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The Elysium Project Podcast is a half hour, bi-weekly Podcast, dedicated to the philosophy of 'leaving the planet in better condition than we found it'.
21 Episodes
The conversation around the medicinal use of Psychedelics has exploded in the last several years. Join NeuroGrowth for an insightful conversation about the benefits of taking regular, low level doses of Psilocybin (magic) Mushrooms, and what it can do for you!
In this episode Brian speaks with Annie Padden Jubb on the topic of Whole Brain Functioning; Information we can all use to become sharper not only in our own thought processes, but in how we relate to others.
In this Episode Brian speaks with Canadian Green Party candidate Natalie Odd, about the politics and policy of the Green Party within Canada and around the world as a whole. Formed in the 1970s the Green Party has always aimed to foster ecologically sustainable society rooted in environmentalism, nonviolence, social justice and grassroots democracy.
In this episode Dr. Samuel Mielcarski returns to the podcast to speak about life's single most important nutrient - oxygen. Dr. Sam shares the many benefits of incorporating a breathwork practice into our day to day lives, including the proper way to breath, versus the way many of us have involuntarily been taught.
In this Episode Brian speaks with Micah Salaberrios about the art of Non Violent Communication; A unique method to approach both conflict situations, and every day conversations with a compassionate and mindful set of ears.
Recorded at the 2019 Canada Fruit Festival, we speak to Dr. Samuel Mielcarski, Dr. Areli Cuevas-Ocampo, & Chris Kendall about living the raw vegan lifestyle and how to thrive on it.
Join David Wolfe and Brian Johnson as they discuss the philosophy of having 'The Best Day Ever', detoxification, building a new society & more.
In this episode Brian continues his discussion on Whole Brain Functioning with Dr. David Jubb, as they cover the topic of 'Analog Sculpting'; Sculpting one's body position and environment to access state specific behavior.
In this Episode Brian speaks with Warren Zinger about his process as an emotions & energy coach. We discuss mindfulness and our similar spiritual journey's, as well as touch on the science behind what meditation does to the brain.
Join Neurophysiologist Dr. David Jubb as he shares insights into how to use our brains more effectively through 'Whole Brain Functioning' technology.
In this episode Asiarita speaks to Branden Kraynak ( on Instagram & YouTube) about the challenges of managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and what steps anyone can take to improve their gut health.
Ted Carr joins us on the program for the second time to recap how the Canada Fruit Festival went and share his upcoming 30 day raw October challenge.
In this episode Brian speaks with Burstcoin developer 'Nixops', regarding some of the problems with centralized banking, and how blockchain technology could help make the world a better place.
In this episode Brian speaks to Jovanna Mendoza (Rawvana) about what inspired her to start eating raw food, and why she started adding certain cooked foods back into her diet.
In this episode I speak with Dr. Doug Graham about the 80/10/10 Diet. Doug has been a big influence on my life and journey towards a raw vegan diet. We speak about the chemical reactions that occur in cooked food, hybridized fruit, intestinal health and more!
Over the last several years the politcal left has increasingly adopted neo-marxist ideologies, and alienated those who don't agree with their group think. In this episode my friend Matt and I ask the question, is the left still Liberal?
In this episode I speak with 2018 Canadian Fruit Festival founder Ted Carr. He fills me in on some questions I have about the upcoming festival, and we bust out some beatboxing for fun (spoiler: he is much better than me).
On today's episode I have a conversation with my Zen teacher from many years ago. We speak about some of the basic qualities which define Zen, and she reminds me the humility we all need to maintain on our spiritual path.
In this episode Brian speaks to Nate Marris (rawnattyn8 on instagram and YouTube), about the benefits of switching to a raw vegan diet.
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