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Like most people I have had a sense of wonder not only about the world we live in (our outer world), but also the world we think in (our inner world) for as long as I can remember. As I continue on this journey of life I will share with you my insights and also introduce you to the ordinary people I cross paths with who are achieving the extraordinary. I'm not talking about extraordinary as we traditionally perceive it with regards to success, I'm referring to those women and men who are living on purpose and sharing their unique gifts with the world - whatever those gifts may be.
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Benny Wallington is the Founder of 101 Tokens, a global smart drinking movement that guides thousands of people in 76 different countries around the world to redefine their relationship with alcohol. He is a champion of collaboration and innovation and has worked in Advertising, Technology, Banking and Start-Up sectors.In this podcast, Benny walks us through how we can turn our biggest vices into some of our most well practiced virtues. Benny takes us on a journey and tells us how he went from drinking most days, into creating a mindful movement with alcohol for not just himself, but thousands of other people. Benny discovered that the process he used to redefine his relationship with alcohol can be used with all vices, and shows us that it is not about working against them, but rather finding ways for them to serve you.If you have tried to quit some of your most tempting habits only to fail, this podcast will show how you can use “Vice Optimisation” for peak performance, and go from struggling to thriving in just a few short steps.If you want to get in touch with Benny you can email him at or visit his website at
Greg Collier is an experienced people leader, business manager, facilitator, coach, MC, narrator and consultant. He has a passion for unleashing the potential of people and cascading that through organizations and communities!In this episode, Greg talks us through how having the courage and authenticity to have difficult conversations, is they key to creating dramatic change in our relationships for the better.Greg takes us on a journey, and shares insights into how challenging the status quo can be the catalyst to seeing the change you want in both the workplace and in your personal relationships. Greg encourages authentic expression, and tells us the benefits of not only speaking up, but how allowing the space for others to do the same can alter our entire relationship experience.Greg is a great story teller with vast corporate experience and his goal is to gently guide his audience toward transformational and practical insights.If you are someone who wishes they had the ability to be more courageous in sharing their ideas in the work place, or you are someone who hates confrontation, this is a must listen!If you want to get in touch with Greg, you can do so over LinkedIn at
Want to get inside the head of a Heavy Weight Sumo Wrestling Champion?Mandeep is force to be reckoned with!  Having defeated more than 35 unique Sumo Wrestlers with backgrounds in MMA, Jiujitsu, Thai boxing, Strong Man, and Rugby, it’s no wonder why he has people asking just how he does it!Mandeep gives us an insight into how having strong core and foundational values is the ultimate key to success in not just this sport, but in life. Having competed in places such as The United Kingdom, The USA, Norway, India and Taiwan Mandeep is proof that by having the courage to live a life true to yourself, and in line with your values inevitably will lead you to Victory!Want to get in contact with Mandeep? Email - Facebook - Sumo Federation -
Have you ever found yourself feeling as though there has to be more to life?On a surface level you may have everything you had hoped for, however on a deep level you are lacking a sense of true purpose and meaning.Rewind back to 2017 and Damon Valentino found himself just here. Being a successful coach, Founder of Side Street Performance Coaching, Co- Founder of Morrow, and running programs across the world to better peoples lives, Damon found himself feeling confused that he had all he ever wanted, but was lacking true fulfilment.Damon made small changes that didn’t seem to work, and it was then that he knew it would take radical action to change life as he knew it.Damon walks us through his journey from what seemed like having it all, to selling all his belongings and travelling across the globe with his family where he immersed himself in the magic wonders of the world.Damon speaks about how you can find meaning in even the most unexpected places, and how it is not about the things you have, but rather the moments you get to experience and share on this earth.If you are craving more fulfilment in your life, Damon breaks down what it took for him to take bold action, how he packed up his life, and what he discovered in between. Damon’s advice will encourage you to lead with your heart, and show you how being courageous can change your life!You can find more about Damon via the below
This episode is dear to my heart for a number of reasons.  It features the transformational wisdom of my father personal healing journey before he died in February 2016 and It is jammed packed with insights as to how to Self Author your life. The content was recorded back in 2015 and repurposed with permission by the incredible Allison Sutter, M. Ed, author of Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear, and Unleash the Real You. You can learn more about Allison and her innovative approach to spiritual growth and conscious creation on the Accelerate Your Mojo: The Book and More Podcast or at
