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Author: Michael A. Wilder II

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Life gets hard sometimes, doesn’t it? This podcast is to encourage, enlighten, and inspire though to keep pushing in the midst of it all.
12 Episodes
Erica and I discussing life, kids, marriage, and life lessons learned in 2018.
Today, Erica and I discuss SEX! The importance of it, the differences between men and women perspectives on it within a marriage, etc.
Today, my cohost Erica and I discuss separate bank accounts, opposite sex friendships, and boundaries on Social Media.
Storms & Strength

Storms & Strength


In today’s show, I talk about the impact of Hurricane Florence in my hometown of Trenton, NC & how lately I’ve been working on strength.
Faith and the 💰

Faith and the 💰


Should personal finance be required in HS? Is faith really as crazy as we think? Tune in to here the perspective!
A lot of great content for today’s show. Hot Topics such as Lebron to LA to talking about why Satan Shouts while God Whispers. It’s a show you’ll love for sure.
Time to get a few things off my chest. Discussing the “disappearance” and updating about the new direction of the podcast.
Intro • Hear My Heart • In The Mud.. • Yes You Can • Interview w/ Destiny Ward • Interview w/ Destiny Ward • Interview w/ Destiny Ward • VOTW. • Never Giving Up (feat. Social Club) • Closing
Intro for 1/22/18 • Count Your Blessings • Thoughts from Dube Duece: Govt Shutdown • Light Work (feat. Andy Mineo, 1K Phew, Tedashii, WHATUPRG, Lecrae, Trip Lee & Cass) • #DEBTFREE2018 & VOTW • I'm Blessed (feat. T.I.) • Closing.
Intro mid week • Reign Jesus Reign • Life is a fight l! • I Got Out • Thankful for the Struggle! • You're Bigger
Dr. King Tribute. • Glory (From the Motion Picture "Selma") • Keep Dr. King’s Legacy Alive • Freedom (feat. N'Dambi) • VOTW • Well Done • Closing Prayer
January 4, 2018

January 4, 2018


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