DiscoverEmbracing Only: Workplace Culture & Career Development for BIPOC Leaders
Embracing Only: Workplace Culture & Career Development for BIPOC Leaders

Embracing Only: Workplace Culture & Career Development for BIPOC Leaders

Author: Archita Fritz , Olivia Cream and Meha Chiraya

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The Embracing Only podcast introduces ordinary women who have defied the odds as they navigated their professional careers as 'an ONLY'. The diverse guests interviewed lean into their learnings, lived experiences and expertise from their global experiences to create a show that will engage, inform, empower and provide actionable ways in which the listeners can see the change they seek to rise and shine in their professional space as 'An Only'.

Women and particularly women of color are constantly bombarded with societal and systemic hurdles that they face professionally with no balance in solutions. News, media and coaching tends to focus on our differences and the obstacles but do not provide thought provoking solutions to help people regain control of their lives and find direction. This show seeks to provide a community for women to share their lived experiences and not feel alone in their journey to claim their power and purpose in the communities they seek to serve, transform and impact.

Embracing Only is a podcast where we seek to empower women with stories of other women who have defied the odds and thrive in spite of the hurdles presented. Our mission is to inspire women to align with their highest selves and dare to dream big dreams. When women win, we all win!

The Embracing Only podcast was formerly known as The Nine Oh Six podcast.
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Episode Highlight: On this episode of the "Embracing Only" podcast, we delve into a theme that has cropped up in some of our recent episodes. Specifically, what Mary Waweru said in Episode 67 about transitions. It’s so easy to let yourself get pulled down by transitions that are seemingly outside of your control. But it’s time to take control of your fear and become the driver in your life and in your career.   Key Discussion Points: 01:45 You Are the Driver of Your Life: There are so many people going through times of transition right now. Do not let yourself get paralyzed by fear and get stuck in the transition. 07:14 Developing Resilience: We are so afraid of rejection that we may hold ourselves back from opportunities. To counter this we need to develop a resiliency mindset. 14:40 Turn Your Lessons Into Growth: You can complain about your situation as much as you want, but that’s not going to help you grow. What are you going to do about it? 17:39 The Obsession with Being Perfect: We need to unlearn the employee mindset that we were taught at school and home growing up and let go of this obsession we have with being perfect.  24:55 Your Brain Can Be Your Best Friend: We have wired our brains to not want to feel pain, but that is not the mission. The mission is to live the life you want to live which may involve emotional pain, so we need to rewire our brains.   In Summary: Archita and Olivia encourage us to take control of our situation and be the driver of our lives. They highlight that it’s time to stop being afraid of failure and rejection and go after what we want.   Connect with your hosts: Follow Archita on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Olivia on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Embracing Only on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook, or check out the website. _________ Produced by Ideablossoms  
Episode Highlight: On this episode of the "Embracing Only" podcast, we’re taking a look back at one of our favorite episodes. Join us as we delve into some leadership lessons with former fighter pilot turned keynote speaker and best-selling author, Kim "KC" Campbell. Discover how you can build trust within your team and lead with courage in times of uncertainty and adversity.   Kim served in the United States Air Force for 24 years as a fighter pilot and a senior military leader. In 2003, Kim was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. As a senior military leader, Kim has led hundreds of airmen both at home and abroad in deployed locations, enabling them to succeed in their missions.  She takes this experience and inspires so many more in corporate spaces to lead with that passion for leadership. She feels strongly that leaders earn trust by leading with courage and connecting with their teams.   Key Discussion Points: 02:59 Do It Scared: Fear is not a negative thing. It is a normal reaction to a stressful circumstance. It’s what you do in the face of fear that matters. 10:21 Preparing for Change: Trust doesn’t happen overnight. As we are facing so many uncertainties right now, it is important to build trust within your team early. 17:48 Building Trust: As a new leader, you can build trust through active listening, seeking input, and showing vulnerability. 22:59 Wingman Culture: We do not succeed on our own, we succeed by working together as a team. Does everyone on your team understand the role that they play and how that role is critical for shared success? 26:36 Setting Yourself Up for Success as a Leader: The leadership role can be lonely. It’s important to have some sort of support, whether that is a mentor, coach, or a trusted member of your team. 30:51 Navigating Failing Forward as an ‘Only’: Everyone makes mistakes, what matters is how you respond to the mistakes you have made. What is your mistake mindset? 