M. Shawn Petersen began to tell stories almost as soon as he could talk, but it took him years of traveling the world to find his story. When he is not writing, he loves to travel, create new stories, and passionately pursue personal development. Stella and the Timekeepers, Petersen's first novel, originally came to him in a dream, but it wasn't until he committed it to paper during National Novel Writing Month that this epic story sprouted wings and took flight.In this episode he shares his story of being stranded in Mexico while Hurricane Ike was destroying his hometown Galveston (and his investments) and how his journey of becoming intentional with his goal allowed him to be of service to his vision through action and awareness and he shares how his goals and dreams are unfolding before his eyes and how his book has made its way to world class publishers and Hollywood producers.If you have an audacious goal, this is the episode for you! Mick shares what he does daily, and how those daily actions lead to serendipitous events that keep turning up as he kept moving towards his vision. with Shawn
Ronen is an entrepreneur, a youth specialist, public speaker and general lover of life he is the founder and CEO of Student Village, a business that has earned acclaim as one of the South Africa’s most successful student marketing and graduate development specialists.After leaving successful career as an investment banker at age 25 (a self-confessed early mid-life crisis) he followed his entrepreneurial spirit to start Student Village. During this episode Ronen shares his recent quest to heal from generational trauma and find his purpose. He shares insights into how we find our path, how the forces of frustration can lead to freedom and his extraordinary experience of assisted plant based and psychedelic therapy that helped him open the door to a new season and a deeper purpose.Connect with Ronen:Email: +27828219237Student Village:
Dr. Sarah Sarkis is a psychologist, writer, and performance consultant with a private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her integrated approach is big on science, low on bullshit, empowering her clients to achieve long term change and growth through an eclectic blend of psychology, neurobiology, and functional medicine.  During this epic episode Sarah not only shares her personal journey into the world of psychology via her interest in forensic psychology which saw her working with incarcerated criminals. She shares how she approaches her Doctor patient relationship then we move on to juicy conversations around neurobiology, leadership, making sense of the world through our own unique pattering, and how we can rewrite the stories that our meaning making machine creates. She also provides insights into what happens when we want someone else to change… but they just aren’t changing! Definitely worth hanging in to the end for this one!Sarah’s blog, The Padded Room, is your virtual safe space to help you manage the jarring realities of life. There, you’ll find a soft landing for life’s harshest truths. I encourage you o check it out at 
It is estimated that in the USA alone, humans are spending up to $4  TRILLION (USD) a year altering their consciousness. In this episode  Steve Brophy and I share what makes up the Altered States Economy (ASE)  and we encourage you to consider how much you are contributing to this  economy in an effort to shift your inner state.Thank you to  Elizabeth Jackson, Joy FM and the #gotmoney podcast team for graciously  allowing us to re-purpose the show! You can catch other #gotmoney  podcast episodes hereShout out to our mentors Jamie Wheal & Steven Kotler (Authors of Stealing Fire)
Shelly was born and raised in the Mormon church, like all good Mormons, she married young and bred fast, having seven wonderful children to ensure she would get into Heaven and please her Mormon family. Not long after the birth of her seventh child, Shelly had a breakdown. She left the church, coming out of the closet and divorcing her husband. Now she’s doing her best trying to figure out life and heal from the trauma. This episode is a raw account of Shelly’s journey of liberation and awakening, as she undoes the shackles of conditioning, moves through guilt and experiences a full life for the first time in 40 years. Shelly shares how she thought her depression and anxiety was a sign that she was a sinner, it wasn’t until her partner Mary assured her that everything was going to be alright that she no longer had to pretend and life responded in the form of a gentle breeze on her shoulder.Together we explore her family's response to her coming out as a lesbian and the incredible difference she is making in the lives of others as she and Mary host the insightful, funny and downright honest podcast called Latter Day Lesbian.Catch Shelly on the Latterday Lesbian PodcastMusic:
Justen Lee is a 25-year-old with a bit of a tricky to define title. He works in Austin Texas as an addiction recovery coach, life coach, movement coach, health and wellness guide with a background in culinary arts. Some of his other passions include rock climbing, surfing, martial arts and philosophy. But we’re not here to talk about his passions, we’re here to hear about his life changing experience that saw him go from addict to living on purpose. In this episode Justen shares his story of remarkable transformation, from feeling like he was pretty sure he was going to die, to buying a one way ticket to the Bahamas in the a last ditch effort to see whether extracts of the African root medicine Ibogo, (the purified alkaloid ibogaine) could help him turn things around. Follow Justen through his experience of having his mind wiped clean and a how he used the post treatment effects of greater neuroplasticity to write a new script for all areas of his life.Justen shares wise tips of how we can all escape the “boxed in” life and fill the emptiness that led him to his addictions.An episode not to be missed!Reach JustinEmail justen.rootrecovery@gmail.comPodcast: Coming soonYouTube: www.purpleplanet.comMain Sponsor.
