away. Getting together with mom friends continues to be a highlight for me AND my kids every single week. I get asked a LOT of questions about moms groups…how do you find one? How do you start one? How do you make time for one? What if there aren’t any where I live? What if I don’t like any? What if no one comes? What if there aren’t any moms around where I live? (Trust me, there are moms near you asking the same questions). Let’s say you can’t find a local moms group. My advice is:  Start One. It’s way easier than you think. (Here is more about how I started mine!) Here are 5 tips to help you get started: 1. Pick a date/time/location 2. Choose a focus 3. Advertise 4. Establish guidelines 5. Let go of expectations There are so many perks to running and being part of an in-person moms group…honest conversation, opportunities for your children to make their first friends, even chances for dads to meet and connect with other dads. The support and friendship between moms is powerful and very needed. Once your moms group is established, it really is as easy as picking a date/time/location and just showing up. And as your group grows and your connections deepen, I highly recommend starting to incorporate moms night out, too. Take the lead. Brainstorm today. Start your group. Reach out. Be the change for other moms and yourself. If you found this episode helpful, please share it with other moms! Spread the word that starting a moms group is easy, needed, and so awesome! Shout out to my own moms groups…you have been and continue to be my life line on this path we’re walking together. I love and appreciate you. And you, too, mama. If you’re listening to this episode, it could be because you have a calling on your heart to connect with and support other moms. And for that I applaud you. I hope you follow that calling and take action. I promise you, you won’t regret it.  More at 
Parenting in the age of social media feels tricky, doesn’t it? I’ve found that a lot of parents feel insecure when it comes to rules about social media and how to approach it. We need to talk about it more and find ways to feel confident in our parenting in general, but especially when it comes to phones and social media. That’s why I’ve invited Dr. Sarah Sarkis on to the show today to start that conversation and help us navigate these tricky waters. Dr. Sarah Sarkis is a psychologist, writer, and performance consultant with a private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii (though it won’t take you long to discover she’s a Boston girl at heart). Her integrated approach is big on science and low on BS, empowering her clients to achieve long term change and growth through an eclectic blend of psychology, neurobiology, and functional medicine. She created her blog, The Padded Room, as a virtual safe space to help people manage the jarring realities of life. There, you’ll find a soft landing for life’s harshest truths. We’ll link to that in the show notes. You can also follow her monthly essay series Shrink Rap via her work with The Flow Research Collective. I came to this podcast with fear, guilt, & sensationalism and left with hope, confidence, and direction thanks to Dr. Sarah’s insights. We talk about all things Social Media: · Who’s on social media · What kids are being exposed to · How it affects them · Risks & benefits · Parenting · Virtual citizenship · What behaviors we model for our kids · And how we can approach all of it as parents who want what’s best for our children · And hope! This isn’t a doom and gloom episode! Tune in and get more comfortable and confident with how you approach social media in your parenting. Dr. Sarah’s links: Website, Facebook, Instagram Follow Elevating Motherhood on IG & FB! Like, comment, and share that you’re listening to the podcast! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode! Like the show? Leave me a review! Your feedback lets me know what you like, want, and need in your #momlife I’m here to serve you, open up conversations, tackle topics, and encourage connection. Reviews help me do that! Thank you so much! A big thank you to Branch Basics for supporting the Elevating Motherhood Podcast! Check out why I love this educational cleaning company. They make it so easy to reduce my family’s toxic burden with their incredible products. Links: Love the Show? Leave a review on iTunes! ( Connect with LB on Instagram ( Connect with LB on Facebook ( Visit Today’s Sponsor: Branch Basics (
Trigger Warning. Sonya Niess has returned to the show today. She was my first guest in Episode 2 when we talked about expectations and motherhood.  If you haven’t tuned in to that episode, I highly recommend going back and listening to it. It really is the first part of a very powerful story. And one that contains transformative perspective for any mom. At this point, the title has probably clued you in to what happened next on Sonya and Naia’s journey. Please know that this is a trigger warning. It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you we will be talking about the loss of a child in today’s episode. Sonya will be sharing her story and opening up about her grieving process. She also generously offers ideas for us about how to be supportive during and after times of loss. Her ideas really resonate with me and I know they will for you, too. Many of us feel at a loss ourselves when we hear such stories. Our hearts and heads often struggle with what to do or say in those moments. Sonya gifts us with loving perspective and tangible ideas. For that I’m very grateful. If you’re wondering whether to listen or not, please know that this episode is for all of us. For moms who have also lost a child. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find comfort, support, and understanding through Sonya’s story. For moms who know someone who has lost a child and long for insight into what to say or do to support a grieving family. Sonya offers ideas for us. It’s also for moms who have experienced neither, but want to learn more for the sake of compassion and understanding. There are a lot of deep breaths in this episode. Tune in to hear brave, sweet Sonya talk about support, encourage understanding, and offer us gentle advice about how to be helpful during times of loss. Sponsor: A big thank you to Primally Pure for not only supporting the Elevating Motherhood Podcast but for offering our beloved listeners a discount code! Use the code: LORIBETH10 for 10% off your first order. Links: Love the Show? Leave a review on iTunes! ( Connect with LB on Instagram ( Connect with LB on Facebook ( Visit Today’s Sponsor: Primally Pure ( 
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