40:10 Leading With Courage: If you want to thrive in whatever environment you are in, it comes down to leading with courage and persevering through hard times.   In Summary: Kim "KC" Campbell challenges us to lead with courage, to deliver imperfect action, and to go on and thrive in every single space we occupy. She urges us, as leaders, to create teams built on trust.   Resources from this episode: Follow Kim on Linkedin or check out her website. Flying in the Face of Fear: A Fighter Pilot's Lessons on Leading with Courage by Kim Campbell   Connect with your hosts: Follow Archita on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Olivia on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Embracing Only on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook, or check out the website. _________ Produced by Ideablossoms  
Episode Highlight: On this episode of the "Embracing Only" podcast, we delve into taking action to be anti-racist with Mary Waweru, an influential voice who educates professionals on anti-racism, DEI, inclusive communications, social impact, and colonialism. It is not enough to simply be not racist. You need to take action and commit to being anti-racist.   Mary is the CEO and founder of Crest Impact, where she guides organizations to build safe and inclusive cultures, practices, policies, and communications. She has facilitated diversity training workshops and designed and delivered anti-racism and DEI courses online, in-person, and internationally. Her anti-oppression journey started in her homeland of Kenya with gender equity work and the 2015 protests in Nairobi against gender and child-based violence.   Key Discussion Points: 03:48 Building Your Brand: Don’t let your brand be defined by the logo on your business card, rather let your brand be defined by your name so you can lean on it in times of transition. 09:15 Highlighting the Value of Racial Equity: If organizations don’t take anti-racism work seriously, it is going to affect the people within the organization, people externally, and people who want to partner with them. 13:37 Creating Safe Spaces for Conversation: Normalize hard conversations and allow people to be unsure and make mistakes. 18:21 Not Racist vs. Anti-Racist: How does being not racist benefit a society that has issues based on race? It doesn’t. There needs to be action, commitment, and learning.  28:00 Fighting Confirmation Bias: We need to believe how certain groups of people represent themselves rather than how colonialism represents them. 33:54 Learn to Say No: As an individual who does not belong to the global majority, you need to learn to say no when people are making too many accommodations for you.   In Summary: Mary Waweru challenges us to commit to one action today that will further our anti-racism journey. She urges people to adopt an I want to learn attitude and encourages leaders to understand that it is their responsibility to make sure that the people working in their organization are safe.   Resources from this episode: Follow Mary on Linkedin or check out her website. Mary has three anti-racism courses: 1. Introduction to Anti-Racism 2. Anti-Racism for Leaders and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advocates 3. Dismantling Neo-Colonialism in Anti-Oppression Work Find them here.   Connect with your hosts: Follow Archita on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Olivia on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Embracing Only on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook, or check out the website. _________ Produced by Ideablossoms
Episode Highlight: On this episode of the Embracing “Only" podcast, we delve into mastering workplace negotiations with Dorothy Mashburn, a leading authority in negotiation. Discover how you can maximize your leverage and unleash your power, freedom, and true potential. It all starts by dreaming big.   Dorothy has a fervent mission to champion the underserved in corporate arenas, with a track record of negotiating pivotal deals with global giants and managing international teams. Her unique insights empower minorities and women to achieve their career aspirations. She brings that learning and leadership to everyone through her podcast, Salary Negotiations Made Simple. A podcast dedicated to debunking myths surrounding job search, career advancement, and salary negotiation.   Key Discussion Points: 02:48 Negotiating Against Yourself: If you negotiate against yourself, you limit your dreams. Your job is to dream big. 07:45 Changing Negotiation Power Dynamics: Go big and don’t fear the no, it is simply the start of the negotiations. 11:09 Negotiating a Starting Salary: When you are negotiating a starting salary, you have the maximum leverage.  16:49 Asking for a Raise: While it may be limited, you still have leverage because you’re a high performer. Don’t only prepare around performance review season, start preparing now. 21:18 Negotiation Strategies for Minority Women: Minority immigrant women have a lack of social and political capital in the workplace. Dorothy shares a six step strategy for negotiations. 29:37 Forging Alliances as a Leader: Leaders can help move others along their path toward negotiating for themselves and claiming their true value. 33:23 Staying Aligned with Your Values During Negotiations: If you don’t spend time figuring out what you want, you will be unfulfilled no matter what negotiation outcome you receive.   