Marlowe moved to Australia from Canada to marry the love of her life, and was just settling into motherhood with a 6 month old baby, when her husband suffered a stroke. Deciding to take a vow of poverty they soldiered on together, until Marlowe realised that if she wanted to put her children through non-public schooling, she would have to buckle down and get a job… Marlowe shares her story of resilience and perseverance as she worked towards creating her own Jewellery brand “Kaya Jewellery”. She shares how she overcame obstacles and simple ideas for bringing your business, or any goal to life… and it requires nothing more than a daily shower!Marlowe designs and handcrafts therapeutic jewellery that are thoughtful gifts of connection for anyone. You can find out more at
If you are experiencing overwhelm, chronic stress, working with complexity or running on empty this is one episode you want to wrap your ears around! Rob is an applied neuroscientist-practitioner who coaches athletes, students and professionals to higher levels of cognitive and emotional intelligence and function. He has personally worked with athletes who have gone on to become Australian Champions, International Representatives, World Championship medalists, and much more. He is widely sought out by organisations to share his knowledge on how to train the brain for greater focus, composure and flow using cognitive training, neuro-biofeedback and brain stimulation devices. During our conversation we discuss:How modern living is wreaking havoc on our brains and body and the steps you can take to reclaim your calm and strengthen your mental muscles. If you have someone or something in your life that really pisses you off – Rob has a few tips on how to take control back through the use of your physiology. He shares insights on the use of technology to measure your physiology, and he stresses that hoping without action is a poor strategy for a better life. If you find yourself reaching for a glass of wine, a beer or a binge on Netflix… you may soon discover that it does more harm than good on your ability to bounce back each day when life throws more curve balls your way!Contact Rob or 
During my chat with Jeremy we spoke about Jeremy’s journey from employee to entrepreneur, the fears he had to overcome to design a life where he was no longer feeling stuck, confused and having to wade through endless content to try and work out how to push past peoples expectations to design a better life for himself. And boy… did he do that! Jeremy is an entrepreneur, community builder, speaker, and mountain athlete and his passion to help people lead authentic and intentional lives, rich with experiences that make them feel alive is evident in the insights he shares. He has created a rich life of his own and dares you to start coloring outside of the lines that society drew for you. If you are not in a job or situation that is to your liking Jeremy will inspire you to start thinking intentionally about what you want, why… and how you can make it happen!If you want to directly experience Jeremy’s work you can catch him on his Podcast the Adventurepreneur Playbook Podcast, where he shares the stories of big-name and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and outside the box thinkers - who have built their passions for adventure, travel, and the outdoors into successful start-ups, lifestyles, or personal brands. Maybe you just want to start playing hard outside… if so check out Outwild  another of his endeavors. Or take some time out and get to one of a Revive, personal growth experiences. Trade your routine 9-5 job for a more meaningful and adventurous lifestyle. 
Imagine planning out your day, fully expecting to be home for dinner only to end up in a jail cell with a stranger. Having found yourself convicted of a crime.My guest on this episode doesn’t have to imagine that situation, as it’s exactly what happened to him. Chris was used to the high life, rubbing shoulders with US presidents, CIA operatives and the wealthy. He earned large sums of money doing what came naturally to him as one of Australia’s top 5 speakers. His success as a professional speaker allowed him to live the high life, fancy restaurants, beautiful homes, first class travel and accommodation wherever he went. But that all changed in June 2010.During this episode I chat with Chris about his experience in prison, he shares incredible insights on how you can build resilience in your own life along with ideas on how to build trusting relationships. We also discuss the “disease of greed” that inflicted him and continues to plague society as people continue risk everything in the search for unimaginable riches. Chris shares how he survived for seven and a half years in several high security prisons by using the same motivational skills and relationship building capabilities that had placed him at the highest level in the professional speaking industry. Chris’s encounters in prison are both inspirational and saddening yet you will notice how he was always able to look on the optimistic side of the challenges that arose, taking the “hit” as a “gift”. Chris can be reached via email at chris@isalesins.comDownload the 12 Immutable Laws of Relationship Based selling here
Special thanks to Elizabeth Jackson and JoyFM for allowing us to re-purpose the Final Episode of the "Hot Entrepreneur Podcast"Hot Entrepreneur showcases stories, hints, and advice from Australian and New Zealand entrepreneurs who have achieved local and global success  with their businesses.  Guy Lawrence and I (Georgia Ellis) return to talk with Elizabeth Jackson and continue our discussion on what  entrepreneurs can learn from neuroscience. We talk with Elizabeth  about understanding fear, how to stay grounded, focused and committed,  getting the most out of getting up in the morning and to Do Be Do Be Do.
