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We deep dive into a provocative conversation surrounding environmental, humanitarian, health benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle. John recently opened his 10th restaurant Neon Tiger, a vegan cocktail lounge with an AMAZING menu! John will be donating portions of all proceeds to the Agriculture Fairness Alliance (linked below).   Check out Neon Tiger on Instagram Find more animal activism on Johns personal Instagram  To support the podcast and receive monthly recipes check out  and search Hotter Than Health Blender Bombs Code ElizaG10 Nutrition Counseling and Booking  
We discuss all the most frequently asked nutrition questions covering macros, eating disorders, healthy snacks, REAL tips from a Registered Dietitian, and how to approach eating disorders during this time in home.  Ali Gray is a RD in Charleston SC, with a specific focus on disordered eating!  On Instagram Nutrition or Fitness Consult Booking Extra Support For The Podcast Blender Bombs Code for checkout ELIZAG15  
We chat with Morgan Benz of Welcoming Wellness, about different styles of attachment in relationships, maintaining your identity, keeping the eroticism alive and specific examples! We love Morgans compassionate wisdom!    Nutrition Booking for Proper Food Combining Morgan Benz, LPCA- accepting new clients!    Make sure to check out support through the Patreon!  Search Hotter Than Health   
The Casita girls wait on test results for corona virus testing, and meanwhile I discuss different immunity supplements, snacks, and some tips to remaining sane WHILE supporting your overall health.
We discuss how to tell which of the 3 body types you have, and the best weight & cardio routines to try! We get specific with moves, varied cardio, & rep count! You don't have to go on blind, each workout should be different for each person! ALSO, the worlds greatest cold brew recipe I have been using that makes me buzzzz like a humming bird.    code ELIZAG15 Patreon Support & Subscription Workout & Nutrition Booking All good things, Eliza   
Brief episode to open the conversation and stand up. I fumble, I tear, I get confused, this is how my head has been. Resources to do you homework. Shows & podcasts below.  Documentaries on Netflix -Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap -Time: The Kalief Browder Story -When They See Us -13th -Who Killed Malcom X? Podcasts with a Black voice -Affirm spotify:show:6H8yuEfJpA1PuKK2qiPZpk -Balanced Black Girl spotify:show:46muBfvOgp2U44ycqZJPPN  
We hear it all the time, "how do you get your protein if you are plant based?" This podcast is for ALL those questions. We talk complete protein, where to get them, how to use them and then all the food pairings you need for a plant dominant diet.  Patreon Support Blender Bombs Code: ElizaG15 ALL GOOD THINGS!
Mini episode with Amelia Coggin of AmeliaLovesKale blog. We chat all things, boobs, health, workouts, at home workouts, side hustles, and healthy snacks.   To book nutrition consults- AmeliaLovesKale- Extra support for the podcast- Search HOTTER THAN HEALTH Blenderbombs code- ELIZAG15   
We discuss all things gut-health and how we should be both consuming AND eliminating to ensure proper gut bacteria are thriving, we get into specific types of proteins, carbs, and sweet treats and so much more. Erin Gagne is a wealth of knowledge with experience in anti-aging, gut-health, and hormonal therapy.    Nutrition Consult Booking with me Erin Gagne Support The Podcast even more on Instagram @hotterthanhealthpodcast and Blender Bombs Code: ElizaG15 for 15% off!   
Casita ladies talk all things dating, travel, food, communication, therapy, tequila, bad date stories, skin care and so much more that you don't want your kids to hear.. ENJOY!   Support? Use the links!    Blender Bombs 20% off- code ELIZAG15 - casita swears by this   
You ask, I share! General Q & A with listeners on that stubborn belly fat, stress, fasting, detoxing, and so much more! We dive deep into questions in this solo episode! Bring your notebook chicos!   LIKE-SHARE-SUBSCRIBE! Your support means the world! Using links to products and/or subscribing to Patreon is an incredible way to receive some extra goods as well as to support the podcast a little extra.    USE CODE ELIZAG15  (I've been devouring the mint choc flavor)   All good things, Eliza 
Packed interview with Cortney Ostrosky! Human Design, Relationships, Man Cleansing, Fitness & Health, Yoga and all the goods inbetween!   Want to support the podcast? Instagram- @Cortney108    
One of the most info packed episodes we have seen yet! Special guests Helen Hall and fiancé Scott Maynor chat about business, intermittent fasting, weight loss, protein, being 80/20 plant based, and building a successful business with the right mindset! These entrepreneurs work day in and day out to make sure they bring simple and high quality ingredients with COMPLETE transparency.   How can you support the podcast? ! Your continued love has grown this podcast, and for that I am truly honored to be a part of your healthful lifestyle and daily routine! If financial support isn't right for you at this time, always like/share/subscribe/comment and review- it's free and an incredible way to grow the show!  Social Media to follow @hushupandhustle @80x20market @blenderbombs @gsmaynor    (use code Elizag15 at checkout, I like to goji acai best) All good things, E
Getting creative with the simple things at home. Sharing some delicious plant & not plans based recipes. A few workout tips & self care ya know? Support by using my code ELIZAG15 when you purchase off the website Nutrition Counseling Booking #socialdistancing All good things! Eliza
Getting creative with the simple things at home. Sharing some delicious plant & not plans based recipes. A few workout tips & self care ya know?   Support by using my code ELIZAG15 when you purchase off the website  #socialdistancing  All good things! Eliza
Coronavirus- not something to be taken lightly. Some common & uncommon prevention tips! Foods to stock up on, supplements, and what we should be focusing on!   Help support the podcast- ELIZAG15  for
Back to basics with Intermittent Fasting & Proper Food Combining. Recipes, tips & IF tactics.    Supporting the podcast (get the Sleep Oil wow)
Bloating, Snacks, Weight loss, Tips For MOMS & Women! We delve into the popular questions that moms ask on the 29 Minute Podcast with Jennifer Ford Berry!  Jennifer is a professional organizer, author, mom, and overall badass! @jenniferfordberry on Instagram  - Vegan, Water Based, and Looks Cute On The Nightstand @staysexyshop use code ELIZAG10 - Great way to support the podcast   
Going through IT ALL this past week, sharing my experience with listening to my instincts, insane allergic reactions, antibiotics, supplement recommendations for overall health and my GO TO snack that. Do I sound like a broken record for that last one?     
Today we focus on mental health, specific to anxiety, self worth, and relationships. Morgan Benz in a licensed Therapist who leads with compassion first. This episode hits deep for anyone struggling with understanding themselves on a deeper level, overcoming blocks of self worth, and anxious triggers!    Find Morgan for inquiries at and on Instagram    For nutrition guides & Project Momentum Purchase visit  
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