In Summary: Dorothy Mashburn provides us with some actionable techniques that you can put into practice right now to ensure you maximize your leverage and have successful negotiations in the workplace.    Resources from this episode: Some of the websites and tools that Dorothy and Archita mentioned are Payscale, Indeed, Levels FYI, Team Blind, H1B Salary Database, and Fishbowl. Reach out to Dorothy to claim your free 30 minute mini coaching session. Follow her on Linkedin or check out her website and podcast.   Connect with your hosts: Follow Archita on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Olivia on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Embracing Only on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook, or check out the website. _________ Produced by Ideablossoms  
Episode Highlight: On this episode of the "Embracing Only" podcast, we delve into leveraging your uniqueness as an “only” for success in professional settings with Lisa Hurley, an entrepreneur, writer, and Anthem award-winning activist. Being an “only” gives you visibility and accessibility. Two things you need for success. Discover how you can flip the narrative of being an “only” and use it to your advantage.   Lisa’s work centers on Black women and encompasses self-care, community care, and Black joy. She is the Founder & CEO of The Great Exhale, an award-winning private membership community that is a soft, safe space for Black women. She is also the Founder of For The Culture And The Coins, a movement dedicated to inspiring Black people to build whole-life wealth. She is known for her warmth, wisdom, and wit.   Key Discussion Points: 04:012 Valuing Work and Compensation: Balancing the need for compensation with opportunities for a broader impact or reaching underserved communities. 10:03 Gender Bias in the Workplace: Women are socialized to prioritize likability and it is contributing to the gender pay gap. 15:14 Surviving and Navigating Corporate America: Corporations will take care of themselves, you have to make sure you are looking out for yourself. 25:31 Empowerment as an “Only”: You can leverage your uniqueness into an advantage despite feeling the weight of being an “only”. 28:17 Representation in Career Success: There is value in being surrounded by people who look like you but it is not a requirement for your success. 34:31 Delay vs. Denial: Whatever you want and whatever is for you in this life will not pass you by. Sometimes a ‘no’ may just mean ‘not now’. 40:01 Authenticity in Social Media: When you put your authentic self out there on social media, like-minded people can find you.   In Summary: Lisa Hurley encourages us to rethink our approach to being an “only” and to use it to our advantage. Utilize this competitive advantage instead of shying away from it.   Resources from this episode: Follow Lisa on Linkedin or check out her website.   Connect with your hosts: Follow Archita on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Olivia on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Embracing Only on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook, or check out the website. _________ Produced by Ideablossoms  
Episode Highlight: On this episode of the "Embracing Only" podcast, we delve into cultural intelligence in the workplace with Shiva Roofeh, a self-described organizational justice practitioner and curious rebel. Discover how you can confront prejudice in leadership and uncover your unconscious biases to ultimately make you a better and more just leader. Shiva has been a refugee, an immigrant, and a migrant, and she's lived and worked in six countries across Asia, Europe, and North America. Shiva says that her lived experience is as valuable as her work experience. She leverages both to create mile-deep change and relationships with and for her clients. She's worked with Fortune 500 companies helping leaders be and do better by understanding their systemic collective and individual power so they can use it in service of the greater good.   Key Discussion Points: 06:08 Valuing Lived Experience in Corporate Spaces: Your lived experience is as valuable as your work experience. It provides you with a unique perspective that can inform your work. 10:18 Turning Passion into a Career: Start by examining your life and your resources and take small steps towards your goals. 15:31 White-Passing Privilege: As a white-passing individual, Shiva has come to understand the power and the privilege this gives her in different spaces. 22:30 Confronting Prejudice in Leadership: If a leader truly wants to help their team become as equitable as possible, it has to start with them. 29:05 Recognizing Unconscious Biases: In your journey of discovery, you have a chance to go back and reconcile with pieces of yourself that you can fix and heal to be better for others moving forward. 35:21 Equality, Equity, and Justice: Justice involves addressing systemic inequalities, rather than simply giving everyone resources to reach the same outcome.   In Summary: Shiva Roofeh reminds us that it is an honor and a privilege to lead people and impact their lives. She challenges us to remain curious when doing the work on ourselves even when we are triggered by our learnings.   Resources from this episode: White Supremacy Culture by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun Follow Shiva on Linkedin or check out her website.   Connect with your hosts: Follow Archita on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Olivia on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Embracing Only on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook, or check out the website. _________ Produced by Ideablossoms
