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In this episode Brian speaks with Jeff Lichty, about his upbringing in a mennonite community to becoming a paramedic, and what ultimately lead him to finding his passion in the practice and teaching of Mysore Yoga. We also touch on Kirtan, as well as his many travels to India and some interesting and humourous stories he has brought back from those experiences.
Are you planning to attend the first ever Satellite Music and Arts festival in Drumhellar Alberta, this weekend? Join Susan Stewart and Tammy Swier as they discuss whats in store for this magical weekend of music, art, and community - August 6,7 2022.
In this episode Matt Kelemen of Sacred Row joins Brian to discuss the power of connection through the sacred songs recited in Kirtan. We also speak about ecstatic dance, storytelling, and what Sacred Row has on the horizon with 'Band Camp' and more!
In this episode Melanie Wild joins the podcast to discuss her journey from feeling disconnected, to understanding her purpose in life through creativity and art. Melanie is a Reiki and creative healer based in Calgary Canada and can be found on instagram at @creativehealingwithmwild
In this episode David Harder joins the podcast to discuss the status of psychedelic assisted therapy in Canada. David is one of the co-founder's of ATMA - Canada's first legal psychedelic journey center. He also co-founded and led Catalyst Presents, a Psychedelic Research Conference, and SYNTAC Institute, a Canadian non-profit dedicated to bringing psychedelic-assisted therapy to Canadians which was successful in achieving one of Canada’s first modern legal exemptions to undertake psychedelic-assisted work.
In this episode Patrick Trudeau joins the podcast to speak about his journey from successful hairstylist - to his methamphetamine addiction which ultimately landed him in the hospital with a stroke in 2018, forcing him to finally find sobriety. Patrick now lives a very different lifestyle, no longer uses drugs, and has found a sense of gratitude for the path life has brought before him.
In this episode Austin James returns to the show to host alongside Brian Johnson, as they discuss the Elysium vision, and share their thoughts on shifting consciousness, plant medicine, humanitarian issues, and the vision behind the project.
In this episode Brian speaks with author and breathwork teacher Brandon Grant about some of the different techniques he uses throughout the day to breath more consiously, and how these techniques can be applied in our own lives to alter our state and breath more intentionally. Brandon can be found on instagram @brandon__grant
NFT's, blockchain, Web 3.0, and the Metaverse. What are all these terms and what do they mean for our future? In this episode Brian sits on the opposite side of the table, as Austin James joins the podcast as the latest member to the Elysium Project team. With the recent announcement by Facebook (now 'Meta'), that they are investing billions into infrastructure for the future Metaverse, Brian shares his knowledge on what we can expect to see in this upcoming technological revolution, and how to navigate this future world with conscious intention and mindfulness.
In this episode, Brian speaks with returning guest Elaine Alec on the subject of Indigenous reconciliation. In Canada and around the world, much has come to light in recent years about the atrocities committed toward indigenous communities through colonialist ideologies. As an Indigenous woman Elaine shares her insights on this, as well as ways we can all move beyond colonialism toward a more peaceful and sustainable future. Elaine Alec website: Elysium Project website:
In this episode, Brian speaks with Koleya Karringten, a technology entrepreneur and executive director of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium. Join us as Koleya shares her insights into blockchain technology and how it can be used as a tool to transform society for the better. In the second half of this podcast we dive into Bitcoin in comparison to conventional currency, and why Bitcoin is the soundest form of money humanity has perhaps ever seen.
In this episode Brian speaks with Udo Erasmus, world renowned nutrition and fat expert, on the healing & damaging properties of various dietary fats. Listeners of this podcast are invited to download a limited time free copy of Udo's latest eBook and course, 'Your Body Needs an Oil Change'. To take advantage of this special offer head over to
In this follow up podcast to our most popular episode ever, Brian speaks with Andrea and Jeff from Neurogrowth about the differences between pharmaceutical medications, and Psilocybin mushrooms on treating mental health, as well as the current legal status of partaking in such a treatment. Please note this podcast is for informational purposes only, and you should always consult a medical professional before embarking on microdosing these substances.
In this episode Brian speaks with Willow Mainprize of Willow is a Certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner and is an affiliate member of the International Centre of Reiki Training. She has dedicated herself to the practice of Reiki and sharing it with those in her community also seeking peace, whole mind/body/spirit wellness, and a deeper connection to Divine Source.
With a global pandemic and all the changes that it has brought to our lives, it can at times be hard to find inner peace and acceptance. Join Amanda Heisman of, as she and Brian discuss the topic of self love, and how to be more kind and gentle to ourselves on this journey of life.
In this Episode Brian speaks with Chaz Smith of Be The Change YYC, on ways we can work to end the cycle of homelessness. Be The Change YYC is a Calgary based homeless outreach team offering essentials and housing/program referrals to those living on the streets. They can be found online at or on instagram and facebook @bethechangeyyc
In this episode, Asiarita speaks with Chelsea Godschild on the subject of child abuse. Chelsea is a social worker, yoga instructor and a trauma abuse survivor. Trigger warning for those listening to this podcast, as this episode contains discussions based around child abuse, rape and sexual assault. If you would like to get in touch with Chelsea, you can find her on Instagram @chelsea.godschild
In this episode Brian speaks with David Macelwain, founder of Project Awakening by David shares insights from his journey of spiritual awakening and the understanding that we are more than just the story that we tell ourselves.
In this episode Brian speaks with Malcolm Saunders of, on the topic of intuitive eating. Malcolm discusses various traditional diets, and the importance of following one's own heart and gut when it comes to making the right dietary choices.
In this episode Brian is joined by Stephanie Hunter of Stephanie shares her insights and wisdom on the subject of shadow work.; The concept of looking into the shadows of ones conscience to confront our fears and limiting beliefs, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life.
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