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Author: Eliza Gellman

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A Podcast Focusing On Nutrition, Lifestyle, And Your Morning Conference Call
105 Episodes
A close up perspective of living with a severe eating disorder, overcoming near death experiences, and healing relationships with food & self with Health & Wellness Coach Kate Hendley. We discuss topics such as anorexia, body dysmorphia, diet culture, binge eating, and macro counting.   Work with me 1 on 1   Connect with me on IG Connect with Kate on IG Ora Organic - Code ELIZAG15 at checkout SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW   
We interview past season Bravo's Southern Charm Naomi Olindo on travel, relationships, weight loss, grief of losing a parent, daily routines and diet culture! We go into Naomi's experience on reality TV and how it has led her to entrepreneurship, health, as well as love!    To shop digestive enzymes click HERE To shop Naomie's brand L'ABEYE click HERE and use code HOTTERTHANHEALTH30 at checkout To Connect for a Nutrition Booking click HERE
We discuss how to be mindful when eating ,the benefits of journaling, teas, and holistic ways to optimize our health with Holistic Nutritionist Rebecca Leigh! SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST Find Rebecca on Instagram Work with me Ora Organic  CODE ELIZAG15    
Colonics, constipation, inflammation, lymphatic drainage and the importance of poop with Colonic Hydrotherapist Neda Smith.    Retreats, newsletter, and booking your colonic! 1 On 1 Nutrition Consultation Ora Organic ELIZAG15 
We discuss how our gut health effects our overall mental health and immune system. We dive into how environmental toxins can affect our hormones &  increase internal inflammation. What supplements we can focus on and which ingredients to avoid & add to our diet.  Nutrition Programming Ora Organic use code ELIZAG15 Plant Rx Supplement Line - use code HOTTERTHANHEALTH10 for 10% off! Kasandrinos Olive Oil 
Holistic methods to prevent and manage bloat and optimize digestion by incorporating plant based nutrition, ayurvedic medicine practices, as well as natural supplements like probiotics and digestive enzymes.   Podcast Links Ora Organic  - Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes use my code ELIZAG15  Nutrition Programming  Monthly Subscription Meal Plan
We discuss the best way to reach your goals- don't just think about it. Focus & take action.   Nutrition Programming   Monthly Meal Plans ORA Organic ELIZAG15 at checkout  
Helen Hall of Blender Bombs tells about the 80/20 lifestyle and how she implements it into food, self-care, and business. We discuss beauty products, resources, nutrition, and her journey to build the Blender Bombs $12 Million brand.    Blender Bomb Bars  Use Code ELIZAG15 80X20 Market Nutrition Booking and/or Monthly Meal Plan Ella Ora Skincare
One of our deepest episodes, we dive into Kate Moon's story of overcoming addiction and abusive relationships, while using her obstacles and journey to guide and inspire others.   Eliza G Wellness Subscription Monthly Meal Plan Nutrition Consultation Booking Kate Moon Yoga Retreats- 1 Spot Left! Ora Organics Code ELIZAG15 -  
#100 Mama We Made It

#100 Mama We Made It


Thank you endlessly! Anyone who has listened and supported the podcast- this is for you! We discuss the Law Of Attraction, how meditation & strong visualization will bring your dream life to you. We discuss my business and how I can help you in your nutrition and health venture.   Complimentary Nutrition Consultation Call Monthly Meal Plan Subscription  Use Code ELIZAG15 at checkout  
Erin dives into specific things we can look for in our bodies that indicate hormone imbalances, as well as what we shouldn't be seeing with our menstrual cycle, and what birth control is actually doing to us. Don't worry- she gives us specifics on how we can implement today! Erin Gagne Nutrition Consulting with me use code ELIZAG15 at checkout 
We sit with the bridal queen herself, Emma opens up about tips to starting your own business, finding your passion, never settling with a man, and nutrition during pregnancy!   Make sure to find her divine creations at @Emmakatzkabridal    Book a free nutrition Strategy Call with me at ORA Organic (get the chocolate protein & probiotics!) Use code ELIZAG15  
We dive into the depths of dairy, mass media, and our conditioned thoughts on this episode with The Refined Hippie Rebecca Hinson. Discussing the impact of a predominantly plant based lifestyle, the effects on the earth, gut, animals, and truths behind big pharma.   NEW Monthly Grocery List/Meal Plan Subscription ORA ORGANICS -   Use code ELIZAG15 (get the chocolate protein and probiotics)  1 On 1 Nutrition Booking Leave a review for the podcast for your chance to be Review of the week and win a free coffee on me :)       Make sure to check out Rebecca on the Refined Hippie Podcast
We talk about the benefits of GROUND flaxseeds in the diet for blood pressure and anticancer properties, Food Combining Recipes, and resources to integrate more healthy foods into your life. Oh, and I quit my job and am leaning ALL the way in!    Nutrition Booking -  Flaxseed Link - How Not To Die book- Hemp Crate- CODE HOTTERTHANHEALTH20. (get the health and wellness box)
Going through the anxious thought process and uncovering a few measurable tips to get ahead of anxious thoughts. CBD products I have been using, and why we end up feeling these thoughts of comparison. LIKE-SHARE-SUBSCRIBE CODE: HOTTERTHANHEALTH20  - try the "Health & Wellness Starter" for 20% off   BLENDERBOMBS CODE-  ELIZAG15 for 15% off  
Tron & Eric of the WHAP (We Have A Podcast) Podcast! We discuss EVERYTHING under the sun from hormones, dating, relationships, CHICKEN, and so much more! Make sure to rate & subscribe to the podcast and check out WHAP on iTunes! For HEMPCRATE for everything CBD use code HOTTERTHANHEALTH20 for 20% off!  
Quite possibly the most important podcast we have ever recorded. Going deep into the details of hormones, phases of the month and menstrual cycles, birth control, weight gain, workouts (what to do and when). My eyes are OPEN and I am ready to learn! Credit: AK47FIT on Instagram Nutrition Booking - LIKE-SHARE-SUBSCRIBE Blenderbombs code: ELIZAG15 at checkout
Some personal thoughts (key word personal) on our fcked up systems for health and longevity. Also, some personal tips to stay regular, NOT bloated, and energetic while traveling.   Find products I use- using the links is helpful.. Ya know?   LIKE FOLLOW SHARE
Why does it take so long for me to fall asleep? How do I fight sleep anxiety? Should I nap? How much should I be sleeping? We speak with Holistic Coach and Sleep Expert Bailey Guilloud!  All of your most popular questions answered and so many more juicy details on this episode on sleep health & importance! To check out her 3 Day Sleep Course of book an appointment SUBSCRIBE-LIKE-SHARE! To book a nutrition consult or view my favorite daily products visit    
FIRSTLY- I highly recommend listening to episode #76 to understand more about Human Design and it's purpose- although this episode is still slammed with knowledge & goodness. Human Design Reader and wellness professional Cortney Ostrosky explain Human design, dating, and understanding different approaches to finding your person through your specific energy type!   Mention you found her through this podcast and receive $25 off your Human Design reading (this will change your life) LIKE-SHARE-SUBSCRIBE! I can't describe how much this supports the podcast! Products/Nutrition Booking    
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