Episode Highlight: On this episode of the "Embracing Only" podcast, we delve into embracing the unpredictable nature of life with Rupal Patel, a CIA agent turned CEO. In a world that often forces us to conform, Rupal’s journey of embracing her uniqueness stands out. Rupal shares her insights on owning your weirdness, finding your tribe, and embracing the uncertainties of life.   Rupal’s career is notably defined by her remarkable tenure at the CIA. Her service and dedication were recognized with warzone service medals and a prestigious commendation from the CIA director for her superior support to the President of the United States, highlighting her critical role in shaping national security decisions. She transitioned from her impactful career at the CIA and leveraged her insights and strategic acumen into the business world. And she has founded her first award-winning business.    Key Discussion Points: 02:35 Owning Your Weirdness: The things that make you unique and that you may not like about yourself are things that can empower you. 09:34 Advice for Women Struggling to Fit In: You will find your tribe if you are willing to look, and they may not look like what you expect. 16:41 Commit to the Process, Not the Outcome: If you care enough about something, then you have to commit to the repetition, the tedium, and the trade-offs required to get it.  27:58 Moving Through Fear: Our minds tend to go to the darkest places. Instead of worrying about theoretical situations, concentrate on the facts and the things that you can control. 35:25 The “Let’s See” Approach: Nothing in life is certain or predictable and you never know where your next breakthrough is going to come from. You have to be open and willing to try things. 45:44 Investing Your Time: We only have a certain amount of time on this planet so be intentional and thoughtful with how you spend this precious asset.   In Summary: Rupal Patel reminds us that nothing in this life is certain, but if you enjoy your life experience and work hard to try new things, you never know where those paths will take you.   Resources from this episode: Follow Rupal on LinkedIn or Instagram, or check out her website. From CIA To CEO: Unconventional Life Lessons for Thinking Bigger, Leading Better and Being Bolder by Rupal Patel My Unexpected Discovery About Working at the CIA | Rupal Patel | TEDxManchester   Connect with your hosts: Follow Archita on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Olivia on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Embracing Only on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook, or check out the website. _________ Produced by Ideablossoms  
Episode Highlight: On this episode of the "Embracing Only" podcast, we are recapping some of the common themes that have been coming up between our recent guests. In the current political climate, something that continues to come up is being brave, being bold, and stepping out of your comfort zone to create an impact not only on yourself but on the people around you. At the same time, you have to have boundaries in place and honor saying no—so you can embrace saying yes.   Key Discussion Points: 01:24 Who Are You Fighting for? Creating space and opportunities for other people while you are journeying through your own career as a minority. 12:03 Speaking Out and Showing Up: Privilege, its impact on speaking out in the workplace, and showing up the way it best serves you. 18:51 Transforming Companies: It is not your responsibility to do the DEI work at your company. There are other spaces for activism work that can have a much greater impact. 23:58 Prioritizing Rest: Schedule in time for rest and do not attach your worth to your output. When you build rest into your schedule, your productivity increases. 35:13 Dealing with Haters: Every time you are on a path to something big, there will be haters. When you are triggered by haters, you need to turn inward and figure out why it is affecting you.   In Summary: Archita and Oliva encourage us to embrace activism in a way that best serves us. They highlight just how important it is to have boundaries and make time for rest so that what you do say yes to can have the greatest impact.   Connect with your hosts: Follow Archita on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Olivia on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Embracing Only on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook, or check out the website. _________ Produced by Ideablossoms