Special thanks to Elizabeth Jackson and JoyFM for allowing us to re-purpose the 7th Episode of the "Hot Entrepreneur Podcast"Hot Entrepreneur showcases stories, hints, and advice from Australian and New Zealand entrepreneurs who have achieved local and global success  with their businesses. Too many people give up before their business takes off and in this episode Guy Lawrence and I (Georgia Ellis) talk with Elizabeth about what we have learnt from neuroscience and how it can help entrepreneurs achieve success.
  Despite concern and greater awareness about domestic violence, it’s still happening, and with only 16% of women who experience violence contacting an agency such as a shelter, crisis centre or hotline, counsellor or women’s centre for help, we may never really know the how wide spread the issue is.In this extraordinary episode I speak with Anita Bentata, an escapee of domestic violence. Anita’s story has been documented in her book “The Wolf in a Suit”. During this episode Anita shares incredible insights from the children’s fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” and it’s easy to see the parallels of the fairy tale with her own journey, Anita is Little Red Riding Hood, standing at the edge of the woods, being caught by The Wolf (only he’s wearing a suit), and finally escaping with her two little girls. This episode is one of hope, courage and full of insights as Anita shares how we can all access far more than we know, and how when faced with mixed messages from a partner we end up confused, leading to inaction, possibly the reason why some women stay much longer than they should. Anita has turned her experiences into a mission to help women, she went on to study Human Behavior and became a psychotherapist and counsellor. Anita now helps women to develop their emotional muscle to speak about the unknown and the uncomfortable, she is well versed in all the unspoken myths about love, stress and relationships. Reach out to Anita by:Email: Facebook: Activating Artemis and The Wolf in a Suit Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter “Anita Bentata”Access Anita’s free downloads here:
  Tenille is Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer at Society Melbourne, the umbrella brand for numerous social enterprises working to create sustainable pathways out of homelessness for young people in Australia. During our chat you will come to see that Tenille is a passionate advocate for young people, believing in the ability to unleash their potential. I was thrilled to speak with Tenille so we could dismiss the idea that millennials are a ‘snowflake’ generation. This is an inspiring chat on so many levels! Tune in as Tenille shares her insights on the unique world of social enterprise, the sacrifices the younger generations are willing to make and their belief that if there is a problem then “we CAN do something about it”. Tenille is a great example of how the younger generations don’t wait for the system to create change, they make an impact and live on purpose each day, and we can learn so much from them, if only we stopped to take notice of the wave of positive change they are creating each day in small ways. Thank you Tenille!You can learn more about Society Melbournes initiatives here:
Are you still looking for or wondering what your purpose in life is? How would you like to simply bump into it? Well Guy shares how you can do that, because it’s exactly what happened to him. Guy is a regular guy, doing extraordinary things! From humble beginnings in Wales the former founder of 180 Nutrition shares how he went from plumber, to stock trader to wellness authority to Treasure Hunter and Map maker… but he doesn’t hunt the treasures most of us seek in the external world, and he doesn’t make maps with burnt edges either. He hunts for treasure far more valuable than diamonds, silver and gold, and I can guarantee you that once you hear his story and wisdom, you will want to know more about his map making!At the beginning of 2018, Guy stepped down from his 180 Nutrition role to focus full time on his new project “Let It In’, helping people transform their lives using meditation and the language of neuroscience and wow, do we go down some amazing rabbit holes in this episode! Guy talks about how he was forced to go back to a beginner’s mind, and in doing so, opened himself up to a new world of information and possibility, but more importantly, as old beliefs began to be dismantled and fall away, he had no option than to ask himself “Where else have I been wrong?” He share’s one of the most terrifying, yet liberating things he has done and how he eventually found a way to align his head and his heart to his new-found purpose. I encourage you to take not of his final piece of advice… if you do this one thing… your life really will be incredible!Find out more about Guy at
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