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Author: Joy Eneghalu

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Struggling to get the right content to boost your personal brand? Using the CVAT method in the Influence Design Program, I shared how you can effortlessly share content that will make you human, strongly position you and make you relatable. Have a good listen. Send in a voice message:
After to Donald Miller's podcast and his interview with Ken Coleman, I had to share my lessons. Really very powerful. Listen to Donald Miller on itunesGet Donald Miller's 'Building A Storybrand' on Amazon.Get Ken Coleman's 'The Proximity Principle'--- Send in a voice message:
Have you wondered why you affirm things and they don't come to pass? Well, in this episode, we discussed the proper way to use them to get what you want. Have a good listen.--- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, we talk about the most important question that needs to be answered when building a personal brand - WHO ARE YOU? Examples of this powerful question is also drawn from the holy book -the bible. Have a good listen! --- Send in a voice message:
Creating an online course is a lot of work but having the right tools will help you through the experience. In this episode, we talked about 4 tools you will need to create your online course. --- Send in a voice message:
Online courses are a great way for you to establish authorithy. Asides that, it is also very good to create an extra income stream. Listen to catch 4 quick tips to create your online course. --- Send in a voice message:
If you have ever wondered how you should go about writing an ebook, well, this podcast shares 5 tips on how to get started. It also addresses those limiting beliefs that may be hindering you from launching your book successfully.--- Send in a voice message:
When I came across Amarachi Priscilla Ekekwe on Instagram, I knew there had to be more. I follow a lot of travel enthusiasts but there was something about her own journey that attracted me to her.If you have ever wished to travel locally or internationally, you should listen to this episode.Amarachi has opened the minds of many and we are thankful. If you want to connect with Amarachi, her Instagram handle is @amarachiekekwe and her blog's handle is @travelwithapenWhat attracted me to Amarachi was how she was able to travel round the world even with a 9-5! Did I tell you I also learnt too travel on a budget from her?She shared insights on why traveling is important for you and I. She also shared her struggles and wins from traveling.PS: This episode was previously recorded on the journey podcast.--- Send in a voice message:
Mother Hen as she is fondly called is our guest on the emerge podcast.Remi Owadokun is a certified health coach, Life coach, Master Practitioner NLP, 4 time Amazon best selling author.She is runs a community called 'The Total Makeover Program Community' and recently released her book titled 'Mentorless'.There is so much to say about this kind heart and mother of many.  Listen as she discusses highlights on how to be productive. PS: This recording was done as live audio on the journey podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Heyo! single ladies. This episode is for you! I pray in my heart that you find peace immeasurable and grow beautifully. Listen to this and fall in love with yourself even more. --- Send in a voice message:
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