Episode Highlight: On this episode of the Embracing “Only" podcast, we delve into pursuing the liberation of your time, love, and freedom while achieving moral clarity with Sibil Patri, a dynamic and visionary leader whose career spans over two decades across finance and strategy. Sibil shares her experience of leaving a harmful corporate culture and how you can claim back your power and break generational curses. Sibil’s work focuses on impact-driven coaching, speaking, and collaborating and she uses her 20 years of financial services industry expertise and lived experiences as a POC to create a systematic movement in corporate, non-profit, and academic environments.   Key Discussion Points: 02:39 Liberating the Mind: Recognizing the harm of corporate culture and taking action to prioritize mental and emotional well-being. 09:33 Recharging Your Energy: Rest and alignment are key to unlocking productivity, creativity, motivation, and fulfillment. 15:43 Personal Sacrifices for Pursuing Social Justice: Breaking free from societal norms to advocate for fundamental human rights and dignity. 24:19 Speaking Your Truth: Gaining resilience and clarity through speaking truth to power, despite initial fear and anxiety. 29:33 Unlearning People-Pleasing: Knowing who you are, seeking validation from internal sources, and breaking generational and systematic traumas.  41:19 Prioritizing marginalized groups in leadership development: Helping the most marginalized person on your team is only going to make your whole team stronger.   In Summary: Sibil Patri challenges us to recognize that true liberation comes from belonging to yourself, finding validation from within rather than external sources, and claiming your identity and purpose.   Resources from this episode: Follow Sibil on LinkedIn and Instagram, or check out her website.   Connect with your hosts: Follow Archita on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Olivia on Linkedin or check out her website. Follow Embracing Only on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook, or check out the website. _________ Produced by Ideablossoms  
In this insightful interview Archita and Olivia interview award winning author, Farah Harris. Where they explore the complexities of emotions, emotional intelligence, and cultural identity in the workplace.  Key topics covered: Why emotional intelligence and emotional skills are critical for leaders today, despite prevailing attitudes that emotions should be "left at the door" The damaging effects of suppressing emotions and "masking" our authentic selves to fit in at work  How code-switching and changing behaviour to assimilate can lead to imposter syndrome, anxiety, and other issues Tips for improving emotional intelligence: identifying our feelings, communicating them effectively, and finding healthy ways to process painful emotions The importance of inclusive leadership: valuing diverse personalities and working styles on your team  How to interrupt biased comments in talent reviews and set employees up for success Farah shares vulnerable stories and actionable advice for honouring yourself and your emotions, while still meeting workplace goals. Tune in to gain insight from her trailblazing perspective as a woman of color and clinician navigating corporate spaces. You'll walk away inspired to approach work and life with greater authenticity, empathy, and emotional courage. Link to purchase Farah’s book can be found here: You can also follow her and her work here:
In this episode, hosts Archita and Olivia are joined by the remarkable Elaine Lin Hering – a celebrated author, adept facilitator, and engaging public speaker. Together, they delve deep into the realm of leadership, shedding light on varying leadership styles and their consequent impacts on teams. Elaine, brings a fresh perspective to the conventional leadership discourse, emphasizing the essence of communication and inclusivity in fostering a thriving workplace environment. The episode challenges the often touted advice of “just speaking up”, as it overlooks the ingrained culture of silence and the inadvertent silencing by leaders. It explores how societal norms and power dynamics shape our communication styles, often favoring those in positions of authority. Elaine propounds that being vocal manifests differently for everyone, and hence, a one-size-fits-all approach is futile. She stresses on the necessity for leaders to disrupt these entrenched systems to foster a truly inclusive ambiance. Key takeaways from the episode include: 1. The three-fold process of unlearning silence: personal endeavor to speak up, leaders recognizing their silencing actions, and identifying systemic suppressions of underrepresented voices. 2. The collective responsibility in challenging the culture of silence – when silence perpetuates, it sets a precedent, thereby underscoring the power each individual holds to break this cycle. 3. Embracing your unique perspective by owning your domain, which paves the way for authentic communication. 4. A warning against lazy leadership and the babble theory - valuing diverse communication styles and avoiding the pitfall of equating verbosity with leadership competency. 5. The journey towards inclusive leadership necessitates a shift in communication approaches, aligning them with the needs of team members, rather than forcing a singular style. 6. A self-reflective practice of continuously questioning ‘what do I want’, aiding in recultivating one’s voice and adapting to evolving desires. 7. The lifelong journey of healing from silence, underscored by a cycle of action, learning, pivoting, and re-action. As a precursor to her enlightening discourse, Elaine invites listeners to pre-order her transformative book, “Unlearning Silence”, available via the link below. This paradigm-altering read unveils the ubiquitous nature of silence and provides a roadmap to dismantling it, thereby empowering individuals to find and express their voice both personally and professionally. [Pre-order “Unlearning Silence” here]( Tune in to this episode, and embark on a journey towards cultivating a more inclusive and communicative leadership style. Your team will undeniably be grateful for the positive change it incites.
In this empowering episode, Archita and Olivia discuss how to navigate career transitions with confidence and purpose. They share their personal experiences and offer valuable advice for making intentional choices that align with long-term goals. Despite facing challenges like layoffs and visa issues, Archita emphasizes staying focused on your goals. Olivia challenges us to recognize that not every opportunity will align with our goals and being clear on what it is you really want will help you make these transitions with intention. This episode if for you, if you are navigating any of the following:  Leaving a toxic workplace Entering the workplace after time away Leaving a workplace where you don’t feel valued Your next opportunity following a job loss due to a layoff or redundancy Highlights of how to do this include the importance of understanding your core purpose, embracing a growth mindset, and creating a roadmap for your career journey. They encourage listeners to be strategic when evaluating opportunities, create their own paths, and build a strong support network. Tune in for an insightful conversation filled with actionable advice to help you approach change with clarity, purpose, and a sense of empowerment. You can download the free resource to help make your empowered transition here:  Grab your FREE copy to start your career transition with clarity here: Guided video workshop + workbook. Music Credit: Kevin MacLeod, Cumbia No Frills Faster
In this podcast episode Archita Fritz sits down with Martha Aviles, a fierce marketing leader.  Martha is the VP of Marketing at Austin-based Gigster, a firm that accelerates the delivery of digital transformation applications giving companies the agility to thrive in a software-defined world. With  20+ years of high-tech marketing experience in SaaS, semiconductor, networking, and network security at start-ups, private, and public companies, Martha has a gift for building and growing high-performance marketing teams, corporate brands, and inspiring thought leadership.  Martha has consistently used her grit and determination to become successful in her career and displays that despite introversion, you can become a high-level performing professional. In this episode we discuss… The language barriers, stereotypes and pressures of being a first-gen immigrant. Knowing when to choose your battles when it comes to prejudiced views.  The importance of trading the concept of “I need to get this job” to “is this job environment right for me?” How to overcome people pleasing and feel empowered as a woman in a male dominated workplace - AND how to ask for that pay rise. Why leaving workplaces can be more difficult for women - but why you still should. How to know your worth and use your grit to overcome uncertainty.  Enjoyed this episode? Connect with Martha on LinkedIn at  
Financial literacy and wealth-building are crucial for women to claim their financial futures. In this podcast episode, host Olivia Cream sits down with trailblazer Kelly Ann Winget, author of "Pitch The Bitch: Grab Your Financial Future By The Bags" and the only millennial LGBTQ+ manager of a solo-female-founded private equity fund. Winget's book challenges the notion that women shouldn't be part of financial conversations, offering readers insight into her journey from selling in car washes as a teenager to her current position as founder of Dallas-based Alternative Wealth Partners (AWP). Drawing on over a decade of experience in alternative investments and a legacy in the oil and gas sector, Winget has raised nearly $1 billion in private capital for various business ventures. She uses her expertise to help investors access real returns off Wall Street. Winget passionately discusses the importance of financial literacy and wealth-building for women. She aims to change the face of wealth, instilling knowledge and confidence in women to take charge of their financial futures. Winget introduces listeners to Ellevest, an investment platform designed specifically for women, and offers practical advice on financial planning, wealth creation, and ways to overcome financial fear. The episode concludes with the essential message that success means ensuring that financial decisions for the world become more equitable, and that it’s important to support people who can make that happen. Here are five key takeaways from the conversation with Kelly: Embrace Financial Literacy: There is great power in understanding financial systems, from basic budgeting to complex investment strategies. This knowledge serves as the foundation for taking control of one's financial future and achieving a sense of security and empowerment. Addressing the Wealth Gap: The persistent wealth gap, particularly for women and marginalized communities, must be challenged. The key to this lies in systemic change and the redistribution of resources, ensuring that more wealth ends up in diverse hands. Women-Specific Investment Platforms: Platforms like Ellevest are designed specifically for women investors. They take into account the unique financial hurdles that women face, such as lower income, shorter working periods, and longer lifespans. This tailored approach ensures that financial solutions align with women's specific needs and experiences. The Power of Confidence and Action: Taking the leap towards financial independence requires belief in oneself and the courage to take the first steps. Overcoming fear, challenging societal norms, and taking action are critical to this journey. Redefining Financial Success: True financial success extends beyond personal wealth accumulation. It's about creating a more equitable financial landscape where decisions and resources benefit a wider range of people. This vision provides a blueprint for those who aim not just to grow their own wealth, but to contribute to a fairer financial system. You can learn more about Kelly and how. to work with her here: You can purchase a copy of her book here or at your local bookstore: Music Credit: Kevin McLeod Cumbia Frills Faster
Dive into our latest real talk episode, as Archita and Olivia, shed light on their journeys of conquering fears and embracing imperfect action. A potent blend of personal anecdotes, inspiring insights, and practical strategies, this episode is a must-listen for anyone feeling the tug of fear or hesitation in their path. Listen in to learn how both Olivia and Archita leveraged their fears to catalyze growth, and the power of taking imperfect action to navigate through life's many challenges. Key takeaways from their conversation are: Leverage fear as a pathfinder Strategize and take action The Power of Imperfect Action Consistent Action Equals Growth They discuss that no matter where we are in our professional lives, there's always room for change, discovery, and growth. Embracing discomfort and fear can often lead us to our true path and help us fulfill our mission in life.  Tune in and take that first step towards imperfect action on your path to facing your fears!
In this episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing retired Air Force Colonel, Kim "KC" Campbell, a fighter pilot who served in the Air Force for over 24 years. During her service, she flew 1,800 hours in the A-10 Warthog, including more than 100 combat missions protecting troops on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Kim was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for Heroism after successfully recovering her battle-damaged airplane after an intense close air support mission in Baghdad. As a senior military leader, Kim led hundreds of Airmen both at home and abroad, and enabled them to succeed in their missions. She knows what it takes to be a successful leader, to inspire and empower high-performance teams to achieve success. Kim is passionate about leadership and feels strongly that leaders earn trust by leading with courage and connecting with their team. In this episode, Kim shares her combat experience and leadership lessons that will motivate and inspire your team to be more confident when faced with adversity or uncertainty. She provides practical ideas and examples to improve trust and help your team prepare to face challenges in their personal or professional lives. Kim emphasizes the importance of preparing, practicing, and planning for contingencies to ensure we are able to respond in the face of adversity. And if we make mistakes or fail, then we need to fail forward by learning from our mistakes and figuring out what we can do better the next time. Through her new book, Flying in the Face of Fear: A Fighter Pilot’s Lessons on Leading with Courage, Kim shares distinctive leadership techniques and principles different from what you might find in most leadership books. She teaches how to cultivate a wingman culture on your team, develop a fighter pilot mindset for failing forward and embracing risk, and create your own flight plan to find balance and fulfillment. Join us as Kim shares military combat stories and fighter pilot lessons learned that will provide the skills you need to prepare for adversity and debrief for success. The key takeaways from this episode are: Fear is a natural response to stress, and it's important to face it in order to come out stronger on the other side. Effective leadership involves building trust, showing vulnerability, and listening to team members at all levels. Visualizing, rehearsing, and practicing for difficult situations can help create positive outcomes. Leaders should strike a balance between a strong overarching mission and clear, achievable goals for each team member. Leaders should encourage a culture of constructive feedback and dissent, cultivate self-awareness and self-care, and foster a culture of mutual support and recognition. You can purchase Kim’s book using the link below,
In this episode of the Embracing Only Podcast with Archita Fritz and Olivia Cream, Regina Jackson of Race2Dinner helps us deconstruct what being a true ally is. She leads off with how her work alongside Sair Rao is not steeped in niceness because being nice has not stopped racism. Thorugh her work and lived experiences over the last 72 years she is on a mission to change the status quo she co-founded Race2Dinner with Saira Roa. They took the experiences from these dinners and developed a documentary with film maker Patty Ivins called Deconstructing Karen. In the words of the filmaker’s themselves “It is a provocative documentary, white women experience RADICAL HONESTY ABOUT RACISM…their daily role in upholding it, their conditioning to ignore it and the essential part they can play in tearing down the systems that are killing black and brown people every single day.” How does this translate into the workplace? It provides thought provoking questions to consider if you call yourself an Ally at work It challenges you to start with yourself in deconstructing your beliefs and triggers first It leaves us with key messages to ACT as there is urgency in having honest discussion however uncomfortable that make us feel. Only then can we seek to make the impact we seek within the Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) or diverse teams we are leading in organizations. Finally, a recognition that is a constant journey of learning, recognition and evolution If you are ready to join in on this journey to deconstruct your own racism we encourage you to engage in the following way. Purchase their book “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better”. You can purchase it here or anywhere you read books. Watch their movie “Deconstructing Karen”. You can watch it by purchasing it on iTunes or on YouTube Engage with the Race2Dinner Community if you recognize as a white woman. If you are ready to unravel, connect and commit. You can buy one for yourself and gift one to another friend here through January 2023. Register for the Race2Dinner Self Actualization Program if you identify as a person of color. An opportunity to dive deep, live authentically and free. Host a Race2Dinner with a group of your girlfriends. Reach out to Saira Rao and Regina Jackson here. They have SOLD Out of their dinner in 2023 but be on the watch out for more in 2024
The 50th episode! Tying the bow on the year 2022, Archita and Olivia tackle the changing dynamics in the workplace and our economies, performance review anxiety and our collective need for a sense of belonging in all places we occupy and give our energy to.  Here are some key takeaways: Focus on the controllables and #Killthefear Recognize that our fear response is rooted in trauma, honor the transitions Allow for help, allow for rest, allow for the abundance  Olivia and Archita thank the listeners who have supported us consistently as they navigate how to thrive as an only in the workplace.
In the Season 5 Finale Olivia Cream and Archita Fritz tackle two key topics “Only’s” navigate in the workplace leadership and the power of feedback. Here are some key takeaways from the episode: Cancel the noise around not waiting to ask for permission for a title or for a place at a table because you are leading always in your own space in your own way! You performing at your job is the ticket to the ball, yes! But what you do in terms of focus, in terms of advocacy, in terms of intentional networking, in terms of getting mentors that align with your goal. That’s what makes the difference in you reaching and ultimately achieving Get that driver seat of your career warmed up, it has got to be you in it Leadership journey when moving from the military to the civilian world shifts from one of Command and control to trust and inspire You have to be aware of your battlefield and you have to understand the spoken or unspoken criteria for success in that environment
In this episode we chat with Katherine Ann Byam, and ESG change agent for organizations, internationally acclaimed podcaster and best selling author of 'Do What Matters'. We tackle how to thrive as ‘an only’, how to work on yourself and discover your biases and those of others with curiosity and in doing so get curious about the planet. She is on a mission to engage and empower more businesses and individuals to lead net positive lives. Key takeaways from this episode: A company‘s culture when weaponised can be a blueprint for bias. As long as your brain functions there is some kind of bias in you You need to work through vulnerability on your own, make sure you are speaking from your scar not your wound Take time to understand what leading a net positive lifestyle can mean for you Questions are your friend, conclusions are your worst enemy Black women don’t start off wanting to be a stereotype and be labelled a troublemaker. Diversity created our one blue planet and inclusion will help us save it
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